72 applicable socials found.

aardhood - by Unknown
3:You welcome <target> to the AardFamily!
4:<player> welcomes <target> to the AardFamily!
5:<player> welcomes you to the AardFamily!
aardporn - by Citron
1:Aardporn: Where the men are men, and so are the women!
2:<player> offers to show you some Aardporn.
3:You show off your collection of Aardporn to <target>!
4:<player> is showing pictures of fat, nude men and chicks with dicks to <target>.
5:<player> whips out a picture of a fat dude in a thong..you stagger away retching.
6:You pull out your collection of Aardporn and drool over the "women".
7:<player> drools over nude pictures of artificially enhanced photos...looks like chicks with dicks!
aardstud - by Unknown
1:You strut around like the Aardwolf Stud you are.
2:<player> walks about thinking <he/she>'s such a big stud. Snicker. How pathetic.
3:You crack onto <target> trying to impress <him/her> with your fantastic amount of levels, and cool aardgear restrings.
4:<player> is trying to seduce <target>. God <he/she>'s pathetic.
5:<player> is trying to flirt with you in such a macho way. Yuck. How disgusting.
6:You look into the mirror and say, "How you doin' baby, You, wanna come back to my manor?"
7:<player> is muttering into a mirror again. Must be working on <his/her> 'amazing' seduction skills.
aargh - by Unknown
2:<player> throws back <his/her> head and howls in profound frustration!
3:You scream your frustration and grab for <his/her> throat with both hands!
4:<player> howls in frustration, and leaps for <target>, trying to throttle <him/her>!
5:<player> grabs for your throat with two hands, howling in frustration!
6:You scream in frustration at your own stupidity!
7:<player> screams in frustration at <his/her> own stupidity!
abuse - by Unknown
1:You glance around looking for someone to abuse.
2:Look out, <player> is in an abusive mood again.
3:You relentlessly abuse <target> until <he/she> breaks down sobbing.
4:You feel sorry for <target> as <player> horribly abuses <him/her>.
5:You sniff sadly as you take the brunt of <player>'s abuse.
6:Abuse yourself? Why not.
7:Quick! Call a shrink! <player> is tryin to abuse <him/her>self.
abyss - by Unknown
1:Welcome to darkness.
2:<player> is slowly enveloped by a swirling vortex of darkness.
3:Tall, dark and deadly, you lock your intense gaze on <target>.
4:The moon fades and the shadow of <player> drifts towards <target>.
5:<player> looks at you, whispers, and surrounds you both in blackness.
6:Peace and solace...freedom.
7:<player> lifts <his/her> head to the sky and soars upwards on ebon wings.
academy - by Lasher
1:You send everyone back to the academy.
2:<player> sends you all back to the academy.
3:You send <target> back to the academy.
4:<player> sends <target> back to the academy.
5:<player> sends you back to the academy.
6:You send yourself back to the academy.
7:<player> wonders if <he/she> should send <him/her>self back to the academy.
accuse - by Unknown
1:Accuse who??
2:<player> is in an accusing mood.
3:You look accusingly at <him/her>.
4:<player> looks accusingly at <target>.
5:<player> looks accusingly at you.
6:You accuse yourself.
7:<player> seems to have a bad conscience.
acheer - by Azarian Arista
1:You put on your Academy cheerleading uniform and break out the pompoms.
2:<player> puts on <his/her> Academy cheerleading uniform and breaks out the pompoms.
3:You grab your pompoms and cheer <target's> graduation!
4:<player> grabs <his/her> pompoms and cheers <target's> graduation! Maybe you should cheer too.
5:<player> grabs the pompoms and enthusiastically cheers your graduation.
6:2,4,6,8! You think everyone should graduate!
7:2,4,6,8! <player> thinks everyone should graduate!
ack - by Unknown
1:You ack!
2:<player> acks!
3:You ack at <target>!
4:<player> acks at <target>!
5:<player> acks at you!
6:You ack at yourself. Another great idea!
7:<player> acks at <him/her>self. Probably another great idea!
addict - by Unknown
1:You stand and admit to all in the room, 'Hi, I'm <player>, and I'm a mud addict.'
2:<player> stands and says, 'Hi, I'm <player>, and I'm a mud addict.'
3:You tell <him/her> that you are addicted to <his/her> love.
