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LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
4Staff of Gillfreaking *-------------Daoine SidheClurichaun
4Staff of Gillfreaking *-------------Daoine Sidhewell-dressed Irish fae in a red hat greets you in a slurred voice.
4walking stick *------------25Southern Roadsrookie mage
7ice staff *-------------Elemental Canyonpuddle
7Index: Staff; Alpha: S - Slumber *-------------Grand City of AylorMayvor
7oak stake *-------------Graveyardundead slayer
7staff of nightmares *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
10flask of oil *-------------Southern Roadstroll slayer
10stout oaken staff *-------------Temple of Shouggothraggedy priest
10vial of oil of impact *-------------Gauntletcorpse of a dead adventurer
11heavy oak staff *-------------Moriamage
15golden harp *-------------DortmundAlice the bard
15Index: Staff; Alpha: A - Attraction *-------------Grand City of AylorMayvor
15silver flute *-------------DortmundBloke
15staff of charming *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
17mandolin *-------------Dortmundbard named Jeffery
17white rod of authority *-------------Chessboardwhite king
18frayed bit of green thread *-------------Aarakocran CityRoom: Confusing Corridor
18thorn staff *-------------Lenny's HouseSome bitter-looking grape vines
19black rod of authority *-------------Chessboardblack king
19silver staff *-------------Dragon Towerlarge hydra
20giant pearl *-------------Pirate ShipShe
20needle and thread *-------------Fort Terramiresneaky retailer
20staff of curing *-------------Gauntletcorpse of a dead adventurer
21golden flute *-----6--------High Tower of Sorcerymaster charmer
22Black Lotus Flower *-------------Land of DominiaRoom: Path in the Scarwood
22black staff *-------------Dragon Towerpowerful mage
22burnt staff *-------------High Tower of SorceryRoom: The Spellbinder's Cache (In A Large Cabinet)
22red and white staff *-------------High Tower of SorceryRoom: The Spellbinder's Cache (In A Large Cabinet)
22some sparkling dust *-------------Silver VolcanoSilver Guardian
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
23Ancient Vessel of Aquarius *-------------GalaxyAquarius
23black staff *-------------High Tower of Sorcerymaster summoner
23small figurine *-------------High Tower of Sorcerymaster charmer
24Mind Bomb *-------------Land of Dominiavodalian soldier
24net *-------------AnthariaAntharian Knight
24some sparkling dust *-------------High Tower of Sorcerymaster of illusions
24ugly skull of Draco *-------------GalaxyHead of Draco
25staff of flight *-------------MidgaardMerlin the Wizard
25staff of invisibility *-------------PrisonLarry the armsmaster (shop)
25staff of ruling *-------------Kingdom of JuarganRoom: Ancients Tomb
26magnus's spellbook *-------------Town of SolaceMagnus the wizard
27Staff of Banishing *-------------Castle ReinholdRoyal Wizard
28wyvern mount *-------------Castle ReinholdRoom: Treasure Room
30Angel Wing *------------40PortRoom:Storage area
30Chaos Orb *-------------Land of DominiaRoom: King Suleiman's Quarters
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
30Gauntlet of Chaos *-------------Land of Dominiafallen angel
30total dominion *-------------Fantasy FieldsLord Terror
31Gauntlet of Chaos *-------------Land of DomaniaMember of the Ebon Guard
32green serpentine staff *-------------Old ThalosHigh Priest of Thalos
33coral staff *-------------Coral Kingdomsharkonian hermit
34travellers holy symbol *-------------Town of Solacecleric
35evil gem *-------------UltimaMondain
35rod of cancellation *-------------GauntletCorpse of a dead adventureer
35staff of destruction *-------------Mirror Realmstandard issue wizard
35staff of Judgement *-------------Death's ManorBunyip
35wooden staff *-------------Aardwolf Zoological Parkzoo keeper
37dead fish *-------------Adventures in SendhiaSiloria
37staff of lightning *-------------Lost City of AtlantisKing Neptune
38deck of playing cards *-------------Temple of the White Lotustemple soldier
39staff made of ivory stone *-------------ST:TNGDr. Beverly Crusher
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
39Staff of the Ages *-----1----2030-Land of DominiaShivan Dragon
40Lightning Bolt Staff *-------------PortRoom: Treasure Island
41{*} Archon's Radiance {*} *-------------Chapter Honorary - Alliance of Spellcasters(Red Aura) The undead arch-mage Altos moves quietly among the shelves.
42walking staff *-------------Swordbreaker's Hoardsmithy
43staff of the dragon *-------------Dragon TowerGreat Red Dragon
44a walking stick *-------------Sheila's Cat SanctuaryLady Sheila
