68 applicable socials found.

facepalm - by Unknown
1:You bury your face in your hand and sigh.
2:<player> buries <his/her> face in <his/her> hand and sighs, shaking <his/her> head.
3:Unable to face <target> and <his/her> action, you bury your face in your hand.
4:<player> hides <his/her> face in <his/her> palm after seeing what <target> did.
5:What did you do? <player> can't even look at you...
6:Realizing what you did, you hide your face from everybody.
7:<player> turns beet red, and hides <his/her> face in <his/her> palm.
faewuv - by Unknown
1:<player> moves from person to person, giving them all large doses of sweet Fae wuvvin'.
2:Sliding into your lap, <player> gives you a strong dose of Faewuv, then moves on to the next hottie.
3:You grab <target> and begin giving <him/her> wuvvin' <he/she>'ll never forget!
4:<player> grabs <target> and gives <him/her> wuvvin' like only a Fae could.
5:<player> grabs you, wuvvin' on you with an intense passion.
6:No! Stop! You can't handle that kind of self-gratification!
7:You find <player> in the corner, attempting to perform the sensual act of Faewuv on <him/her>self.
faint - by Unknown
1:You faint.
2:<player> faints.
3:You faint into <his/her> arms.
4:<player> faints into <target>'s open arms.
5:<player> just fainted into YOUR arms.
fakebs - by Unknown
1:You prepare to stab someone with your fake dagger.
2:<player> is doing something with <his/her> dagger, be careful!
3:You backstab <target> with your fake dagger!
4:<player> backstabs <target> with <his/her> EVIL fake dagger!
5:<player>'s backstab <-:-><-:-*-:-><-*-> SUPERNOVAS <-*-><-:-*-:-><-:-> you!
6:You attempt to suicide with a fake dagger.
7:<player> attempts to suicide with a fake dagger, wonder what happens when <he/she> discovers it's fake.
fakewoman - by Unknown
1:You proudly proclaim your womanhood!
2:<player> is woman! Hear me roar!
3:You gallantly rip <target>'s wig off his head! Some woman!
4:<player> rips <target>'s wig off his head, proving they're a MAN!
5:AAH! <player> just ripped your wig off! Your secret is revealed!!
6:Why won't they believe you're a woman? Maybe you giggle too much?
7:<player> is a woman!! STOP ASKING!!!
famtree - by Famiel
1:You look around paranoidly, hoping the treehuggers aren't close by..
2:<player> is looking around for treehuggers paranoidly, what is <he/she>, Famiel?
3:You rant and rave in a Famiel-like manner to <target>!
4:<player> is going ON and ON to <target> about Dragon and holy avengers and paladins! Famiel wannabe.
5:You cringe in horror as <player> starts ranting ON and ON to you about dragons and paladin swords in a Famiel-like manner!
6:You suddenly become a FamielClone(TM)! Knowledge of Dragon and Holy Avengers begins to flood your mind...
7:Oh no! <player> has turned <him/her>self into a FamielClone(TM)! ONE Famiel is bad enough! Now there's an evil twin?!
fart - by Unknown
1:Where are your manners?
2:<player> lets off a real rip-roarer ... a greenish cloud envelops <player>!
3:You fart at <him/her>. Boy, you are sick.
4:<player> farts in the direction of <target>. Better flee before <he/she> turns to you!
5:<player> farts in your direction. You gasp for air.
6:You fart at yourself. You deserve it.
7:<player> farts at <him/her>self. Better <him/her> than you.
fastfood - by Unknown
1:A rabbit jumps by and you chase it down to make lunch.
2:<player> stumbles after a rabbit in vain yelling, "LUNCH! LUNCH!"
3:You complain to <target> about the quality of McIvar's burgers.
4:<player> yells at <target>, saying "Mayor McMota is NOT made of fidomeat!"
5:<player> complains to you endlessly about fast food sucking so much.
6:Your stomach twists as you crave fast food!
7:<player> hunches over whispering about needing fries and a drink in Whammo size.
fatb - by Unknown
1:You eat a large turkey leg.
2:<player> munches messily on a large turkey leg-- what a pig!
3:You shout to <target>, "Get in my belly!"
4:<player> shouts, "Get in my belly!" and tries to grab <target>!
5:<player> shouts, "Get in my belly!" and lunges at you.
6:You let the world know that you're DEAD SEXY.
7:<player> is DEAD SEXY!!
faygo - by Unknown
3:You shake up your bottle of GRaPe Faygo and spray <target> down.
