183 applicable socials found.

baa - by Unknown
1:You go Baaa like a fluffy, coot sheep.
2:<player> sprouts woolly wool and Baaas! Awwww, isn't <he/she> such a cutie?
3:<target> ADORES coot, cuddly sheep like you!
4:Hmmm. <target> is throwing <him/her>self at <player>'s feet again! What's wrong with that sheep-brained Eediot??
5:You are suddenly inflicted with Obsessive Compulsive <player> Wuvvin' Disorder as <he/she> morphs into a coot, cuddly sheep!
6:I'm a coot, cuddly sheep, I'm a coot, cuddly sheep, and everyone is wuvvin' me! Laaaa!
7:<player> is utterly convinced that <he/she>'s a coot, cuddly sheep. Hmm. Anyone for some mutton steak?
babble - by Unknown
1:You babble endlessly.
2:<player> babbles endlessly, won't <he/she> EVER shut up?
3:You babble to <target> for hours on end.
4:<player> babbles to <target> for what seems an eternity, how can <target> stand it?
5:<player> babbles at you. You nod mechanically, hoping <he/she> will shut up soon.
6:You babble on and on to yourself, FINALLY! someone who LISTENS!!
7:<player> babbles quietly to <him/her>self.
babe - by Unknown
1:You strike a pose in your most babe-like style!
2:<player> strikes a pose in <his/her> most babe-like style!
3:You look at <target> and think, "Wow! What a babe!"
4:<player> looks at <target> and thinks, "Wow! What a babe!"
5:<player> thinks you are a supreme babe!
6:You think you are a babe!
7:<player> seems to think that <he/she> is a babe!
baby - by Unknown
1:OH Baby!! OH Baby!! Baby Baby!!
2:<player> puts <his/her> thumb on <his/her> mouth and goes 'GU-GU GA-GA!!'
3:You hop on <target>'s lap and claim to be <his/her> lost child.
4:Oh My God! <player> is playing Baby with <target> again, who's got a crowbar??
5:You watch in horror as <player> screams 'MUMMY!!' and rushes towards you.
6:You claim to be your own BABY!!
7:<player> looks around the room hungrily for a Baby Snack!
babykiss - by Unknown
1:You frown as there's nobody for you to rain kisses on.
2:<player> pouts, unable to find a target for <his/her> rain of kisses.
3:You shower <target>'s face with small, baby kisses.
4:<player> rains baby kisses all over <target>'s face.
5:<player> showers your face with baby kisses.
6:You blow some soft, small kisses into the air.
7:<player> blows a small stream of babykisses into the air.
backdoor - by Madrox Rapscallia
1:You inquire casually if anyone needs their back door broken into, because you have the perfect "lock pick"...
2:<player> is asking if anyone needs their back door broken into... why is <he/she> grabbing <his/her> crotch at the same time?
3:You pull out a tube of K-Y and tell <target> you want to deliver a package to <his/her> "service entrance".
4:<target> bends over to unlock the back door as <player> moves towards <him/her> with a tube of K-Y..
5:<player> moves towards you with a strange look in <his/her> eyes, babbling about service entrances... wait, what's that lubricant for???
6:You resort to elaborate innuendoes to discuss anal sex lest you offend anyone.
7:Would <player> stop using innuendo and just say <he/she> wants some anal action already???
bacon - by Flat
1:Kittens weep and butterfly wings shrivel as you consume the last of the bacon.
2:<player> shows you <his/her> massive rasher of bacon!
3:You blow <target> to smithereens. Smells like bacon!
4:<player> hands an explosive rasher of bacon to <target>.
5:<player> offers you a rasher of bacon. The aroma is awesome!
6:Your bacon induced coma won't let you do that.
7:<player> inhales the tantalizing aroma of bacon, then swoons in ecstasy.
badcop - by Unknown
1:You grumble about the worthlessness of cops today.
2:<player> is mumbling about cops again, I think <he/she>'s been watching too much tv.
3:You flick <target> on the nose and say 'Bad cop! No donut!'
4:<player> flicks <target> on the nose and says, 'Bad cop! No donut!'
5:<player> flicks you on the nose and denies you the donut you so richly deserve!
6:You grumble about those cops and the drag-queen weasels who love them.
7:<player> is grumbling about drag-queen weasels and cops again...get the valium, quick!
badger - by Citron
1:Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
2:<player> sings Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
3:You tell <target>: Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
4:<player> tells <target>: Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
5:<player> tells you: Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
6:Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom
7:<player> sings Badger Badger Badger Badger A Snake A Snake A Snake Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom to <him/her>self.
badoomcha - by Unknown
1:You make your entrance, good luck!
2:"Hello Ladies and Germs", <player> falls down laughing at <his/her> joke.
3:You hear <player>'s drum beat then a cymbal crash in the background.
4:<player> rolls a drum beat and crashes a cymbal at <target>'s comment.
5:<player> rolls a drum beat and crashes a cymbal at you.
6:You loosen your collar. Hmm, Tough crowd tonight.
7:<player> just flew in from Midgaard, boy are <his/her> arms tired!
badpun - by Unknown
1:You ask if anybody in the room's refrigerator is running, giggling to yourself.
2:Is your refrigerator running? <player> seems quite curious for some reason.
3:You tell <him/her> about the time a guy walked into a bar and said "ouch". Funny.
4:<player> regales <target> with a tale of a man who walked into a bar and said "ouch".
5:<player> asks if you've heard the one about the guy who walks into a bar and says "ouch".
6:You think about the joke about the sidewalk. After all, it is all over town.
7:<player> just made the worst pun you have ever heard about a sidewalk, which is now all over town.
badquest - by Unknown
1:You whine about the HORRIBLE quest you were given.
2:<player> whines about the HORRIBLE quest <he/she> was given.
3:You SMACK <target> and hit <him/her> below the belt for that HORRIBLE quest!
4:<player> is MAD at <target> about that last quest.
5:<player>'s quest failure does UNIMAGINABLE things to you!
6:You chide yourself for ever accepting that HORRIBLE quest.
7:<player> chides <him/her>self for ever accepting that HORRIBLE quest.
baffle - by Unknown
1:You scrunch up your face cuz you are totally baffled!
2:<player> scrunches up <his/her> face cuz <he/she> is totally baffled!
3:You scrunch up your face at <target> cuz <his/her> behavior totally baffles you!
4:<player> scrunches up <his/her> face at <target> cuz <player> is totally baffled by <target>!
5:<player> scrunches up <his/her> face at you cuz you totally baffle <him/her>!
6:You baffle yourself.
7:<player> seems to be baffled by <his/her> own thoughts.
bah - by Unknown
1:You show all these worthless beings what you think about them.
2:<player> stands around looking all haughty and snobbish.
3:You tell <target> exactly what you think of <his/her> puny ideas.
4:<player> says "Bah!" as <he/she> looks at <target> with scorn and condescension.
5:<player> glares haughtily at you and says, "Bah!" What a jerk...
6:You mutter scornfully, trying to hide your disdain.
7:<player> mutters words of scorn and disdain.
baleet - by buckethead
1:DELTEATED? Deltaco? What is that stupid word?
3:Even YOU know what to do with <target>. BALEETED!
4:<player> has deemed <target> a stupid crapbrained waste of space...BALEETED!
5:Guess what, crapface! <player> just had you BALEETED!
6:I dunno what you did, moron, but you sure screwed everything up.
7:The system is down! This does not look good for <player>.
balefire - by Unknown
1:You begin to weave balefire!
2:A bar of liquid white fire shoots from <player>'s hand.
3:A bar of liquid white fire shoots from your hand toward <target>.
4:<player>'s bar of liquid white fire hits <target> making <him/her> disappear.
5:You scream as <player> violently tears your thread from the pattern!
6:That's impossible! Ask a "friend" to do it for you.
7:<player> wants you to balefire <him/her>.
bang - by Unknown
2:<player> raises <his/her> hand in a fluid motion and pretends <he/she>'s shooting a gun.
3:You look at <target>, raise your hand like a makeshift gun and mumble, "Bang..."
4:<player> looks to <target> and raises <his/her> hand like a makeshift gun, mumbling what sounds like "Bang..."
5:You find <player> looking at you with <his/her> hand raised like a makeshift gun as <he/she> utters, "Bang..."
6:You're gonna carry that weight.
7:<player> breathes, "Bang..." as <he/she> falls to the ground, <his/her> dream finally coming to an end.
bangbangbang - by Joelz
1:You don't want relationship, you just want BANG BANG BANG!
2:<player> don't want to know your name, <he/she> just want BANG BANG BANG!
3:You don't want to meet <target>'s mom, you just want BANG BANG BANG!
4:<target> says, "Oh, <player>, you look so good in that hat. Why don't you give me lots of KISS?"
5:<target>, leesten. <player> don't want to make saix, eat chocolaith, look at animals, take walks, no.
6:You want things done to you like the sun and the moon, idioth.
7:<player> wants things done to <him/her> like the sun and the moon. Idioth.
bank - by Unknown
1:You think of the bank and your fortunes there...mmm...
2:<player> is drooling and dreaming. You wonder what <he/she> is thinking?
3:Yes, your masterplan to con poor <target> of all <his/her> money is working out smoothly.
4:Uh-oh, you get a feeling <target>'s wealth is going to <player>.
5:<player> wishes to meet you in the place where metal sux and paper rox...the bank!
6:You go to bank and check the interest rate. Hope it's higher than 0% now!
7:<player> is looking paranoid about his wealth. You wish <he/she> would calm down.
bap - by Unknown
1:You look around the room, waiting for someone to make a stupid remark.
2:<player> is looking around the room, waiting for someone to make a stupid remark.
3:You >BAP< <target> upside the head. Heck, <he/she> deserved it!
4:After <target>'s stupid remark, <player> baps <him/her> upside the head; <he/she> DID deserve it.
5:<player> just BAPPED you for your stupid coment. You DID deserve it, yaknow.
6:You >BAP< yourself, realizing your own stupidity.
7:<player> baps <him/her>self upside the head, realizing <his/her> own stupidity..You agree.
barbie - by Unknown
1:Barbie Powah!
2:<player> summons a barbie and raises it to the sky screaming, 'Barbie Powah!'
3:Your plastic heart speeds up as you see <target>.
4:Sometimes weird things happen in Midgaard... <player> and <target> are the living proof.
5:<player> looks at you with a plastic smile and says, 'Do you wanna be my Ken?'
6:Magic plastic.. it's fantastic..
7:An aura of candies and flowers surronds <player> as <he/she> turns into.. Barbie!
bard - by Unknown
1:You bow as you finish yet another performance of the Bards.
2:<player> bows as <he/she> finishes yet another performance of the Bards.
3:You clutch yourself as you begin the Ballad of the Bard for <target>.
4:<player> begins performing the wonderous Ballad of the Bard for <target>.
5:<player> begins performing the wonderous Ballad of the Bard for you.
6:You entertain yourself since no one else will watch you perform.
7:<player> attempts to perform the Ballad of the Bard to <him/her>self.
bardlazor - by Arxe
1:You feel the inner Bard inside you and charge your Bardic Lazor!