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> is addicted to <his/her> love.
5:<player> tells you that <he/she> is addicted to your love.
6:You stand and admit to all in the room, 'Hi, I'm <player>, and I'm a mud addict.'
7:<player> stands and says, 'Hi, I'm <player>, and I'm a mud addict.'
adjust - by Unknown
1:You look around, make sure nobody is watching, and you adjust your "Tool."
2:<player> looks around slyly, smiles, then reaches down and "adjusts" <him/her>self...
adore - by Unknown
1:You do something completely unrelated to adoration.
2:<player> arrives atop a flaming, golden chariot, escorted by ranks of exaltant angels!
3:You express your tremendous adoration for <target>.
4:Egragolgiggitygad! It seems that <player> absolutely adores <target>!
5:It appears that <player> completely adores you!
6:Kr'pakh-lik'chuk! Adore yeself ye doth, Hans Leo Hassler!
7:It would seem that <player> simply adores <him/her>self!
adsquirrel - by Unknown
1:You do the amazing squirrel dance of anti-death!
2:Run! <player> is doing... wait, that's not the dance of death, that's anti-death!
3:You bring <target> back to life with the squirrel dance of anti-death.
4:<player> does a squirrel dance, and <target> revives, slowly.
5:<player>'s squirrel dance of anti-death has brought you back to life!
6:You don't realize that anti-death isn't life, do you?
7:<player> apparently wants the squirrel dance of anti-death done on <him/her>. But <he/she>'s alive!
afkchk - by Unknown
1:You check to make sure everyone is not afk.
2:<player> checks to make sure everyone in the room isn't afk.
3:You wave your hand in front of <target>'s glazed eyes.
4:<player> waves <his/her> hand in front of <target>'s eyes to check and see if <he/she>'s afk.
5:<player> waves <his/her> hand in front of your eyes, wondering if you are afk.
6:You assure yourself you aren't afk.
7:<player> lets everyone know that <he/she> KNOWS <he/she> isn't afk.
aft - by Unknown
1:You think that it's about fucking time!
2:<player> thinks that it's about fucking time!
3:You tell <target> that it's about fucking time!
4:<player> tells <target> that it's about fucking time!
5:<player> tells you that it's about fucking time!
6:You tell yourself that it's about fucking time!
7:<player> tells <him/her>self that it's about fucking time!
afw - by Unknown
1:You let everyone know you are away from this window.
2:<player> is away from this window and will be back soon. (hopefully)
3:You tell <target> that you are away from this window.
4:<player> tells someone <he/she> is away from this window.
5:<player> lets you know <he/she> is away from this window.
6:Apparently you aren't AFW if you can see this.
7:<player> is back in this window. Let the spam commence.
again - by Unknown
1:You think, "Not again!"
2:<player> hits <his/her> head on a tree and cries, "Not AGAIN!?"
3:You beg <target> to do it again! You must have enjoyed the first time.
4:<player> looks at <target> and says, "Thank you, may I have another?"
5:<player> begs you for a repeat performance. Do it again!
6:You make a mental note to do that again.
7:<player> makes a mental note to do what <he/she> just did more often!
agent - by Unknown
1:Damnit! They got away again!
2:Agent <player> roars in frustation.
3:You tear through walls to get to <target>.
4:Tearing through walls, Agent <player> finally catches <target>.
5:You look behind you, and oh no! Agent <player> is upon you!
6:Me, me, me. Me, too.
7:Agent <player> attempts to re-duplicate <him/her>self.
agree - by Unknown
1:You sure are agreeable today.
2:<player> agrees with you.
4:<player> is agreeing with that <target> person again...
5:<player> seems to think you have the right idea.
6:When are the voices in your head ever wrong?
7:<player> agrees with the voices in <his/her> head again.
ahem - by Unknown
1:You clear your throat loudly and look slowly around.
2:<player> clears <his/her> throat loudly and looks around.
3:You cock an eyebrow at <target> and clear your throat.
4:<player> cocks an eyebrow at <target> and clears <his/her> throat.
5:<player> cocks an eyebrow at you and clears <his/her> throat.
6:You quickly clear your throat and glance around nervously.
7:<player> suddenly clears <his/her> throat and glances around nervously.
ahhshocks - by Unknown
2:A winner is <player>!