4:That idiot <player> just wasted a whole bottle of FaYGo spraying down <target>.
5:<player> has just soaked you with <his/her> bottle of over fizzed FaYGo soda. ARGG!!!
6:In the theme of any ICP show, you hose yourself down with luscious FaYGo.
7:Watching <player> pour Faygo soda on <him/her>self, you realize how crazy <he/she> is.
fdart - by Unknown
1:You dart about the room in amazingly fast motions!
2:<player> darts about the room in amazingly fast motions!
3:You dart around <target> in amazingly fast motions!, <he/she> must be getting dizzy!
4:<player> darts around <target> in amazingly fast motions! <target>'s head begins to spin!
5:<player> darts around you in amazingly fast motions! Your head begins to spin!
6:You dart about the room in amazingly fast motions!
7:<player> darts about the room in amazingly fast motions!
fear - by Unknown
1:You live in fear.
2:<player> lives in fear.
3:You live in fear of <target>.
4:<player> lives in fear of <target>.
5:<player> lives in fear of you.
6:You are afraid.
7:<player> is afraid.
feral - by Unknown
1:You snarl loudly and stare warily at anyone getting too close.
2:<player> crouches down low and snarls with a feral intensity in <his/her> eyes. Better not get too close.
3:You growl loudly and lunge at <target>, intent upon taking <his/her> throat.
4:<player> leaps upon <target> in a snarling, feral frenzy.
5:You squeal in terror as <player> leaps upon you and pins you down, snarling into your face.
6:You glare around self-consciously, wary of even your own shadow.
7:<player> moves swiftly away from any movement, <his/her> eyes glowing brightly.
fever - by Unknown
1:You suddenly feel very warm.
2:<player> appears quite flushed, someone special must be around.
3:You tell <target> "<he/she> gives you fever".
4:<player> puts on some soft music to get googy with <target>.
5:<player> tells you "You give <him/her> fever".
6:It takes two to tango.
7:You wonder if <player> is king of the castle.
fgiggle - by Unknown
1:You giggle like a Catholic school girl.
2:<player> giggles like a Catholic school girl.
3:You look at <target> and giggle like a Catholic school girl.
4:<player> looks at <target> and giggles like a Catholic school girl.
5:<player> looks at you and giggles like a Catholic school girl.
6:You collapse in a helpless fit of giggles.
7:<player> collapses in a helpless fit of giggles.
fgrows - by Unknown
1:Oh, my God! It's Fgrows! Run away! *whimper*
2:<player> yells 'Fgrows!' then cowers in a corner.
3:You SMITE <target> with the mentality of Fgrows!
4:<player> snickers as <target> mutters something about raiding their allies and Fgrows.
5:<player> concentrates, and you feel the urge to change clan policy!
6:You laugh maniacally at your former allies!
7:<player> is in the Fgrows mentality, better watch your back!
fingertips - by Unknown
1:What's that blue thing ... doing here???
2:"What's that blue thing ...doing here?", screams <player>.
3:Isn't <target> the guy who hit you in the eye?
4:<player> tells <target>, "Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?"
5:<player> tells you, "Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?"
6:You've found a new friend... underneath your pillow!! :)
7:<player> has found a new friend... underneath <his/her> pillow.
fiofy - by Unknown
1:You mutter to yourself about those damned area quests.
2:<player> mutters to <him/her>self about area quests and builders who won't give clues.
3:You tell <target>, "Figure It Out For Yourself!" What a N00b!
4:<player> tells <target>, "Figure It Out For Yourself!" Guess <target> is fishing for area quest solutions again.
5:<player> tells you, "Figure It Out For Yourself!" Guess that's the only hint you're going to get.
6:You mutter "Figure It Out For Yourself" over and over again.
7:<player> mutters "Figure It Out For Yourself" over and over again.
fishfear - by Unknown
1:You live in fear of the fish.
2:<player> lives in fear of the fish.
3:You tell <target>, "I am deathly afraid of the fish!"
4:<player> tells <target>, "I am deathly afraid of the fish!"
5:<player> tells you, "I am deathly afraid of the fish!"
6:Not the fish! Not the fish!
7:<player> loses all touch with reality as <his/her> fear of the fish takes over!
fit - by Unknown
1:You have an awful laughing fit. Something must be really funny.
2:<player> has an awful laughing fit. Someone! Do the Heimlich maneuver!