2:<player> charges <his/her> Bardic Lazor! Better watch out!
3:You fire your Bardic Lazor at <target>! <He/She> starts reciting a poem..
4:<player> fires <his/her> Bardic Lazor at <target>!
5:<player> fires <his/her> Bardic Lazor at you! You have an urge to recite a poem..
6:You go about your day, contemplating the world, wh-ARGH!! Bardic Lazor BLAAAH!
7:As <he/she> looks for answers, <player> suddenly fires <his/her> Bardic Lazor!
barehug - by Whispe
1:Whom do you wish to barehug?
3:You overwhelm <target> with a great, big, hulking barehug.
4:<player> encompasses <target> in an ENORMOUS barehug!
5:<player> clutches you tightly in an overwhelming barehug!
6:You vainly clutch yourself in a barehug for consolation.
7:<player> hugs <him/her>self as tightly as possible. Looks like <he/she> could use a hand.
barf - by Unknown
1:You scream out "I'm gonna be sick!" and then heave your stomach contents onto the ground.
2:<player> is so sick that <he/she> tells everyone "I gotta barf!".
3:You yell at <target> "Run! I gotta barf" and then spill out your dinner on <him/her>.
4:<player> barfs all over <target>! Yecchh what a mess!
5:<player> has just projectile vomited all over your nice, clean armor!
6:You say to yourself "Am I ever sick!" and then barf up your dinner!
7:<player> begins to projectile vomit over everything in the room!
bark - by Unknown
1:You bark loudly.
2:<player> barks like a dog. GO DAWGS SIC 'EM!!! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!
3:You bark at <target> scaring <him/her> silly -- SHAME ON YOU!!
4:<player> barks at <target> scaring <him/her> senseless.
5:<player> barks loudly at you, you back away, because <he/she> might bite too!!
6:You bark at yourself and jump back in fear.
7:<player> barks at <him/her>self and cowers in fear.
barnromp - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to roll in the hay.
2:<player> is standing inside the door lookin for someone to play in the hay.
3:You wink at <target> as you pull <him/her> into your lovebarn for a barnromp.
4:<player> pulls <target> into a nearby barn to have a nice roll in the hay.
5:<player> pulls you into <his/her> lovebarn for a nice roll in the hay.
6:You are going to barnromp yourself? Get a life.
7:You stare in wonderment as <player> lovingly rolls <him/her>self in the hay.
barrel - by Xyzzy
1:You climb into a suspiciously handy barrel to try to avoid being PK'ed.
2:<player> must have picked the o-}Hook{-o barrel to hide out in... <he/she> just climbed out rubbing <his/her> ass, and spitting out Seamen...
3:You stick <target> in a nearby barrel, tell <him/her> to keep <his/her> eyes, ears, and mouth open for trouble, then turn your back and unzip your fly...
4:<player> tells <target> to hide in a nearby barrel for safety, warning <him/her> to keep <his/her> eyes, ears, ... and mouth?!? open for trouble, then <he/she> turns around and unzips <his/her> fly.
5:<player> helpfully assists you into safety in a nearby barrel and tells you to keep your eyes, ears, and... mouth?!?! open for trouble...
6:Hmmm.. peaceful, quiet, cozy, and some handy holes to spy out of... what could be better to help you avoid PK?
7:Seeking a cozy respite from the dangers of PK, <player> climbs into o-}Hook{-o's barrel... Maybe you should warn <him/her>?
bashful - by Unknown
1:For some reason, you start feeling very bashful.
2:<player> begins looking quite bashful.
3:You look up at <target>, look at the ground and bashfully trace figure eights with your foot.
4:<player> looks at <target>, then bashfully stares at <his/her> feet.
5:<player> looks up at you, then bashfully traces figure eights with <his/her> foot.
6:For some reason, you start feeling very bashful.
7:<player> begins looking quite bashful.
basshead - by Unknown
1:Oi oi oi to the bass headz!
2:<player> is mean. <he/she> must be into that horrible Drum & Bass stuff.
3:You give <target> a hoodie and <his/her> official DNB Alliance patch.
4:<player> just gave <target> a hoodie with a DNB Alliance patch on it.
5:<player> gave you your offical Drum & Bass Alliance Patch. Sweet.
6:All your cares melt away as the bass consumes you.
7:<player> must have bass on the mind, <he/she> sure looks happy.
bastard - by Unknown
1:Call who a bastard?
2:<player> wonders who <he/she> should call a bastard.
3:You call <target> the GREATEST bastard in the world!
4:<player> calls <target> the GREATEST bastard in the world!
5:<player> calls you a great big bastard! Grrr. REVENGE!
6:You call yourself a great big bastard! You sure are!
7:<player> thinks <he/she> is a REALLY big bastard. Now don't you agree?
bastet - by Unknown
1:You twitch your whiskers and look around amiably.
2:<player> flips <his/her> tail and twitches <his/her> whiskers, <his/her> eyes bright like a cat's.
3:You look at <target> with disdain, certain of your superiority, being the noble Feline that you are.
4:<player> snubs <target> in the same manner a Feline would a dog. Someone needs a flea bath.
5:<player> looks upon you with disdain, <his/her> Feline eyes sparkling.
6:You frolic high in the trees like your Fae ancestors. Careful, don't fall!
7:<player> frolics in the trees like <his/her> Fae ancestors, but loses <his/her> footing and falls on <his/her> rump, quickly getting up and looking around like "I meant to do that."
bath - by Unknown
1:You consider taking a long, hot Bath.
2:<player> considers taking a long, hot Bath.
3:Smiling, you ask <target> to join you in a long, hot Bath.
4:<player> asks <target> something about a Bath.
5:Smiling, <player> asks, "Join me for a long, hot Bath?"
6:You leave to go take a long, hot Bath.
7:<player> leaves to go take a long, hot Bath.
batman - by Unknown
1:You hide in the shadows looking for criminals, pretending to be BATMAN!
2:<player> hides in the shadows looking for criminals, pretending to be BATMAN!
3:Pretending to be BATMAN you throw a net at <target> and <he/she> falls prey to you!
4:<target> gasps in horror as <he/she> realizes that <he/she> has fallen prey to BATMAN!
5:<player> throws a net around you and you fall prey to BATMAN!
6:You get in the Batmobile and drive off!
7:<player> gets in the Batmobile and drives off!
battlecard - by Unknown
1:You polish up your BattleCard for your next match.
2:<player> holds his BattleCard tightly and looks to pick a fight.
3:You insanely challenge <target> to a BattleCard match!
4:<player> gets stupid and challenges <target> to a BattleCard match.
5:That unworthy <player> challenges you to a BattleCard match!
6:You whimper and cry at your lame BattleCard statistics.
7:<player> feels sorry for <him/her>self as <he/she> falls in the BattleCard rankings.
batty - by Vega Jilted
1:You just might have to go batty here...
2:RESPECT! Or <player> goes batty!
3:Why <target> don't give you no respect? <He/She> want you to go batty?
4:<target> ain't giving <player> no respect! <player> is going batty!
5:<player> goes batty on you!
6:Due to the lack of respect, you go completely batty!
7:<player> goes batty on <him/her>self! Respect!
bbl - by Unknown
1:You announce that you will be back later.
2:<player> announces that <he/she>'ll be back later.
3:You inform <him/her> that you will be back later.
4:<player> informs <target> that <he/she> will be back later.
5:<player> informs you that <he/she> will be back later.
6:You mumble to yourself that you'll be back later.
7:<player> mumbles to <him/her>self that <he/she>'ll be back later.
bbq - by Unknown
1:You find no Ducks to Barbeque :(
2:<player> Looks for some Ducks to Barbeque.
3:You grab <target>'s Ducks and dash away to find a Grill.
4:<player> Grabs <target>'s Ducks and runs to find <his/her> Grill.
5:<player> Grabs your Ducks and dashes away chanting, "Barbeque!"
6:Why would you want to Barbeque your own Ducks? They are so cute!
7:<player> ponders making some Barbeque out of <his/her> own Ducks.
bbutton - by Unknown
1:Let's hope you don't speak from experience.
2:<player> warns about the hazards of an untied belly button.
3:Your love for <target> shows as you tie <his/her> belly button tight.
4:<player> shows <his/her> love for <target>, tying <his/her> belly button tight.
5:<player> shows <he/she> cares, tying your belly button tight.
6:You make sure your belly button is tied very tight.
7:<player> feels secure, knowing <his/her> belly button is tied tight.
bcatch - by Unknown
1:You reach out and rescue the bottle from its flight.
2:<player> reaches out and grabs the bottle of beer tossed to <him/her>.
bdsm - by Unknown
1:Your (BDSM aura) increases in strength as you stock up on more kinky items!
2:<player> runs off towards the BDSM shop... RUN AWAY!!!
3:You pounce upon <target>, with your supply of edible handcuffs, chains, ropes, and underwear!
4:Screams are coming from the room which <player> and <target> are in...you wonder what could be happening there...
5:NO!!! <player> is trying to chain you up! NO!!! RUN AWAY!!!
6:You try to handcuff yourself, but in vain.
7:Hahaha...<player> is struggling to handcuff <him/her>self...<he/she> should be a contortionist!
beads - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone sexy to throw beads to.
2:<player> carries a handful of beads.
3:You fling cheap plastic beads to <target> hoping <he/she> will flash some flesh.
4:<player> throws <target> a handful of cheap plastic beads.
5:<player> throws you some colorful beads. You feel like showing a bit of flesh.
6:You drape the beads around your neck and laugh as you expose yourself.
7:<player> laughs as <he/she> puts the beads around <his/her> neck and pulls <his/her> shirt up for all to see.
beaf - by Unknown
2:<player> is talking utter nonsense, again.
3:<target> looks at you in disbelief, <he/she> didn't understand one word.
4:<player> tries to explain to <target> the difference between Rux and Rox.
5:A poodle can not catch a midget even if it's using a net, <player> tells you.
6:Stop it, 'social' self is a lame way to express yourself!
7:<player> is contemplating the meaning of beaf, Weaf and laxatives.
beam - by Unknown
1:You beam with pride.
2:<player> beams with pride.
3:You beam with pride at <target>.
4:<player> beams with pride at <target>.
5:<player> beams with pride at you.
6:You beam at yourself, you must feel very proud.
7:<player> beams with pride at <him/her>self, <he/she> must feel very proud.
bearhug - by Unknown
1:Whom do you wish to bearhug?
3:You overwhelm <target> with a great, big, hulking bearhug.
4:<player> encompasses <target> in an ENORMOUS bearhug!
5:<player> clutches you tightly in an overwhelming bearhug!
6:You vainly clutch yourself in a bearhug for consolation.
7:<player> hugs <him/her>self as tightly as possible. Looks like <he/she> could use a hand.
beat - by Unknown
1:You beat your chest and scream like Tarzan.
2:<player> is pounding <his/her> chest and making funny noises. What's up with that?
3:You beat <target> severely on the head.
4:<player> pounds on <target>'s head with <his/her> fists. That looks painful.
