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LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
-pair of leather gloves-------------MidgaardRoom: The Leather Shop
1(Rare) Lasher's gloves of newbie resistance. *20--22222-----Immortal HomesHand made by Lasher himself!
1bloody Gloves1-----1------Gallows HillExecutioner
1fingerless pair of moldy, tattered gloves1-------1----Midgaardian Publishing GroupNews Stand
1Gueldar's crafted leather gloves1------------Grand City of AylorGueldar
1pair of leather gloves *-------------Adventurers Guildsmall green dragon
1pair of satin gloves1------------Market RoadCheri the merchant
1Squire's Gauntlets---1---------Crusaders of the Nameless OneLord Henry
2Black Cloth Gloves--------1----Hotel OrlandoTransparent Gardener
2Black cloth Gloves--------1----Hotel Orlandotransparent gardener
3pair of hard leather gloves-------------MidgaardRoom: The Leather Shop
4Emptiness-------------Giant's Pet Storewisp of darkness
5*Boxing Gloves*-------------Olde Worlde CarnivalePugilist
5*Boxing Gloves*-------------Olde Worlde Carnivalepugilist
5Dragon Claws *--1----------First Ascent
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
5pair of reinforced gloves *2------------MidgaardGuerdar the Armourer
5Pair of Tattered Gloves-------------Goblin PathGoblin Prophet
6Gueldar's tough leather gloves1------------Grand City of AylorGueldar
7dragonfly claw-------------War of the Wizardsa dragonfly
7Work Gloves *1------1-----Mob Factory '97Supervisor (e)
8some talon extenders *3-3----------Aarakocran Citysecretary
10curved dagger-1-2----------Den Of ThievesCrazy Thief
10pair of chain mail gauntlets *-------------MidgaardGueldar the Armourer
10pair of dwarven nail gloves *3-1----------Gauntletcorpse of a dead adventurer
10pair of heavy gloves *---1---------Isle of QuakeJulian the armourer
10pair of leather gloves3-1-------5--New ThalosStitch
10pair of studded leather gloves3---1--------New ThalosStitch
10small talon extenders2-2----------Aarakocran Cityweapons vendor
10swordsman's gloves *321----------MoriaWarrior
11gloves of power33-----------Kul TirasRoom: In an Old Storage Room
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
12brass knuckles35---------15--Dangerous Neighborhoodgang leader
12Gauntlets of the Order *3--1---------Land of the Beer GoblinsCrishnad Goblinthwacker
15+{Dragonscale Gloves}+ *4------------Grand City of AylorGrelthma
15Pair of Black Gauntlets4--1---------ChessboardBlack Knight
15pair of white gauntlets3--1---------Chessboardwhite knight
16pair of diggers gloves5--2---------Lenny's Househuge mole
16phantom gloves of marksmanship *--2---1------shadows of minosghost of an elvish archer
17mithril gauntlets4------------Dortmunddark hunter
17o8oChainmail Gloveso8o *---1---------Dhal'Gora Outlandssoldier
17pair of Standard Midkemian Gauntlets5--1---------Island of Stardockdrunk cityguard
18Claws of Abominable Snowman3--1---------Storm MountainAbominable Snowman
18claws of the Striga422---1------Gallows Hillstriga vampire witch
18pair of Imperial Plate Gloves6-----------10Old ThalosImperial Cityguard
18pair of leather gloves with the fingers cut out---1---------20Den Of ThievesBilly Bill
19red scalemail gauntlets7----------25-Town of SolaceSergeant at Arms
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
19Titanic Horns of Capricorn--2----------GalaxyCapricorn
20a worn pair of combat gloves *-------------Shadows of Minosundead legionnaire
20dwarven gloves6--1--1------Dwarven KingdomReorx
20thieves' gloves41----2------UnderDarkfilcher
21Gauntlets of Valor6-----2---10--Clan ImperiumOdin
22Pair of Manacles6---3----3---25--UnderDarkSlave Buyer
23a pair of tattered gloves *1--3---------shadows of minosratling adventurer
23gauntlets of ogre power8--3---------Keep of Mahn-Torogre chieftain
23pair of spiked gauntlets5-21---------Dragon TowerDraconian King
24.:*Gloves of Summoning*:. *-----------3050-Dhal'Gora Outlandsapprentice mage
24pair of gauntlets7--2---------Fort Terramirerabbit in training
25Glory Hand7----------3050-Island of StardockPug, master of Stardock
25silver gauntlets9------1---5-Town of New OfcolCaptain Derrick
25[Pair of Steel Plated Gauntlets]74-----------Grand City of AylorOne-eyed lester
26pair of dragon skin gloves8-----2------Dragon Towerdragon master
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
27abyss gloves7--1------2--Castle Reinholdabyss monster