3:You have an awful laughing fit at what <he/she> did.
4:<player> has an awful laughing fit at what <target> did.
5:<player> has an awful laughing fit at what you did.
6:You think you're pretty funny, don't you?
7:<player> thinks <he/she> is really funny.
fjack - by Unknown
1:With a mischevious smile, you pat a brick as if it were a kitten.
2:With a mischevious smile, <player> pats a brick as if it were a kitten.
3:You stand up from your wheel chair and throw a brick at <target>'s head !
4:<player> stands up from <his/her> wheel chair and throws a brick at <target>'s head !
5:Oh my god ! <player> has thrown a brick at your head !
6:You start cursing in your wheel chair.
7:<player> starts shouting : 'Feck ! Girls ! Drink !' like Father Jack !
flail - by Unknown
1:You flail your arms about wildly.
2:<player> flails <his/her> arms about wildly.
3:You flail your arms about wildly, scaring <target> half to death.
4:<player> flails <his/her> arms about wildly. <target> thinks <he/she> might be crazy.
5:<player> flails <his/her> arms about wildly, you wonder what could be wrong with <him/her>.
6:You flail your arms about wildly, bopping yourself in the head. Why'd you do that?
7:<player> flails <his/her> arms about wildly, bopping <his/her> own head. What's wrong with <him/her>?'
flame - by Unknown
1:You suddenly know everything. Write a note and tell everyone!
2:<player> suddenly knows all, and begins writing a note to prove it.
3:You rapidly note <target>, explaining how wrong <he/she> is.
4:<target> bursts into tears after <player> brutally flames <him/her>.
5:You see the error of your ways after <player> writes you 30 notes.
6:You wait for someone to write a note so that you may correct them.
7:<player> starts searching the boards, looking for a topic to argue.
flare - by Unknown
1:You flare your nostrils disdainfully.
2:<player> flares <his/her> nostrils disdainfully.
3:You flare your nostrils disdainfully at <target>... HOW RUDE!
4:<player> flares <his/her> nostrils disdainfully at <target> and turns up <his/her> snobbish nose.
5:<player> flares <his/her> nostrils disdainfully at you... what'd you DO???
6:*Sniff* But you should LOVE yourself!
flash - by Unknown
1:You grin and strut as you open your coat and show what you've got!
2:<player> rips <his/her> clothes off and parades naked around the room!
3:Swiftly you jerk open your jacket, trying to get <him/her> to notice you.
4:Cover your eyes, <player> is exposing <him/her>self to <target>! EWWWW!
5:You gasp! <player> has just revealed <his/her> "equipment" to you!
6:That's sick.
7:PERVERT PRESENT! <player> is trying to flash <him/her>self
flaunt - by Unknown
1:You walk around the room with a saucy sway to your hips, flaunting your body.
2:<player> is walking around the room with a saucy sway to their hips, flaunting <his/her> body.
3:You approach <target> flaunting your body.
4:You watch as <player> approaches <target>, flaunting <his/her> body.
5:<player> approaches you wearing nothing but an alluring smile, flaunting <his/her> body.
6:You flaunt for yourself in front of a mirror.
7:<player> obviously thinks highly of themselves as they flaunt in front of a mirror.
flevel - by Unknown
1:Lasher tells you to level ... or else.
2:<player> cowers in fear as Lasher warns <him/her> to level ... or else.
3:You pull out your Imm Deputy Badge and order <target> to level!
4:<player> whips out a small piece of paper and firmly orders <target> to level!
5:<player> whips out a Deputy's Badge and says, 'LEVEL in the name of the law!'
6:You hide behind your pet weasel's cage, afraid Lasher is going to order you to level.
7:<player> is using <his/her> weasel as a shield against Lasher's wrath! Oh, the humanity!
flex - by Unknown
1:You flex your muscles proudly!
2:<player> flexes <his/her> muscles...what a stud!?!
3:You show off to <target>, flexing your muscles proudly.
4:<player> flexes <his/her> muscles, in a vain attempt to impress <target>.
5:<player> flexes <his/her> muscles in a vain attempt to show off to you.
flex0r - by Unknown
1:Showing off your l33t pr0w355, you flex0r j00r muscles to impress your friends.
2:WOW!!@@!1 <player> r hella l33t buffx0rz!!! <he/she> r flex0rz n u wantz <him/her>.
