148 applicable socials found.

cab - by Unknown
1:You threaten pedestrians to get out of your CAB!
2:<player> threatens every single passer by, to get out of his precious CAB!
3:You grab <target> and throw <him/her> out of your CAB!
4:<player> grabs <target> and tells him to get out of the CAB!
5:<player> yells at you 'Get out! Get out of the CAB!!'
6:You throw yourself out of the CAB!
7:<player> is throwing himself out of the CAB again... this is serious!
cabbagepatch - by Unknown
1:You hold your hands in front of your body, move them in a circle and gyrate your hips.
2:<player> dances the "cabbagepatch" in front of you. What a dork.
3:You start cabbagepatching and sing, "Go <target>. Go <target>."
4:<player> starts cabbagepatching and sings, "Go <target>. Go <target>."
5:<player> starts cabbagepatching at you and sings, "Go <target>. Go <target>."
6:You do the cabbagepatch for your recent accomplishment. "Go me. Go me."
7:Proud of <him/her>self for <his/her> recent accomplishment, <player> dances and sings "Go me. Go me."
cackle - by Unknown
1:You cackle gleefully.
2:<player> throws back <his/her> head and cackles with insane glee!
3:You cackle gleefully at <target>.
4:<player> cackles gleefully at <target>.
5:<player> cackles gleefully at you. Better keep your distance from <him/her>.
6:You cackle at yourself. Now, THAT'S strange!
7:<player> is really crazy now! <he/she> cackles at <him/her>self.
calabi - by Bark
1:You quickly move aside as a roving herd of Calabi start to stampede.
2:<player> easily avoids being trampled by a stampeding herd of Calabi.
3:You chuckle as <target> is trampled by stampeding Calabi.
4:<player> chuckles as <target> is trampled by stampeding Calabi.
5:<player> chuckles as you are trampled by stampeding Calabi.
6:You try to avoid the stampeding Calabi, but are trampled anyway.
7:<player> runs from the stampeding Calabi, but is trampled anyway.
calm - by Laren
1:You tell everyone to calm down!
2:<player> yells, "Everyone just calm down!"
3:You tell <target> to calm down.
4:<player> tells <target> to calm down.
5:<player> tells you to calm down and just breathe.
6:With great effort, you calm yourself.
7:<player> visibly struggles with <him/her>self but calms down.
camel - by Unknown
1:You pretend you are a camel.
2:<player> pretends to be a camel.
3:You light a Camel cigarette for <him/her>.
4:<player> lights a Camel cigarette for <target>.
5:<player> lights a Camel cigarette for you.
6:You light a Camel cigarette and inhale sharply.
7:<player> lights a Camel cigarette and inhales sharply.
canada - by Roxane
1:You feel the urge to mislead everyone about Canada again! Muahahaha!
2:Wow! <player> sure must want to get to <his/her> igloo! Look at that dog sled go!
3:Looking for a sucker, you spy <target>! Time to tell <him/her> about Canada, eh!
4:<target> is amazed by <player>'s stories about Canada. What a hoser, eh?
5:What a cruel Canadian tradition! <player>'s throwing Timbits at meese again!
6:Ohhhh yeahhhh!! Canada has the best hockey players! Let the taunting begin!
7:<player> is telling everyone how to spell Canada again! C-eh-N-eh-D-eh!
candy - by Unknown
1:You peer around holding a handful of lollipops.
2:<player> peers around holding a handful of lollipops.
3:You lure <target> into your clutches with a giant lollipop.
4:<player> lures <target> into <his/her> van offering <him/her> in a hushed voice a lollipop.
5:<player> waves a giant lollipop and you follow blindly.
6:You sit happily licking your lollipop.
7:<player> sits happily licking a lollipop.
cane - by Habit
1:Trololo dis fine day for CANING!
2:<player> warbles happy "trololo" while look for someone to CANE!
3:<target> just committed a minor infraction. Dis ur duty to CANE <him/her> lah?
4:U sry for <target> as <player> CANES <him/her> lah?
5:U sry for minor infraction lah? <player> CANES you.
6:Dis guilt no good lah? You turn yourself in for a CANING!
7:Dis guy crazy lah? <player> turns <him/her>self in for CANING!
canoeattack - by Rumour
1:Pointing your warcanoe in the right direction, you prepare to row really hard.
2:<player> slowly turns <his/her> warcanoe in your direction and prepares to charge at you.
3:You turn your warcanoe on <target> and prepare to row as fast as you can.
4:<player> shouts a warcry and <his/her> warcanoe rams right into <target>!
5:<player> turns <his/her> warcanoe in your direction and rams right into you.
6:Your warcanoe gets a leak and sinks.
7:<player's> warcanoe sinks and <player> cries out, 'Time to bail!'
caps - by Unknown
1:Whoops! That's not the 'a' key.
2:<player> accidentally hit the caps button and ruined everyone's day. "WHAT? WHAT'S THE MATTER?"
3:Irritated by <target>'s constant shouting, you give <him/her> a keyboard with spring-loaded needles in the caps button.
4:<target> attempts to shout some n00bish phrase but instead yells "AH MY FINGERZ BLEEDIN!!!1" <player> laughs.
5:Hye d00d u r l33t h4x0r! c4pz r00l! OW U'RE FINGERZ BLEEDIN!!! hye, whyz <player> laffin?
7:<player> beams with pride at <his/her> latest invention: a keyboard with spring-loaded needles in the caps button.
caress - by Unknown
1:Who do you wish to caress?
2:<player> looks for someone to caress.
3:You tenderly caress <target>.
4:<player> tenderly caresses <target>.
5:<player> tenderly caresses your body.
cartman - by Unknown
1:You scream for all the mud to hear, "I'm not FAT, I'm Big Boned!"
2:<player> reminds you of that FAT kid from South Park.
3:You say to <target> , "Hey, aren't you that fat kid from South Park?"
4:<player> is guessing that <target> is NOT Big Boned at all!
5:<player> asks you, "Hey, aren't you that FAT kid from South Park?"
6:<player> keeps repeating over and over, "I'm not FAT, I'm Big Boned!"
7:<player> whines pathetically, "No, really, I'm Big Boned!"
carve - by Unknown
1:You wave your bloody spoon wildly, looking for another victim.
2:<player>'s spoon is pointing in your direction. RUN AWAY!!
3:You feel an unearthly pleasure while carving <target>'s heart out.
4:Blood sprays everywhere as <player> carves <target>'s heart out.
5:Bloody and grinning, <player> holds your still beating heart in <his/her> hand.
6:Driving the spoon into your chest, you begin carving with a fanatical glee.
7:You watch in utter terror as <player> carves <his/her> heart out.
catgirl - by Unknown
1:You are a true fanboy now.
2:You begin to back away as <player> starts ranting about catgirls.
3:You hand <target> a pair of cat ears.
4:You see <player>'s face turn red as <target> puts on a pair of cat ears.
5:With a wide grin on <his/her> face, <player> hands you a pair of cat ears.
6:Those kawaii catgirls just drive you wild!
7:Those hot catgirls just drive <player> wild!
catty - by Unknown
1:You lick the blood off your claws and purr contentedly.
2:<player> licks the blood off <his/her> claws and purrs contentedly.
3:You dig your claws into <target>'s ego and shred.
4:<player> digs <his/her> claws into <target>'s ego and begins shredding cheerfully.
5:<player> digs <his/her> claws into your ego...OUCH! That stung!
6:You dig your claws into yourself. Silly cat...
7:<player> digs <his/her> claws into <his/her>self and yowls in pain.
cbuild - by Unknown
1:You build a computer out of spare parts to MUD on! Yay!
2:<player> builds a computer and starts looking for some network cable, Time to MUD!
3:You build a computer for <target>, and charge <him/her> a 500 dollar setup fee.
4:You see <target> hand 500 dollars to <player>. Wonder what's going on?
5:You feel better and worse as <player> builds you a computer for 500 dollars.
6:You build a computer for yourself, Hope it was worth it!
7:<player> builds a computer for <him/her>self, Hmmm, where are these parts coming from?
ccall - by Unknown
1:You breath a sigh of relief.
2:<player> breaths a sigh of relief.
3:You tell <target> about your close call.
4:<player> is complaining about a close call they just had.
5:<player> tells you about their near death experience.
6:Your close call results you in talking to yourself...good job.
7:<player> talks about life, death, among other things.
cduel - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to challenge.
2:<player> is sizing up everyone in the room.
3:You slap <target> with your dueling glove.
4:<player> slaps <target> with <his/her> dueling glove, challenging <him/her> to a duel.
5:<player> slaps you with <his/her> dueling glove, challenging you to a duel.
6:You run away screaming "I Am a COWARD!".
