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LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
1loincloth------------30Onslaught of ChaosMelnibonean Citizen
1Mayor LaPorta's Boots------------20Land of the Beer GoblinsMayor LaPorta
5baggy overalls-------------Giant's Pet Storegiant boy
6Short, Colorful Dress *-------------Goblin PathHitchhiker
10Mayor LaPorta's Pants------1------Land of the Beer GoblinsMayor LaPorta
10Mayor LaPorta's Sleeves----1--------Land of the Beer GoblinsMayor LaPorta
12Standard Order Boots *------------10Land of the Beer GoblinsCrishnad Goblinthwacker
12Standard Order Pants *------1------Land of the Beer GoblinsCrishnad Goblinthwacker
35sea-blue robe--3----------Mirror RealmBlue Master
35sea-blue robe--3----------Mirror RealmBlue Lord
48Moricand Clothes *-------------Empire of Talsamiddle aged man
74Blanche's eyeliner--4--5-5----40-40-Diamond Soul RevelationBlanche Deveraux
105white silk toga-10---5-------Imperial City of RemeEmpress Jehanine
105white silk toga *-10---5-------Imperial City of RemeEmpress Jehanine
150finely-woven robe------------50Onslaught of ChaosMelnibonean Citizen
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
155heavy brocade cloak *--12----1--60--Onslaught of ChaosBorder Guard
162Elven Wool Suit *------55-----Covenant of Mistridgeelven citizen
164Grey Hose-44---4------Covenant of Mistridgeelven citizen
172Elven Wool Jacket-6----6------Covenant of Mistridgeelven citizen
201Long White Robe--10-20-3---3------Black Rosefemale slave

Note that some equipment values (such as level and AC) may vary by a bit. Many pieces of equipment retrieved from corpses in Aardwolf are randomized a small amount (a few levels higher or lower, for example).

A star (*) after the item name means that the item has extra information associated with it (in the majority of cases, this means that it gives skill adjustments, is a container, or is imbued with spells [pills, potions, scrolls, wands, staffs]).

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