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New Areas and Thier Mobs
Posted by kerowyn. [5:30 Mon Sep 01, 2008]
I added the 3-4 new areas that have come online since early August. I also imported the mobs that show up on mobdeaths command for those areas.
Onyx Bazaar Mobs Added
Posted by kerowyn. [18:45 Wed Aug 13, 2008]
Just added all mobs killed since the last server restart for levels 35 to 55. This covers the new Onyx Bazaar area mobs. Enjoy - Kerowyn
Equipment Cleanup
Posted by kerowyn. [6:07 Sun Jul 27, 2008]
I've been asked a couple of times to add the equipment for the new areas to the Equipment database here. Unfortunately, there is no mass import utility to add equipment. Basically, you have to do it one piece at a time and I have no special access beyond what you see here via the Equipment web page interface. Since I don't collect equipment (I auto-sac all corpses), I am not a good source for updating this data. If you enjoy collecting equipment, feel free to add the equipment via the appropriate web page here to share your information with other Aardwolf adventurers.
Area Cleanup
Posted by kerowyn. [6:03 Sun Jul 27, 2008]
I deleted many of the old areas that have been replaced or removed recently. I've added the new areas and started adding the mobs killed in those new areas. Since the reboot occurred only a few hours ago, it will be some time before the mobdeaths command reports back with good data for the new areas.
Neutral Mobs and the Mobdeaths Command
Posted by kerowyn. [5:05 Sat Jun 07, 2008]
I've discovered this morning, while trying to update the mobs database here at iwuvaard.org, that I've been neglecting the neutral mobs in Aardwolf. In order to import mobs into the mobs database, I must use the results of the mobdeaths command. I thought I was being clever by using the evil and good filter option, but I was actually discriminating against the neutral mobs. So, this morning, I'm rectifying that lack. The problem I'm having is that at certain levels, like on the multiples of 5 or 10, the mobdeaths command will only return the top fifty results. Unless a mob is killed enough, it doesn't show up on the results list. Just some food for thought when a mob is missing from the database. If you can see it on the mobdeaths command, send me the results and I will quickly import them into the database. Thanks, Kerowyn