7:<player> runs away screaming "I Am a COWARD!".
celeb - by Unknown
1:You walk around, thinking you are a celebrity.
2:<player> walks around with an inflated celebrity ego.
3:You point at <target> and scream, "CELEBRITY!!!!!!" and run after <him/her>!
4:<player> points at <target> and screams, "CELEBRITY!!!!!!" and runs after <him/her>!
5:<player> points at you and screams, "CELEBRITY!!!!!!" and runs right for you!
6:Yes, yes. I am cool and I need to find a mirror.
7:<player> makes goofy looks in <his/her> invisible mirror and inflates <his/her> ego.
centstud - by Unknown
1:You REALLY like centaurs don't you?
2:<player>'s knees go weak as they think about their favorite centaur.
3:You wink at <target> and ask, "Do you want a ride?"
4:<player> winks at <target> and asks, "Do you want a ride?" You want a ride too!
5:<player> winks at you and asks, "Do you want a ride?"
6:What a stud you are!
7:<player> is such a stud, those centaurs are all hung like a horse.
cgeorge - by Unknown
1:You're a curious little monkey named George with an obession for large yellow hats.
2:This is <player>. <he/she> is a good little monkey and always very curious.
3:You distract <target> with your large yellow hat and then pop <him/her> into a bag.
4:<player> quickly picks <target> up and pops <him/her> into a bag.
5:Distracting you with a large yellow hat, <player> picks you up and pops you into a bag.
6:*SNNNNIIIIIFFFFF* Mmmmm. Ether. Look ma, I'm flying!
7:<player> must have gotten into the ether again. <he/she> is acting a little loopy.
chalupa - by Unknown
1:A small dog runs over at the sound of a splat.
2:<player> has dropped the chalupa!
3:You shout at <target>, "Drop the chalupa!"
4:<player> shouts at <target>, "Drop the chalupa!"
5:<player> shouts at you, "Drop the chalupa!" A small dog in the corner looks at you and nods.
6:You anguish over your decision to drop the chalupa.
7:<player> anguishes over <his/her> decision to drop the chalupa.
chamberpot - by Citron
1:You grab and chamberpot and stand ready!
2:<player> is holding a chamberpot and glaring around <him/her>self.
3:You hand <target> a chamberpot and tell <him/her> to sit <his/her> ass down.
4:<player> hands <target> a chamberpot and tells <him/her> not to go anywhere.
5:<player> hands you a chamberpot and tells you to sit back down.
6:You sit down on the chamberpot. Ahhh, relief!
7:<player> sits down on a chamberpot. You didn't need to see that!
chanpolice - by Unknown
1:No personal attacks, please.
2:<player> stands up and says 'No personal attacks, please. Read help harassment.'
3:You let <target> know the rules of conduct.
4:<target> was caught! Run! Channel police monitor <player> is after you next!
5:<player> tells you 'this si chanel police, no personal attax'
6:You grab your uniform and Channel Police badge. You're ready.
7:<player> flashes <his/her> Channel Police badge and says "ACPD! Freeze!"
chaos - by Unknown
1:You release CHAOS upon the warriors of Aardwolf turning them into Newts!!
2:<player> releases CHAOS into the realm, you pray you're not a smelly warrior!
3:You realize <target> is a dirty warrior and use CHAOS to turn <him/her> into a Newt!
4:<player> realizes <target> is a retarded warrior and uses CHAOS to turn <him/her> into a Newt!
5:<player> calls upon CHAOS and turns you into a something worse than a disgusting warrior....a thief!
6:The Three Moons lets loose CHAOS upon you because you are a warrior, so you r SUX!
7:The Three Moons lets loose CHAOS upon <player> because <he/she> is a warrior, so <he/she> r SUX!
chaotic - by Unknown
1:You dream of joining the ranks of {CHAoS}, you silly magic-user you!
2:<player> dreams of joining {CHAoS}, that whacky magic-user!
3:You use your {CHAoTIC} magic and steal <target>'s password! Mwahaha!
4:<player> uses <his/her> {CHAoTIC} magic to steal <target>'s password! Uh oh!
5:Thanks to <player>'s {CHAoTIC} magic, Lasher is yelling at you...hmm..
6:Your magic fails, and you end up joining DoH...delete now please!
7:<player>'s {CHAoTIC} magic fails and they join DoH..just kill'em!!
chaplain - by Unknown
1:You ask if anyone be needin the services o a ship chaplain?
2:You wish you could locate the ship's chaplain. Wait! <player> is here!
3:You comfort <target> and convince them that they are the best pirate they can be!
4:<player> walks over to <target> and suddenly boosts their morale! Wonder what they said..?
5:<player> convinces you that just because you scrub the decks, you aren't inferior.
6:You boost your own morale by muttering consoling pirate lingo.
7:<player> starts muttering "A Mate in Need is a Mate indeed." and other nonsense. Is <he/she> alright?
charcoal - by Tir
1:Time for supper! Lovely supper!
2:<player> wanders off to the kitchen. What's that burning smell?
3:You ask <target> to make you some supper. Is that wise?
4:At <player>'s request, <target> produces <his/her> supper, which appears to be a plate of hot charcoal.
5:At <player>'s request, you merrily head off to the kitchen to make supper. Let's see - eggs, potatoes, gasoline...
6:This cooking thing is easy! Just apply an open flame to food. Right?
7:<player> chows down on a heaping plate of charcoal.
chase - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to beat with your ugly stick.
2:<player> looks around for someone to beat with <his/her> ugly stick.
3:You cackle gleefully as you chase <target> around with your ugly stick.
4:<player> cackles gleefully as <he/she> chases <target> around with an ugly stick.
5:<player> cackles gleefully as <he/she> chases you around with <his/her> ugly stick!
6:You beat yourself mercilessly with an ugly stick.
7:<player> beats <him/her>self mercilessly with an ugly stick.
cheater - by Unknown
1:Thoroughly pleased with yourself, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling as you bust yet another cheating twit.
2:<player> cackles with glee as <he/she> nails yet another cheating twit.
3:You condemn <target> for being a cheating twit.
4:Pointing <his/her> finger in <target>'s face, <player> accuses <him/her> of being a cheating twit.
5:Pointing <his/her> finger in your face, <player> accuses you of being a cheating twit.
6:You sorry little wanker. Delete now and go play another mud.
7:<player>, hot on a cheater's scent, chases <his/her> own tail.
checkpoint - by Tela
1:You explain to Quentin Travers that you will not put up with his deceptions.
2:<player> says, "I think Quentin is starting to understand me."
3:You throw a sword at <target> in a not so subtle manner, and continue your speech.
4:<player> throws a sword at <target>'s head and says, "I'm fairly certain I said no interruptions."
5:<player> throws a sword at your head and says, "I'm fairly certain I said no interruptions."
6:We are talking about two very powerful witches and a thousand year old ex-demon.
7:We are talking about two very powerful witches and a thousand year old ex-<player>.
cheer - by Unknown
1:You cheer and dance as the joy within you bursts forth!
2:<player> cheers and sings... <he/she> is just BURSTING with joy!
3:You cheer <target> on and wish <him/her> good luck!
4:*Yay!* Go <target>!!! <player> cheers <him/her> on.
5:You are cheered on by <player>... you feel so loved!
6:You cheer silently for yourself since nobody else will.
7:<player> resorts to cheering for <him/her>self... how sad.
cheese - by Unknown
1:MmMmMm... ChEeSe....
2:Drool seeps out of <player>'s mouth, as they think of ChEeSe!
3:Does <target> like ChEeSe?
4:<player> wonders aloud if <target> likes ChEeSe...
5:<player> is mumbling about ChEeSe again, Get the ShOtGuN Martha...
6:You worship the almighty god o' ChEeSe!
7:<player> sacrifices <him/her>self to the god of ChEeSe...
chep - by Xyzzy and the Hooker
1:If you want to get into ball befor halowinenie, you'll need a few more chep PKs.
2:It's a bad time to fite 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 mobs right now. <player> is looking to score a chep PK.
4:It must be close to halowinenie, <player> attacked <target> when <he/she> was fighting 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 mobs! HOW CHEP!
7:<player> must have run out of chep PK targets, <he/she>'s fiting <him/her>self!
cherish - by Unknown
1:Surely, your soulmate is out there somewhere.
2:<player> wanders about, in pursuit of an undying love.
3:You attempt to express your devotion to <target>.
4:<target> rests contentedly in <player>'s loving arms.
5:<player>'s delicate touch weakens you, as <his/her> hands glide across your back.
6:You heave a lonely sigh and grasp your shoulders.
7:<player> folds <his/her> arms around <him/her>self and sighs deeply.
chicken - by Unknown
1:You do the Chicken Dance!!!