3:You! <target>! Eat you the hot bullets of shotgun to die!
4:Thank you <target>! Turn switch off in this state of <player>!
5:How weak you are! <player> might kill you as well as "Tofu" with <his/her> sword!
7:WARNING: DESTROY <player>. SURELY REVIVE <player>.
air - by Unknown
1:You grab your air guitar and play for all you're worth.
2:<player> air-guitars like a mad man ... EXCELLENT!!!
3:You hope <he/she> appreciates your (total lack of) talent.
4:<player> is surrounded by air groupies.
5:<player> plays a most excellent tune for you on <his/her> most excellent air guitar.
6:You play softly to yourself.
airlock - by Rezit Vaun
1:"SO SAY WE ALL!" "JUMP!" OMG you could be the Cylon hybrid!
2:<player> flies around in <his/her> Viper, searching for toasters.
3:A circle of your peers proclaims <target> a Cylon and throws <him/her> through the airlock.
4:<player> bands together with his peers and they throw <him/her> through the nearest airlock.
5:<player> thinks you're a fracking skinjob and pushes you into the airlock. WOOSH!!
6:You feel the music from within your surroundings. Could you be a Cylon?
7:No fracking way! Could <player> truly be a Cylon? FRACK NO!
akick - by Unknown
1:You feel that someone deserves a kick in the A*S, but you don't know quite who yet.
2:<player> thinks someone in this room deserves a kick in the A*S.
3:You boot <target> in the A*S.
4:<target> rubs <his/her> sore A*S, because <player> just kicked it!
5:Ow! <player> boots you in the A*S, hard, with a steel toe boot!
6:What do you do for an encore?
7:<player> must be some freak of nature, <he/she> sucessfully booted <him/her>self in the A*S!
allyourbase - by Unknown
1:In A.D. 2101 War was beginning.
2:[<player>]: All your base are belong to us.
3:<target> set up us the bomb.
4:All <target> base are belong to <player>.
5:All your base are belong to <player>.
6:Main screen turn on.
7:[<player>]: How are you gentlemen!!
alot - by Semoene
1:Barely clinging to life, you are forced to chant an ancient Arcane spell.
2:You beg for mercy as <target deity> forces you to summon Alot of <player>s.
3:Your fiery gaze turns toward <target>, angering Alot of <player deity>s.
4:Time seemingly stops as <player> conjures Alot of <target>s.
5:Run for your life! Alot of <player>s is charging towards you!!
6:May <player deity> have mercy on your festering soul.
7:You hear a loud, agonizing wail as <player> polymorphs into Alot of You!
ameow - by Unknown
1:You meow angrily at everyone.
2:<player> meows angrily at everyone. Behave!
3:You meow angrily at <target>.
4:<player> meows angrily at <target>, sounding just like an upset kitten.
5:<player> meows angrily at you like an upset kitten. Behave!
6:You meow angrily at that moving thing for twitching and try to teach it a lesson.
7:<player> is chasing <his/her> own tail again while meowing angrily. Silly kitten.
amoose - by CuChulainn
1:>>>-You release the MOOSE of Imperium on the infidels of the World->
2:>>>-You shudder in fear as <player>'s MOOSE runs past you on a suicide mission->
3:>>>-You release a hundred thousand possessed MOOSE on the silly infidel <target>->
4:>>>-<player> releases a countless number of rabid and possessed MOOSE on the eejit <target>, BRILLIANT!->
5:>>>-<player> sends what appears to be the freakiest bunch of rabid MOOSE towards you, murder is in their eyes.->
6:>>>-SMEG! you've just set your own murder hungry MOOSE on yourself, SMEG->
7:>>>-<player> must be drunk again as <he/she> seems to be releasing the insane herd of MOOSE on <him/her>self. You hear <his/her> cries of "SMEG"->
amuse - by Unknown
1:Whom shall you choose for your amusement?
2:<player> is looking for someone to amuse <him/her>. Crap, <he/she> is looking your way.
3:You command <target> to amuse you. Chop-Chop!
4:<player> snaps <his/her> fingers and <target> comes running....nice trick.
5:<player> points in your direction and commands you to amuse <him/her>. NOW!
6:Thinking evil thoughts, you amuse yourself for a short time.
