70 applicable socials found.

gack - by Unknown
2:<player> gacks with dismay!
3:Appalled, you gack at <target>.
4:<player> gacks expressively, shooting <target> a dismayed look.
5:<player> gacks, and looks your way, dismayed.
7:Appalled, <player> gacks at <him/her>self!
gag - by Unknown
1:You start to gag as you are totally revulsed.
2:<player> takes one look and turns green as <he/she> starts to gag.
3:You decide the only way to have some quiet is to gag <target>.
4:<player> forces a gag into <target>'s mouth. Ahhh, blessed quiet.
5:<player> smiles triumphantly as <he/she> subdues you and forces a gag into your mouth.
6:Afraid of making too much noise, you fashion a gag and tie it firmly.
7:Kinky!!! <player> has gagged <him/her>self.
gape - by Unknown
1:You gape, dumbfounded.
2:<player> gapes in astonishment.
3:Your eyes widen to the size of saucers at <target>.
4:<player> looks at <target>, jaw hanging around <his/her> knees.
5:You quietly tell <player> to close <his/her> mouth before <he/she> swallows a fly.
6:You gape at yourself! What in the world did you do...?
7:<player> gapes amazedly at <him/her>self... How infinitely odd!
garfield - by Unknown
1:You laze around all the time and pick on dumb dogs.
2:<player> is pulling mean pranks on some poor dog again. Woohoo! Go <player>!
3:You grab <target> and cram them into a sugar bowl for being too cute.
4:<player> just did something with <target>.. where is <he/she>?!
5:<player> just shoved you into a sugar bowl! Oh the humanity!
6:You fix yourself a sandwich. Filled with the entire contents of your fridge!
7:<player> makes a giant sandwich and scarfs it down in one bite.
garou - by Unknown
1:You lift your furry head high and snarl at the world, for you are Garou!
2:<player> growls at the world with blazing lupine eyes. Could it be <he/she> is a Garou?
3:You shift to Crinos and snarl deeply at <target> as you stalk towards <him/her>.
4:<player> shifts to a massive Crinos battle form, snarling deeply at <target>. Run!
5:<player> grows to three times <his/her> height as <he/she> shifts to Crinos and snarls loudly at you! Uh oh!
6:You shift to Lupus and tilt your head quietly, your eyes flashing with intelligence.
7:<player> shifts to Lupus form and looks around with bright, intelligent eyes.
gasp - by Unknown
1:You gasp in astonishment.
2:<player> gasps in astonishment.
3:You gasp as you realize what <he/she> did.
4:<player> gasps as <he/she> realizes what <target> did.
5:<player> gasps as <he/she> realizes what you did.
6:You look at yourself and gasp!
7:<player> takes one look at <him/her>self and gasps in astonishment!
gator - by Citron
1:You snap a three-foot gator at passing strangers, daring them to whine.
2:<player> whips <his/her> three-foot gator through the air, daring you to whine.
3:<target> whines there's no beer in the house, provoking you into bitch-slapping <him/her> with a three-foot gator.
4:<player> is beating <target> about the head and shoulders with a three-foot gator like a two dollar whore.
5:<player> drank all the beer, and now <he/she>'s beating you with a three-foot gator ...get the gun!
6:<player> discovers <he/she> finished the last beer, and beats <him/her>self with a three-foot gator.
7:You whine to yourself that you finished the last beer...now you have
gau - by Unknown
1:You run around the room yelling THOU, THOU, THOU, THOU, THOU!!!
2:<player> runs around the room yelling THOU, THOU, THOU, THOU, THOU!!!
3:You inquire of your companion Mr. Thou, what will you be doing next?
4:<player> asks <target>, "What we do now, Mr. Thou?"
5:<player> asks you "What we do now, Mr. Thou?" What an odd person!
6:Thou art so.....odd.
7:<player> drapes an animal skin about his shoulders and asks people to dance!
gawk - by Unknown
1:You gawk at nothing special.
2:<player> looks around the room for something to gawk at.
3:You gawk at <target>.
4:<player> gawks at <target> looking dumbfounded.
5:<player> gawks at you, wonder what you did this time.