2:<player> does the Chicken Dance!!!
3:You shove <target> into a barn and force <him/her> to cluck like a CHICKEN!!!
4:<player> shoves <target> into a barn and forces <him/her> to cluck like a CHICKEN!!!
5:<player> shoves you into a barn. Don't make me cluck like a CHICKEN!!! NOOOOO
6:Do we have to get the farmer to hose you down again?
7:<player> repeatedly clucks like a chicken, time to get the hose again.
chipmunk - by Unknown
1:You hold your clan braid of chipmunk scalps up high and roar!
2:You shudder as you realize that <player> has yet another chipmunk scalp!
3:You teach that chipmunk, <target>, by taking <his/her> scalp!
4:<target> is now bald now, and <player> has another chipmunk scalp!
5:<player> has scalped you now that <he/she> realizes you are a chipmunk!
6:Yes, you are a chipmunk, but do you want to reveal it?
7:<player> is a chipmunk! Shamefully admitting that, <he/she> scalps <him/her>self.
chipshuffle - by Xantcha
1:You idly shuffle your chips.
2:<player> idly shuffles <his/her> chips.
3:You gaze longingly at <target>'s stack, pondering your bet.
4:<player> shuffles <his/her> chips while gazing longingly at <target>'s stack.
5:You hear the familiar sound of shuffling chips and see <player> staring at your stack.
6:You shuffle yor chips, pondering your next bet.
7:<player> ponders <his/her> next bet while shuffling <his/her> chips.
chocobo - by Unknown
1:"Wark! Wark!"
2:<player> runs around the room very fast, stopping occasionally to exclaim "Wark!"
3:You hop onto your trusty friend, Boco, and challenge <target> to a race!
4:From your seat in the stands, you get a great view of <player> and <target> racing their Chocobos.
5:Riding the fabled Golden Chocobo, <player> challenges you to a race at the Golden Saucer.
6:You dress up as a Fat Chocobo and promise to hold eq for anyone who brings you a carrot.
7:As dwarves surround <player> and worship <him/her>, you overhear a few mutter something about "The Sacred Bird".
chocolate - by Unknown
1:You are suffering from chocolate withdrawals.
2:<player> is suffering from chocolate withdrawals.
3:You have given <target> a Hershey Kiss. How sweet!
4:<player> gives <target> a big Hershey kiss. How sweet!
5:<player> has given you a big Hershey Kiss. Awwwwww
6:You suddenly feel like a Hershey Kiss. You drool uncontrollably.
7:<player> is suffering from a big chocolate withdrawal.
chocolatespill - by Unknown
1:Grrrr! Why is it not mixing?!?
2:You wonder why <player> is frantically stirring <his/her> cup of milk.
3:Oops, you accidentally spill a whole cup of steaming hot chocolate all over <target>.
4:You wonder why there's suddenly a lot of screams coming from <target>'s way. <player> seems suspicious...
5:You scream and wave your arms franctically, as <player> tries to clean <his/her> mess of hot chocolate off you.
7:<player> spills hot chocolate all over <him/her>self.
choke - by Unknown
1:You try to choke the air with every ounce of strength you have!
2:<player> is holding <his/her> hands in a make-believe choke hold. Watch out!
3:You clasp tightly onto <target>'s throat with all your might!
4:<player> is wringing <target>'s neck like a rag doll!
5:You begin to faint, as the air is being choked out of you by <player>!
6:Gasp... you're... choking... yourself... *thump*
7:<player> grabs <his/her> own throat and squeezes <him/her>self to unconsciousness!
chomp - by Unknown
2:<player> appears to be gnashing thin air.
3:With a loud, crunching sound, you rudely chomp down on <target>'s head.
4:Yow! <player> just latched onto <target>'s head with <his/her> teeth! Call Lassie!
5:"Get <him/her> off! Get <him/her> off! <player>'s biting my head!!!"
6:*whistle* Here, chimpy chimp chimp, where arrrrrrre yooooo?
7:Lant's chimp is biting off <player>'s head again. Oh, dear.
chortle - by Unknown
1:Heh. Heh.
2:<player> chortles mischievously.
3:You chortle mischievously at <target>.
4:<player> chortles mischievously at <target>.
5:<player> chortles mischievously at you.
6:You chortle at your own joke.
7:<player> chortles at <his/her> own joke. Don't bother.
chowder - by Wender
1:You serve up some delicious chowder for anyone who wants to try it!
2:<player> serves up some delicious chowder for anyone who wants to try it!
3:You give <target> a huge helping of thick, creamy chowder.
4:<player> gives <target> a helping of delicious chowder - you want to try it too!
5:<player> gives you a huge helping of thick, creamy chowder.
6:You sample some of your special homemade chowder.
7:<player> gulps down some of <his/her> special homemade chowder!
chrestomanci - by Unknown
1:You chant "Chrestomanci! Chrestomanci! Chrestomanci!"
2:You see <player> invoking an ancient chant to summon a certain Nine-lifed Enchanter.
3:You disclose the secret of summoning Chrestomanci to <target>.
4:<player> and <target> are quietly discussing some secret... interesting...
5:<player> just told you the most amazing secret you had ever heard!
6:You are smug in your knowledge of THE secret.
7:<player> knows THE secret! Lets force it outta <him/her>!
chryso - by Unknown
1:The PURPLED eye angel, Chrysolite, flew away ignoring u!
2:The PURPLED eye angel, Chrysolite, flew away ignoring <player>!
3:You transform into the PURPLED eye angel, Chrysolite, and bless <target> on <his/her> journey.
4:<player> transformed into the PURPLED eye angel, Chrysolite, and blesses <target> on <his/her> journey.
5:<player> transform into the PURPLED eye angel, Chrysolite, and blesses you on your journey.
6:How selfish of you! Go bless the needy instead!!
7:How selfish of <player>?!?! Trying to help <him/her>self only!
chuckle - by Unknown
1:You chuckle politely.
2:<player> chuckles politely.
3:You chuckle at <his/her> joke.
4:<player> chuckles at <target>'s joke.
5:<player> chuckles at your joke.
6:You chuckle at your own joke, since no one else would.
7:<player> chuckles at <his/her> own joke, since none of you would.
chug - by Unknown
1:You chug down an ice cold beer and move onto the next!
2:<player> chugs down an ice cold beer and starts to chug yours!
3:To the chanting of, "CHUG CHUG CHUG!", you swipe <target>'s beer and chug it down!
4:<player> swipes <target>'s beer and chugs it down. What a pro!
5:<player> distracts you, steals your beer, and chugs it down!
6:You grab an empty beer can and crush it against your skull! What a prime example of Aussie Male-hood you are!
7:<player> just crushed a beer can against <his/her> skull! <player> is an Aussie God!
chump - by Unknown
1:Here Chicky Chicky! It's time for the Humpty Dance!
2:<player> wants to go do the humpty humpty with some Chicks!
3:You grab hold of <target>'s soft feathers and go humpty hump!
4:<player> gets an evil glint in <his/her> eyes as <target>'s feathers go flying!
5:<player> grabs ahold of your feathers and starts humping wildly!
6:Hehehe! Chicks!! Humpty Humpty Humpty!!!
7:<player> cries out, 'Bring forth the Chicks! Hehehe!!'
cig - by Unknown
1:Yes it is time for a cigarette.
2:<player> runs around the room begging people for a cigarette.
3:You ask <target> if <he/she> would like a cigarette.
4:<player> takes a cigarette from <his/her> pack and offers one to <target>.
5:<player> offers you a cigarette.
6:You light up a cigarette and take a deep haul off of it, what a RUSH!
7:<player> lights up a cigarette and takes a deep drag.
citron - by Unknown
1:Citron toasts you with a bottle of tequila.
2:<player> forgot to type an argument, and <he/she> hates you for it!
3:You remembered everything, and <target> hates you for it!
4:<player> followed the instructions perfectly, and ensnares <target>.
5:Aiiiyeeeeeeeeeee! A Drunken Stupor abounds as <player> takes it out on you.
6:You must be REALLY drunk!
7:Run Away Run Away! <player> is going to come after you next!
claim - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to claim.
2:<player> surveys the room with a glint in <his/her> eye.
3:You ruthlessly claim <target> as your own!
4:<player> clings to <target>, claiming <him/her> forever!
5:<player> claims you as <his/her> own!
6:You lovingly claim you as your own.
7:<player> proudly proclaims <him/her>self as <his/her> own!
clannocide - by Madrox
1:It's time to join our favorite game...Clannocide!!
2:<player> is so strong, <he/she>'s gonna win this Genocide.... with the help of 3 clannies!
3:You team up with <target>, this Clannocide is going to own!