7:<player> seems to be lost in <his/her> own amusing thoughts.
analbypass - by Xyzzy
1:You eye the crowd carefully, looking for a suitable subject for an experimental anal bypass.
2:<player> is scrutinizing the crowd carefully, looking for a suitable subject for experimental anal bypass surgery.
3:You deftly bypass <target>'s anus and connect <his/her> intestines directly to <his/her> mouth. That'll help <him/her> talk some shit.
4:<player> has just bypassed <target>'s anus and connected <his/her> intestines directly to <his/her> mouth. Now <target> can REALLY talk some shit.
5:<player> helps you improve your conversational skills by bypassing your anus and connecting your intestines directly to your mouth.
6:AT LAST! Talking shit was never easier!
7:<player> has just bypassed <his/her> anus and connected <his/her> intestines to <his/her> mouth. As if <he/she> didn't talk enough shit already.
analleaking - by Xyzzy
1:You suddenly feel very insecure, worrying about anal leaking after that last bag of olean-laced chips.
2:<player> is looking VERY insecure all of a sudden... I wonder if <he/she>'s experiencing anal leaking?!?
3:<target> looks suspiciously insecure about something. Maybe it's a sudden worry over anal leaking!
4:<player> is pointing at <target>'s ASS and giggling... Either <target>'s been a victim of a recent DITP, or <he/she>'s experiencing some anal leaking!
5:<player> tried to WARN you about those olean-laced chips... NOW you have a sudden fit of worrying about anal leaking!
6:OH NO!!! You KNEW better than to get into that bag of olean-laced chips.
7:<player> is running around in circles trying to look at <his/her> own ASS! Looks like a case of sudden-onset anal leaking!
angel - by Unknown
1:You stare into the heavens.
2:<player> stares into the heavens. What is <he/she> looking at?
3:You look at <target> and call <him/her> an angel.
4:<player> stares dreamly into <target>'s eyes. What is <he/she> thinking about?
5:<player> whispers, "Your hair, your eyes, your lips, are you...an angel?"
6:You hide your horns as you ascend into the heavens.
7:<player> beckoned by God, adjusts <his/her> halo and flaps <his/her> wings into heaven.
annoy - by Unknown
1:You feel like being annoying..
2:<player> is looking for a target to annoy..you might be next!
3:You start bugging <target>.
4:<player> starts bugging <target>.
5:<player> starts bugging you, what an annoyance.
6:That's not really a hard job, is it?
7:<player> is trying to annoy <him/her>self, what an idiot.
annoyzz - by Jubileus
1:You go around, poking people and giggling, "Lolx, I backstabs yoo!" |:D
2:<player> <-+-><-*-> BACKSTABS <-*-><-+-> YOO!
3:You say, "LOL ur mad at me". <He/She> tells you, "I FUCKING AM!"
4:<player> says, "LOL ur mad at me", with <target> replying "I FUCKING AM!".
5:<player> says, "LOL ur mad at me". Offended, you reply "I FUCKING AM!"
6:You pull out a n00b move and decide to annoy everyone again!!
7:<player> -<[=-+-=]<:::<>:::> ANNOYS <:::<>:::>[=-+-=]>- you.
anti - by Unknown
1:Your shield would be of no use!
2:<player> conjures a pointless Anti-Annoyance Shield!
3:You see <target> and quickly erect an Anti-Annoyance Shield around yourself!
4:<player> sees <target> and quickly conjures an Anti-Annoyance Shield around <him/her>self!
5:<player> notices your presence and instantly conjures an Anti-Annoyance Shield around <him/her>self!
6:You erect a Shield around yourself for reasons you can't fathom!
7:<player> tries to conjure an Anti-Annoyance Shield, but it backfires onto <him/her>!
antid00d - by Unknown
1:You look to the skies, hoping someone will come and teach these d00ds English.
2:<player> is hoping the ANTI-D00D will arrive to sort out the l33t sP34kers.
3:You focus your superhero powers and give <target> a lesson in good English!
4:<player> focuses <his/her> anti-d00d powers and teaches <target> English!
5:<player> is trying to teach you proper English, <he/she> must be the ANTI-D00D!
6:You strip off and reveal yourself to be the heroic and sensible ANTI-D00D!
7:<player> tears off <his/her> clothes revealing the grey suit of the ANTI-D00D!
antilick - by Unknown
1:You go mad at another stranger idiot licking you.