3:In an attempt to impress <target> with your l33t skillz, you flex0r 4 <him/her>. ehehe buff
4:<target> r h3lla lucky d00d cuz dat buffx0r l33t <player> r flex0r to <him/her>.
5:OMG D00D <player> R FLEX0R 4 J00!!!!11 whow dats speshul, u r wantz <him/her> bad now
6:*sigh* Feeling a little lonely, are we?
7:How sad. <player> has no friends, so <he/she> must resort to flex0ring for <him/her>self.
flibber - by Unknown
1:You flibber your lips.
2:<player> flibbers <his/her> lips.
3:You flibber your lips at <target>.
4:<player> flibbers <his/her> lips at <target>.
5:<player> flibbers <his/her> lips at you!...Urghs...Did <he/she> get spit on you?
6:You flibber at yourself...Feeling a bit down huh?
7:<player> flibbers <his/her> lips at <him/her>self....better stand back before <he/she> flibbers at you!
flinch - by Unknown
1:EEEK... You flinch in obvious pain.
2:<player> flinches in obvious pain... you wonder what <he/she> did THIS time.
3:Don't you wish you could just crawl under a rock and die?
4:<player> sneaks a glance at <target> and flinches.
5:<player> flinches in response to your cold rebuke.
6:You can't believe what you've done...
7:<player> twitches violently, shocked at <his/her> own behavior.
flip - by Unknown
1:You flip head over heels.
2:<player> flips head over heels.
3:You flip <him/her> over your shoulder.
4:<player> flips <target> over <his/her> shoulder.
5:<player> flips you over <his/her> shoulder. Hmmmm.
6:You tumble all over the room.
7:<player> does some nice tumbling and gymnastics.
flirt - by Unknown
1:You flirt outrageously.
2:<player> is an outrageous flirt.
3:You flirt with <target> trying to get <his/her> attention.
4:<player> flirts with <target>, hmmm wonder what <he/she> wants? *wink*
5:<player> flirts with you.
6:You flirt with yourself -- what ARE you trying to gain!?!?!?
7:<player> flirts with <him/her>self, wonder what <he/she> is trying to accomplish?
flitter - by Unknown
1:You flutter about on your faerie wings.
2:With a sprinkle of pixie dust, <player> floats into the air.
3:You flutter your faerie wings in <target>'s face.
4:<player> flaps <his/her> silken wings in <target>'s face.
5:You are on the recieving end of <player>'s sparkly fairie wings.
6:You try to flap your own face but only fly in circles.
7:<player> flutters about in circles on <his/her> faerie wings.
flop - by Tripitaka
1:You flop about.
2:<player> flops about.
3:You flop on top of <target>.
4:<player> flops on top of <target>.
5:<player> flops on top of you.
6:You love to flop. Don't we all?
7:<player> screams "I love to flop!!"
florg - by Unknown
1:You finish brewing a vat of Green Florg.
2:<player> cackles as <his/her> brew of Green Florg steams and bubbles.
3:You push <target> into a large vat of Green Florg and cackle.
4:<player> pushes <target> into a large vat of Green Florg and cackles.
5:<player> pushes you into a large vat of Green Florg and cackles.
6:You dive into a vat of Green Florg screaming "I'm a Gible!".
7:<player> dives into a vat of Green Florg screaming "I'm a Gible!".
fluffle - by Unknown
1:You fluff up your fur in annoyance.
2:<player> fluffs up <his/her> fur. What could be wrong?
3:You fluffle <target> mercilessly, making <his/her> fur a terrible mess.
4:<player> fluffles <target>'s fur mercilessly.
5:<player> has fluffled your fur! Argh, now you have to comb it again!
6:You run a paw forwards along your head, making a mohawk.
7:<player> runs <his/her> paw forwards along <his/her> head, fluffling up a mohawk.
flutter - by Unknown
1:You flutter your eyelashes seductively.
2:<player> flutters <his/her> eyelashes seductively.
3:You flutter your eyelashes at <target>, trying to be seductive.
4:<player> flirts with <target>, flutters <his/her> eyelashes at <him/her>.
5:<player> flutters <his/her> eyelashes at you coyly.
flygo - by Xochipilli
2:<player> runs into the room looking for a flygo.
4:<player> starts to poke <target>, wondering if <he/she> is a flygo.
5:<player> has just used the flygo social on you.
6:Run 3n2e2s3e3swu from estates 2000 for my manor.
7:<player> stands up, declaring <him/her>self a flygo.
fmtpo - by Unknown
1:There must be someone out there who you can insult. Look harder.