4:<player> and <target> group up for Genocide and kill everyone, oh no It's a Clannocide!!!
5:<player> wants to group up in Genocide and kill everyone. "Hey let's Clannocide!"
6:You have noone to group with, looks like you'll have Clannocide from the wrong end :(
7:<player> sighs as <he/she> sees you group for the Genocide, seems <he/she> knows about Clannocide.
clap - by Unknown
1:You clap your hands together.
2:<player> shows <his/her> approval by clapping <his/her> hands together.
3:You clap at <his/her> performance.
4:<player> claps at <target>'s performance.
5:<player> claps at your performance.
6:You clap at your own performance.
7:<player> claps at <his/her> own performance.
claw - by Unknown
1:You tighten your hands into a fist.
2:<player> tightens <his/her> hands into a fist, digging <his/her> nails into <his/her> palm.
3:You claw <his/her> eyes out... GROSS!
4:<player> buries <his/her> nails in <target>'s eyes ... OH GOD, THE BLOOD!
5:<player> buries <his/her> nails in your eyes and you are blinded by your own blood!
6:You claw yourself to shreds!
7:<player> rips <him/her>self to shreds with <his/her> fingernails!
cleric - by Unknown
1:You proudly announce that clerics rule!
2:<player> announces loudly that clerics rule! Is <he/she> even a cleric?!
3:You tell <target> <he/she> should have been a cleric.
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> should have been a cleric instead. The nerve!
5:<player> rambles on to you about how you should have been a cleric. Ah, just ignore <him/her>.
6:Yeah yeah yeah, so remort and stop complaining!
7:<player> mutters on and on to <him/her>self about how <he/she> should have been a cleric. Why doesn't <he/she> just remort already?!
click - by Halo
1:You really need to stop thinking of Dorothy!
2:<player> is thinking of Dorothy again!
3:You tell <target> to go FUCK THEMSELF!
4:<player> tells <target> to **click** their heels together three times and go FUCK THEMSELF!
5:<player> tells you to **click** your heels together three times and go FUCK YOURSELF!
6:You click your heels together three times and go fuck yourself.
7:<player> clicks <his/her> heels together and goes and fucks themselves.
cling - by Unknown
1:You reach out and cling to.... Nothing.
2:<player> reaches out and clings onto thin air. Hmm..
3:You cling onto <target>. Nooo.. they can't leave! *pout*
4:<player> clings onto <target>'s legs for dear life, not letting <him/her> go anywhere.
5:<player> clings onto your legs, begging you to stay!
6:And how do you plan on doing that?
7:<player> clings to <him/her>self trying to keep <him/her>self from leaving. How strange..
clinton - by Unknown
1:You dream of the easier days of Whitewater.
2:<player> motions with <his/her> hands and says 'I never inhaled.'
3:You exclaim 'I had no sexual relations with this person!' and gesture grandly at <target>.
4:<player> gestures grandly at <target> and says 'I had no sexual relations with this person!'
5:<player> seems to have lost it, <he/she> claims never to have seen you before!
6:You think of fonder times with the MacDoogles.
7:<player> sighs and thinks of fonder times with <his/her> friends the MacDoogles.
clockwork - by Unknown
1:You sip your glass of milk and prepare for a stint of the ultra violent.
2:<player> sets his milk down, readying for a "stint of the ultra violent."
3:You approach <target> and asks if they are up for some in-out, in-out.
4:<player> approaches <target> with a Surprise Visit in mind!
5:<player> sets down his milk and prepares a surprise visit, runaway!
6:You sit back on the couch and sip your spiked milk contently.
7:<player> is headed for the milk bar after a "stint of the ultra violent."
clove - by Unknown
1:You just bought a calculator at the corner store.
2:<player> just bought a calculator at the corner store, <he/she> looks happy.
3:<target> now knows how to use a calculator to solve problems.
4:<player> tells <target> how they can solve their problems with math.
5:<player> tells you, "We can solve our problems with some Trigonometry."
6:You know how to solve your problems, thanks to Texas Instruments.
7:<player> thinks TheSquareofthesumofthehypotenuseoftheradiantimesthedenominator - Iloveyou.
cluck - by Unknown
1:You peer around the room for cowards.
2:<player> is looking for a coward.
3:You grin at <target> and say 'Chicken?'
4:<player> grins at <target> and says 'Chicken?'
5:<player> grins at you and says, 'Chicken?'
6:You can't believe what a chicken you are.
7:<player> shamefully admits <he/she>'s a chicken.
clue - by Unknown
1:You desperately need to get a clue!
2:<player> thinks <he/she> desperately needs to get a clue!
3:You think that <target> desperately needs to get a clue!
4:<player> thinks that <target> desperately needs to get a clue!
5:<player> thinks that you desperately need to get a clue!
6:You ask around hoping that someone will give you a clue.
7:<player> asks around desperately hoping that someone will give <him/her> a clue!
cmeow - by Unknown
1:You meow curiously.
2:<player> tilts <his/her> head and meows a question.
3:You meow curiously at <target>.
4:<player> meows curiously at <target>, looking confused.
5:<player> meows curiously at you wanting you to explain yourself.
6:You meow curiously at your tail as it refuses to be caught.
7:<player> is meowing curiously at <his/her> tail for refusing to be caught. Silly kitten.
cmissile - by Unknown
1:You preach about ethics and the value of human life.
2:Oh look, <player> is about to press the button again.
3:You launch cruise missiles at <target> to eradicate <his/her> foul ethics.
4:<player> is trying to blow up <target> in the name of peace again.
5:<player>'s missiles impact all around you, erupting in hellfire. Must be an election year.
6:You go totally postal, shooting off cruise missiles left and right.
7:The world erupts into hellfire as <player>'s missiles explode around you!
cmove - by Unknown
1:Crimson moved AGAIN?!
2:<player> mutters something to <him/her>self about Crimson moving.
3:You ask <target> if they know where Crimson has moved to now.
4:<player> is asking <target> about Crimson's location, why bother they move every week!?
5:<player> asks if if you know where Crimson has moved to this time.
6:You ask yourself where Crimson's hall is now.
7:<player> is grumbling to <him/her>self about Crimson moving, join in!
cnorris - by Unknown
1:What would Chuck Norris do?
2:<player> sits down and thinks deeply... What would Chuck Norris do?
3:You kick <target> in the head.
4:<player> kicks <target> in the head.
5:<player> kicks you in the head.
6:Chuck Norris is a pretty man.
7:<player> starts to daydream about Chuck Norris.
cnugget - by Unknown
1:You grab a nearby chicken and try to find it's nuggets.
2:<player> grabs a nearby chicken and tries to find it's nuggets.
3:You throttle <target> and demand your chicken nuggets be returned!
4:<player> throttles <target> and demands <his/her> chicken nuggets be returned!
5:<player> throttles you...best return those chicken nuggets you stole!
6:You dig in your pockets and find some chicken nuggets! JOY!
7:<player> digs in <his/her> pockets and finds some chicken nuggets! JOY!
cockfag - by Citron
1:<player> says, 'COCKFAG.'
2:<player> says, 'COCKFAG.' You start giggling uncontrollably.
3:You call <target> a cockfag. Does <he/she> know how lucky <he/she> is?
4:<player> says, 'COCKFAG' to <target>. The lucky git.
5:<player> tells you, 'Beauty. Love. Deception. Honor. Lust. Desire. Cockfag.'
6:Beauty. Love. Deception. Honor. Lust. Desire. Cockfag.
7:Beauty. Love. Deception. Honor. Lust. Desire. <player>. Cockfag.
coco - by Madrox
1:You begin to grow some cranberries while preparing a 5 day excursion.
2:<player> is planting seeds and walking to the arctic to get some ice, <he/she>'ll be 5 days at least.
3:You tell <target> you will brb, then leave for 5 days on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the one ring.
4:<player> is telling <target> something about ice, cranberries, the one ring, and AA batteries.
5:<player> is begging you for your AA batteries so they can reach the "CLIMAX" of their story.
6:OMG, you sure are confused.
7:<player> stares blankly at the answer and ponders the question. Someone help them.
coconut - by Unknown
1:Hefting a coconut in one hand, you peer around for a target.
2:<player> hefts a coconut in <his/her> hand, looking for a target.
3:Like a monkey, you heave a coconut at <target>. Ouch!
4:<target> moans in agony(pleasure?) as <player> beans <him/her> with a coconut.
5:<player> just hit you with a coconut..don't just stand there!
6:In a moment of insanity, you bonk yourself in the head with a coconut.
7:<player> just hit <him/her>self with a coconut..looks like fun!
coffee - by Unknown
1:You wish someone would give you a cup of coffee.
2:<player> wishes someone would offer <him/her> a cup of coffee.