2:<player> growls loudly, cause <he/she> was licked by a stranger again.
3:You slice <target>'s tongue out for rudely licking you.
4:<player> slices <target>'s tongue out for rudely licking <him/her>.
5:<player> slices your tongue out cause you licked <him/her> without even knowing <him/her>.
6:You spit in disgust about all the strangers who wanna lick you.
7:<player> spits in disgust about all the strangers who wanna lick <him/her>.
antimarriage - by Unknown
1:You don't need no stinkin', qp-grubbin' spouse!
2:<player> declares <him/her>self the newest member of the <->Anti-Marriage Crew<->!
3:Yes! The <->Anti-Marriage Crew<-> grows in power!
4:<player> invites <target> to join the <->Anti-Marriage Crew<->!
5:<player> invites you to join the <->Anti-Marriage Crew<->. Freak.
6:Will they never learn?!?
7:<player> starts screaming something about newbies and marriage proposals.
aohell - by Unknown
1:You damn everyone to AOHELL.
2:<player> damns everyone to AOHELL.
3:You damn <target> to AOHELL.
4:<player> damns <target> to AOHELL.
5:<player> damns you to AOHELL!!
6:You've made it out of AOHELL!
7:<player> has made it out of AOHELL! Yay <him/her>!
apologize - by Unknown
1:You apologize until you are blue in the face.
2:<player> apologizes profusely.
3:You might as well apologize because <he/she> sure as hell won't.
4:<player> apologizes to <target> with a very sincere look on <his/her> face.
5:<player> apologizes to you and begs for forgiveness.
apow - by Unknown
1:You shout out 'Yeah Baby, Yeah'!
2:<player> shouts 'Yeah Baby Yeah!'
3:You ask <target>, 'Mind helping me test out my twig and berries?'.
4:<player> shags <target> rotten.
5:<player> asks 'Do I make you horny baby? Do I?'
6:Femmbots everywhere! Watch out for their wily tricks!
7:<player> secures the area from femmbots..
applaud - by Unknown
1:Clap, clap, clap.
2:<player> gives a round of applause.
3:You clap at <target>'s actions.
4:<player> claps at <target>'s actions.
5:<player> gives you a round of applause. You MUST'VE done something good!
6:You applaud at yourself. Boy, are we conceited!
7:<player> applauds at <him/her>self. Boy, are we conceited!
approve - by Unknown
1:You glance around, nodding approvingly at the current state of affairs.
2:<player> glances around, nodding approvingly at the state of affairs.
3:You give <target> a smile, nodding approvingly.
4:<player> gives <target> a smile, nodding approvingly.
5:<player> gives you a smile, nodding approvingly.
6:You nod approvingly at your own genius. Damn, you're good.
7:<player> nods approvingly at <him/her>self. See <his/her> rear sprout peacock feathers.
apride - by Unknown
1:You stand tall, confident and proud of being an <*>AMAZON<*>.
2:<player> stands tall, proud of <his/her> <*>AMAZON<*> heritage.
3:You ignore <target>, <he/she> obviously does not have what it takes to be an <*>AMAZON<*>.
4:<player> ignores <target> and mumbles something about not being worthy.
5:<player> ignores you and mumbles something about not being worthy.
6:You draw your weapon and scream "For <*>AMAZON<*>!"
7:<player> draws <his/her> weapon and screams out "For <*>AMAZON<*>!"
arf - by Unknown
1:You exclaim, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
2:<player> exclaims, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
3:You look at <target> and exclaim, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
4:<player> looks at <target> and exclaims, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
5:<player> looks at you and exclaims, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
6:You run around the room exclaiming, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
7:<player> runs around the room exclaiming, "Arf! Arf! Arf!"
arimmer - by Unknown
1:You are sexy, suave, and skilled, just like Ace Rimmer.
2:Just looking at <player> makes you think, "Wow! What a guy!"
3:You pay <target> a witty and heartfelt compliment.
4:<player> takes a break from saving universes to greet his pal <target>.
5:<player> smiles warmly, compliments you smartly, then saves another universe.
6:A smile and a catchphrase, then off into the sunset!
7:<player> flies off with a hearty "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"
arlinn - by Unknown
1:You step from out of the shadows screaming 'Booo!!' scaring everyone senseless.