2:<player> appears to be looking for people to insult. Let's hope <he/she> is unsuccessful.
3:'Ey, <target> you are a really nice piece of work ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!
4:<player> says, "'Ey, <target>, you are a really nice piece of work ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!" You can't help but laugh.
5:<player> says, 'Ey, <target> you are a really nice piece of work ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!
6:I know, I know! I am the greatest insult comic ever ... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!
7:Wow, <player> thinks <he/she> is the greatest. Then <he/she> goes on to laugh at <him/her>self. Very peculiar.
foam - by Unknown
1:You load up a banana-yellow toy gun with foam discs. Lock and load!
2:<player> loads up a banana-yellow toy gun with foam discs. Duck!
3:Aiming carefully, you fire off a barrage of foam discs at <target>!
4:<player> takes careful aim and fires off a barrage of foam discs at <target>!
5:<player> aims <his/her> toy gun at you and fires off a barrage of foam discs!
6:You fire a toy gun at your chest and flop to the floor dramatically.
7:<player> fires a toy gun at <his/her> chest and flops to the floor. Death by foam!
focus - by Unknown
1:You take a minute to regain your focus.
2:<player> focuses for a minute.
3:You tell <target> to regain <his/her> focus!
4:<player> tells <target> to regain <his/her> focus!
5:From <player>: Focus! Remember our Goal!
6:Relax. Take a deep breath... Now, keep going.
7:<player> regains <his/her> focus.
fondle - by Unknown
1:Who needs to be fondled ?
3:You fondly fondle <him/her>.
4:<player> fondly fondles <target>.
5:<player> fondly fondles you.
6:You fondly fondle yourself, feels funny doesn't it?
7:<player> fondly fondles <him/her>self - this is going too far!!
fonz - by Unknown
1:You put on your leather jacket, slick back your hair, and stick your thumb in the air! Cool!!
2:<player> is acting like Fonzie again. What WILL <he/she> do next?!
3:At last! Someone who remembers Happy Days! You slap <target> on the back and yell, "Sit on it!"
4:<target> screams and hides. Do you think they're trying to tell you something?!
5:<player> swaggers up to you and shows you how cool <he/she> is. What a goob!
6:You look at yourself and scream. Your impression of Fonzie isn't so great after all, is it?
7:You wonder why people like <player> ever owned a television set..
footrub - by Unknown
1:You glance around the room looking for someone to rub your feet.
2:<player> glances around the room looking for someone to rub <his/her> feet.
3:You ask <target> to rub your tired feet.
4:<player> asks <target> to rub <his/her> tired feet. Better leave before <he/she> asks you.
5:<player> asks you to rub <his/her> tired feet. Better leave your gloves on.
6:You rub your tired feet, waiting for a refresh.
7:<player> rubs <his/her> tired feet. <he/she> sure could use a refresh.
footstomp - by Unknown
1:You stomp your feet and pout like the baby you are.
2:<player> stomps <his/her> feet and throws a tantrum like a baby.
3:You stomp your feet on the ground for what <target> did to you.
4:<player> stomps <his/her> feet and throws a tantrum at <target>.
5:<player> stomps <his/her> feet like a baby.
6:You stomp your feet in a virtual temper tantrum.
7:<player> throws a tantrum. What a baby!
forgive - by Unknown
1:You are in a very forgiving mood today!
2:<player> smiles and generously forgives everyone.
3:You smile and hug <target>, forgiving them completely.
4:<player> beams at <target> and generously forgives them.
5:<player> gives you a hug and a smile, forgiving you completely.
6:You decide to forgive yourself for your mistakes.
7:<player> forgives <him/her>self for <his/her> mistakes.
fork - by Unknown
1:You figure you'll just forkgive and forkget.
2:<player> is prepared to forkgive and forkget.
3:You tell <target> to fork off!
4:<player> tells <target> to fork off!
5:<player> tells you to fork off! Forkrist sakes!
6:If you're going to fork, use a glove!
frag - by Unknown
1:You pull out your Rocket Launcher and look for someone to frag.
2:Uhuo... better get away, <player> has got a rocket launcher!
3:You raise your Rocket launcher up at <target> and... *GIB*
4:You hear a scream and <player> grins as you're hit in the head by one of <target>'s body parts!
5:You try to run away but it's too late! You have been Gibbed by <player>.
