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Please enter the name of the area in which the equipment is found here.
Note that the lore skill provides this information in it's output, so you only need to fill this in if you are not using lore. The lore output, if present, overrides this field.

The mob name should be the same as the text after 'corpse of a' in the same sentence. As an example, the below message has the name of the mob in red.
You get a bone shield from the perforated corpse of a castle patrol guard.
Please enter the name of the mob that possesses the equipment here.
If the equipment comes from a room or a container (not a mob), please enter "Room: [room name]" here.
As an alternative to the above field, you may paste the sentence that the MUD gave you here. (ex: the sentence 'You get a bone shield from the perforated corpse of a castle patrol guard.') Note that the above field (mob name) takes precedence over this - so the below sentence will only be used if the above field is empty.

Paste the output from the identification or lore of the equipment:
Please remember that lore does not display weapon damage type, and identify does not display the area that the weapon came from, so, if possible, manually enter that information (this is also possible on the next page, so you can just paste either lore or identify output here, and then continue on to the next page and fill in the blanks there, if you want).