2:Out of nowhere darts a shadow screaming 'Booo'. As your heart almost stops, you realize it's just <player>.
3:You grab <target>'s neck from behind screaming boo, nearly causing a heart attack to <him/her>.
4:<player> grabs <target>'s neck from behind screaming 'Boo!', nearly causing a heart attack to <him/her>.
5:Someone grabs your neck from behind screaming 'Boo!', nearly causing a heart attack to you. Oh good. It's only <player>.
6:Training your most scary faces with a mirror ... it breaks !
7:Training <his/her> most scary faces, <player> even causes the mirror to break....
armitron - by Unknown
1:You storm into Radio Shack, demanding toys of mass destruction.
2:<player> comes out of Radio Shack with 20 Armitrons and a welding torch.
3:You drag <target> to the basement to help you destroy an indestructible toy.
4:<player> and <target> cackle with glee as they try to take apart an Armitron.
5:<player> hands you an oxy-acetylene torch and points you at Armitron.
6:Armitron resists your feeble attempts at disassembly.
7:<player> screams in agony as Armitron resists disassembly by all his tools.
army - by Unknown
1:You take over the world with your army of penguins.
3:You send your army of penguins after <target>.
4:You laugh as <player> sends <his/her> army of penguins after <target>.
6:Your penguins turn against you. Run. Fast.
7:You see <player> being chased around by penguins wearing cammo.
arr - by Unknown
1:You exclaim "ARR!" and look for someone to kill.
2:<player> exclaims "ARR!" and makes an intimidating face.
3:You look at <target> and exclaim "ARR!"
4:<player> glances at <target> and exclaims "ARR!"
5:<player> looks at you and exclaims "ARR!" Are what? Are obnoxious?
6:Whoa! You have to be a pirate. Quick! Find a mirror and say "ARR!"
7:<player> walks around saying "ARR!" to <him/her>self. Someone get <him/her> a sword!
arrfest - by Turles
2:Arrrrrrrr ARRRRRRRRR ARRRRRRR!!!!!... <player> has ARRRRRRived.
3:Ye declARRR yARRRR admARRRRation fARRRR a ceARRRRtain pARRRRt of speech.
4:<player> ARRRRguably has the most ARRRRgrivating ARRRRatory that <target> has evARRRR heARRRRRd.
5:<player> ARRRRtfully reARRRRanges <his/her> vernaculARRRRR at ye.
7:<player> must have a sore throat.
arsenal - by Kharpern Versace
1:You put on the only shirt you'd want to wear and feel proud.
2:<player> puts on an Arsenal shirt and stretches proudly.
3:You're sure of that <target> is in denial, <He/She> truly is a Gooner.
4:<player> just found <target's> secret stash of Arsenal collector cards.
5:OOH NOOO! <player> just revealed you're secretly an Arsenal fan.
6:You walk down the street humming on a song about the team you love.
7:<player> is walking down the street screaming 'OOH TO BE A GOONER'
ash - by Unknown
1:You hail to the king, baby.
2:<player> hails to the king, baby.
3:You wave your chainsaw at <target> and say "Groovy".
4:<player> waves <his/her> chainsaw at <target> and says "Groovy".
5:<player> waves <his/her> chainsaw at you and says "Groovy".
6:You consider yourself to be as cool as Ash.
7:<player> considers <him/her>self to be as cool as Ash.
aslap - by Unknown
1:You rub your hands together preparing to slap yet another person on the A*S.
2:<player> stands quietly rubbing <his/her> hands together. Wonder what <he/she> is thinking?
3:You grin evilly as you pull back and SLAP <target> on the A*S.
4:OH MY!! <player> has just slapped <target> on the A*S.
5:GASP! <player> has just slapped your A*S.
6:You try desperately to slap yourself on the A*S.
7:You laugh hysterically as you watch <player> trying to slap <him/her>self on the A*S.
asplode - by Charasan
2:KERBANG! <player>'s head just a sploded!
3:That's it...concentrate...concentrate...KERBANG!
4:KERBANG! <target>'s head a sploded! All you see is blood and <player> staring intently.
5:An image of <player> dances in your head right before... KERBANG!...YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!
6:You try to make your head a splode, but just get a nose bleed instead.