6:You aim your Rocket Launcher at the ground in a attempt to rocket jump... You should of had more health!
7:You watch as <player> trys to rocket jump...Guess <he/she> shud of picked up a health pack!
fraggle - by Unknown
1:You look around for some Fraggles....
2:<player> seems to be looking for a creature called a Fraggle.
3:You send your army of giant miniature space Fraggles after <target>.
4:<player> has sent an army of Fraggles after <target>.
5:RUN AND HIDE! <player> has sent <his/her> army of Fraggles after you!
6:You proclaim yourself RULER of the Fraggles!!!!
7:<player> seems to have proclaimed <him/her>self RULER of something called Fraggles.
freak - by Unknown
1:Stop freaking everyone else out!
2:<player> freaks you as <he/she> stamps FREAK on your forehead!
3:Your freakiness completely corrupts <target>, <he/she> is now a true freak.
4:<player> stamps the official seal of FREAK on <target>'s forehead.
5:<player> thinks you are such a freak, you need therapy!
6:<player> looks at everyone and realizes <he/she> is surrounded by freaks!
7:<player> begins to understand... everyone else in the room is a freak!
freakout - by Unknown
1:You freak out and don't remember anything after that.
2:<player> freaks out and runs screaming into the wall.
3:You look at <target> and your eye begins to twitch.
4:<player> runs screaming into <target>, barrelling <him/her> into the wall.
5:<player> screams and runs into you, throwing you against the wall.
6:You freak out and punch yourself in the face.
7:<player> freaks out and proceeds to have a boxing match with <him/her>self.
freebeer - by Unknown
1:You walk around your favourite pub looking for a mate to shout you some free beer.
2:<player> is doing the rounds again. Better hide your wallet.
3:You ask <target> for some spare cash to buy a beer or two.
4:<player> is hassling <target> for cash for beer, better leave before <he/she> comes for you.
5:<player> is bugging you for cash to buy <him/her>self some beers. *sigh*
6:You sing the free beer song!
7:<player> sings, "Free beer, free beer, that's my favourite brand! If I didn't have to buy it, it's the best beer in the land!"
french - by Unknown
1:Kiss whom?
3:You give <target> a long and passionate kiss, it seems to last forever...
4:<player> kisses <target> passionately.
5:<player> gives you a long and passionate kiss, it seems to last forever...
6:You gather yourself in your arms and try to kiss yourself.
7:<player> makes an attempt at kissing <him/her>self.
friends - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to be friends with.
2:<player> looks around for someone to be friends with...Poor thing.
3:Isn't it great to have such a wonderful friend!
4:<player> gives <target> a hug and tells <him/her> what a good friend <he/she> is.
5:<player> gives you a warm hug and tells you what a great friend you are.
6:You mutter to yourself about how you have no friends.
7:<player> mutters to <him/her>self about how <he/she> has no friends.
frisk - by Unknown
1:You grip your baton looking for a civilian to harrass.
2:<player> grips <his/her> baton tightly looking for someone to harrass.
3:You run your hands over <target> looking for concealed weapons.
4:<player> forces <target> against the wall and runs <his/her> hands over <him/her> looking for concealed weapons.
5:You assume the position, <player> runs <his/her> hands over you looking for concealed weapons.
6:Are you that desperate?
7:<player> is rubbing <him/her>self in public again, how gross!
froglick - by Unknown
1:You poke around the bushes, looking for frogs to lick!
2:<player> is looking for frogs to lick... okay, gross?
3:Maybe <target> is a magic frog...
4:<player> seems to have mistaken <target> for either a postage stamp or a magic frog.
5:<player> thinks you're a halucinogenic frog! How humiliating!
6:You think you're a magic frog? Maybe you're already high.
7:<player> licks <him/her>self, thinking they're a frog. Wierdo.
frolicv - by Unknown
1:You frolic around the room viciously.
2:<player> frolics about the room viciously.
3:You frolic viciously with <target>.
4:<player> frolics viciously with <target>.
5:<player> frolics viciously with you.
6:You frolic viciously with yourself, weirdo!
7:<player> frolics viciously with <him/her>self, weirdo!
frown - by Unknown
1:What's bothering you?
2:<player> frowns.
3:You frown at what <he/she> did.
4:<player> frowns at what <target> did.
5:<player> frowns at what you did.
6:You frown at yourself. Poor baby.
7:<player> frowns at <him/her>self. What a sad puppy....
fry - by Unknown
1:Okay, don't panic. Relax. Chill. Just let the colors bend.
