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Bug Squashing and Refactoring
Posted by atlanta. [15:46 Sat Nov 04, 2017]
I'm back to iwuvaard. I'm starting to address errors in the codebase (you see those warnings above?), but there are also many issues with db structure (no longer matches the game). So I am also fixing that. Which means rewriting models. And the db user bugs are to be fixed. This will be fun. Thanks for your patience everyone.
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Update: 22 June 2009

As I'm sure everyone already knows, there is an issue where the passwords stored in this database are visable to those who are using the database remotely. I do not have the time to correct this issue nor the time to provide any site changes, if someone would like to fix the errors and freshen up IWuvAard. I would be more than happy to provide FTP access to this domain for this purpose. I can be contacted via e-mail - Mojo

About IWuvAard

This site was made in the hopes that it would provide a more community-based solution to the problem of distributing and updating Aardwolf speedwalks. Since the original inception, however, the site has grown somewhat, and now includes both socials and equipment databases, along with the speedwalk database. The community-basis of the site is still a basic premise, however, and an attempt has been made to make the site as easy to use as possible - both to browse and to add things to the databases. It is possible to add equipment easily that is immediately incorporated into the database, and speedwalks submitted will be marked as verified and incorporated into the public database ASAP after they have been considered by an administrator. Public submission of socials is not implemented at this time, and will likely not be implemented, as socials are relatively easy for a single person to stay on top of.

All data in these databases (all of them) is considered to be 'owned' by the public at large. That is, any request for the data stored within them will be honoured as best as we are able. We'll even try to give it to you in a format that you request, although this is not guaranteed. Also please note that my ability to fulfill requests for export to different data formats is limited by my free time and the other requests that I have for feature additions to the site.

If you are here and yet do not know what Aardwolf is, then I suggest that you go to the Aardwolf Homepage, and see what it is. Then I suggest that you get a MUD client (there is a decent list linked from the Aardwolf Homepage) and try it - it is a wonderful game, not only because it is fun to hunt things down and kill them, but mainly because of the power it has to bring people together from disparate regions of the world and make them fast friends.

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