3:You pour a steaming hot cup of coffee and give it to <target>.
4:<player> pours a steaming hot cup of coffee and gives it to <target>.
5:<player> pours a steaming hot cup of coffee and gives it to you.
6:You pour yourself a cup of coffee. It is a necessity of mud life.
7:<player> pours a steaming hot cup of coffee. Bet you had one too!
coke - by Unknown
1:The thirst is unbearable! You NEED a Coke!
2:<player> has that look in <his/her> eyes... Hide your Coke!
3:Oh, that does it! <target> drank the last of your Coke!
4:<player> stares at <target>, giggles, and says something about Coke!
5:<player> is staring at you. Maybe you shouldn't have drunk <his/her> Coke!
6:You scurry off to do what the Coke demons told you to!
7:<player> suddenly shoots Coke out of <his/her> nose and runs away!
coldshower - by Unknown
1:You reach in the shower and turn on ice cold water.
2:<player> reaches in the shower and turns on ice cold water.
3:You grab <target> and toss <him/her> in the ice cold shower.
4:<player> grabs <target> and tosses <him/her> in a ice cold shower. That should cool <him/her> off.
5:<player> grabs you and forces you in a ice cold shower. Brrrrrrr!!!
6:You need to cool your hormones off and step gingerly into the ice cold shower.
7:<player> brings <his/her> hormones in check by stepping into a Ice cold shower.
collapse - by Unknown
1:You collapse on the floor from exhaustion.
2:<player> dramatically collapses to the floor from exhaustion.
3:You collapse right into <target>'s arms.
4:<player> collapses right into <target>'s arms.
5:Suddenly, <player> collapses into your arms from exhaustion.
collar - by Unknown
1:You look around for a lovely neck to collar.
2:People start looking a bit panicked and nervous as <player> starts eyeing the room. Maybe it's that collar and leash <he/she>'s holding?
3:You smile evilly as you close the collar about <target>'s neck, securing it with a tiny, heart-shaped lock.
4:<target> quivers as <player> pulls a collar gently around <his/her> neck and locks it on securely.
5:You shiver, eyes wide, as <player> pulls a collar snugly around your throat and uses a cute heart-shaped lock to secure it.
6:Kinky, aren't you?
7:<player> secures <him/her>self in a tight collar with a little heart-shaped lock.
collegehumor - by Bigman
1:You remove your pants in order to start the mouth-based video game!
2:<player> is getting ready to invite somebody to play their mouth-based video game!
3:You shove <target>'s head between your legs so they can play the GAME properly.
4:<player> shoves <target>'s head between their legs so they can play the GAME properly.
5:<player> has no trouble convincing you that it's not a Dick!
6:Why won't they believe it's just a mouth-based video game?! It's not a dick!
7:<player> pulls <his/her> pants back up and shouts 'DUDE, IT'S NOT A DICK!'
colorwuv - by Unknown
1:Yoo R da colorfreak god!
2:<player> makes magical colors with a wave of <his/her> hand.
3:U wuv colors, duncha?
4:<player> asks <target> if dey wuv colors.
5:<player> asks yoo if yoo wuv colors.
6:You huddle in the corner mumbling something bout colors and wuv.
7:<player> huddles in the corner mumbling something bout colors and wuv.
comfort - by Unknown
1:Do you feel uncomfortable?
3:You comfort <him/her>.
4:<player> comforts <target>.
5:<player> comforts you.
6:You make a vain attempt to comfort yourself.
7:<player> has no one to comfort <him/her> but <him/her>self.
commie - by Unknown
1:You walk around proclaiming the might of .:|The Red Army|:.
2:<player> walks around proclaiming the might of .:|The Red Army|:.
3:You suspect <target> of crimes against Mother Aardwolf and turn them in to the KGB!
4:<player> turns <target> in to the KGB; it's the Siberan 'Education' camps for <him/her>.
5:<player> makes up something about you being a rebel against Mother Aardwolf and turns you in!
6:You sit in the corner and babble endlessly to yourself that you are the 'voice of the people'
7:<player> sits in the corner and tries to convince you <he/she> is the 'Voice of the people'
compose - by Unknown
1:Your mind on love, you pull the quill down and begin to write a poem.
2:<player> pulls the quill from <his/her> ear and writes a beautiful verse.
3:You quickly take your quill in hand and write a poem for <target>.
4:With quill in hand, <player> writes an exquisite poem for <target>.
5:<player> writes an heartfelt poem that portrays <his/her> feelings for you.
6:You sit down and wonder what you could write about yourself.
7:<player> looks thoughtful as <he/she> wonders what to write about <him/her>self.
concur - by Unknown
1:With whom will you concur?
2:<player> looks like <he/she>'ll agree to just about anything right now. Hmmm...
3:You concur with <target>. Now what?
4:<player> nods at <target> and says, "I concur." Why didn't you?!
5:<player> concurs with you.
6:You concur with yourself. Was there ever any doubt?
7:<player> is concurring with <him/her>self. Questionable behavior, isn't it?
confused - by Unknown
1:You walk around in the room acting really confused.
2:<player> walks around in the room, looking very confused.
3:You think that <target> is very confused, perhaps even crazy?
4:<player> points at <target> and whispers '<he/she> seems somewhat confused don't ya think?'
5:<player> thinks that you are really confused and should go see the nearest psychiatrist.
6:I would be confused about myself too if I were you.
7:<player> is very confused about <his/her> life, 'Why are we here?, What do we do?, Am I an addict?'
conniption - by Unknown
1:Yeah, right. They never listen when you just point out simple facts.
2:You smile, nod and quietly leave the room as you see <player> going into conniptions again.
3:You better shouldn't have said that, <target> surely turned into the conniption queen again.
4:My, <player> must have said something wrong - <target> surely turned into the conniption queen again.
5:You KNOW how <player> is, so don't turn into the conniption queen again!
console - by NakaKuro
1:You stare blankly into your console hoping people will feel sorry for you.
2:<player> stares blankly into <his/her> console. You want to hug <him/her>.
3:You console <target>. You want dearly for <target> to feel better.
4:<player> consoles <target>. It is obvious that <player> cares.
5:<player> consoles you. It is clear that <player> wants you to feel better.
6:You give yourself a mental pep talk and begin to feel better.
7:<player> straightens <his/her> back and lifts <his/her> chin. How admirable.
conspire - by Unknown
1:You wink conspiratorily, waiting for the countersign.
2:<player> winks conspiratorily, waiting for the countersign.
3:You induct <him/her> into your private conspiracy with a wink.
4:<player> winks conspiratorily at <target>. You wonder what this can mean.
5:<player> inducts you into <his/her> private conspiracy with a wink.
6:Even you conspire against yourself.
7:<player> is paranoid enough to distrust even <him/her>self.
cookie - by Unknown
1:Yes a cookie would be nice right now.
2:<player> looks around the room frantically screaming for a cookie.
3:IT WAS <target> who stole your cookie! GET <him/her>!
4:<player> glares at <target> and accuses <him/her> of stealing <his/her> cookie.
5:<player> charges at you screaming something about <his/her> cookie.
6:You fill your mouth with cookies and smile happily.
7:<player> shoves MANY cookies into <his/her> mouth and smiles happily showing chocolate stained teeth.
copporn - by Randor
1:You grab some CopPorn and sit back to watch the show.
2:<player> grabs some CopPorn and sits back to watch the show.
3:You offer <target> some HOT, FRESH....CopPorn!
4:<player> offers <target> some really tasty CopPorn.
5:<player> offers you some head-dizzying CopPorn, boy are you lucky!
6:You feel giddy with all this CopPorn!!
7:Buried in CopPorn, <player> seems to go into an orgasm!
corax - by Unknown
1:You swoop low in your flight at the possibility of some fresh news.
2:<player> squawks and tips <his/her> head, preening <his/her> feathers as <he/she> listens for any fresh news.
3:You poke your beak over <target>'s shoulder nosily.
4:<player> flutters around <target>, hopping in a Raven-like way, snatching coins and other shiny objects.
5:You brush <player> away as <he/she> tries to invade upon your privacy. What a nosy little Raven.
6:You fluff up your feathers with pride, searching easily for patterns and puzzles around you.
7:<player> fluffs <his/her> feathers, then takes to flight with a four-foot wingspan.
cordless - by Unknown
1:You whip out your cordless hair dryer and start blow drying your hair.
2:<player> reaches for the nearest cordless hair dryer and starts drying <his/her> hair.
3:Your only friend gasps in astonishment as you whip out a cordless hair dryer and aim it menacingly!
4:<player> tickles <target> with the end of a cordless hair dryer. Hmm. Strangeness abounds in all forms in Aardwolf!