6:Gawking at yourself again, to bad you cannot see how funny you look, wait others can.
7:<player> begins gawking at <him/her>self, what a vain attempt to look kewl.
gaze - by Unknown
1:You gaze in wonder at your surroundings.
2:A glassy look comes over <player>'s eyes as <he/she> gazes about.
3:You gaze adoringly at <target>.
4:Obviously <player> is in love with <target> by the way <he/she>'s looking at <him/her>.
5:You notice <player> gazing at you with lovesick eyes. <player> must be in love with you.
6:Are you in love with yourself or what?
7:There is something wrong with <player>. <player>'s gazing at <him/her>self.
gblargh - by Shen
1:At last you find the name of the final Imm command. 'Gblargh'
2:<player> isn't making much sense right now, "Ah ha! Gblargh"???
3:You try to take control of Aardwolf, starting with <target>.
4:<player> tries to take control of Aardwolf, starting with <target>. Good
5:<player> tries to take control of Aardwolf, starting with You! What'd you do?
6:Everything's in place... No!!! No super-secret Imm decoder ring!
7:<player> almost takes over Aardwolf, but forgets the super-secret Imm decoder
gclap - by Unknown
1:You clap silently against the palm of your hand.
2:<player> quietly practices <his/her> golfclap.
3:You clap mockingly at <him/her> to show how much you care.
4:<player>'s golf clapping is really beginning to get annoying.
5:<player> turns <his/her> nose up at you showing how <he/she> cares with a golfclap.
6:You mock youself with your own golfclap.. are you ok?
7:<player> shows how much <he/she> likes <his/her> deeds with a golfclap.
ghetto - by Unknown
1:You look around for your peeps to get ready to drive into the Ghetto.
2:You better watch it, <player> just got in <his/her> ghetto wagon with <his/her> peeps!
3:You look at <target> in disgust as your crew jumps out the wagon.
4:You and your crew drive off as you see <player> and <target> are about to have a gang war.
5:You feel terrible as <player> and <his/her> crew jump you and ghetto stomp you to the ground.
6:You load your 9 and head outside in to the ghetto.
7:You watch in horror as <player> pulls out <his/her> 9 and loads it up.
ghosts - by Unknown
1:Quick! To the Strong Bad cave!
2:<player> shouts "To the Strong Bad cave!" as <he/she> enters a closet. Weird.
3:You use your ghost detecting equipment on <target> and shout "It's the ghost of General Tso!"
4:<player> points a flashlight at <target> and shouts "It's the ghost of General Tso!" What's that smell?
5:<player> shines a flashlight in your face and shouts "It's the ghost of General Tso!" You run.
6:You set out in search of ghosts in Strongbadia.
7:<player> sets out in search of ghosts in Strongbadia.
gibberish - by Unknown
1:You begin speaking in some strange language.
2:<player> has flipped and is speaking gibberish.
3:You try to talk with <target> in some strange language.
4:<player> tries to talk with <target> in <his/her> native tongue.
5:You can't understand a THING <player> is saying to you.
7:<player> is talking to <his/her>self again.
giggle - by Unknown
1:You giggle.
2:<player> giggles.
3:You giggle in <his/her> presence.
4:<player> giggles at <target>'s actions.
5:<player> giggles at you. Hope it's not contagious!
6:You giggle at yourself, which makes you giggle at yourself, which makes you ...
7:<player> giggles at <him/her>self -- <he/she> must be nervous or something.
gillfreak - by Unknown
1:You search around, looking for someone to 'freak.
2:Watch out! <player> is gettin 'freaky!
3:You run up to <target> and point at <his/her> gills. GILLFREAK!!
4:You watch <target>'s gills ruffle as <player> shrieks, "GILLFREAK!!"
5:With horror, you run your hands along your neck as <player> shrieks, "GILLFREAK!!"
6:Are you really that bored?
7:Look! <player> 'freaked <him/her>self! What a loser.
gir - by Unknown
1:Hiding in the turkey, you leap out and surprise everyone!
2:<player> proudly announces, "It was me! I was the turkey all along!"
3:You sing the six month long "Doom Song"! <target> shoots <him/her>self in the head.