5:<player> beats you on your head with <his/her> fists. OUCH!
6:You beat yourself on the head! Little nuts are you?
7:<player> is beating on <his/her> own head. Maybe you should back off.
beckon - by Unknown
1:You beckon for everyone to follow.
2:<player> beckons for everyone to follow.
3:You beckon for <target> to follow -- sure hope they do!
4:<player> beckons <target> to follow...hmmm what's going on?
5:<player> beckons for you to follow.
6:You beckon to your shadow to follow.
7:<player> beckons to <his/her> shadow to follow.
beef - by Toast
1:YES! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeef!
2:<player> Beefs it!
3:You look at <target> and Beef it!
4:<player> awes <target> with <his/her> obvious Beefness.
5:You stand in awe as <player> looks at you and Beefs it!
6:Beef Beef Beef!
7:OMG! <player> is so Beef!
beep - by Habit
1:No! I'm not a *beep* bot, it's just an elaborate *beep* script!
2:<player> is NOT using a bot, merely a very handy *beep* script!
3:You instruct <target> in the fine art of *beep* writing a legal *beep* script.
4:<player> coaches <target> in the subtle art of *beep* legal scripts.
5:<player> enlightens you to the subtle *beep* differences between a bot and a *beep* script.
6:You think long and hard about how to write a legal *beep* script.
7:<player> is pondering the legality of <his/her> new *beep* script.
beer - by Unknown
1:You pull out a six-pack.
2:<player> starts to juggle a six-pack of beer.
3:You toss a bottle of beer at <target>.
4:<player> tosses a bottle of beer at <target> ... let's just hope <he/she>'ll catch it!
5:<player> tossed you a bottle of beer... I think <he/she> wants something...
6:You pop off the top and down a beer.
7:<player> pops the top off a bottle of beer and downs it in one gulp.
beerdance - by Unknown
1:You dance around the room with great expertise and skill.
2:<player> stumbles around bumping into tables and people. Must be drunk.
3:You wrap an arm around <target> and you laugh and dance the happy beerdance.
4:<player> and <target> giggle and jump around the room doing much havoc.
5:<player> whispers slyly to you, and with a grin you start to do the beerdance with <him/her>.
6:You bow to your crowd for a thunderous applause.. and then fall unconscious.
7:<player> does some amazingly graceful drunken bows.. then collapses.
beg - by Unknown
1:You beg the gods for mercy.
2:The gods fall down laughing at <player>'s request for mercy.
3:You desperately try to squeeze a few coins from <him/her>.
4:<player> begs <target> for a dime or two - or twenty !
5:<player> begs you for money. You graciously let <him/her> peep at your fortune.
6:Begging yourself for money doesn't help.
behave - by Unknown
2:Oh Be-have <player>!
3:You turn to <target> and tell <him/her> to behave.
4:<player> turns to <target> and tells them to be good and behave.
5:<player> smirks at you and and tells you to behave.
6:You stop yourself and behave before you get too naughty.
7:<player> should take <his/her> own advice and behave!
behead - by Unknown
1:You look around for some heads to cut off.
2:<player> looks around for some heads to cut off.
3:You grin evilly at <target> and brandish your weapon.
4:<player> grins evilly at <target> while brandishing <his/her> weapon!
5:<player> grins evilly at you, brandishing <his/her> weapon.
6:I really don't think you want to do that...
7:<player> is so desperate for exp that <he/she> tries to decapitate <him/her>self!
behug - by Unknown
1:Who are you going to hug?
2:<player> is sneaking around. Hmm, wonder what's <he/she> up to.
3:You go to <target> and hug <him/her> from behind!
4:<player> gets to <target>'s back and hug <him/her> from behind!
5:<player> gives you a hug, from behind.
6:You cannot be THAT fast!
7:<player> is trying to hug <his/her> own back! Weirdo.
belch - by Unknown
1:You let out a gut-wrenching belch, withering several nearby plants and trees!
2:<player> lets out a gut-wrenching belch, withering several nearby plants and trees!
3:You belch in response to <target>'s comment....they nearly faint.
4:<player> belches in response to <target>'s comment. <target> turns a ghastly green.
5:<player> belches in response to your comment. You reel from the stench.
6:You belch out the alphabet, letter by letter.
7:<player> is belching out the alphabet! Is that talent or what?
bellow - by Unknown
1:You let forth a mighty bellow, aweing everyone nearby.
2:Your mouth hangs open as <player> lets forth a mighty bellow!
3:You vent your fury towards <target> in the form of an awesome bellow.
4:<player> bellows in fury at the way <target> has been treating <him/her>.
5:Your eyes open as wide as they can go as <player> glares at you in fury and lets forth a mighty bellow, ruffling your hair.
6:You let forth an awesome warcry that echoes off into the distance.
7:Your jaw drops as <player> looks to the sky and unleashes a mighty warcry!
bender - by Unknown
1:You'll show 'em! Just gotta find a deck of cards...and some hookers!
2:<player> marches off to build <his/her> own themepark..with blackjack..and hookers!!
3:You tell <target> what you really think of <him/her>.
4:<player> tells <target>, 'Bite my shiny metal ass.'
5:<player> tells you, 'Bite my shiny metal ass.'
6:You fall asleep, dreaming of a world without humans.
7:<player> mutters in <his/her> sleep, 'Hey sexy mama, wanna kill all the humans?'
bexp - by Unknown
1:You run off to the Mob Factory in hopes of gaining experience.
2:<player> is gaining 0 experience at the mob factory! You cheer them on!
3:You are gaining 0 experience at the mob factory and you want <target> to help you!
4:<player> is gaining 0 experience at the mob factory and <he/she> wants <target> to help <him/her>!
5:<player> says: Out of nowhere, an urge to gain experience has reached you.
6:You feel the experience flowing through your veins, now all you need to do is get it.
7:<player> screams 'Leveling to the rescue!!!' ....and runs off to Mud School.
bfart - by Kini
1:Your {brain} farts at you for mistreating it.
2:Everyone laff at <player>, <his/her> {brain} just farted!
3:You give <target> a dose of un-creativity gas. Teehee!
4:<player> is making <target>'s {brain} fart, say goodbye to <his/her> smarts!
5:POOF! <player> just made you lose all your intelligence... poor baby :(
6:Good job, you just managed to forget everything you've ever learned.
7:<player> admits <he/she> just had a {brain}fart, how sad...
bff - by Caddy
1:You are the best bff in the whole wide world, bar none!
2:<player> bounces around on bff love pills!
3:You think <target> is just the COOLEST bff around!
4:A bff war is starting between <player> and <target>, so get ready to type ignore.
5:<player> thinks that you are a bff, better engage your anti-bff shield!
6:You giggle at the thought of bff and your superiority over non-bffers.
7:<player> mistakenly believes that <he/she> is in an exclusive club of bffness.
bfollow - by Unknown
2:Drooling, blithering <player> walks into a wall.
3:<target>! <target> has what you want. You trot after <him/her> blindly.
4:<player> drops everything and trots drooling after <target>.
5:<player> trots after you. It looks like you have a new toy.
6:You wander aimlessly after yourself. Seek help. Soon.
7:<player> has a dazed look and is walking in circles. <he/she> needs a special jacket.
bgroup - by Unknown
1:You beg everyone in the room for a partner to group with.
2:On <his/her> knees, <player> begs everyone in the room for someone to group with.
3:You beg <target> to add you to <his/her> group.
4:On <his/her> knees, <player> begs to be added to <target>'s group.
5:Begging, <player> asks you to type 'group <player>'.
6:Your shadow begs you to add it to your group.
7:The shadow of <player> is begging to be part of <his/her> group.
bhug - by Unknown
1:You begin to wonder about your mental health as you attempt to hug thin air.
2:You give <player> a funny look as they give a really big hug to...nothing.
3:You walk up to <target> and give <him/her> BIG HUGS!!!
4:<player> gives BIG HUGS to <target>. Awww...how sweet.
5:<player> gives you BIG HUGS!!!
6:You reach your arms around yourself in a big hug! Are you REALLY that lonely?
7:You do a double-take as you see <player> giving <him/her>self a hug.
bidah - by Unknown
1:You razz the world at large, Japanese style.
2:<player> pulls at the corner of <his/her> right eye and sticks out <his/her> tongue, saying "biii-dah!!"
3:You razz <target>, Japanese style.
4:<player> pulls at the corner of <his/her> right eye and sticks out <his/her> tongue, saying "biii-dah!!" at <target>.
5:<player> pulls at the corner of <his/her> right eye and sticks out <his/her> tongue, saying "biii-dah!!" at you.
6:You pull out a hand mirror and razz yourself, Japanese style.
7:<player> pulls out a hand mirror and proceeds to razz <him/her>self, Japanese style.
bifurcate - by Unknown
1:You slowly bifurcate while humming a tune.
2:<player> hums a tune and begins to bifurcate...strange.
3:You bifurcate to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb", freaking <him/her> out.
4:<player> hums "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and bifurcates at <target>.
5:<player> turns to you and bifurcates as you watch...creepy.
6:You bifurcate in the corner for your own amusement.
7:<player> goes into the corner and giggles as <he/she> bifurcates.
biggun - by Unknown
1:You stand around with a huge grin, cause you gots yerself a BIG GUN!
2:<player> stands around with a six pack, a flannel and a BIG GUN!
3:You point yer BIG GUN at <target>, boy you sure feel superior! (Oh, by the way, the safety is on.)
4:<player> points <his/her> BIG GUN at <target>, and says "Just like deer, yup."
5:<player> points <his/her> BIG GUN at you! ..Course, it's the wrong end.
6:You rest your BIG GUN on your foot. Boy do you look c.. *BLAM!*
7:<player> rests <his/her> gun on <his/her> feet. What was that saying again...?
bigplans - by Fantomex
1:You proudly announce that You have big plans for tonight!
2:<player> claims to have plans for tonight. Probably watching porn and weeping.
3:You can't be bothered with <target> as You've got big plans for tonight!
4:<player> doesn't reveal his big plans! <target> seems to have a good idea!'
5:Planning on watching porn and weeping, <player> tells You <He/She> is busy tonight.
6:In attempt to sound important You announce that You have big plans for tonight!
7:<player> is afk to attend to his big plans. You wonder if that means new porn.
bigstats - by Roxane
1:Damn! You've been checking out everyone's stats again and now you're horny!
2:Ruh roh... <player> is getting that horny look again...
3:Spotting <target>, you tell <him/her>, "You stats so big and me so horny!"
4:Ha ha! <player> is drooling over <target>'s stats, making <him/her> horny!
5:Is <player> drunk? <he/she> just told you, "You stats so big and me so horny!"
6:Doh! You drank too much and fell out of the shower! Quick! Cover up your stats!
7:Whoops! <player> needed a cold shower but fell out! Wow, what tiny stats!
biker - by Unknown
1:You look around the room for someone who deserves a good bashin.
2:<player> scans the room for someone to beat up, that angry biker wannabe.
3:You beat the crap out of <target> like an angry biker! You cold blooded meanie!