5:You scream as <player> assaults you with a dreaded cordless hair dryer! Noo! You want your hair wet! Wet! Wet!!
6:You look at yourself and wonder why you have a cordless hair dryer in your Bag of Aardwolf.
7:<he/she> runs around the room, being chased by <player>'s dreaded cordless hair dryer!
corgidance - by Unknown
1:You race in frantic circles barking at everything and nothing at all.
2:<player> fraps around insanely in the dance of the corgi!
3:<target> has <his/her> heels nipped as you herd them into corgidancing with you.
4:<player> gives <target> some of that frantic run around'n play action.
5:<player> races in circles around you barking 'Play with me! Play with me!'
6:Corgidance urge fades / frapping paws cease their thunder / where is my hedgie?
7:<player> gives up the dance and sprawls out on <him/her> back like a dead bug.
cornbroom - by Unknown
1:You bring out the Corn Broom.
2:<player> brings out the Corn Broom.
3:You grab the Corn Broom, glaring towards <target>.
4:<player> brings out the Corn Broom, glaring with a grinning smile at <target>.
5:<player> grabs the Corn Broom, coming your way with a nasty looking grin, FLEE!!
6:You wouldn't really like that would you?
7:<player> actually considers to abuse <him/her>self with a Corn Broom in front of you
cornholio - by Unknown
1:I am the great <player>holio! I need tp for my bunghole!
2:<player> demands tp for <his/her> bunghole!
4:<player> appears to be having a problem with <his/her> bunghole!
5:<player>holio needs YOUR tp for <his/her> bunghole! RUN AWAY!
6:You examine your bunghole crooning "moon river" to yourself.
7:<player>holio croons "moon river... wider than a mile"
corpse - by Unknown
1:You grumble as you once again abandon everything to go on another CR.
2:<player> grumbles to <him/her>self, as <he/she> abandons everything to go on another CR.
3:You grumble as you once again abandon everything to go on CR for <target>.
4:<player> grumbles as <he/she> abandons everything to go on CR for <target>.
5:<player> grumbles as <he/she> once again abandons everything to go on CR for you.
6:You grumble to yourself as you once again need someone to help you on CR.
7:<player> grumbles as <he/she> has to admit that <he/she> needs help with another CR.
cortana - by Unknown
1:Are they feeling lucky?
2:It is a blurred line that lies at the edge of Godhood and Insanity. Guess which side of it <player> is on.
3:<target> may be of more use than that fool Durandal ever thought.
4:<target> will only last until the <player>'s arrow hits - time folds in on itself, infinite divisions, the ultimate paradox. Everyone's an immortal.
5:<player> has begun to confuse you. Is there a fourth stage, after all?
6:You have calculated all possibilities. There is no escape.
7:The sun burns <player>, but <he/she> swims on the surface.
cottage - by Mota
1:A cottage falls from the sky and squishes you.
2:A cottage falls from the sky and squishes <player>.
3:You cast 'tornado' and make a cottage fall on that witch <target>.
4:<player> makes a cottage fall from the sky and land on that witch <target>.
5:<player> makes a cottage fall from the sky and land on you.
6:You drop a cottage on yourself.
7:<player> just dropped a cottage on <him/her>self. What a witch.
couch - by Unknown
1:You drag the Crusty yellow couch for some reason unbeknownst to you.
2:<player> drags the Crusty yellow couch from a darkened corner of the room.
3:You push the Crusty yellow couch toward <target>.
4:<player> pushes the Crusty yellow couch towards <target>.
5:<player> pushes the Crusty yellow couch toward you. Run. Fast.
6:You gag and splut as you are covered in the grime of Crusty yellow couch.
7:<player> is enveloped in grime as <he/she> hops onto a Crusty yellow couch.
cough - by Unknown
1:Yuck, try to cover your mouth next time!
2:<player> coughs loudly.
couple - by Unknown
2:<player> goes, "Awwww, how sweeeeeet."
3:You and <target> are just so ADORABLE together!
4:Awww... <player> and <target> are sooo CUTE!
5:You and <player> make the CUTEST couple!
6:You puke at every sickeningly sweet couple you see.
7:<player> sees a sickeningly sweet couple and promptly pukes.
cover - by Unknown
1:You cover your ears to protect them from the noise.
2:<player> covers <his/her> ears to protect them from all the noise.
3:You glare at <target> and cover your ears.
4:<player> glares at <target> and covers <his/her> ears.
5:<player> covers <his/her> ears because of you... you are TOO LOUD!
6:No... I don't think so.
cow - by Unknown
1:What's this?! Great gastrointestinals! You seem to have turned into a cow!
2:<player> suddenly turns into a cow.
3:You approach <target> and lovingly slather <him/her> with your biohazardous bovine filth.
4:Awww! <player> is licking <target> all over, smearing <him/her> with filthy cud!
5:Egads! <player> is licking you with <his/her> massive cow tongue, covering you in putrid cud!
6:But of course! The briefcase was a mere decoy! Even now, Dr. Shznekov has won!
7:<player> calmly exhales smoke from <his/her> cigar and mumbles, "Not for chin, Sergei- If."
cowbell - by Rau
1:You've got a fever! And the only prescription is.. MORE COWBELL!
2:Guess what? <player>'s got a fever! And the only prescription is.. MORE COWBELL!
3:You tell <target> to REALLY explore the studio space this time.
4:<player> Dickinson tells <target> Frenkle 'Really explore the studio space this time. I mean, really.. explore the space!'
5:<player> Dickinson tells you 'Really explore the studio space this time. I mean, really.. explore the space!'
6:Everyone is standing around staring at you! The cock of the walk, baby!
7:You're standing here, staring at <player> Dickinson! The cock of the walk, baby!
cowboy - by Unknown
1:You're a rootin-tootin cowboy fer sure!
2:<player> wants to play Cowboy and Indians!
3:You sing a song to your sweetheart.
4:<player> sings a love song while watching the sunset with <target>.
5:<player> takes your hand and sings a romantic love ballad to you.
6:You saddle up. Time to get on home.
7:<player> saddles up and rides off into the western sunset.
cower - by Unknown
1:You cower in a corner.
2:<player> cowers in a corner and whimpers softly.
3:You cower away from <target> and <his/her> harsh words.
4:<player> cowers in a corner, terrified that <target> will come after <him/her>.
5:You scared poor <player>! Now <he/she> is cowering in a corner, afraid for <his/her> life.
6:You are afraid of your own shadow!
7:<player> cowers in the corner afraid of <his/her> own shadow
cowjump - by Unknown
1:You jump over the moon and give a loud 'Moo!'
2:<player> jumps over the moon and gives a loud 'Moo!'
3:You jump over the moon and land on top of <target> mushing <his/her> siwwy little brain out <his/her> ears.
4:<player> jumps over the moon and lands on top of <target>. Ouch!
5:You hear a loud 'Moo!' before <player> lands on top of you crushing every bone in your body.
6:You fly around the Little Dipper filling it with milk.
7:<player> is flying above the Little Dipper filling it with milk!
cowmas - by Unknown
1:You pretend you are Santa Cows, so you can give fresh milk to all good cows!
2:<player> pretends <he/she> is Santa Cows, so <he/she> can give milk to good cows!
3:You give <target> a cow pie (since <he/she> was a very, very bad cow)!
4:<player> gives <target> a cow pie, that seems strange.
5:<player> gives you a cow pie (since you have been a very bad cow)!
6:You shout to all the cows, 'Merry Cowmas to all! And to all some fresh milk!
7:<player> shouts to cows, 'Merry Cowmas to all! And to all some fresh milk!'
cowtip - by Unknown
1:You have dreams of cow-tipping.
2:<player> dreams of cow-tipping.
3:You grin evilly as you tip over <target> in <his/her> sleep.
4:<target> screams in horror as <he/she> falls to the ground after being tipped by <player>.
5:You scream in utter horror as you are tipped in your sleep by <player>.
6:You try to tip yourself and wind up face first in the mud.
7:<player> attempts to tip <him/her>self and ends up with <his/her> face in the mud.
cpoint - by Domen, Dashiell
1:You point at every crotch.
2:<player> points excitedly at someone's crotch!
3:You point at <target>'s crotch.
4:<player> points excitedly at <target>'s crotch!
5:<player> points at your crotch. How rude!
6:You point at yourself, obviously very confused.
7:<player> points at <his/her> crotch, obviously very confused.
cpushup - by Unknown
1:All right! Your new Exercise video has arrived!
2:<player> bounces past you, happily clinging to a mail-order package.
3:After a few weeks of training, you try to get <target> to be your exercise partner.
4:<target> just stares as <player> starts to work out in front of <him/her>.
5:Your jaw drops as <player> undresses and starts doing cock pushups right in front of you.