4:<target> shoots <him/her>self in the head after hearing <player>'s six month long "Doom Song."
5:<player> sings a song consisting of the word "doom" that lasts six months. You shoot yourself.
6:You are NEKKID!
7:Taking off <his/her> green dog suit, <player> dances around, screaming, "Wheehee! I'm nekkid!"
girn - by Unknown
1:You try to grin but fail miserably.
2:<player> tries to grin but fails miserably.
3:You try to grin at <him/her> but get caught in a fit of laughter.
4:<player> tries to grin at <target> but breaks down in a fit of laughter.
5:<player> apparently tries to grin at you but breaks down laughing instead.
6:You try to grin at yourself but you are too funny and you break down laughing instead.
7:<player> tries to grin, but breaks down in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.
gjoy - by Unknown
1:You make a noise of utter geeker joy!
2:<player> makes a noise of utter geeker joy!
3:You make a noise of utter geeker joy at <target>.
4:<player> makes a noise of utter geeker joy at <target>.
5:<player> makes a noise of utter geeker joy at you.
6:You make a noise of utter geeker joy at yourself.
7:<player> makes a noise of utter geeker joy at <him/her>self.
gk - by Unknown
1:You build yourself up into a fury threatening to kick everyone in the Ba'als!
2:<player> shouts something about, 'Darn Ba'als!' and kicks at the air menacingly!
3:You kick <target> in the groin and a couple of Ba'als fall out!
4:<player> kicks <target> right in the Ba'als!
5:<player> kicks you in the Ba'als!
6:You attempt to kick yourself in the Ba'als! Thank god you dont know yoga!
7:<player> is attempting to kick themselves in the Ba'als, what in the world could they be doing!?!
glare - by Unknown
1:You glare at nothing in particular.
2:<player> glares around <him/her>.
3:You glare icily at <him/her>.
4:<player> glares at <target>.
5:<player> glares icily at you, you feel cold to your bones.
6:You glare icily at your feet, they are suddenly very cold.
7:<player> glares at <his/her> feet, what is bothering <him/her>?
gloat - by Unknown
1:Didn't anyone teach you not to gloat over your rival's misfortune?
2:<player> has a malicious grin on <his/her> face. Looks like <he/she> is in some sort of self-satisfactory trance.
3:Who can blame you for gloating? <target> deserves everything bad heading <his/her> way.
4:<player> is gloating over <target>'s misfortune. Somebody needs to teach <him/her> some manners.
5:Unfortunately for you, <player> seems incredibly pleased over your recent shortcomings. How can <he/she> be so mean?
6:Gloating over your own misfortune? What a sad state your existence has come to.
7:As proof of <his/her> declining state of self-esteem, <player> is taking pleasure in <his/her> own failure.
glorebwyn - by Unknown
1:Are you REALLY that pathetic?
2:<player> begins imitating Glorebwyn. Oh dear lord...
3:You start complaining about quests to <target>.
4:<player>whines about quests to <target>.
5:<player> complains about quests to you. Dear god no!
6:You start to whine about quests to yourself.
7:<player> whines about quests, unaware that nobody is listening.
glwh - by Unknown
1:Your greedy little woman heart demands attention!
2:<player>'s greedy little woman heart demands attention!
3:You beam at <target>, your greedy little woman heart, filled with joy!
4:<player> beams at <player>, greedy little woman heart bursting with joy!
5:<player> beams at you, <his/her> greedy little woman heart bursting with joy!
6:<player> consoles her greedy little woman heart with a shopping spree.
7:<player> has just convinced <him/her>self to go on a shopping spree.
gmorning - by Unknown
1:You wave to everybody, chirping a cheery "Good morning!"
2:<player>'s hand blurs in a wave as <he/she> chirps a cheery "Good morning!"
3:You give <target> a warm smile, offering a cheery "Good morning!"
4:<player> smiles at <target>, offering a cheery "Good morning!"
5:<player> smiles warmly at you, offering a cheery "Good morning!"
6:You stroll amidst birdsong, enjoying the warm morning sunshine.