4:You watch in horror as <player> beats <target> in a drunken rage!
5:<player> is beating the crap out of you like a drunk, angry biker!
6:You beat yourself in a drunken rage!
7:You see <player> beat <him/her>self in a drunken rage, that's gonna hurt tomorrow.
binary - by Citron
1:You toss your head and say "01100110011101010110001101101011!"
2:<player> tosses <his/her> head and says "01100110011101010110001101101011!"
3:You tell <target> to 01100110011101010110001101101011 off.
4:<player> tells <target> to 01100110011101010110001101101011 off.
5:<player> tells you to 01100110011101010110001101101011 off.
6:You tell yourself "01100110011101010110001101101011 you!"
7:<player> tells <him/her>self "01100110011101010110001101101011 you!"
bind - by Unknown
1:You find yourself in a jam. How will you get out?
2:<player> finds <him/her>self in a jam. How will <he/she> get out?
3:You smile broadly as you slip the satin rope around <target> and knot it firmly.
4:You watch in amazement as <player> ties <target> with a satin rope.
5:<player> ties you firmly with a satin rope.
7:<player> seems to like that new satin rope a lot...
bingo - by Unknown
1:You excitedly shout 'Bingo !'
2:<player> excitedly shouts 'Bingo !'
3:You smile at <him/her> and shout 'Bingo ! You got it !'
4:<player> smiles at <target> and shouts 'Bingo ! You got it !'
5:<player> smiles at you and shouts 'Bingo ! You got it !'
6:You finally found a solution and shout 'Bingo !'
7:<player> finally found a solution and shouts 'Bingo !'
bird - by Unknown
1:You flick a bird...How obscene!
2:<player> flicks a bird at no one in particular.
3:You shoot a bird at <target>.
4:<player> gives <target> the bird.
5:<player> gives you the bird...What an ass!
birthday - by Unknown
1:You start to sing Happy Birthday, but to who?
2:<player> clears <his/her> throat and starts to sing Happy Birthday !
3:You grab <target> by <his/her> waist and toss <him/her> into the air wishing <him/her> a Happy Birthday !
4:<player> gives <target> a Birthday toss high up in the air ! Now, who's gonna catch <him/her> ?
5:<player> grabs you, spins you and tosses you in the air ! Happy Birthday !!
6:You start to sing yourself a Happy Birthday song. Where are your friends ?
7:<player> starts to sing Happy Birthday to <him/her>self. Shouldn't you at least join in? Come on!
biscuit - by Unknown
1:You look around the room for someone to taunt with your biscuit!
2:<player> has a biscuit, and <he/she> knows how to use it.
3:You frown at <target> as you say to <him/her>, "Bad <target>. No biscuit."
4:You see <player> frown at <target> and say to <him/her>, "Bad <target>. No biscuit."
5:<player> frowns at you and says, "Bad <target>. No biscuit."
6:You carefully nibble on your biscuit. What a good doggy you are.
7:<player> carefully nibbles on <his/her> biscuit. What a good doggy.
bish - by Unknown
1:You enter into your bloodlust rage.
2:<player>'s eyes begins to twinkle with a killer look.
3:You bish <target> in the face.
4:Ouch! <player> just bish <target> in the face.
5:Oww! <player> just bish you in the face.
6:You swing your arm wildly and bish yourself in the face.
7:Stupid <player> swinging <his/her> arm wildly and bish <him/her>self in the face.
bitch - by Unknown
1:Man, you're a bitch!
2:<player> is a bitch, <he/she>'s a big fat bitch, <he/she>'s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!
3:<target> is the biggest bitch! Good thing you told <him/her> off.
4:<player> starts to sing, "<target>'s a big <he/she>'s a big fat bitch, <he/she>'s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!"
5:<player> starts singing about how much of a bitch you are! Are you going to take that?
6:You start to sing, "I'm a bitch, I'm a big fat bitch, I'm the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!"
7:<player> starts singing about how much of a bitch <he/she> is. Must be that time of the month.
bite - by Unknown
1:You glare around, muttering "Bite me..." under your breath.
2:<player> glares around, muttering "Bite me..." under <his/her> breath.
3:You bite <target> on the neck.
4:<player> bites <target> on the neck!
5:<player> bites you on the neck.
6:You bite your knuckle in anguish.
7:<player> bites <his/her> knuckle in anguish...the tragedy!
bjack - by Unknown
1:Find them redneck roots!
2:Uh-oh. <player> has started talking hick-speak.
3:Mustering the power of the redneck within you, you bitch-jack <target>!
4:<player> has gone hillbilly! <he/she> just bitch-jacked <target>!
5:<player> bitch-jacked you! Oh, the humanity. Can <he/she> even spell humanity?
6:Feelin' suicidal, huh?
7:<player> appears to be calling <his/her> spouse "Maw." Odd.
bjob - by Unknown
1:You spread your knees and unzip, in gracious invitation.
2:<player> spreads <his/her> knees and unzips <his/her> pants, gesturing to a spot beneath <his/her> desk.
3:You drop to your knees and swallow <target>'s cock, sucking for all you're worth.
4:<player> drops to <his/her> knees and swallows <target>'s cock, sucking enthusiastically. And just think, you're watching for free!
5:<player> drops to <his/her> knees under your desk and swallows your cock, sucking enthusiastically. Wooooooooooooooooooohoo!
6:You twist and contort and reach with your lips... Made it! Ahhh, you are your own best friend!
7:<player> twists and contorts and gives <him/her>self a fantastic blowjob! You're jealous.
bkick - by Unknown
1:You scan the room looking for someone to kick in the box.
2:You notice <player> scanning the room, you instinctively guard your crotch.
3:You kick <target> square in the box and laugh as they crumple to the floor.
4:Holy Crap!! <player> just kicked <target> right in the box!
5:You double over in pain after <player> kicks you in the box.
6:You look down and promptly nail yourself in the box. You begin to cry.
7:OWWWW!! <player> just kicked <him/her>self in the box! Damn that had to hurt!
bkiss - by Unknown
1:You blow kisses to the air.
2:<player> blows kisses at no one in particular.
3:You blow a kiss at <target> and wonder if <he/she> will catch it.
4:<player> blows a kiss at <target> ... isn't <he/she> so CUTE?
5:<player> blows a kiss at you and hopes you'll blow one back at <him/her>.
6:You blow a kiss to yourself... isn't the world beautiful?
7:<player> blows a kiss to <him/her>self, obviously very in love.
blabbajaw - by Unknown
1:Blab, blab blab. That's all people do.
2:<player> wonders who is going to be BlabbaJaw today.
3:You point to <target> and start to sing a song to the tune of that awesome 70's cartoon!
4:<player> points to <target> and starts to sing, 'They call <him/her> Blabba-blabba-blabba-blabba-blabba-JAW!'
5:<player> is singing and pointing at you!
6:I don't get NO RESPECT! N-YUK! N-YUK! N-YUK!!
7:<player> whines, I don't get NO RESPECT! N-YUK! N-YUK! N-YUK!!
blackhole - by Unknown
1:Focus...For thy foes master will destroy you! Heh!
2:Swirls of mist dance around <player>.
3:You take up a stance with <him/her>! -=ATTACK=-
4:<target> collapses as <player> creates a black hole with <his/her> finger.
5:You collapse as <player> forms a chi stealing blackhole with <his/her> finger.
6:We -all- know your master could beat -our- master. Heh!
7:Hmmm, what could <player> be up to? <he/she> is focusing <his/her> chi...
blackmage - by Unknown
1:I like swords. I like swords. I like swords. I like swords.
2:<player> goes on about how <he/she> loves swords! Don't you love swords!?!?
3:Too bad you can only do it once a day.
4:<player> picks up <target>, throws <him/her> at an Emerald guard, and yells "<target>-Doken!"
5:<player> picks you up and flings you at an Emerald guard and yells "<target>-Doken!"
6:Stabbity stabbity stabbity stab!
7:<player> mumbles something about chaos and apocalyptic destruction.
bladev - by Unknown
1:Your weapons glimmer as they are possessed by the **BladeDevil**!
2:<player>'s weapons glimmer strangely.
3:You chuckle. The **BladeDevil** guides your weapons, drawing blood from <target>.
4:<player>'s weapons glimmer. They spring forth and draw blood from <target>!!!
5:You see... **Something** take <player>'s weapons and attack You, drawing blood!!!
6:You grin. The **BladeDevil** returns your bloody weapons to you.
7:<player> grins as the glimmer fades from <his/her> bloody weapons.
blame - by Unknown
1:Who's to blame, Who's to BLAME!?!
2:<player> is scanning the room for someone to blame... better flee the scene!
3:You blame <target> and claim <he/she> will take full responsibility!!!
4:<player> blames it all on <target>!! What a LOOOSER!!
5:<player> blames it all on You... Think of something QUICK!!
6:WTF!? Are you seriously blaming yourself??
7:<player> takes full blame for <his/her> actions. Isn't it inspiring?
blameulti - by Noro
1:You throw your hands up in frustration!
2:<player> blames <his/her> problems on Ultimate!
3:You cry on <target's> shoulder screaming "WHY ULTIMATE WHY?"
4:<player> blames Ultimate!
5:<player deity> looks down upon <player> and <target> and blames Ultimate!
6:You start frantically searching your desk for it.
7:<player> pulls out a RED button that says BLAME ULTIMATE.
blank - by Unknown
1:You get a blank look on your face.
2:<player> gets a blank look on <his/her> face.
3:You look at <target> but draw a complete blank.
4:<player> looks at <target> but draws a blank.
5:<player> looks at you and draws a total blank.
6:You get a blank look on your face.
7:<player> gets a blank look on <his/her> face.
blanket - by Styliann
1:You quickly make a blanket fortress to hide from the scary Immsies.
2:<player> makes a blanket fortress and peers out suspiciously.
3:You wrap yourself up in a blanket with <target> cuddling them tightly.
4:Just what are <player> and <target> doing under that blanket?
5:<player> pulls you under <his/her> blanket, cuddling you lovingly.
6:It's scary outside. Maybe you should just sit here with blankie.
7:<player> is sucking on <his/her> blankie. Perhaps the big baby needs a hug?
blaze - by Unknown
1:You light a furry little chinchilla ABLAZE!
2:<player> lights a furry little chinchilla ABLAZE!
3:You throw a BLAZING chinchilla at <target>.
4:<player> throws a BLAZING chinchilla at <target>
5:<player> throws a BLAZING chinchilla at you!
6:You stuff a BLAZING chinchilla down your pants!
7:<player> stuffs a BLAZING chinchilla down <his/her> pants!
bleat - by Unknown
1:Chewing on some laundry, you bleat contentedly.
2:<player> bleats contentedly, chewing on some laundry.
3:Turning toward <target>, you bleat and chew on the corner of <his/her> shirt.
4:<player> turns toward <target> and bleats, chewing on the corner of <his/her> shirt.
5:<player> turns toward you and bleats, chewing on the corner of your shirt.
6:Posing triumphantly, you let loose a mighty BLEAT for all to hear.