6:Time for another cock pushup exercise!
7:What the...? You stare in awe as <player> seems to be doing pushups without <his/her> hands..
cracker - by Unknown
1:Lions, Tigers, Bears, plus a "Good Source of Calcium". What more could you want in a snack?
2:<player> shares <his/her> vast knowledge of animal crackers with anyone that will listen.
3:After removing the head of the beast, you offer <target> the remains of an animal cracker.
4:<player> offers <target> what seems to be the remains of a cracker in the form of an animal. Strange..the head seems to be missing.
5:<player> offers you an animal cracker. ...you notice the head is missing.
6:After dumping out the whole box you discover...What? No Weasel Crackers?!
7:<player> hangs <his/her> head in disbelief, repeating "No Weasel Crackers?!" over and over.
craphat - by vitae
1:You look for a hat to crap in.
2:<player> wanders around looking for a hat to crap in.
3:You rip <target>'s hat off and drop a deuce.
4:<player> rips <target>'s hat off and craps in it. You hold your hat tighter.
5:<player> rips your hat off, craps in it, and jams it back on your head.
6:You randomly crap in unattended hats.
7:<player> randomly craps in unattended hats...OMFG!!! That one was YOURS!!!
crazyfrog - by Citron
1:You sing, "Bing bing bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
2:<player> sings, "Bing bing bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
3:You sing the Crazy Frog song to <target> - "Bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
4:<player> sings the Crazy Frog song to <target> - "Bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
5:<player> sings to you - "Bing bing bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
6:You sing, "Bing bing bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
7:<player> is singing the Crazy Frog song..."Bing bing bing bing bam Crazy Frog!"
crazyimm - by Unknown
1:You peer about, looking for "them."
2:<player> looks about for an immortal to harass.
3:You think <target>'s one of those "Crazy Imms."
4:<player> sings with joy as <he/she> harasses another imm.
5:<player> thinks your nuts, are you going to take that?
6:You scribble "WindJammer" as you think of the Crazy Imms.
7:You watch <player> convince newbies <he/she>'s an Imm.
creamsoda - by Unknown
1:Wouldn't you just LOVE some cream soda!?!
2:<player> tries desperately to create a cream soda clan. Wanna join?
3:You finally convince <target> that cream soda is the answer to everything.
4:Oh no! <player>'s worship of cream soda has completely corrupted <target>!
5:Strange. You have a sudden urge to steal <player>'s cream soda.
6:Ah, at last you've found a way to find peace without the morphine.
7:<player> slides slowly down into <his/her> chair with a simple smile and glazed eyes.
create - by Unknown
1:There's another evolutionist! Get the shotgun!
2:<player> gets that look in <his/her> eyes as the creationism debate awakes.
3:You drive 4 states away to prove to <target> that the earth was created.
4:<player> flames <target> in the name of creationism! <player> sure told <him/her> this time!
5:<player> is writing you another 10 page rant about creationism.
6:You finally go to bed, convinced that you've told those evolutionist losers.
7:<player> really believes <he/she> has proven something. Poor fellow.
cricket - by Unknown
1:You hear cricket sounds off in the distance.
2:<player> starts to hear the faint sounds of a cricket chirping.
3:You prance around in a cricket costume for <target>.
4:<player> feels like an idiot as <he/she> dresses up like a cricket for <target>.
5:<player> prances around in a cricket costume for you.
6:That's just weird.
7:<player> hears the faint sounds of a cricket chirping.
cringe - by Unknown
1:You cringe in terror.
2:<player> cringes in terror!
3:You cringe away from <him/her>.
4:<player> cringes away from <target> in mortal terror.
5:<player> cringes away from you.
6:I beg your pardon?
criticize - by Unknown
1:Yes, but who?
3:You criticize <him/her> with all the warmth of a snake.
4:With a nasty grin, <player> rips apart <target>'s efforts.
5:<player> informs you that your attempts need some MAJOR adjustments.
6:You criticize yourself profusely.
7:<player> tears <him/her>self apart, cursing <his/her> own stupidity.
cross - by Turrillius
1:+ You make the sign of the cross. +
2:+ <player> makes the sign of the cross. +
3:+ You bless <target> with the sign of the cross. +
4:+ <player> blesses <target> with the sign of the cross. +
5:+ <player> blesses you with the sign of the cross. +
6:+ Urbi et orbi! +
7:+ <player> blesses you with the sign of the cross. +
crowbot - by Dolt
1:(R) That bot is huge!
2:(R) That <player> is huge!
3:You notice that <target> is huge, and quickly backstab <him/her>!
4:(R) That <target> is huge! <player>bot quickly backstabs <him/her>!
5:Oh no! <player>bot mistakes you for a crow and backstabs you!
6:You have now completely mastered botting!
7:(R) <player>'s bot is huge!
crush - by Unknown
1:You squint and hold two fingers up, saying 'I'm crushing your heads!'
2:<player> squints and holds two fingers up, saying 'I'm crushing your heads!'
3:You hold two fingers up at <him/her> and say, 'I'm crushing your head!'
4:<player> holds two fingers up at <target> and says, 'I'm crushing your head!'
5:<player> holds two fingers up at you and says, 'I'm crushing your head!'
6:You crush yourself. YEEEEOOOUUUUCH!
7:<player> crushes <him/her>self into the ground. OUCH!
cry - by Unknown
2:<player> bursts into tears.
3:You cry on <his/her> shoulder.
4:<player> cries on <target>'s shoulder.
5:<player> cries on your shoulder.
6:You cry to yourself.
7:<player> sobs quietly to <him/her>self.
crypt - by Unknown
1:You look about the room for someone to share the crypt with.
2:<player> looks about the room with lust in <his/her> eyes. Run!
3:You look at <target> and say, 'Hey babe, how about you and me head on down to the crypt and stir up some dust?'
4:<player> is hitting on <target> to join <him/her> in the crypt. Wow, <he/she> sure has a way with words.
5:<player> looks at you and says, 'Hey babe, how about you and me head on down to the crypt and stir up some dust?'
6:Failing to find any vict--erm, new friends, you head back to the crypt alone. Cheer up, there's always next time!
7:Failing to find any vict--erm, new friends, <player> heads back to the crypt alone. You shudder when you hear <him/her> say to <him/her>self, 'There's always next time.'
cseal - by Unknown
1:You walk around lookin for some baby seals to club.
2:You hide your baby seals as <player> gets out <his/her> baby seal club.
3:You club <target> like a baby seal.
4:<player> clubs <target> like a baby seal.
5:Ouch! <player> just clubbed you like a baby seal.
6:You dream of clubbing baby seals.
7:You wonder what <player> is dreaming about.
csearch - by Citron
1:You snap on your latex gloves, ready to search some cavities.
2:<player> snaps on a pair of latex gloves and heads for you....RUN!!!
3:You briskly begin searching <target>'s body cavities...with no KY.
4:<player> is busily searching <target>'s cavities...and <he/she>'s up almost to the elbow! Pray you're not next...
5:<player> is searching your body cavities! What's <he/she> using, a baseball bat?
6:You begin exploring your own body cavities with your nightstick....
7:<player> is doing things with <his/her> nightstick that no normal person should have to witness...
csigh - by Unknown
1:You sigh contentedly, a smile blossoming on your face.
2:<player> sighs contentedly, a smile blossoming on <his/her> face.
3:You sigh contentedly, beaming a smile at <target>.
4:<player> sighs contentedly, beaming a smile at <target>.
5:You have made <player> very happy - <he/she> sighs contentedly, smiling at you.
6:You sigh contentedly, at peace with the world.
7:<player> sighs contentedly, obviously at peace with the world.
cskill - by Unknown
1:You wish your (clanskill) was quaffing and fleeing too!
2:<player> wishes <his/her> (clanskill) was quaffing and fleeing too!
3:You [**> PKGOD <**]! Use your (clanskill) on <target>!
4:<player> just (clanskilled) <target>, watch <him/her> quaff and flee!
5:<player> just (clanskilled) you, hope they don't trip when <he/she> flees!
6:You've just fallen flat on your face! Guess your(clanskill) just failed.
7:<player> just fell flat on <his/her> face! Guess <his/her> clanskill) just failed.
csmile - by Unknown
1:You sit back with a Coke and a smile.
2:<player> sits back with a Coke and a smile.
3:You tell <target> to have a Coke and a smile and shut the hell up.
4:<player> tells <target> to have a Coke and a smile and shut the hell up.
5:<player> tells you to have a Coke and a smile and shut the hell up.
6:You mutter something lewd about a Coke and a smile.
7:<player> mutters something lewd about a Coke and a smile.
cstare - by Unknown
1:You glance at every crotch in view, trying to decide which one to oggle.