7:<player> strolls along, enjoying nature and the warm morning sunshine.
gnaw - by Unknown
1:You bare your teeth and a dribble of slobber falls down the side of your mouth.
2:<player> viciously bares <his/her> teeth!
3:You gnaw on <target>'s leg!
4:<player> gnaws on <target>'s leg!
5:<player> viciously gnaws at your leg!
6:You gnaw at your own leg!?!?
7:<player> visciously gnaws at <his/her> OWN leg!
gnight - by Unknown
1:You tell everyone goodnight.
2:<player> tells everyone goodnight.
3:You give <target> a soft goodnight kiss and wave to <him/her>.
4:<player> gives <target> a soft goodnight kiss then waves to <him/her>.
5:<player> gives you a soft goodnight kiss and then waves to you.
6:You say goodnight to yourself.
7:<player> says goodnight to <him/her>self, <he/she> must really be tired.
go123 - by Unknown
1:On your mark... Get set... Go!
2:<player> listens carefully... On your mark... Get set... Go!
3:You tell <target> to go jump in a lake.
4:<player> tells <target> to go jump in a lake.
5:<player> tells you to go jump in a lake.
6:Your secret life as a go-go dancer will make you famous one day!
7:<player>'s secret life as a go-go dancer will make <him/her> famous one day!
goatattack - by Twinkie
1:You begin to amass and inflate your vast army of death goats.
2:Odd.. you see <player> with an air pump and a box marked "top secret"
3:With a cry you unleash your army of death upon <target> and ruin <his/her> life.
4:A stream of <player>'s goats tears into <target>, leaving a warm stain.
5:Goats! From <player>! Come here little- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
6:For three easy payments of a million gold, you receive an army of killer goats!
7:The mailman arrives at <player>'s door with a package marked "Death".
goateesmite - by Unknown
1:You feel the omnipotent power emanating from your chin. Who's going to die now?
2:There is a low rumbling as the Goatee stirs. Best run while you still can.
3:Without remorse, you unleash the Goatee, utterly crushing <target>.
4:<player> unleashes the all-mighty Goatee on <target>! LOOK AWAY!
5:<player> unleashes the terrible Goatee on you! Game over, man, game over.
6:The Goatee possesses your hand, forcing you to rub its hairy countenance.
7:You watch, amused, as <player> fights to stop <his/her> hand from rubbing the Goatee.
gogo - by Unknown
1:Go go!
2:Go go <player>!
3:You yell "Go go <target>!"
4:<player> yells "Go go <target>!"
5:<player> yells "Go go <target>!" You feel loved!
6:You go!
7:Yay! Go <player>!
goleafs - by Unknown
1:You start chanting "Go Leafs Go!"
2:<player> starts chanting "Go Leafs Go!"
3:You join <target> in chanting "Go Leafs Go!"
4:<player> joins <target> in chanting "Go Leafs Go!"
5:<player> joins you in chanting "Go Leafs Go!"
6:You hold the Stanley Cup over your head and yell "Go Leafs Go!"
7:<player> holds the Stanley Cup over <his/her> head and yells "Go Leafs Go!"
gollum - by Unknown
1:You hates them, my precious!
2:<player> goes "Nassty Hidden Immses, we hates them!".
3:You lick your lips and eye <target> up, rubbing your hands.
4:<player> hisses, and says "Nice <target>es! Yes, my precious... is it crunchable?".
5:You see <player>'s pale eyes staring at you out of the murk...
6:You grumble and moan to yourself about your birthday present.
7:<player> is mumbling to <him/her>self again. Something about a birthday present, by the sound of it.
goober - by Unknown
1:You think all of the people on this channel are being GoOBeRs!
2:<player> thinks ya'll are being a bunch of Gooberish GoOBeRs!
3:You think <target> is such a Gooberish GoOBeRs!
4:<player> thinks <target> is such a Gooberish GoOBeRs!
5:<player> thinks you are such a Gooberish GoOBeRs!
6:You slap yourself and exclaim "I am such a GoOBeRs"!
7:After slapping <him/her>self, <player> exclaims "I am such a GoOBeRs"!
goodnight - by Unknown
1:You wave "Goodnight" to everyone.