7:<player> climbs to the top of a mighty hill and lets forth a resounding BLEAT!
bleed - by Unknown
1:You bleed profusely -- making a horrible mess!
2:<player> weakly bleeds all over the floor.
3:You bleed on <target> -- ewww!
4:<player> bleeds on <target>. Watch out, YOU might be next!
5:<player> bleeds on you -- ewww! Get away!!
6:You bleed all over yourself.
7:<player> bleeds profusely all over <him/her>self.
bleh - by Unknown
1:You grimace as if tasting something hideous and say "BLEH!"
2:<player> sticks <his/her> tongue out and says "Bleh!"
3:You "bleh!" right in <target>'s face!
4:<player> says "bleh!" while making a horrid face at <target>.
5:<player> looks right at you and says "BLEH!"
6:You bleh at yourself in response to something disagreeable.
7:<player> blehs at the thought of something.
blerk - by Unknown
1:You decide the only thing you can say about everything is Blerk.
2:<player> looks at you, looks at the MUD, and screams, "BLERK!" Wtf?
3:You narrow your eyes at <target>, and dripping venom you say, 'Blerk..'
4:<player> just said 'blerk' to <target>. OMG!! Run for the hills!!
5:Did <player> just say what you think <he/she> did?!? Yes! <he/she> said, 'Blerk'! Gasp!
6:You can say nothing but 'Blerk', Oh! The pain! The agony!
7:<player> folds up clutching <his/her> middle and crying 'Blerk' softly.
blindfold - by Unknown
1:You twirl a black silk blindfold on a finger thinking deviously.
2:<player> twirls a black silk blindfold on a finger with a wicked grin.
3:You slip the blindfold over <target>'s eyes and tie it tightly in place.
4:<target> remains motionless as <player> slips a silk blindfold over <his/her> eyes.
5:You stand motionless as <player> slips a black silk blindfold over your eyes.
6:You fold a blindfold carefully and place it over your eyes securing it tightly in place.
7:<player> is blindfolding <him/her>self. What is going on?
blindman - by Xyzzy
1:You head off on you next window treatment task, hoping for another assignment in the convent.
2:<player> heads off for <his/her> next window treatment delivery task... hoping for another stop at the convent.
3:After <target> admits you to the room full of naked, painting nuns, you stare down at <his/her> boobs and manage to stammer "Nice tits, where do you want the blinds?"
4:Sister <target> admits the blind man, <player>, to the room where <he/she>'s been painting only to have <him/her> stare at <his/her> boobs and stammer out "Nice tits, where do you want the blinds?"
5:Not seeing any harm in admitting a blind person you open the door for <player>, only to hear <him/her> stammer out "Nice tits, where do you want the blinds?"
6:Boobs, nipples, nuns, habits, crosses... uh-oh... mess.
7:You hear <player> in the corner muttering something about boobs, habits, paint and nuns while masturbating.
bling - by Unknown
1:Bling bling!
2:A flash of light blinds you! <player> must be blinging!
3:Yes, <target> bling bling is awfully nice.
4:<player> seems to be enraptured by <target>'s bling bling!
5:<player> smiles at you. You must be blinging!
6:Blinging again?
7:<player> seems to be trying to impress you with <his/her> bling bling. Sad.
blink - by Unknown
1:You bat your eyelashes.
2:<player> blinks innocently.
3:You blink innocently at <target>.
4:<player> blinks innocently at <target>.
5:<player> blinks innocently at you.
6:You try to convince yourself of your innocence.
blonde - by Unknown
1:Like, what?
2:<player> has a puzzled look on <his/her> face. Like, huh?
3:You look at <target> with complete confusion. "Like, wha?"
4:<player> looks at <target> with a boggled expression. Like, what?
5:<player> looks at you with a puzzled stare. "Like, I don't get it?"
6:You drool on yourself. "Like, what's going on?"
7:<player> is drooling down <his/her> chest. Like, huh?
bloodwings - by Tela & Citron
1:To fly! Yes, I much need those!
2:<player> needs very much so to have bloodwings to fly!
3:Blood! That's it! The missing ingredient! Surely we shall now make <player> soar!
4:<target> is covered in blood! <player> jumps on <his/her> back and flaps <his/her> arms!
5:<player> coughs blood on you. FLY BIRDIE FLY!! YAY GO <player>wings!
6:You whip out your can of jello. What's that about? A blob? What?! GOOOOOOOOO
7:Tela is NOT stable. What does this have to do with bloodwings? Uh, what's a bloodwing? (<player>)
blownose - by Unknown
1:You blow your nose loudly.
2:<player> blows <his/her> nose loudly.
3:You blow your nose on <target>'s shirt.
4:<player> blows <his/her> nose on <target>'s shirt.
5:<player> blows <his/her> nose on your shirt.
6:You blow your nose on your shirt.
7:<player> blows <his/her> nose on <his/her> shirt.
blunt - by Unknown
1:You Take Two Hits Off A BlUnT and look around the room for some one to pass it to!!
2:<player> Takes Two Hits Off A BlUnT And Looks For Someone To Pass It To.
3:You Take Two Hits Off A BlUnT And Pass It To <target>!!
4:<player> Takes Two Hits Off A BlUnT And Passes It To <target>!!
5:<player> Takes Two Hits Off A BlUnT And Passes It To You!!
6:You Sit Here And Bogart A Blunt, And You Don't Offer No One A Hit. What A Greedy bastod You Are!!
7:Look At <player> Bogart That BlUnT! What A Greedy Bastod!
blush - by Unknown
1:Your cheeks are burning.
2:<player> blushes.
3:You get all flustered up seeing <him/her>.
4:<player> blushes as <he/she> sees <target> here.
5:<player> blushes as <he/she> sees you here. Such an effect on people!
6:You blush at your own folly.
7:<player> blushes as <he/she> notices <his/her> boo-boo.
boast - by Unknown
1:You boast loudly of all your amazing accomplishments.
2:<player> boasts loudly in a pigheaded fashion.
3:You boast to <target> of all your great deeds.
4:<player> boasts to <target>.
5:Once again, <player> boasts to you, what a bloated ego!
6:You boast to yourself of all your great feats! Your own biggest fan.
7:<player> boasts to <him/her>self -- what an ego!
bobafett - by Unknown
1:You wish you were Boba Fett, the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy!
2:<player> wishes <he/she> were Boba Fett, the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy!
3:You wish you were Boba Fett, so you could swiftly walk over and incapacitate <target>!
4:<player> wishes <he/she> was Boba Fett, so <he/she> could swiftly walk over and incapacitate <target>!
5:<player> wishes <he/she> was Boba Fett, so <he/she> could swiftly walk over and incapacitate you! quick, run!
6:POOF! You suddenly turn into Boba Fett, the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy!
7:POOF! <player> suddenly turns into Boba Fett, the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy!
bofh - by Unknown
1:You, the Bastard Operator from Hell, whip out a jar of iron filings and pour them in the back of your monitor. Watch the sparks fly!
2:<player>, the Bastard Operator from Hell, whips out a jar of iron filings and pours them in the back of <his/her> monitor. Watch the sparks fly!
3:You delete all the files in <target>'s directory to give <him/her> more disk space! How efficient!
4:<player> deletes all the files in <target>'s directory to give <him/her> more disk space! How efficient!
5:<player> deletes all the files in your directory to give you the extra disk space you wanted. How efficient of <him/her>!
6:You ponder the next trick you'll play on the engineering department! After all, you're the Bastard Operator from Hell!!
7:<player> ponders the next trick <he/she> will play on the engineering department! After all, <he/she>'s the Bastard Operator from Hell!!
boggle - by Unknown
1:You boggle at the concept.
2:<player> boggles at the concept.
3:You boggle at <target>.
4:<player> boggles at <target>.
5:<player> boggles at you.
6:You boggle at yourself. Hmmm...intriguing.
7:<player> boggles quietly to <him/her>self.
bomb - by Unknown
1:BOOM!! Maybe next time you won't hold on to that grenade for so long...
2:You get covered with blood and guts as <player> explodes from <his/her> own weapon.
3:You had better back away from <target> unless you want to get blown up again.
4:<player> hands <target> a large brown envelope and heads for the hills, maybe you should too.
5:You wonder what is in this large, brown, ticking envelope <player> just handed you...
6:Does anything have to be said about stupidity?
7:<player> seems to think playing with explosives is fun... maybe <he/she> will try again in the next life.
bonertime - by Toast
1:BAM! It's Boner Time.
2:You see <player> crying about how long it's been since <he/she>'s had a good Boner Time.
3:You start moaning and panting. Yep, it's Boner Time again.
4:You see <player> boasting and thrusting out <his/her> crotch. Must be Boner Time.
5:<player> bashes you with <his/her> Belligerent Boner! Suffer...
6:OMG! That was so awesome! You are so awesome! OMG OMG! You can't stand it anymore...it's Boner Time!
7:Boner in hand, you see <player> go in search of awesomeness.
bong - by blackmagik
1:You smile lazily as you cram another bowl into your bong.
2:<player> has red eyes and a perma-smile. <he/she> must've got the bong out.
3:You load <target> a personal in your bong and hand it over to <him/her>.
4:<player> just loaded <target> a personal bong load. That lucky bastard.
5:It must be your lucky day, <player> just handed you a loaded bong!
6:You take a vicious bong rip and lay back coughing.
7:<player> just took a massive bong rip, look at those lungs!
bonk - by Unknown
3:You bonk <target> on the head for being such a moron.
4:<player> bonks <target> on the head for being such an UTTER moron.
5:<player> bonks you on the head for being so foolish.
6:You bonk yourself, fool that you are.
7:<player> bonks <him/her>self and grimaces in pain.
boocakey - by Tymme
1:Mmmmm... talk about the devil's food!
2:Just the thought of baking makes <player>'s layers moist and creamy.
3:You sneak up on <target> and cover <him/her> in frosting!
4:<player> gets a little overexcited and covers <target> in <his/her> own frosting!
5:From outta nowhere, <player> covers you in <his/her> frosting! Mmmm, Boo-cakey!
6:Yes. We all know you overindulge in the pastry department.
7:'Mommy, what're those gorillas doing?' 'They're making cakes, <player>....'
boogy - by Unknown
1:You hop up and down shouting "Boogy Woogy OOY!!"
2:<player> hops up and down shouting "Boogy Woogy OOY!!"
3:<target> faints as you sneak up to <him/her> and shout "Boogy Woogy OOY!!"
4:<target> faints as <player> sneaks up to <him/her> and shouts "Boogy Woogy OOY!!"
5:<player> appears out of nowhere and shouts "Boogy Woogy OOY!!" at you.
6:You scream just thinking about shouting "Boogy Woogy OOY!!"
7:<player> yells "Boogy Woogy OOY!!" to <him/her>self and starts screaming wildly.
booo - by Guinness
1:You go ooOOooOOoo.
2:<player> goes ooOOooOOoo.
3:You go ooOOooOOoo at <target>.
4:<player> goes ooOOooOOoo at <target>.