27set of Power Gauntlets6-2---1----10-Castle ReinholdRoyal Wizard
27steel gauntlets8111---------Town of SolaceLieutenant Commander
28pair of black gloves5-4--1--------Isle of QuakeRoom: light cave
30A pair of scale green gauntlets *--2--------20-Shadows of MinosSylathion
30obsidian gauntlets *73-----------Town of SolaceCaptain of the Guard
30pair of red dragon claws--2----------Sewersred dragon
30pair of surgical gloves--32-1-------20-Canyon Memorial Hospitalsurgical intern
30tight kidskin gloves72-----------Aardwolf Zoological Parkyoung man
30tight kidskin gloves *-2-----------Aardwolf Zoological Parkyoung man
31pair of minotaur combat gloves *911----------Keep of Mahn-TorGorak
32gloves of Bullror *-11----------Shadows of MinosBullror the Minotaur champion
32pair of Scarlet Gloves8--1---------Castle ReinholdDuke Reinhold
32pair of spiked gauntlets8-2--------20-Keep of Mahn-TorDarkoth
34Lesha's gloves *-3--------15--Adventures in SendhiaLesha the daemon
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
34Sentri's gloves73--------15--UltimaSentri
35platinum gauntlets112--------10--Town of New OfcolMarshall Diana
35white pair of lace gloves *----------25--Swordbreaker's HoardNanna Dwarf
36flaming gauntlets *10---------25--Mount OlympusPrometheus
38Gauntlet of Might9-321---1-----Land of DominiaDwarven Lieutenant
38The Gauntlets of the Fractured Lands *--321---1-----Fractured Landsthe dwarven lieutenant
39Aquamarine Gloves10-2----------River of DespairAquamarine King
41(>BloodStone Gauntlets<)13-42--2------House of TouchstoneJunior Outfitter
41Blessed Gauntlets of Virtue12-42---2-----Crusaders of the Nameless OneLord Simon
41Blessed Gauntlets of virtue *--42---2-----Crusaders of the Nameless OneLord Simon
41Gloves of Prayer-------------Jungles of Verumelizardman high priest
41pair of snow gloves2----3-------Storm MountainSnowman God
45gauntlets of the eye *142--------10--UnderDarkBeholder's Underling
47pair of IRONBEAK gloves13-25----------Coral Kingdomchampion of Sharkatan
49pair of ringmail gloves182-2---------Pirate ShipFirst Mate
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
50hot pink translovenian puppet gloves10-----2--1---Zangar's Demonic Grottopuppet
53razor gauntlets16--1------1510-Castle Vlad-Shamirmist demon
59Pair of Silver Gloves *14------------Silver VolcanoSilver Guardian
60Gauntlets Of The Killing Fields *17-44---1-----Killing FieldsFlame Triton
60pair of soft white doeskin gloves17-------5----Labyrinthyelsem
61Captain Amos's Gloves204----3------Pirate ShipCaptain
61tin gloves18---------1515-Land of OzTin Man
62Leather Training Gloves *10----2-23-2-----Empire of TalsaTraining Soldier
64Valefor's Nimble Gloves18--------4---Flying CitadelValefor, Prince of Theft
65skinned hide gauntlets20------------Goblin Fortressyoung warg pulling a cart
67claws of the Drachloch15-531--1-------Yurgach Domaindrachloch
71>.: ^Devil's Playground^ :.<22-2-7--------Midgaardian Publishing GroupStoreroom Clerk
72Bladed Gloves *2255--------13--Three Pillars of Diatzsinister vandal
73obsidian Hand-1--2---2-----Rokugan, The ShadowlandsDragon Clan Thunder
75Press-on Fingernails--6-6------8---Diamond Soul RevelationSister Mary Kay
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
81Intent of Death20------------Deathtrap DungeonMaster Thief
81Magellan's Gloves25-2---8------SeekersMilo the Chemist
81Magellan's Gloves25-2---8------Seekers
81Magellan's Gloves25-2---8------Seekers
81pair of Rebel gloves16---------2550-Star WarsLuke Skywalker
81some leather gloves21------4-----Gladiator's Arenaarmorseller
87black leather gloves1745----------Deathtrap DungeonPaladin ward
88Liver spots94--144--1-----Island of Lost TimeMumbling mage
91(Legendary) Gauntlets of the Warrior-Poet28--6---3-2---Order of the BardAdept of Lao
94plate gauntlets *27------------Lower Planeswarrior einheriar
94some iron borg hands21----3-3-3--40-40-ST:TNGborg warrior
95trolloc claws-77----------Shadar Logothtrolloc
100Faustian Heat24541-21--1-----Sanctity of Eternal DamnationBob the blacksmith
100gauntlets of Troll Power29--5---------Falcovniatroll bodyguard
100gloves of Pliny *27-4-6-4------Pompeiilava
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
100infernal touch19-------2---20--Into the Long NightDemon of Lust
100Jade Hand15641---------Rokugan, The ShadowlandsCrab Clan Thunder
104black leather gloves33552--2------Imperial City of RemeTanda
104Gloves of Evil186---------50--Empire of Talsashaman of the Dark God