2:<player> waves "Goodnight" to everyone.
3:You wave "Goodnight" to <target>.
4:<player> waves "Goodnight" to <target>.
5:<player> waves "Goodnight" to you.
6:You wave "Goodnight" to yourself, perhaps it's time for bed?
7:<player> waves "Goodnight" to <him/her>self. Obviously <he/she> is very tired.
goose - by Unknown
1:Who would you like to goose?
3:You tenderly goose <target> on the tush.
4:<player> reaches around <target>'s backside and gooses <him/her> tenderly.
5:<player> gooses you tenderly!
6:You pinch yourself on the rear, you must be desperate.
7:<player> pinches <him/her>self on the rear.
gotcha - by Unknown
1:You put on a pair of shorts and an Aussie accent as you sight a bot.
2:<player> puts on a pair of shorts and an Aussie accent as <he/she> sights the elusive bot.
3:You grab the <target>Bot by the tail and holds up for all to see. Poisonous they are!
4:<player> grabs the <target>Bot by the tail and holds <him/her> up for all to see. Poisonous <he/she> is and likes to bite. (or is it write?)
5:<player> grabs you by the tail and holds you up for all to see. Your triggers do not know what to do but you will write notes later.
6:You catch yourself botting. Note to self: Lucky, next time type AFK.
7:<player> catches <him/her>self botting. Will <he/she> nuke <him/her>self?
goth - by Unknown
1:You Put on your Black Makeup and Leather.
2:Looks like <player> is going Goth.
3:<target> should join you at the morgue.
4:<player> invites <target> to the morgue...looks like the Goths are coming out.
5:Looks like <player> wants you to go Goth. RUN!!!!
6:You primp and preen in the mirror with your white face paint and black lipstick.
7:<player> is primping in front of the mirror..<he/she> looks like a mime!
gotojail - by Unknown
1:Oh no! You drew the "Go to Jail" card! You will go directly to Jail! You will not pass "Go"! You will not collect 200 Dollar!
2:Ha! <player> drew the "Go to Jail" card! <player> will go directly to Jail, not pass "Go" and not collect 200 Dollars!
3:You send <target> straight to Jail. <he/she> will not pass "Go". <he/she> will not collect 200 Dollar.
4:You see <player> grinning evilly as <he/she> hands <player> a card reading, "Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect 200 Dollar."
5:You shiver as <player> hands you a card, reading "Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect 200 Dollar."
6:You go to Jail. You directly go to Jail. You do not pass "Go". You do not collect 200 Dollar.
7:<player> goes to Jail. <player> goes directly to Jail. <player> does not pass "Go". <player> does not collect 200 Dollar.
govote - by Unknown
1:You remind everyone to vote.
2:It is time to vote again, <player> reminds everyone.
3:You explain, yet again, to <target> why they need to vote.
4:<player> tells <target> to vote.
5:<player> explains how to vote. www.aardmud.org -> click on vote -> click on vote for this site.
6:You remind yourself to vote.
7:<player> reminds <him/her>self how to vote. www.aardmud.org -> click on vote -> click on vote for this site.
gpool - by Unknown
1:You proclaim loudly that the Gene Pool needs cleaning!
2:<player> proclaims that we must filter the Gene Pool!
3:You realize the possibilities and order <target> OUT! of the Pool!
4:<player> orders <target> OUT! of the Gene Pool!
5:You have been ordered OUT! of the Gene Pool! by <player>.
6:You proclaim yourself unworthy of the Gene Pool!
7:<player> orders <him/her>self OUT! of the Gene Pool...its about time!
grail - by Unknown
1:You say "We found a witch, may we burn her?"
2:<player> says "We found a witch, may we burn her?"
3:You declare that <target> has turned you into a newt!
4:<player> declares "<target> turned me into a newt! But it got better..."
5:<player> declares you turned <him/her> into a newt. What a loony.
6:You want to stay and take on all one hundred and eighty of them!
7:<player> says "Well, maybe I could stay for just a bit longer...."
grammar - by Unknown
1:Of course your grammar is not uncorrect!
2:<player> proclaims that <his/her> grammar and speling is perfecting yes no what do you think!