5:<player> goes ooOOooOOoo at you. You beam with pride.
6:You go ooOOooOOoo into thin air.
7:<player> goes ooOOooOOoo at <him/her>self. What a weirdo!!
boots - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to give a boot to the head (nah nah).
2:<player> looks around for someone to give a boot to the head, watch out!
3:You give <target> a boot to the head!(nah nah)
4:<player> gives <target> a boot to the head!(nah nah)
5:<player> gives you a boot to the head! (nah nah)
6:Boot to the Head! (nah nah)... You missed!
7:<player> sings Boot to the Head (nah nah) to <him/her>self.
bootykiss - by Unknown
1:You pucker up and look for a clan leader.
2:<player> is walking around with pursed lips, telling everyone how rox they are.
3:You get down on one knee, cup <target>'s booty, and plant a big wet one on it.
4:<player> is down on one knee, and cupping <target>'s ass. Ewwwww.
5:Oh my god!! <player> just kissed your ass!! Run away! Oh hang on.. this is nice..
6:You run around in circles trying to get your lips on your ass, almost there!
7:<player> is chasing <his/her> tail/ass around.. kinda like a dog.. its so sad its almost funny really..
bootysmack - by Unknown
1:You didn't pick a booty to smack!
2:<player> looks around for a nice booty to smack.
3:You give <target> a booty smack! And what a nice booty <he/she> has.
4:<player> gives <target> a nice booty smack.
5:<player> smacks your booty.
6:You stick out your booty and give it a good smack.
7:<player> smacks <his/her> own booty. How odd.
booyah - by Unknown
1:BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!
2:<player> struts around the room yelling, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"
3:You get in <target>'s face, thump <him/her> in the chest and exclaim, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"
4:<player> gets in <target>'s face, thumps <him/her> in the chest and yells, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"
5:<player> puts face right up to yours, thumps you in the chest and growls, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"...you ain't gonna take that from <him/her> are you?!
6:You strut around the room pounding your chest and yelling, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"...a little much, don't ya think?
7:<player> struts around the room yelling, "BOOYAH, grandma! BOOYAH!"
bop - by Unknown
1:You look around for things to bop but you're all bopped out! *cry*
2:<player> puts on <his/her> playful bunny ears, but finds they won't stand up! You hear a faint whining. *giggle*
3:You launch a full-scale bopping attack on <target>! It starts raining fire and brimstone.
4:Little bunny <player>fu's running through the forest, picking up the <target>s and bopping them on the head!
5:You're being chased by some big <player>bunny trying to grab your tail and bop you on the head! Watch Out!
6:You close your eyes and pray you don't knock yourself out with your all powerful boppage! *cringe*
7:You see <player> make a fist then slam it down on <his/her> parietal lobe, oops, <he/she> passed out!
bored - by Unknown
1:You are so bored you eat your feet.
2:<player> is so bored <he/she> devours <his/her> feet, making large slurpy sounds!
3:You are bored. You sit on <target> and squash <him/her>.
4:<player> sits on <target> and squashes <him/her>; <he/she> doesn't look overjoyed.
5:Eeeep! <player> sits on you and you squish! Get <him/her> off!
6:You are so bored your eyes glaze over and you drool.
7:<player> slumps over in a daze and starts to drool.
borednow - by Tela
1:You are totally evil. Really. You are.
2:<player> is trying to act evil, but they're just soooo coot!
3:You exclaim 'I'm a blood sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!'
4:<player> exclaims '<target>, I'm a blood sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!'
5:<player> exclaims 'I'm a blood sucking fiend! Look at my outfit!'
6:You exclaim 'Bored now!' and then flay Warren.
7:<player> exclaims 'Bored now!' and proceeds to flay someone.
borg - by Unknown
1:Resistance is futile!
2:<player> attempts to add another to the borg collective.
3:You assimilate <target> and they join the borg collective.
4:You watch helplessly as <player> assimilates <target> into the borg collective.
5:<player> assimilates you into the borg! You are now one of them.
6:You attempt to assimilate yourself, but fail.
7:<player> attempts to assimilate <his/her>self. VERY weird.
bort - by Jilted, The Daoine S
1:YES! Boooooooooooooort!
2:<player> Borts it!
3:You look at <target> and Bort it!
4:<player> awes <target> with <his/her> obvious Bortness.
5:You stand in awe as <player> looks at you and Borts it!
6:Bort Bort Bort!
7:OMG! <player> is so Bort!
boss - by Unknown
1:ACK!! RUN!
2:<player> suddenly gets a panicked look in <his/her> eyes and vanishes.
3:You tell <target>, "You are SO boss!"
4:<player> tells <target>, "You are SO boss!"
5:<player> tells you, "You are SO boss!"
6:You really think you're in charge? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!
7:<player> seems to think <he/she>'s in charge. HA!
bot - by Unknown
1:Bot? Rhymes with Pot! Just say NO!
2:<player> says 'Botting is like a drunk weasel. It's only fun until someone gets caught'
3:You activate <target>'s triggers and watch <him/her> start to hunt like an electronic dog!
4:<target>'s bot program is activated by <player> and <he/she> rolls over on demand.
5:Oh no! <player> is messing with your triggers, and you're making a fool of yourself!
6:You turn on your program and disengage rl from vl to get nl.
7:<player> starts to sing 'Bots don't cry.....'
botcave - by Vaun
1:You twirl your cape about and speed off into the night!
2:<player>, having successfully leveled, twirls about in a flourish and heads back to the Bot Cave!!
3:<target> vanishes into the dark as <he/she> stalks back to the Bot Cave to await <his/her> next drag.
4:<player> invites <target> to the Bot Cave for a spellup and some cuddle time.
5:<player> just invited you to the Bot Cave, you feel the urge to gain some 'experience'.
6:Congratulations, you just tried to drag yourself. It appears to be time for a psychological evaluation.
7:<player> just invited <him/her>self to the Bot Cave, you turn your eyes away in shame.
botpin - by Unknown
1:You hold a pin labeled V2 Order Of The Bots.
2:<player> holds a pin labeled V2 Order Of The Bots.
3:You pin V2 Order Of The Bots to <target>'s chest.
4:<target> winces slightly as <player> pins V2 Order Of The Bots to <his/her> chest.
5:You wince slightly as <player> pins V2 Order Of The Bots to your chest.
6:You wince slightly as you pin V2 Order Of The Bots to your chest.
7:<player> winces slightly as <he/she> pins V2 Order Of The Bots to <his/her> chest.
botsong - by Tela
1:You bow as you finish yet another performance of the Bots.
2:<player> bows as <he/she> finishes yet another performance of the Bots.
3:You clutch yourself as you begin the Ballad of the Bots for <target>.
4:<player> begins performing the wondrous Ballad of the Bots for <target>.
5:<player> begins performing the wondrous Ballad of the Bot for you.
6:You go in a corner and play with your bot. Loser.
7:<player> attempts to perform the Ballad of the Bots to <him/her>self.
botspeed - by Unknown
1:Its about time that you finally buy your own Aardwolf Bots of Speed!
2:<player> is dreaming about <his/her> own Aardwolf Bots of Speed again!
3:You sob as <target> wins another gquest in <his/her> Aardwolf Bots of Speed.
4:<player> sobs as <target> wins another gquest in <his/her> Aardwolf Bots of Speed.
5:<player> is suspecting you of wearing your Aardwolf Bots of Speed! Oops!
6:Being IAW, you win another gquest in your Aardwolf Bots of Speed.
7:OMG! <player> got another gquest in <his/her> Aardwolf Bots of Speed.
botspringer - by Dilligaf
1:%&^#*#& BOTS!
2:<player> is complaining about those damn GQ BOTS again.. doesn't <he/she> ever quit?
3:<target> is ALWAYS beating you in GQs.. only one thing left to do.. report them for being a BOT!
4:<player> is spamming about <target> being a BOT again. *yawn*
5:Sigh, here goes <player> again.. doesn't <he/she> know all the work you put in making those mob-SW's, macros, and buttons!?
6:The channels have all fallen silent, time to bitch about BOTS.
7:Its obviously been too long since someone whined about BOTS, <player> is at it again..
botstick - by Unknown
1:You throw your [TARGET] stick, hoping to catch a bot in your trap.
2:<player> throws <his/her> [TARGET] stick, hoping to catch a bot in <his/her> trap.
3:You throw your [TARGET] stick. The Chase! <target>bot runs to fetch it.
4:<player> throws <his/her> [TARGET] stick. <target>bot returns from AFK and chases after!
5:<player> throws <his/her> [TARGET] stick. You chase after, not knowing it yet.
6:You throw your [TARGET] stick and immediately chase after it.
7:<player>bot throws <his/her> [TARGET] stick and runs to fetch it. Weirdo!
botsupport - by Mye
1:You proudly wear your Supporters Pin and bot without any concerns.
2:<player's> Supporters Pin lets <him/her> bot and get away with it, too!
3:Your Supporters Pin doesn't let you bot as well as <target> :(
4:<target's> Supporters Pin makes <his/her> bot superior to <player's>.
5:<player> is jealous of your Supporters Pin's botting immunity.
6:Your Supporters Pin has given you the power of botting immunity!
7:<player's> Supporters Pin gives <him/her> the power of botting immunity!
bottrap - by Unknown
1:You start placing huge bot traps with 35.princesses as bait!
2:<player> is placing around alot of huge bot traps with 35.princesses as bait!
3:Hooray! Looks like <target>bot got caught in your bot trap!
4:<player> giggles as <target>bot tried to reach the 35.princess in <his/her> huge bot trap!
5:<player> giggles as your triggers tried to reach the 35.princess in <his/her> trap!
6:You place a huge bot trap and hump on it. Click, and your spine is broken!
7:<player>bot just placed a huge bot trap and humped it, breaking <his/her> own spine!
botty - by Unknown
1:You go "Here Botty Botty Botty!.." while tossing gquest tokens.
2:You watch <player> tossing gquest tokens going "Here Botty Botty Botty!..".
3:You start tossing <target> gquest tokens shouting, "Here Botty Botty Botty!..".
4:<player> is tossing <target> gquest tokens shouting, "Here Botty Botty Botty!..".
5:<player> is tossing you gquest tokens shouting, "Here Botty Botty Botty!..".
6:You throw a fistful of gquest tokens and start pecking them. Cluck! Cluck!
7:<player>bot throws a fistful of gquest tokens and pecks them, clucking softly.
botzales - by Unknown
1:You strum your guitar and tell the tale of Speedy Botzales!
2:<player> strums his guitar and starts telling the tale of Speedy Botzales!
3:You strum your guitar and start telling the tale of <target>, known as Speedy Botzales.
4:<player> strums his guitar over the picture of <target>. 'Hear the story of Speedy Botzales!'
5:Uh oh. <player> seems to be telling the story of Speedy Botzales,..of YOU! Hide!
6:You strum your guitar and tell the tale of your Botventurous Adventures.
7:<player> strums his guitar and tells <his/her> own tale: The tale of Speedy Botzales!
bounce - by Unknown
2:<player> bounces around.