105pair of cesti30-452---------Monasterymaster of Zen
109-=-Claws-=-of-=-Fu-Leng-=-18642-2-1-1-----Rokugan, The ShadowlandsFu-Leng
110pair of steel gauntlets356----2------City of Amadorwhitecloak guard
115a pair of fluffy handcuffs---5---------Masquerade IslandTemptress Shiela
119Fist of Stone *311023---------NorthstarMino the Crazy
120usher's white gloves21-----3-3----Archipelago of Entropyusher
121Glorified Fists of Justice37----6--64---Crusaders of the Nameless OneLord Simon
125heavy spiked gauntlets40------------Scarred Landsemerald dragon
129pair of glittering rainbow gauntlets39------63--10050-Tir na nOggoddess Morrigan
130pair of leather gloves251010----------Verdure EstateRoom: Secret Room
134Santa's Big Gloves36---------100100-Christmas VacationSanta Claus
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
137Nuada's silver hand43---55-----50-Faerie Tales IISeelie Lord - AQ Item
140Heavy cestus *36-124---------Heavy cestusGlowbug the Enforcer
140Heavy cestus *37-124---------Drageran EmpireGlowbug the enforcer
140pair of sharkskin gloves21------------Arisian RealmThrandin
140pair of Sunset gloves41------------Desert DoomSunset blacksmith
141Myrddin's Death Grip *42--9---5-870--140Great Circle of Druids
141Quiescent Hands44-8-6-8---70--140Creation of TaoZhongli Quan
141Scrapy's Bloodied Claws12-8104------50-100Emerald Knights
143leather gloves *37------------Nanjiki RuinsYou get leather gloves from the charred corpse of a dismembered hand.
151set of brass knuckles-217-2---------CasinoGhost face killa
153pair of tiger claws418144--2------Mountains of DesolationY'tora
155Guard's Gloves *343-2---------Desert Prison
160some silver gloves43------------Arisian RealmSilver Gloves
161Crimson Gauntlets *-------------Battlefields of Adaldartroll weaponsmith
161Golden Elvish Gauntlets *-10102---------Battlefields of Adaldarelvish armorer
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
162pair of reinforced adamantite gauntlets47-8204---2--70--Mountains of Desolationelite Stone giant guard
163leather gloves *---2---------Battlefields of Adaldartroll warrior
164standard issue gauntlets *-----1-------Battlefields of Adaldarelvish soldier
166Gloves Of Power *---22-22-----Battlefields of Adaldartroll champion
168ten bloody claws56----------100-Unearthly Bondsfeeding dragon
171<(= Watchmens =)> Guiding Hand51-14-5---12-85--170Watchmen of Aardwolf
171Furtive gloves of the Rumormonger54-1066--5---80-160Loqui
171Furtive Gloves of the Rumormonger53-1066--5---80-160Loqui
175Dwarven chainmail gauntlets--514---------Avian KingdomGinter the Dwarf
178Gloves of the Guardian--8-------30--Avian KingdomShrine Guardian
183a pair of heavy, iron gauntlets *9------------Eternal Autumnunholy sentinel
184Bloody Claw-1515------16-20-Astral Travelsbig hairy monster
187Viridian Gloves611010----------Astral TravelsYulune
188Gloves of John de Lancie60--33-3--14---ST:TNGJohn de Lancie
189set of arborian gauntlet5115-4---3---100-Arboriawarrior's lich guildmaster
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
190Emperor's law *-------------Onslaught of Chaosguard captain
190pair of demon school boxing gloves *61--3---3------School of HorrorTrainer
190Runes-----33------Death GateHaplo
190silver gauntlets-15-4---3---100-Ruins of Stormhavenwhite guard commander
190Tiger Claws-88----------Death GateRabid Tiger-man
195Claws of the Mind41-202------100--Desert PrisonMind Eater
195Creator's power incarnate formed into a pair of gauntlets *5515-5--------502525DeadlightsDivine Creator
200pair of icy gloves *6510105---------Icy Caldera of Mauldoonice cherub
200[-=Ryuu no Tsume Gauntlets=-] *63-20-65---20100--200Masaki Clan
201Claws of Rending632121----------Shayol GhulDark One
201misty, intangible shadow of a pair of gauntlets55-10------2100--DeadlightsYog-Sothoth
271Sherizai's Gauntlets *862525------27150--Oradrin's ChosenOradrin's Treasurer

Note that some equipment values (such as level and AC) may vary by a bit. Many pieces of equipment retrieved from corpses in Aardwolf are randomized a small amount (a few levels higher or lower, for example).

A star (*) after the item name means that the item has extra information associated with it (in the majority of cases, this means that it gives skill adjustments, is a container, or is imbued with spells [pills, potions, scrolls, wands, staffs]).

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