2:Oh great, <player> is off hiding in the corner again...
3:You tumble over to <target> and ask <him/her> if <he/she>'s seen the vegetable-folk.
4:<player> meanders up to <target> and asks <him/her> something. What's going on?
5:<player> asks you if you've seen any of "Those little green dudes" around.
6:You manage to bend time into a penguin-shaped block of ice. Good show!
7:<player>'s been sitting in that corner for at least two hours. What's wrong with <him/her>?
fstar - by Unknown
1:A falling star catches your eye.
2:<player> is looking for a falling star to wish upon.
3:You and <target> make a wish upon a falling star.
4:<player> and <target> wistfully gaze upon a falling star.
5:<player> wishes upon a falling star for your happiness.
6:You make a wish upon a falling star.
7:<player> watches a falling star.
fted - by Unknown
1:Oh no... This money is *still* in your bank account !
2:<player> shivers when <he/she> realizes that the money is still in <his/her> bank account !
3:Congratulations to <target> ! You just gave <him/her> a Golden Cleric Award !
4:<target> stands proud, because <he/she> just received <his/her> Golden Cleric Award from <player> !
5:You stand proud, receiving your Golden Cleric Award from <player>'s hands.
6:One day, you will find *normal* friends...
7:<player> seems to think that some of you *really* need to sleep...
fubar - by Unknown
1:The platoon walks around the crashed airplane, muttering "fubar..."
2:"Fubar, man. That's hardcore," says Sgt. <player> at the sight of so much blood.
3:You walk up to <target> with an empty look in your eyes, and mutter, "Fubar..."
4:<player> stumbles over to <target> and mutters the word "Fubar" as though all light had gone from <his/her> world...
5:<player> falls into your arms, muttering senselessly about "Fubar..." Then you see it too.
6:Fubar...fubar...fubar...fubar... just end it!
7:<player> screams "Fubar!" and blows <his/her> brains out with a 9mm service pistol.
fuck - by Unknown
1:You let out a string of curses that would make your mother blush.
2:<player> lets out a string of curses that would make you blush if we hadn't censored <him/her>.
3:You let out a string of curses at <target> that would make you get jailed if we hadn't censored them.
4:<player> lets out a string curses at <target> that would make you blush if we hadn't censored <him/her>.
5:<player> lets out a string curses at you that would make you blush if we hadn't censored <him/her>.
6:Doh!!! That was stupid. You reel off a string of curses at yourself.
7:<player> strides around letting out a string of curses at <him/her>self that would make you blush if not censored.
fume - by Unknown
1:Take it easy now! Count to ten, very slowly.
2:<player> grits <his/her> teeth and fumes with rage.
3:You stare at <him/her>, fuming.
4:<player> stares at <target>, fuming with rage.
5:<player> stares at you, fuming with rage!
6:That's right - hate yourself!
7:<player> clenches <his/her> fists and stomps <his/her> feet, fuming with anger.
funnyfarm - by Unknown
1:They're coming to take you away! They're coming to take you away!
2:The men in white coats have come to take <player> away.
3:You send the men in white coats to take <target> away-- <he/she>'s lost <his/her> mind!
4:<player> sends the men in white coats to take <target> away to the funny farm.
5:<player> has sent the men in white coats to take you away to the funny farm!
6:You commit yourself to the funny farm, where life is happy all the time.
7:<player> commits <him/her>self to the funny farm-- it's about time!
furby - by Unknown
1:You hover above the ground and pretend to be an evil furby.
2:<player> hovers above the ground fancying <him/her>self to be an evil furby.
3:You hover above <target> and demand that <he/she> gives you AA batteries.
4:Strange. <player> seems to be mugging <target> for batteries.
5:<player> hovers above you and yells, "i r evil furby! Give me batteries!".
6:hEhE I R EVIL FURBY! . .. must.. be. .. complete.. .
7:<player> mumbles insanely about evil furbies.
furrow - by Unknown
1:You furrow your brow in concern.
2:<player> furrows <his/her> brow in concern. Wonder what's wrong.
3:You furrow your brow at <target>. What did they do?
4:<player> furrows <his/her> brow at <target>. Perhaps <he/she> has done something wrong?
5:<player> furrows <his/her> brow in concern, looking at you.
6:You furrow your brow and immerse yourself in your own thoughts.
7:<player> furrows <his/her> brow as <he/she> contemplates life.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!