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Bug Squashing and Refactoring
Posted by atlanta. [15:46 Sat Nov 04, 2017]
I'm back to iwuvaard. I'm starting to address errors in the codebase (you see those warnings above?), but there are also many issues with db structure (no longer matches the game). So I am also fixing that. Which means rewriting models. And the db user bugs are to be fixed. This will be fun. Thanks for your patience everyone.
Radiance Woods
Posted by kerowyn. [8:12 Mon Jan 04, 2016]
Radiance Woods (new SH area with goal) went live on December 19th. I haven't got the mobdeaths updated here yet due to the holidays. I'll be adding them over the next few days. Happy New Year everyone!
Dusk Valley Area Added
Posted by kerowyn. [7:15 Wed Aug 12, 2015]
Also imported new mobs for levels 100 - 120. Found an area I need to add (the Peninsula) but will do that in a later batch.
Ocean Park SH Area and Mobs Added
Posted by kerowyn. [8:21 Fri Apr 24, 2015]
I finished the goal for the new SH area (short name 'oceanpark') yesterday. So I updated the areas here and added all the mobs (209 through 215). If something's missing, send me a tell or Tweet it to me at @AardKerowyn. Ciao, Kerowyn
Slowly Updating Database
Posted by kerowyn. [5:35 Mon Dec 29, 2014]
After a five year hiatus, I'm back updating the IWuvAard database as best I can. Lots of new or renamed areas to clean up. And the mobs of course. I'm not going to touch the equipment, socials or speedwalks at this time. Just areas and mobs. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! 12/29/2014