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Latest Equipment Updates

LevelItem NameArea NamePerformed By
26a finely crafted steel beltCinekoAnonymous
50gauzeThandeld's ConflictKiraYagami
134a dignitary's hatTumari's Dinerandor
131(Strop of Serenity)Society of TanelornAnonymous
131The Dark Lady's BlessingUprisingAnonymous
38The Gauntlets of the Fractured LandsFractured LandsAnonymous
181mark of an (Outcast)Tribal OriginsJackdeath
168spiked leather dog collarAnnwnJackdeath
180lion tooth necklaceAnnwnJackdeath
171a copper bird ringAnnwnJackdeath
183Red Kite feather earringAnnwnJackdeath
161snail ooze glovesAnnwnJackdeath
171a Pwyll horse's maneAnnwnAnonymous
99laugh linesAscension Bluff Nursing HomeAnonymous
70Dagger of WrathRealm of DeneriaRazhak
38a wicked wolf lashDarkside of the Fractured LandsRazhak
53a vampire daggerDarkside of the Fractured LandsRazhak
42a bone daggerBlighted Tundra of AndarinAnonymous
41A Maroon Apron with a <<|GaardBucks|>> LogoMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
41Pageboy HatMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
120Ice Cold Arnold PalmerMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
41A Pretentious Pinstripe VestMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
41A Bluetooth HeadsetMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
41Horn-rimmed GlassesMidgaardian Publishing HousePugofCrydee
201a flask wrapped in black leatherAndolor's Ocean Adventure ParkAnonymous
28a Cinekon capAerial City of CinekoAnonymous
148a cleaning apronImagi's NationAnonymous
118a heavy hammerDusk ValleyAnonymous
84thorny vinesKobold Siege CampAnonymous
60Euterpe's Joyful FluteOrder of the Bardkerno

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