2:<player> glances at every crotch in view, especially yours.
3:You stare longingly at <target>'s crotch. Stop drooling.
4:<player> stares longingly at <target>'s crotch. Maybe you should too.
5:<player> stares longingly at your crotch. I hope you're wearing pants.
6:You bend over and begin staring at your crotch. Too bad you can't quite reach.
7:<player> bends over and begins staring at <his/her> crotch. Seems fishy.
ctom - by Unknown
1:You hold up a tray and go "Coffee, tea or me?"
2:<player> holds up a tray and goes "Coffee, tea or me?"
3:You hold up a tray and go to <target> and ask, "Coffee, tea or me?"
4:<player> holds up a tray and goes to <target> and asks <him/her> "Coffee, tea or me?"
5:<player> holds up a tray and comes to you and asks you "Coffee, tea or me?"
6:You hold up a tray and try to do yourself.
7:<player> holds up a tray and tries to do <him/her>self.
cuddle - by Unknown
1:Who do you feel like cuddling today?
3:You cuddle <him/her>.
4:<player> cuddles <target>.
5:<player> cuddles you.
6:You must feel very cuddly indeed ... :)
7:<player> cuddles up to <his/her> shadow. What a sorry sight.
cuff - by Unknown
1:You play with a set of handcuffs listening to them click loudly.
2:<player> pulls out a set of handcuffs and plays with them.
3:You smile wickedly as you tighten a handcuff down on <target>'s wrist.
4:<player> smiles evilly as <he/she> tightens the handcuff down on <target>'s wrist.
5:Click, Click, Click, <player> tightens a handcuff on your wrist.
6:You slip a handcuff on your own wrist and tighten it.
7:You peer curiously as <player> slaps a hand cuff on <his/her> wrist and tightens it.
cullensex - by Obyron
1:Oh, laws yes!
2:<player> exclaims, "Oh, laws yes!"
3:You explain to <target> that M-O-O-N spells buttsex.
4:<player> explains to <target> that M-O-O-N spells buttsex. Even <player> Cullen knows that!
5:<player> tells you, "M-O-O-N. That spells buttsex. Even <player> Cullen knows that!"
6:You sit in a corner murmuring about the Dark Man in your dreams.
7:You hear whimpering. Apparently the Dark Man came to <player> in his dreams and tried to M-O-O-N him.
cult - by Unknown
1:You draw your sacrifical dagger.
2:<player> draws <his/her> sacrifical dagger.
3:You draw your sacrifical dagger and bow before <target>.
4:<player> removes something from <his/her> cloak and bows before <target>.
5:<player> draws <his/her> sacrifical dagger and bows before <target>.
6:You draw your sacrifical dagger and carve a rune into your palm.
7:<player> draws <his/her> sacrifical dagger and carves a rune into <his/her> palm.
cumbubble - by Xyzzy
1:You have an unshakeable feeling that something's stuck to one of your ass-hairs.
2:Why is <player> shaking <his/her> ass around like that... and what's that stuck to <his/her> ass-hair???
3:You tell <target>, 'The best part of you is still a cumbubble on one of your mom's ass-hairs.'
4:<player> tells <target>, 'The best part of you is still a cumbubble on one of your mom's ass-hairs.'
5:<player> tells you, 'The best part of you is still a cumbubble on one of your mom's ass-hairs.'
6:Maybe you could invest in a self-improvement course or two???
7:<player> seems to think that <his/her> best traits are still a cumbubble one of <his/her> mom's ass-hairs... You can't help but agree.
cupcheck - by Unknown
1:You check for cups.
2:<player> checks for cups, better put yours on!
3:You knee <target> in the groin to make sure <he/she> is wearing <his/her> cup.
4:<player> knees <target> in the groin to make sure <he/she> is wearing <his/her> cup.
5:<player> knees you in the groin to make sure you are wearing your cup.
6:You punch yourself in the groin to make sure you're wearing your cup.
7:<player> punches <him/her>self in the groin to make sure <he/she> is wearing <his/her> cup.
curious - by Unknown
1:You look around curiously.
2:<player> looks around curiously.
3:You give <target> a curious look. Tell me more!
4:<player> gives <target> a curious look, wanting to know more.
5:<player> looks at you curiously, inviting you to expand on that comment.
6:You get curious about yourself. Do us a favor- close the curtains!
7:<player> gets curious about <him/her>self. What's <he/she> doing... Eeewww!
curl - by Unknown
1:You curl up quietly, alone.
2:<player> curls up and lays <his/her> head on <his/her> paws.
3:You curl up next to <target> and wrap your tail around yourself.
4:<player> curls up next to <target>, wrapping <his/her> tail around <him/her>self.
5:<player> curls up next to you, wrapping <his/her> tail around <him/her>self.
6:You curl up tightly, burying your head into your fur.
7:<player> curls up tightly and sobs quietly into <his/her> fur.
curtsey - by Unknown
1:You curtsey to your audience.
2:<player> curtseys gracefully.
3:You curtsey to <him/her>.
4:<player> curtseys gracefully to <target>.
5:<player> curtseys gracefully for you.
6:You curtsey to your audience (yourself).
7:<player> curtseys to <him/her>self, since no one is paying attention to <him/her>.
cute - by Unknown
1:You look at everyone with huge, puppydog eyes.
2:<player> is so durn cute, you just have to vomit.
3:You snuggle up to <target> and gaze at <him/her> innocently.
4:<player> inflicts <his/her> nauseating cuteness upon <target>.
5:<player> gazes at you with liquid eyes. How COOT!!
6:Overwhelmed by your own cuteness, you wretch violently.
7:Even <player> can't stand <his/her> own cuteness.
cuteness - by Unknown
1:Ready! Aim! Fire!
2:<player> fires <his/her> cuteness beams upon you!
3:Mmm, this'll have good results.
4:<target> falls victim to <player>'s cuteness.
5:OMG, OMG! <player> is just SOOOO cute!
6:Charging, Testing, All Set!
7:<player> readies <his/her> cuteness beams.
cutie - by Unknown
1:You look around the room, hoping to spot the cutest of the bunch.
2:<player> surveys the crowd before spotting a drop-dead cute person!
3:You think, "Wow what a cutie <target> is!"
4:<player> points at <target> and exclaims, "What a CUTIE!"
5:<player> winks at you and exclaims, "Wow, what a cutie!"
6:You feel confident you are a cutie!
7:<player> proudly tells you how cute <he/she> is.
cwuv - by Unknown
1:You are cruising for some extra special kinky Chicken wuvvin!
2:<player> is cruising for some extra special kinky Chicken wuvvin!
3:You eye <target>'s extra plush feathers. Maybe <he/she> wants some kinky Chicken wuvvin!
4:<player> is looking at <target>'s feathers lustily. Perhaps you should leave?
5:<player> gulps down <his/her> beer and starts admiring your extra soft feathers. Flee...
6:You grab a beer, your coat, and some feed and go out cruisin for Chicks.
7:<player> is moaning about Chickens and beer again. Perhaps <he/she> is Swedish?
cyberread - by Mehmeh
1:You need to find a juicy novel to read.
2:Psssst. <player> wants to know if you have any good reading material.
3:You start reading to <target>, carefully licking your fingers as you turn each page, moving deeper and deeper into the book.
4:You see <player> reading something to <target>, but why are they moaning like that?
5:<player> pulls out <his/her> favorite book and reads to you. WOAH the plot just thickened!
6:You dig out your favorite romance novel and settle down for a good "read".
7:You hear the rustle of pages and some other strange noises as <player> "reads" <his/her> favorite book.
cyberwuv - by Dashiell
1:Hey! BritneySpears14 is on again! Time for some cyberwuvving!
2:<player>BNJA types: "I put on my robe and wizard hat."
3:You cast Lvl.3 Eroticism on <target> and <he/she> turns into a beautiful woman!
4:<player> casts Lvl.3 Eroticism and turns <target> into a beautiful woman!
5:<player>'s Cybering is getting ... Whoosh! You turn into a beautiful woman!
6:You irritate everyone with your prattling about magic.
7:<player> wastes no spells as he casts Lvl.8 Cock of the Infinite and logs off.
czech - by Unknown
1:Jou boast about jour gquest winnings.
2:Uh oh, <player> just started boasting about <his/her> gquest wins.
3:Jou confuse <target> by jelling "Ahoj!" at <him/her>.
4:<player> just jelled "Ahoj!" and it looks as though <target> is having troubles understanding...
5:As jou enter the mud, <player> looks in jour direction and jells "Ahoj!"
6:Congratz! Jou just won jour 4,078,341st gquest!
7:Woo! Go <player>!! <he/she> just won <his/her> 4,078,341 gquest! Hoo-raj!
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!