3:You bounce onto <target>'s lap and wiggle about.
4:<player> bounces onto <target>'s lap and wiggles about.
5:<player> bounces into your lap and wiggles about.
6:You bounce your head like a basketball.
7:<player> plays basketball with <his/her> head.
bow - by Unknown
1:You bow deeply.
2:<player> bows deeply.
3:You bow before <him/her>.
4:<player> bows before <target>.
5:<player> bows before you.
6:You kiss your toes.
7:<player> folds up like a jacknife and kisses <his/her> own toes.
bowling - by Unknown
1:You shake your hips and squeal like a pig!
2:<player> shakes <his/her> hips and squeals like a pig!!
3:You shout 'SUUUUUUEEEEEEYYY! Squeal like a pig!' just as <target> is about to release <his/her> ball.
4:<player> shouts 'SUUUUUEEEEEYY! Squeal like a pig!!' and makes <target> drop <his/her> ball on <his/her> foot.
5:<player> shouts 'SUUUUEEEEEYY! Squeal like a pig!' and makes you miss your strike. Bastige.
7:<player> is wiggling and squealing 'SUUUEEEYYY!'. Do you really want to interrupt?
boycott - by Unknown
1:You hold a sign that reads "Down with eating burgers! EAT AT KFC!"
2:<player> holds a sign that reads "Down with eating burgers! EAT AT KFC!"
3:You ask <target> to join the boycott against hamburgers!
4:You see <player> tell <target> to boycott hamburgers!
5:<player> asks you if you want to join the boycott against hamburgers!
6:You mumble to yourself "Hamburgers BAD! KFC GOOD!"
7:You watch as <player> mumbles to <him/her>self "Hamburgers BAD! KFC GOOD!"
bpunk - by Unknown
1:You look around for mouthy little punks to expose.
2:<player> wonders which punk will mouth off today.
3:You watch as <target> digs <his/her> grave deeper with all <his/her> bragging.
4:<player> hears a pin drop as <target> is exposed as a mouthy punk in front of the entire Mud!
5:<player> laughs at you for bragging about things you can't back up!
6:You go around bragging about being scared of nothing and noone then avoid all wars called in your range.
7:<player> brags about being afraid of nothing and noone but then <he/she> avoids joining any wars called in <his/her> range!
brainfart - by Unknown
1:You have suffered a BrainFart!
2:<player> blames any mistakes on <his/her> current BrainFart.
3:You pin a BrainFart medal on <target>.
4:<player> has pinned a BrainFart medal on <target>'s chest.
5:<player> declares you King of the BrainFart!!
6:You try to pin a BrainFart on yourself, but draw Blood instead! Oww!!
7:<player> is trying to give <him/her>self a BrainFart medal! Oh, the Horror!
brat - by Unknown
1:You gulp and apologize to everyone for being such a brat. *sniff*
2:<player> scuffs <his/her> foot and apologizes for being such a brat.
3:You glare at <target> and mutter, "You're such a brat!"
4:<player> mutters something and glares at <target>.
5:<player> hrmphs and glares at you muttering, "You're such a brat!"
6:You're a brat and proud of it! *strut*
7:<player> is such a brat... but you love <him/her> anyway! (Right..?)
brb - by Unknown
1:Hope to see you soon!
2:<player> will be right back!
breadstix - by Unknown
1:You break out the BreadStix! Who's it gonna be this time?
2:<player> breaks out the BreadStix! Everybody RUN!!!
3:You mercilessly beat <target> into submission with stale, moldy BreadStix!
4:Crumbs fly as <player> mercilessly beats <target> with stale Breadstix!!
5:You watch the crumbs fly as <player> beats upon you with stale BreadStix!!!
6:Crumbs fly as you commit "Death-by-BreadStix"!!!
7:Crumbs fly as <player> commits "Death-by-BreadStix"!!!
breakdance - by Unknown
1:You jump on the floor and breakdance wildly!
2:<player> turns on some music and hits the ground, breakdancing crazily.
3:You show your love for <target> and breakdance for <him/her>!
4:<player> catches your attention as <he/she> breakdances for <target>.
5:Woo, look! <player> is breakdancing for you!
6:What? Trying to learn how to breakdance?
7:<player> tries to learn how to breakdance, but fails miserably.
breathe - by Laren
1:Trying to calm down, you take a deep breath.
2:<player's> face relaxes as <he/she> takes a deep breath.
3:You breathe on <target>.
4:<player> breathes on <target>.
5:<player> breathes on you. Ewww, maybe you should offer tic tacs.
6:You cup your hands over your mouth and nose and breathe.
7:<player> cups <his/her> hands over <his/her> mouth and nose and takes a deep breath.
breeder - by Korridel Wrilley
1:Moar babies!
2:<player> had another kid. Guess you're babysitting on Friday night as usual!
3:You preach the benefits of having a large family to anyone who will listen.
4:<player> hugs <target's> wittle baby! Now you want to have tons of kids!
5:<player> rushes up to hug your baby. You should show them your other 5 kids!
6:Did you just try to breed with yourself?
7:<player> loves kids so much <he/she> is attempting to breed with <him/her>self.
bremen - by Unknown
1:You look at Bremen and move on to more important things.
2:<player> looks at Bremen and then moves on to more important things.
3:You look at Bremen, and then turn your attention to <target>, who's much more interesting.
4:<player> looks for a moment at Bremen, then turns <his/her> attention to <target>.
5:<player> looks for a moment at Bremen, then turns to you, obviously much more interested.
6:You begin humming the 'Sailor Bremen' theme song to yourself.
7:<player> sings 'Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by day light, never running from a real fight she umm he is the one named Sailor Bremen.'
brightblade - by Unknown
1:You peer around for a senseless newbie to drag to the combat maze.
2:<player> is looking for a senseless newbie to drag to the combat maze.
3:You wonder if <target> is dumb enough to follow you to the combat maze.
4:<player> is trying to lure newbies to the combat maze again, looks like <he/she> is after <target> this time...
5:<player> smiles at you, and asks you to follow <him/her> at recall.
6:Why kill yourself, when there are so many newbies around to up your combat maze kills!?
7:<player> considers killing <him/her>self in the combat maze, what an idiot!
bristle - by Unknown
1:You clench your teeth and bristle with anger.
2:<player> clenches <his/her> teeth and bristles with anger.
3:You glare at <target>, bristling with anger.
4:<player> glares at <target>, bristling with anger.
5:<player> glares at you, bristling with anger.
6:Your bristle at your foolishness.
7:<player> bristles at <him/her>self and <his/her> foolishness.
brlight - by Unknown
1:You light a Bright Shining Aura around yourself.
2:<player> lights a Bright Shining Aura around <him/her>self.
3:You bring your Aura around <target> purifying <him/her> from all darkness.
4:<player> purifies <target> with <his/her> Bright Shining Aura.
5:<player> brings <his/her> Aura around you, purifying you from all darkness.
6:You light an Aura around yourself, purifying you from all darkness.
7:<player> is purified from darkness by <his/her> Bright Shining Aura.
brokeback - by Unknown
1:You head off in search of some sheep, and some ass... whichever comes first.
2:<player> is headed off on horseback, looking for some sheep and some ass.
3:You stare lustily at <target>'s ASS! Maybe the sheep can wait, just this once.
4:<player> stares lustily at <target>'s ASS! Looks like the sheep will have to wait.
5:<player> is staring at your ASS and breathing heavy... better hide behind one of those sheep!
6:You're stuck out here with the flock, with nobody else in sight... Looks like it's either the sheep or your hand.
7:Uh-oh... Looks like <player> is stuck out there alone with the sheep again... and the sheep are looking MIGHTY nervous.
browtorch - by Unknown
1:You light your blowtorch and start watching eyebrows.
2:<player> lights <his/her> blowtorch, watch your eyebrows.
3:You burn off <target>'s eyebrows with a blowtorch.
4:<player> just took a blowtorch to <target>'s eyebrows.
5:<player> just lit your eyebrows on fire with a blowtorch.
6:You just burned off your own eyebrows. You should be more careful with your blowtorch.
7:<player> just lit <his/her> own eyebrows on fire.
browwiggle - by Unknown
1:You wiggle your eyebrows and grin.
2:<player> wiggles <his/her> eyebrows and grins wryly.
3:You wiggle your eyebrows at <target> and wink suggestively.
4:<player> wiggles <his/her> eyebrows suggestively at <target>.
5:<player> wiggles <his/her> eyebrows suggestively at you. Wonder what <he/she> wants...
6:You wiggle your eyebrows to yourself at an interesting idea.
7:<player> wiggles <his/her> eyebrows to <him/her>self, contemplating an interesting idea.
brub - by Unknown
1:You invite everyone to rub your belly.
2:<player> exposes <his/her> belly and invites everyone to rub it.
3:You give <target> a playful belly rub.
4:<player> rubs <target>'s belly playfully.
5:<player> rubs your belly playfully, isn't <he/she> cute?
6:You smile and rub your belly.
7:<player> smiles and rubs <his/her> belly.
brush - by Unknown
1:Brush what? Who? Where?
2:<player> seems to be looking for someone to brush.
3:You brush out <his/her> hair for <him/her>. Very thoughtful.
4:<player> brushes <target>'s hair for <him/her>. Looks better now.
5:<player> brushes out your hair. How nice of <him/her>.
6:You brush out your hair. There - much better.
7:<player> brushes out <his/her> hair. Looks much better now.
bslap - by Unknown
1:With an evil glint in your eye, you look for the next person to TICK you off!
2:<player>s eyes begin to glow red. Wonder what <he/she> is thinking?!
3:The power stirs deep inside you as you SMACK <target> into oblivion.
4:<player> has just smacked <target> into oblivion! RUN, before you're next!!
5:With all <his/her> might, <player> has just given you the almighty THWAP!!!
6:You try to take your anger out on yourself. Doesn't work quite the way you hoped!
7:<player> is trying to take <his/her> anger out on <him/her>self. How Odd!!
bspears - by Unknown
1:The answer to every question is Brittany Spears!
2:<player> raises <his/her> hand wildly and yells out 'Brittany Spears!'
3:You ask <target> the question 'Name a deadly disease that rots away body parts' and watch as <he/she> scribble down 'Brittany Spears' as <his/her> final answer.
4:<target> ponders <player>'s question 'Name a deadly disease that rots away body parts' and scribbles down 'Brittany Spears' as <his/her> final answer.
5:You scribble down 'Brittany Spears' as your final answer to <player>'s question 'Name a deadly disease that rots away limbs'.
6:You lie in your bed, surveying your mecca of Brittany Spears memorabilia.
7:<player> is glorying in the concept that Brittany Spears is the pinnacle of existence. Might wanna put <him/her> out of <his/her> misery.
bubba - by Xyzzy
1:You search in futility for an eligible female, suspecting all candidates of being 50-year old, 400lb truckers from Duluth named Bubba.
2:<player> searches in vain for an eligible female, overly suspicious that any candidate is actually a 400lb, 50-year old trucker from Duluth named Bubba.
