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LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
41A Bluetooth Headset *-13---2------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista
41A Maroon Apron with a <<|GaardBucks|>> Logo *--4-4--------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista
41A Pretentious Pinstripe Vest *--4-4--------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista
41Horn-rimmed Glasses *--4---4------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista
41Pageboy Hat *--4---4------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista
120Ice Cold Arnold Palmer *-------------Midgaardian Publishing HouseBarista

Note that some equipment values (such as level and AC) may vary by a bit. Many pieces of equipment retrieved from corpses in Aardwolf are randomized a small amount (a few levels higher or lower, for example).

A star (*) after the item name means that the item has extra information associated with it (in the majority of cases, this means that it gives skill adjustments, is a container, or is imbued with spells [pills, potions, scrolls, wands, staffs]).

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