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LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
-blank scroll-------------Grand City of AylorMayvor
1blank scroll *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
7blast of octopus ink *-------------Adventures in Sendhiaoctopus
8Index: Scroll; Alpha: S - Sustenance *-------------Grand City of AylorMayvor
8scroll of targeting *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
8scroll of targeting *-------------Temple of ShouggothAlish the storekeeper
8staff of sustenance *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
8wrinkled scroll *-------------Ultimagiant spider
9scroll of blindness *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
10glowing seashell *-------------AnthariaCyrtpea
10Index: Scroll; Alpha: A - Acuity *-------------Grand City of AylorMayvor
10scroll of light curing *-------------New ThalosBraheem
11scroll *-------------Valley of the ElvesStorage Room
12scroll *-------------Valley of the ElvesStorage Room
13scroll *-------------Valley of the ElvesStorage Room
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
14lengthy prescription *-------------Canyon Memorial Hospitalwaiting woman
15glowing scroll *-------------Temple of ShouggothAlish the storekeeper
15grey scroll *-------------Dwarven KingdomRoom: Dwarven Dwelling (chest)
15rolled up scroll *-------------Temple of ShouggothRoom: Dusty Study
15scroll titled 'jhyfrdow' *-------------Plains of the NorthAruncus the druid
16old scroll *-------------High Tower of Sorceryscribe's assistant
17lich's spellbook *-------------Graveyardlich
18scroll of strength *-------------The Temple of ShouggothAlish the Storekeeper
19bobcat pelt *-------------Child's Playtawny bobcat
20spellbook *----2--------GauntletLich
20tattered scroll *-------------DortmundBloke
20\|/ Proclamation of Scathach \|/ *-------------Great Circle of Druidsfriendly druid
22bound scroll *-------------High Tower of Sorcerymaster scribe
22runed scroll *-------------Dragon Towerholy Draconian
23scroll *-------------High Tower of Sorcerymaster scribe
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
24Jalum Tome *-------------Land of DominiaPreacher
24strange template *-------------Plains of the NorthShudde-M'ell
25scroll of soul binding *-------------Dortmundmad alchemist
25scroll which reads "ysafg" *-------------Moriamage
25whaleskin scroll *-------------Coral KingdomRoom: On the Ocean Floor
26Book of Rass *-------------Land of Dominiathelonite druid
28manual of healing arts *-------------Keep of Mahn-TorSumaron
28tightly rolled scroll *-------------Chapel Catacombsguardian vampire
29Jayemdae Tome *-------------Land of DominiaProdigal Sorcerer
30A scroll of no seeing *-------------Dhal'Gora Outlandselven scholar
30old yellow scroll *-------------Temple of ShouggothRoom: Room of the High Priest of Yuggoth (large rotten oak desk)
30scroll of Despair Thy Eyes *-------------Island of StardockPug, master of Stardock
32book of life *-------------Death's ManorFravartin
34soggy book *-------------Coral KingdomRoom: In a Simple Sharkonian Dwelling
38scroll of the death *-------------Death's ManorHombre del Saco
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
40a bottle of pills *-------------Onyx Bazaardrug dealer
40Delerium's Last Will and Testament *-------------Clan ImperiumOdin
40fireball scroll *-------------Diamond Soul RevelationYomy
40hymn *-------------Mirror RealmRoom: the chapel
45Scroll of Protection *-------------PortRoom: Treasure Island
49war scrolls *-------------Coral Kingdomcommander of the Sharkatan military
50cooking recipe *-------------Flying CitadelMeredith the merchantress
50crystal scroll *-------------AnthariaZaertses
50scroll of finding *-------------Temple of ShouggothAlish the storekeeper
50scroll of insect wrath *-------------Diamond Soul RevelationCyndra
52scroll written on blue paper *-------------High Tower of SorceryEnchanter
52thin paper scroll *-------------Yurgach DomainRoom: Edge of a precipice
60book entitled 'The Way of the Light' *-------------City of Amadorold man
60Divine Scroll of Restoration *-------------Crusaders of the Nameless OneCypriana