3:With a perfect use of pronouns, you tell <him/her> what you think of <his/her> use of English.
4:Salvation! <player> percussively teaches <target> some English at last!
5:Smacking you with a dictionary, <player> harshly criticizes your English.
6:How could you lower yourself to the level of such unacceptable English usage?
7:Noticing the mistake, <player> groans at <his/her> poor grasp of English.
greendestiny - by Unknown
1:You say, "A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands."
2:<player> says, "A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands."
3:You scream at <target>, "Without Green Destiny, you are nothing!"
4:<player> screams at <target>, "Without Green Destiny, you are nothing!"
5:<player> screams at you, "Without Green Destiny, you are nothing!"
6:You shout, "Who am I? I am... I am the Invincible Sword Goddess, armed with the incredible Green Destiny!"
7:<player> shouts, "Who am I? I am... I am the Invincible Sword Goddess, armed with the incredible Green Destiny!"
greenteam - by Unknown
1:You are on the Green team and dang proud of it!
2:<player> is on the Green team and dang proud of it!
3:You help <target> slaughter the pitiful Red Team.
4:<player> helps <target> slaughter the pitiful Red Team.
5:<player> helps you slaughter the weak Red Team.
6:You will win the day for the Green.
7:<player> feels like <he/she> will win the day for the Green.
greenwuv - by Unknown
1:You lay down in the lush grass and dream of love in the sun!
2:<player> sits in the grass and pats the ground looking at you invitingly!
3:You tumble into the rolling emerald grasses nuzzling <target>
4:<player> pulls <target>'s willing body down into a grassy emerald bed of passion!
5:<player> pulls your willing body down into a grassy emerald bed of passion!
6:Well, I guess passionately alone in the grass is better than dead under it!
7:<player> appears to be sadly happy doing erotic things rolling in the grass.
greet - by Unknown
1:You smile and greet everyone warmly.
2:Smiling, <player> greets everyone warmly.
3:You smile at <target> and greet <him/her> warmly.
4:Smiling, <player> greets <target> warmly.
5:Smiling at you, <player> greets you warmly.
6:You imitate Hallmark and greet yourself warmly.
7:Imitating Hallmark, <player> greets <him/her>self warmly.
grief - by Unknown
1:You collapse to your knees and howl your grief to the uncaring sky above.
2:<player> collapses to the ground and howls a sound full of grief and sorrow.
3:You look <target> in the eye and patiently and remorsely tell them how you feel.
4:<player> speaks for a few moments to <target>, who suddenly turns away in shame.
5:O my god, <player> is pouring <his/her> heart out to you.
6:You let your emotional control relax and you stand there silently sobbing.
7:<player> goes very quiet and you seem to hear the faint sounds of crying.
grimace - by Unknown
1:You grimace painfully at the thought.
2:<player> grimaces painfully at the thought.
3:You grimace at <target>.
4:<player> grimaces at <target>.
5:<player> grimaces at you. What could be wrong?
6:You grimace painfully at your thoughts.
7:<player> grimaces painfully to <him/her>self.
grimble - by Unknown
1:You attempt to grimble, but lose your concentration.
2:<player> attempts to grimble, but loses <his/her> concentration...what a loser!
3:You grimble mercilessly at <target>.
4:<player> grimbles mercilessly at <target>. What the hell is a grimble?
5:<player> grimbles mercilessly at you. You're worried until you remember there's no such thing as a grimble.
6:You grimble to yourself, and then wonder what a grimble is.
7:<player> grimbles to <him/her>self, looking confused.
grin - by Unknown
1:You grin evilly.
2:<player> grins evilly.
3:You grin evilly at <him/her>.
4:<player> grins evilly at <target>.
5:<player> grins evilly at you. Hmmm. Better keep your distance.
6:You grin at yourself. You must be getting very bad thoughts.
7:<player> grins at <him/her>self. You must wonder what's in <his/her> mind.
grip - by Unknown
1:You tighten your grip on your weapon, preparing for battle.
2:<player> tightens <his/her> grip on <his/her> weapon, preparing for battle.