7:<player> turns beet red, and a trickle of blood runs down <his/her> nose before passing out.
assblue - by Unknown
1:You smile a secret little smile as you paint your ass blue!
2:<player> smiles a secret little smile as <he/she> paints <his/her> ass blue!
3:You cackle as you waggle your bare blue ass at <target>!
4:<player> cackles as <he/she> waves <his/her> bare blue ass at <target>!
5:<player> cackles as <he/she> waves <his/her> blue ass at you!
6:You cackle and dance like a celtic warrior, waving your blue ass madly in the air!
7:<player> cackles and dances like a celtic warrior, waving <his/her> blue ass madly in the air!
assgun - by StarPhoenix
1:You whip out a really big gun and look for some ASS to blast.
2:You feel nervous as <player> stares at your ass and gets <his/her> gun ready.
3:You blast the fucking ass cheeks right off of <target>!!
4:<target's> ass cheeks get fucking blown apart by <player>!!
5:Your ass cheeks just got fucking blown off by <player>!!
6:You pray to <player deity> hoping for endless bullets to shoot asses with.
7:<player> is talking to <his/her> gun about <player deity> and blasting asses again.
asshat - by Dustpuppy
1:You wave a large bright yellow sign reading "ASSHAT !!"
2:<player> waves a large bright yellow sign reading "ASSHAT !!"
3:You smack <target> out of <his/her> boots with a sign reading "ASSHAT !!"
4:<player> smacks <target> out of <his/her> boots with a sign reading "ASSHAT !!"
5:<player> smacks you out of your boots with a sign reading "ASSHAT !!"
6:You scream "ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT" until your throat becomes sore...
7:<player> screams "ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT ASSHAT.. 1000 times... what an asshat!!!
assimilate - by Unknown
1:Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!
2:<player> gets a glassy look in <his/her> eyes, muttering about assimilation and weasel-borgs.
3:You pull out your raygun *cough*hotgluegun*cough* and tell <target> that resistance is futile.
4:<player> pulls out a ... hot glue gun? and tells <target> that resistance is futile.
5:<player> is waving around a hot glue gun and chanting 'You will be assimilated!'
6:You jump on your soapbox and refuse to be assimilated!
7:<player> is muttering 'What do you mean resistance is futile? You haven't even assimilated that donut you ate this morning.'
asux - by Unknown
1:You grumble about the game and can't wait to get back to play tomorrow.
2:<player> points out that Aardwolf sucks lately, but still logs in for 6 hours a day.
3:You point out to <target> that Aardwolf sucks lately as you log in for your daily 6 hours online.
4:<player> points out to <target> that Aardwolf sucks lately as <he/she> logs in for <his/her> daily 6 hours online.
5:<player> points out to you that Aardwolf sucks lately as <he/she> logs in for <his/her> daily 6 hours online.
6:Caffeine. Check. Calorie-loaded snacks. Check. You're all set. God, this game sucks!
7:<player> gets ready to play Aardwolf and grumble about it for the next six hours.
atilla - by Unknown
1:You think back to the yester years when you had to walk uphill to school both ways.
2:<player> whines about the aches and pains in <his/her> body, sucks to be old eh?
3:You point at <target> and magically their arteries begin to harden and their bones become weak.
4:<player> points at <target> and a magical (OLDY AURA) forms around <him/her>.
5:<player> points at you and a magical (OLDY AURA) forms around you as your arteries become to harden and your bones become weak.
6:You look around for some foxy young player that has less than 1000 hours online.
7:<player> looks around and suggests a trip to the old folks home.
atman - by Unknown
1:You slide down Ganesha's trunk and enter the Atcave to become... Atman!
2:By the many arms of Vishnu! <player> has transformed into (*Atma
3:Yet another in Kidneystone Park is schooled in Vedantry!
4:<player> changes into Yogic Bear and steals the Three Baskets from <target>!
5:Your KArMA Alarm goes off as <player> does reSiva your BAskEts!
6:The PRINcess has been kidnapped- you feel Upani-sad!
7:<player> becomes Hindiana Jones and prepares to battle Darth Veda!
aussie - by Unknown
1:You shout out, "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!"
2:<player> shouts out, "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!"
3:You scream, "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" at <target>, hope they join in.
4:<player> screams "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" at <target>, lets join in!