44Royal Staff *-----------50--Mirror Realmwithered knight
45black pirate's flag *-------------Pirate ShipRoom: Crow's Nest
45blue crystal staff *-------------Crystalmir LakeGoldmoon
45Gold Dragon Orb *----12-------Town of New OfcolAncient Gold Dragon
45iron monk style *-------------Temple of the White Lotusteacher of the iron monk style
45Vampiric Staff *-------------Darkside of DominiaIrini Sengir
45Vampiric Staff *-------------Land of DominiaIrini sengir
45white marble cross *-------------Covenguardian of the white temple
46a fine brush *-------------Onyx BazaarRisque artist
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
48box of matches *-------------Descent to HellFire devil
48Rivet Gun *-------------Descent to hellfemale construction worker
50beholder's eyestalk *-------------UnderDarkBeholder
50golden axe *-------------Swordbreaker's Hoarddwarf statue
50ivory staff *-------------Mount OlympusAlchemist
50silver flute *-------------Old Thalosbard of Thalos
50travellers spellbook *-------------Town of Solacemage
52huge eye of justice *-------------UnderDarkhuge beholder
60chocolate ice-cream *-------------ST:TNGDeanna
60gnarled and knobby walking stick *-------------LabyrinthQueen's feeble grandmother
60staff of revelations *-------------Diamond Soul RevelationCyndra
64=(Rame's Reed Whistle)= *-------------Earth Plane 4Rame
71bundle of herbs *-------------AnthroxRoom: Ogre Shaman's Shop
74joint *-------------Diamond Soul RevelationSister Mary Jane
75scepter of dwarven kind *-------------Dwarven KingdomThorak, the king of the dwarves
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
77Staff of Pinewood *-------------Jenny's TavernYin Sister of Yang
80Rod of Peace *-------------DarkLightLord Obayo
80walking stick *-------------AnthroxThree Leg Zhargh
90Buckthron branch *-------------Anthroxtriton
93Dittany of Crete *-------------Anthroxlizardman leader
95glasses of sight *-------------Lower Planesmage einheriar
98staff of Magi *-------------Falcovniamage
99adamantite staff *-------------Jenny's TavernYurgach Lord
100curtain rod *-------------Into the Long NightDemon of Rampage
100walking cane *-------------Into the Long NightDemon of Rampage
124Invoked Prejustice *-------------Empire of TalsaJorain
130staff of pine *-------------Tai'rha LaymNecromancer
130Warrior's Handbook *-------------Star WarsMayvar
135sceptre of Raining Acid *-------------City of AmadorAtilla the grey man
139caduceus *-------------City of AmadorTerrance, chosen of baalzamon
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
141crook *-------------Eighteenth DynastyPharaoh Hatshepsut
150Twinkling Judgment Scepter *-------------Amazon NationShanda
160Shaman's Staff *-------------MYSTGrimlock Shaman
160Staff of Night Vision *-------------Astral TravelsLady of Destiny
171necromancer's staff *-------------Tribal Originsghost of a necromancer
171the wizard's snooze staff *-------------AnnwnPwyll wizard
175staff of the Elements *-------------Mountains of DesolationEldress Krysten
179Explosive Charge *-------------Star WarsSecurity Droid
180Glowing Ember *-------------Star WarsImperial Battlecraft
180Imperial Tactical Guide *-------------Star WarsImperial Tactician
180magnificent Ivory staff *------------500-Shayol GhulRoom: Treasure room
180standard *-816---4------Mossflower WoodCluny the Scourge
188Box of Fingers *-------------History of Black AdderBrother Baldrick
190astral staff *-------------Covenant of MistridgeClavius
190Brent Spiner's white paintbrush *--10----------ST:TNGBrent Spiner
LevelNameAvg ACHRDRStrIntWisDexConLuckSavesHPManaMovesAreaLocation
190Glittering Aura *-------------Star WarsImperial Commandant
191demon staff *-------------Arboriaonyx demon
195Library Card *-------------School of HorrorLibrarian
196Staff of ChAoS *-------------DeadlightsIpsissimus
197unholy symbol *-------------Icy Caldera of Mauldoonevil priest
200OrcWarrior's Sceptre *-------------School of HorrorEvil OrcWarrior
201Staff Of The Winds *-------------Black RoseXeflonar
210homemade broom *-------------Entrance to Hadesboy's mother

Note that some equipment values (such as level and AC) may vary by a bit. Many pieces of equipment retrieved from corpses in Aardwolf are randomized a small amount (a few levels higher or lower, for example).

A star (*) after the item name means that the item has extra information associated with it (in the majority of cases, this means that it gives skill adjustments, is a container, or is imbued with spells [pills, potions, scrolls, wands, staffs]).

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