3:You grip your weapon, preparing for battle with <target>!
4:<player> tightens <his/her> grip on <his/her> weapon, preparing for battle with <target>!
5:<player> tightens <his/her> grip on <his/her> weapon, preparing for battle with you!
6:You attempt to get a grip on yourself.
7:<player> attempts to get a grip on <him/her>self.
grisu - by Unknown
1:You are -almost- as cute as Grisu the baby silver dragon, and you know it.
2:<player> insists <he/she> is almost as cute as Grisu the silver baby dragon. Suuuuuuuure, <he/she> is.
3:You happily fly around <target>, exuding waves of silver baby dragon wuv.
4:<player> happily flies around <target>, exuding waves of silver baby dragon wuv.
5:You feel all warm and tingly inside, as <player> happily flies around you exuding waves of silver baby dragon wuv.
6:You cuddle up with your stuffed silver baby dragon toy, knowing that you are wuvved.
7:<player> happily cuddles up with <his/her> stuffed silver baby dragon toy. You wish you had one too.
groan - by Unknown
1:You groan loudly.
2:<player> groans loudly.
3:You groan at the sight of <target>.
4:<player> groans at the sight of <target>.
5:<player> groans at the sight of you.
6:You groan as you realize what you have done.
7:<player> groans as <he/she> realizes what <he/she> has done.
groove - by Unknown
1:You groove to the music.
2:<player> grooves to the music.
3:You tell <target>, "That's groovy, baby! Groovy!"
4:<player> tells <target>, "That's groovy, baby! Groovy!"
5:<player> tells you, "That's groovy, baby! Groovy!"
6:You groove to the music in your head.
7:<player> grooves to the music in <his/her> head.
grope - by Unknown
1:Whom do you wish to grope ??
3:Well, what sort of noise do you expect here?
4:<player> gropes <target>.
5:<player> gropes you.
6:You grope yourself - YUCK.
7:<player> gropes <him/her>self - YUCK.
groupheal - by Unknown
1:You pause, thinking to yourself about how you'd like a little 'group and heal' action.
2:<player> looks quite flushed, <he/she> must be thinking about some 'group and heal' action.
3:With a winning smile you ask <target> if <he/she>'d like to 'group and heal'.
4:You overhear <player> smoothly ask <target> "How you doin?". Looks like some 'group and heal' action.
5:<player> walks up to you and smoothly asks, "How would you like to join me in a little 'group and heal' action?"
6:It's kind of important that you bring someone else if you want to 'group and heal'.
7:<player> is trying to 'group and heal' with <him/her>self, maybe you should leave the room.
groupie - by Unknown
1:You render yourself burned out, desperately looking for someone to carry your weight.
2:Awwww, poor wittle <player> needs help leveling.
3:You ask <target> if <he/she> would like to be your groupie.
4:<player> has asked <target> to be <his/her> groupie.
5:<player> wants to group with you!! Will you be <his/her> groupie??
6:Who the hell needs a groupie anyway!
7:Holding up a sign reading NO GROUPIES ALLOWED! <player> appears to be sick of people whoring <his/her> experience away.
grovel - by Unknown
1:You grovel in the dirt.
2:<player> grovels in the dirt.
3:You grovel before <him/her>.
4:<player> grovels in the dirt before <target>.
5:<player> grovels in the dirt before you.
6:That seems a little silly to me.
growl - by Unknown
2:<player> growls.
3:Grrrrrrrrrr....take that, <target>!!!
4:<player> growls at <target>. Better leave the room before the fighting starts.
5:<player> growls at you. Hey, two can play it that way!
6:You growl at yourself. Boy, do you feel bitter!
7:<player> growls at <him/her>self. This could get interesting...
grue - by Unknown
1:It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
2:<player> peers around in the darkness, alert for impending grues.
3:You sic a horde of ravening grues on <target>!
4:<player> sics a horde of ravening grues on <target>!
5:ARRRRGHHH!! <player> has sicced a horde of ravening grues on you! Run away!
6:It is dark. You are eaten by a grue. You die. -More-
7:It is dark. <player> is eaten by a grue. <player> dies. -More-
grumble - by Unknown
1:You grumble distractedly to yourself.