5:<player> screams, "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" at you. WTF?!?
6:You yell, "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" and the voice inside your head replies, "OI OI OI!"
7:<player> seems to be yelling some weird Australian chant at <him/her>self, maybe it's best you leave?
austin - by Unknown
1:Oh Behave!
2:<player> walks around asking if anyone wants to shag with <him/her>.
3:You walk up to <target> and ask, 'Want to Shag?'
4:<player> walks up to <target> and starts taking off <his/her> clothes.
5:<player> walks up to you and asks 'Want to Shag'?
6:You act like Austin Powers.
7:<player> acts like Austin Powers.
autograph - by Unknown
1:You announce that you will be giving autographs later in the backstage!
2:<player> will be giving autographs later in the backstage!
3:You sign <target>'s forehead.
4:You are jealous as <player> just put <his/her> autograph on <target>'s forehead, not yours!!
5:You faint as that gorgeous <player> just signed your forehead!!! The ECSTASY!!!!
6:People around eye you suspiciously as you go by signing your own body!
7:<player>'s ego reached its maximum! There <he/she> goes walking by, signing every bit of <his/her> body.
avocado - by Unknown
1:Dementia Praecox DILAPIDATED filibuster AEROFLOT? Privy a priori Manga. :)
2:Primieval immanent <player> <player> coagulate <he/she> crapulent <him/her> GEORGE SANTAYANA!!
3:Pantomime EUCLIDIAN marriage proposition SaTIaTIon... CROMAGNON penguin!!!!
4:Grandiloquence? :( LarcenouS. <player> panegyric lessaiz-faire MiSnOmEr <target>?
5:AVAST! PLATonic CAVE metaPHorr SExUAL sublimation <player> <player> <player>..........
6:Heraclitus IMBIBE those SERATONIN halitosis halitosis PROLEGOMENA felis?
7:Bovine flatulance <player> harpsicordulates InImIcAl protista proton DISCORD cod.
awesome - by Unknown
1:Using your bullhorn you shout "I am still awesome......... seriously."
2:<player> shouts "I am still awesome......... seriously." Is that a bullhorn?
3:You whine to <target> about not having picked guitars and lazor guns. A bucket won't get you chicks.
4:<player> is whining to <target> about not having picked guitars and lazor guns.
5:<player> asks you "Why didn't I pick guitars and lazor guns???"
6:You sigh as you realize having a bucket for a hand definitely isn't going to get you any chicks.
7:<player> has a bucket and a bullhorn for hands. What was <he/she> thinking?
awtf - by Unknown
1:You ask, "What the fuck?!"
2:<player> asks, "What the fuck?!"
3:You ask <target>, "What the fuck?!"
4:<player> asks <target>, "What the fuck?!"
5:<player> asks you, "What the fuck?!"
6:You ask yourself, "What the fuck?!"
7:<player> asks <him/her>self, "What the fuck?!"
aww - by Dreamfyre
1:You go, 'Awwwwww!'
2:<player> goes, 'Awwwwww!' How cute!
3:You go 'Awwwwww!' at <target>. How adorable!
4:<player> goes 'Awwwww!' at <target>. How precious!
5:<player> goes 'Awwwww!' at you! Are they serious or mocking you?
6:You go 'Awwwww!' at yourself. The heck?
7:<player> goes 'Awwwwww!' at <him/her>self because no one else thinks it's cute.
ayb - by Unknown
1:All Your Base Are Belong To ViolentEd!
2:All <player>'s Base Are Belong to ViolentEd!
3:All Your Base Are Belong To <target>!
4:All <player>'s Base Are Belong to <target>!
5:All Your Base Are Belong to <player>!
6:All Your Base Are Belong to You!
7:All <player>'s Base Are Belong to <player>!
azumangadaioh - by Rayna
1:You bounce around in adorable penguin costume! How cute!
2:<player> bounces around in an adorable penguin costume! <he/she> is just too
3:You take a dig at <target> and exclaim 'Nandeyanen!'
4:<player> knocks <target> in the stomach, exclaiming 'Nandeyanen!'
5:<player> knocks you in the stomach, exclaiming 'Nandeyanen!'
6:You stand up and announce a random thought from your mind.
7:<player> always wanted to trip on a banana peel and fall on <his/her> face!
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!