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Mid-September 2010
Posted by kerowyn. [9:02 Tue Sep 14, 2010]
Removed the recently revamped areas from the database (and all associated mobs and equipment I believe). Added the new areas and I'm working through the mobs for those new areas. It may take a couple of days as it depends on the output from the mobdeaths command, which expands as more mobs are killed. For more information regarding the revamped areas, please see the Aardwolf Blog entry by Lasher: http://www.aardwolf.com/blog/ Thanks, Kerowyn
Late Summer 2010
Posted by kerowyn. [7:04 Thu Sep 09, 2010]
Over Labor Day weekend, I will attempt to cleanup the areas, mobs and speedwalks. Sorry for the long absence, but this economy is ruining my real life. If Mojo reads this, please contact me at kerowyn@dohclan.org as I have a question regarding the speedwalk cleanup process. Have a great holiday weekend! Kerowyn
Renamed/New Areas
Posted by kerowyn. [4:16 Fri Jul 31, 2009]
I updated the areas with the renamed and new areas this morning. The mobs database will have to wait a couple of days to be updated to allow the mobdeaths command to gather kills after the restart of the mud yesterday.
Areas Cleaned Up and Mobs Imported
Posted by kerowyn. [13:17 Thu Jul 16, 2009]
I cleaned up the areas information and imported all the mobs from the mobdeath command results for levels 1 through 250.
Back After Long Hiatus
Posted by kerowyn. [10:53 Thu Jul 16, 2009]
The economic woes have hit me fairly hard over the last year. I'm creeping back into Aardwolf as the pressure lets up. I'm cleaning up the areas and mobs, but it's slow going. Lots of copy/paste from zMud to this web site's clunky interface. I'm working on the lower end of the mob scale, just finished mobs level 1 through 125.