2:<player> grumbles and growls. You wonder what's wrong...
3:You grumble at <target>, disgusted with their presence.
4:<player> seems to be a grumpy bear... <he/she> is grumbling at poor <target>.
5:<player> is grumbling at you... what'd you do?
6:Why bother?
grunt - by Unknown
1:You draw in some air and shake the cosmos with your ensuing "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
2:<player> lowers <his/her> head while drawing in a deep breath and lets out a resounding "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
3:You boast your superiority over <target> with a hearty "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
4:<player> is trying to provoke some emotion from <target> with <his/her> uncivilized "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
5:<player> glares at you like a crazy gorilla and lets rip a deafening "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
6:You check to make sure your odor still offends and roar a contented "GRRRUUUUUNT!!!"
7:<player> sniffs <his/her> own armpits and grunts like the chauvenistic pig <he/she> is.
gtg - by Unknown
1:You've got to go.. got to go!! Where to though? You have no real life.
2:<player> is looking around frantically! <he/she>'s trying to escape! Catch <him/her>!
3:You tell <target> you have got to go, and that you want <him/her> to come with you.
4:<player> is making many hand gestures, and pointing off the MUD while talking to <target>.
5:<player> is asking you to leave with <him/her>. Now.. do you trust <him/her>?
6:You tell everyone you have got to go, regardless of how much you love them.
7:<player> has REALLY got to go now! <player> loves you all and will miss you!
guggle - by Unknown
1:You attempt to guggle, but find that guggling is for the birds.
2:<player> tries to guggle, but seems to have a weasel caught in <his/her> throat.
3:You guggle merrily at <target>. Why is <he/she> dialing 911?
4:<player> guggles merrily at <target>. Watch out, you'll be next!
5:<player> guggles merrily at you...what did you do to deserve that?!?
6:You guggle madly at yourself, clutching your blankie to your chest.
7:<player> guggles madly at <him/her>self! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!
guinea - by Unknown
1:You watch in helpless horror as guinea pigs invade your home.
2:<player> is fleeing from rabid guinea pigs!
3:You grab a bucket of rabid guinea pigs and dump it onto <target>'s head!
4:<player> has poured rabid guinea pigs on <target>'s head causing <him/her> to flee in pain and terror!
5:<player> has sent rabid guinea pigs to eat you alive! Flee before it's too late!!
6:You cuddle with your cute furry guinea pigs.
7:You gack in dismay as you see <player> cuddling with huge angry guinea pigs.
gummibear - by Unknown
1:They are all after your gummi bears. Better hide them before everyone wants one.
2:<player> looks about hording a stash of gummi bears, saying MINE, ALL MINE!
3:You share your secret stash of gummi bears with <target>. How sweet.
4:<player> shares <his/her> stash of gummi bears with <target>. Get <his/her>!
5:<player> shares <his/her> stash of gummi bears with you. <he/she> must really wuv you.
6:Oh-ho, that's one gummi bear too many and now your teeth are stuck together.
7:<player> is at a loss for words. Must be the gummi bears stuck in <his/her> teeth.
gunblade - by Unknown
1:Ah. What fun to polish your already shiny Gunblade.
2:<player> is polishing <his/her> shiny Gunblade again.
3:You watch intently as you take aim of <target> with your Gunblade.
4:Hmmm. <player> is aiming <his/her> Gunblade right at <target>.
5:ACK! <player> is about to shoot you with <his/her> Shiny Gunblade.
6:No, don't kill yourself with your Shiny Gunblade. That's what mobs are for.
7:Wow, <player> is about to shoot <him/her>self with a shiny Gunblade. Should you stop them?
gundam - by Unknown
1:You call your Gundam and step onto the field of battle.
2:<player> calls <his/her> Gundam and steps onto the field of battle.
3:You summon your Gundam to destroy <target>.
4:You watch as <player> completely destroys <target>!
5:You cringe in terror as <player> has <his/her> Gundam kill you!
6:You say "Sorry" as you set your Gundams detonation system.
7:You yell "NO!" as you watch <player> set <his/her> Gundams detonation system.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!