3:<target> is looking MIGHTY fine tonight, you make your move hoping it's not another 400lb 50-year old trucker from Duluth named Bubba, like last time.
4:<player> is looking at <target> and panting lustily... What the hell does <he/she> see in a 400lb, 50-year old trucker from Duluth, named Bubba, that's all that sexy?
5:<player> is looking at you and panting lustily, obviously your disguise is hiding your true identity: A 400lb, 50-year old trucker from Duluth named Bubba.
6:Your immense girth and size is hidden well behind this blonde wig and dress... Nobody would even suspect you were a 50-year old trucker.
7:<player> makes a futile attempt to convince you that <he/she>'s female, and not a 400lb 50-year old trucker from Duluth.
bueller - by Unknown
1:You don't have a care in the world, you are the coolest!
2:<player> runs <his/her> hand through <his/her> hair and grins mischievously.
3:You wink at <target> and ask <him/her> for the keys to a 1961 Ferarri.
4:<player> winks at <target> and asks <him/her> for the keys to a red Ferarri.
5:<player> winks at you and asks for the keys to the red Ferarri.
6:You do your best Ferris Bueller imitation.
7:<player> walks about pretending to be cool like Ferris Bueller.
buff - by Unknown
1:You look around for a cloak to buff your nails on!
2:<player> is looking around for a cloak to buff <his/her> nails on...better run!
3:You buff your nails on <target>'s cloak. Hope <he/she> doesn't notice the stains.
4:<player> buffs <his/her> nails on <target>'s cloak. Eww, what is that <he/she> wiped on there?
5:<player> buffs <his/her> nails on your cloak. Now you're going to have to take it to the dry cleaners!
6:You buff your nails on your cloak. What a stud!
7:<player> buffs <his/her> nails on <his/her> cloak. What a stud.
bukkake - by Tela
1:Yes. We all know you love bukkake.
3:You politely ask <target> if they would be interested in some BUKKAKE.
4:You overhear <player> asking <target> if <he/she> would like some BUKKAKE. What the hell?
5:<player> walks up to you and boldly asks if you are interested in some BUKKAKE.
6:In an amazing feat of dexterity and sexual vigor, you BUKKAKE on yourself!
7:Showing off <his/her> dexterity, <player> totally BUKKAKES <him/her>self!
bulb - by Unknown
1:You struggle and strain, trying to form a thought.
2:<player> turns red in the face as a dim bulb appears above <his/her> head.
3:You giggle at <target> as <he/she> attempts to form a thought.
4:<player> giggles as <target> attempts to form a thought.
5:<player> interrupts you with <his/her> giggling as you try in vain to think.
6:You think... therefore, you are!
7:<player> is deeply analyzing <him/her>self again.
bulldance - by Unknown
1:Doing the Bulldance .. feelin' the flow ... workin' it ...
2:<player> busts out <his/her> sword, sticks it between <his/her> legs and rides it in circles like a horny cowboy.
3:You sneak up behind <him/her> and mount up for a wild ride! YEEEHAWWW!!!
4:<player> holds on for dear life as a bent over <target> tries to resist the dreaded bulldance!
5:You bend over only to look back and see <player> smackin' your bum and waving <his/her> arm in the air!
6:Your eyes turn red and horns sprout from your head as the urge to Bulldance takes over.
7:Newbies scatter and cover their rear ends as the urge to bulldance consumes <player>.
bullshit - by Unknown
2:<player> covers <his/her> mouth. *coughbullshitcough*
3:You tell <target>, "BULLSHIT."
4:<player> tells <target>, "BULLSHIT."
5:<player> laughs at you, and says, "BULLSHIT."
6:You start to spread a line of BS that would make a conman proud.
7:<player> is spouting a line of talk that can only be BULLSHIT.
bumma - by Rumour
1:Bumma, that's a bit of bad luck. :(
2:Bumma! <player> is really down on <his/her> luck. :(
3:Bumma, that was a bit of bad luck there <target>!
4:Bumma, <target>! <player> thinks you are having a run of bad luck!
5:Bumma! <player> thinks you are having a run of bad luck!
6:Bumma, you are having a run of bad luck!
7:Bumma! <player> is feeling down on <his/her> luck!
bummer - by Gnistar
1:You hang your head and mutter 'Bummer' as your target mob dies.
2:Oops, too late. <player>'s target mob is dead.
3:You look at <target's> kill repeating 'Bummer'.
4:<player> mutters incoherently about <target's>'s timing.
5:<target deity> smiles as you beat <player> to the kill.
6:No use crying over spilt milk loser.
7:<player> is bummed out about something.
bungee - by Unknown
1:You look around slyly, trying to find someone to kick off the mud.
2:<player> looks around slyly, trying to find someone to kick off the mud.
3:You whip out a bungee cord, stick it on <target>, and kick <him/her> off the mud!
4:<player> whips out a bungee cord, sticks it on <target>, and pushes <him/her> off the mud.
5:<player> whips out a bungee cord, sticks it on you, and pushes you off the mud!! Eeeep!
6:You connect yourself to a bungee cord, and jump off the mud! Bombs away!!
7:<player> connects itself to a bungee cord and jumps off the mud! Phew, you were hoping <he/she> would leave soon!
bunny - by Unknown
1:You shoulder your hammer and go out hunting the Energizer Bunny.
2:<player> shoulders <his/her> hammer and sings 'Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit...'
3:You grab <target> by the shirt and scream 'THE ENERGIZER BUNNY MUST DIE!'
4:<player> grabs <target> and screams 'THE ENERGIZER BUNNY MUST DIE!'
5:<player> grabs you by the shirt and screams 'THE ENERGIZER BUNNY MUST DIE!'
6:You hide under your bed, convinced that the energizer bunny is after you.
7:<player> cowers, whimpering 'It keeps going...and going...and going...'
burn - by Obyron
1:Oh man, now -THAT- was a burn!
2:Someone in the crowd yells, "BURN!" <player> seems to agree!
3:You royally burned <target>. Let's see if <he/she> will cry like a girly girl.
4:What a burn! <player> just showed <target> how they roll in <his/her> hood.
5:Is it getting hot in here, or did <player> just BURN you?
6:Sizzle sizzle!
7:What a rare treat! <player> has just committed the elusive SELF-burn!
burnbot - by Xeno
1:You say, "We found a bot, may we nuke it?"
2:<player> says, "We found a bot, may we nuke it?"
3:You declare that <target> has triggered your bot!
4:<player> declares, "<target> broke my bot! But it got better..."
5:<player> declares that you triggered <his/her> bot. What a looney.
6:You want to stay and bot all one hundred and eighty of them!
7:<player> says, "Well, maybe I could bot for just a bit longer..."
burnward - by Obyron
1:Quick thinking, calling for the BURN ward like that!
2:Thinking quickly, <player> calls for a specialist from the BURN ward.
3:You comfort <target> as <he/she>'s hauled off to the BURN ward.
4:<player> comforts <target> as they load <him/her> on a stretcher destined for the BURN ward.
5:<player> comforts you as they load you on a stretcher destined for the BURN ward.
6:You limp away to check yourself into the BURN ward.
7:<player> limps off to check <him/her>self into the BURN ward.
burp - by Unknown
1:You burp loudly.
2:<player> burps loudly.
3:You burp loudly to <him/her> in response.
4:<player> burps loudly in response to <target>'s remark.
5:<player> burps loudly in response to your remark.
6:You burp at yourself.
7:<player> burps at <him/her>self. What a sick sight.
bushborg - by Unknown
1:You are a kinder, GENTLER kind of borg.
2:<player> is a kinder, GENTLER kind of borg.
3:You tell <target>: "You will be assimilated. But only if you want to be."
4:<player> tells <target>: "You will be assimilated. But only if you want to be."
5:<player> tells you: "You will be assimilated. But only if you want to be.
6:You mutter to yourself "Read my lips. No new assimilati...err...taxes."
7:<player> mutter to <him/her>self "Read my lips. No new assimilati...err...taxes."
busy - by Unknown
1:You rush around like it's the end of the world.
2:<player> seems a bit preoccupied at the moment.
3:You tell <target>, 'Busy...go away.'
4:<player> gives <target> a number, then points to the end of a line.
5:<player> tells you to take a number and stand in line.
6:Like you need something else to deal with...
7:A large vein protrudes from <player>'s forehead..best leave before that sucker blows.
butter - by Viviane
1:You look around for someone to butter.
2:RuRoh! <player> is looking for someone to butter!
3:You butter <target> and take a bite.
4:RUhRoh! Looks like <player> is buttering <target> and eating <him/her>!
5:Oh No! <player> just buttered you and <he/she> bit you!
6:Nobody can butter you up like you can!
7:Oh boy, <player> butters <his/her> own body! KinKy!
button - by Halo
1:You sure are horny again, ain't ya?
2:<player> wants someone to play with <his/her> "special button". Wow, <he/she> must be lonely!
3:You play with <target>'s "special button" and hope to hear <him/her> moan.
4:<player> is playing with <target>'s "special button". You want to look away, but damn, this is HAWT!
5:<player> is playing with your "special button" again. Damn, <he/she> is good at this!
6:MMM, feels good, doesn't it?!
7:<player> is playing with <his/her> "special button" again! God is killing a puppy!
buttplug - by Madrox
1:You hold up a huge red buttplug and stare at it quizzically.
2:<player> brandishes a huge red buttplug and looks at it as if <he/she> has no clue what it is.
3:You lil devil, poor <target> never saw that huge buttplug coming, good thing <he/she> seems to be liking it.
4:<target> moans as <player> uses that thick red cone thing somewhere behind <him/her>.
5:Your eyes widen as <player> surprises you with a huge red buttplug. Wait this actually feels good.
6:You sure have some unique kinks, I mean WOW. The whole thing, with limited lube.
7:<player> just set up the shiny red cone thing, OMG..WTF...<he/she> sat on it?
buzz - by Unknown
1:These fools! You are none other than Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger!
2:You stare in disbelief at <player>, who thinks <he/she>'s some sort of "Space Ranger".
3:Die <target>! No servant of the Evil Zurg shall escape your wrath.
4:<player> kneels down and aims <his/her> hand laser at <target>. Could <target> be a minion of Zurg?
5:What is <player> doing pointing that stupid lightbulb at you? Who is Zurg!?
6:You sound your mighty battlecry, fist raised high up to the sky.
7:<player> stands proud and exclaims, "To Infinity, and Beyond!"
buzzin - by Obyron
1:You quickly hit the button on your buzzer-inner!
2:BEE-BEEP! <player> buzzes in.
bzzz - by Majic
1:You get bzzz from a backpack.
2:<player> gets bzzz from a backpack, and it slides out of <his/her> hand.
3:You attempt to give bzzz to <target> but <he/she> cannot carry it.
4:<player> tries to give bzzz to <target> but it slips out of <his/her> hands and rolls to a stop at your feet.
5:Bzzz given to you by <player> slips out of your hand and bounces off the floor.
6:You begin self-pleasure.
7:<player> attempts to bzzz but is too inexperienced.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!