60Scroll of Insight *-------------Sanctity of Eternal DamnationJen
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
60\|/ Ogham Bark \|/ *-------------Great Circle of Druidsfriendly druid
60\|/ The Yellow Book of Lechan \|/ *-------------Great Circle of Druidsfriendly druid
70scientific tricorder *-------------ST:TNG
74Official papers *-------------Great City of KnossosGeneral Saede
77Scroll of Incineration *-------------Realm of Deneriaapprentice
80Nature's Wrath *-------------Tai'rha LaymDrowl
85Book of Witchcraft *-------------AnthroxWorla, the mage
90black scroll *-------------Monasteryvolunteer monk
90Book of Arabus *-------------AnthroxBee Queen
90Griffon's Treasure *-------------Island of Lost TimeHalf-griffon
93cookbook *-------------Wedded Blissprofessional cook
93piece of paper *-------------Mirror RealmJerry Garcia
95ancient scroll *-------------Jenny's TavernRoom: Large cave
95small scroll *-------------Monasteryvolunteer monk
100Scribblings of a Madman *-------------Order of ShadokilGuardian of the Shadows
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
100scroll of fire *-------------Ruins of DiamondRoom: Inside the Mage's Den
100scroll of ice *-------------Ruins of DiamondRoom: Inside the Mage's Den
100scroll of protection *-------------Ruins of DiamondRoom: Inside the Mage's Den
104Scroll of Trust *-------------Snuckles VillageRoom: Shay's Atelier
105Gajengi Baxt *-------------Romani
105Gajengi Baxt *-------------Romani
107Rokra Slobujenza *-------------Romani
107Rokra Slobujenza *-------------Romani
109Psalm of Penitence *-------------Crusaders of the Nameless OneCypriana
115simple scroll *-------------Monasterymaster of Zen
120contract *-------------ST:TNGArdra, the evil one
120Unholy Decree *-------------Empire of TalsaHumphry Ashrum
125Book *-------------School of HorrorRoom: Inside the School Library
133clean sheet of papyrus paper-------------Eighteenth Dynastyscribe
133note *-------------Gilda And The Dragonthief
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
140Chandra Yeull Le *-------------Tir na nOggoddess brighid
140Elhion Bhaas Le *-------------Tir na nOgAoibhinn, the faerie queen
140Fata Ranc Le *-------------Tir na nOggod mac da tho
140Prydion Cal Le *-------------Tir na nOgQueen Cessair
140Sjarn Va Le *-------------Tir na nOggod Manannan Mac Lir
140trashy romance *------10-------Gilda And The DragonGilda
141Gratte Bron Le *-------------Tir na nOgDaghda
143Battle Plans *-------------Dark Temple of ZyianMajor
150scroll of light *-------------Temple of Shal'indraelKessandra
151Treo Veill Le *-------------Tir na nOggoddess Flidais
160Memo from Cowlina *-------------Cougarian QueendomSergeant of the Honor Guard
160pulsating tablet *-------------Temple of Shal'indraelKessandra
169white scroll *-------------Arboriawand dealer
175black scroll *-------------Arboriawand dealer
176blue scroll *-------------Arboriawand dealer
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
180^*^Darane Svatura^*^ *-------------RomaniMilosh
188Double Indulgence *-------------History of Black AdderBrother Baldrick
188Onion Curse *-------------History of Black AdderBrother Baldrick
194Ancient Scroll of Secrets *-------------Astral TravelsBorazi
195Artificer's Tool *-------------Shayol Ghulartificer
200Belmont's Nekkid Troll pin-up poster (life size!) *-------------School of HorrorEvil Belmont
200Departure *-------------Order of the BardMaster Bard Taliesin
200scroll of protection against lycanthropy *-------------Were Woodgroup of gypsies
200something *-------------Order of ShadokilGuardian of the Shadows
201Sigil of Solitude *-------------Soul PyreKrith'vor
201your Last Rites *-------------Order of ShadokilGuardian of the Shadows

Note that some equipment values (such as level and AC) may vary by a bit. Many pieces of equipment retrieved from corpses in Aardwolf are randomized a small amount (a few levels higher or lower, for example).

A star (*) after the item name means that the item has extra information associated with it (in the majority of cases, this means that it gives skill adjustments, is a container, or is imbued with spells [pills, potions, scrolls, wands, staffs]).

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