32 applicable socials found.

iboted - by Randor
1:Thanks for helping Aardwolf by botting! You will receive a nuke in just over 12 hours.
2:Omg! <player> just attempted to help Aardwolf by botting. Let's nuke him fast.
3:You enlighten <target>, yet again, why <he/she> needs to bot.
4:<player> explains to <target> how to bot. Settings -> click on triggers -> autopilot on.
5:<player> explains to you how to bot. Settings -> click on triggers -> autopilot on.
6:You remind yourself to bot.
7:*gasp*, "it is time to bot again", <player> reminds himself.
idjit - by Unknown
1:People are such idjits these days.
2:<player> declares you are all idjits!
3:Your ruin <target>'s self esteem as you relentlessly call <him/her> an idjit.
4:<player> shatters <target>'s self esteem by calling <him/her> an idjit!
5:<player> shatters your self esteem, calling you an idjit! What a meanie that <player> is.
6:You relentlessly call yourself an idjit, cutting off the lingering threads of your self esteem.
7:<player> cuts the last lingering thread of self esteem by calling <him/her>self an idjit.
iepoo - by Unknown
1:You greet your refriended friends! :)
2:<player> says "Aloha refriended ones! :)"
3:Your eyes light up as you see <target> here. <target>iepoo! :)
4:<player> says "<target>iepoo! :)"
5:<player> leaps out of nowhere and screams <target>iepoo! at you! :)
6:You gag random women, stuff 'em in jars, and fido them to Xunti. Whee! :)
7:<player> gags random women, stuffs 'em in jars, and fidos them to Xunti. :)
igloo - by Unknown
1:You build yourself a Snow Fortress and wave your Flag.
2:<player> builds <him/her>self an Igloo and invites all the Penguins.
3:You try to make <target> your loyal penguin.. err... Servant.
4:<player> tries to make <target> wear a tuxedo. What's happening?
5:<player> wants you to meet <him/her> privately in <his/her> igloo.. Wierdo!
6:With you new Defence System, your fortress is inpenetrable.
7:<player> has blocked the entrance to <his/her> igloo...what a hermit!
ignite - by Unknown
1:With a nasty grin you take out a can of gasoline and a box of matches.
2:Uh oh, <player> took out a can of gasoline and a box of matches, call 911!
3:Burn, baby burn!...you give some gasoline and a box of matches to <target>.
4:<player> gives <target> a can of gasoline and a box of matches: "Go help yourself".
5:<player> gives you gasoline and matches, is that a hint?
6:Tired of this #!%^, you take out gasoline and matches.
7:<player> pulls out gasoline and matches - bye, bye cruel world.
ihateyou - by Unknown
1:Which of these insensitive bastards hurt your feelings?
2:Watch out for <player>, <he/she> has mental problems.
3:Look, there's <target>, the backstabbing bastard.
4:<player> tosses a picture of <target> into the flames, muttering "Revenge will be mine."
5:A Letter from <player> reads: DIE! DIE FOR YOUR SINS! DIE!
6:Life sucks, doesn't it?
7:Looking up at the sky, <player> yells "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT". Hrmm..
immify - by Unknown
1:You sit down and scrawl out a badge that reads 'Imm' in blue crayon.
2:<player> sits down and scrawls out a badge that reads 'Imm' in blue crayon.
3:You surreptitiously affix an 'Imm' badge to <target>'s chest, hoping that nobody notices it's written in crayon.
4:<player> surreptitiously affixes an 'Imm' badge to <target>'s chest, hoping that nobody notices it's written in crayon.
5:<player> surreptitiously affixes an 'Imm' badge to your chest, hoping that nobody notices it's written in crayon.
6:You surreptitiously affix an 'Imm' badge to your chest, hoping that nobody notices it's written in blue crayon.
7:<player> surreptitiously affixes an 'Imm' badge to <his/her> chest, hoping that nobody notices it's written in blue crayon.
immortalize - by Unknown
1:You peer around wondering who to vote for imm.
2:<player> feels the urge to raise your hand as it is election week on Aardwolf.
3:You nominate <target> for Imm.
4:<player> nominates <target> for Imm, you pull out your dagger and stalk <player>.
5:<player> nominates you for Imm, better watch your back for jealous people!
6:You push Ivar out of the way, and start screaming 'Vote <player> for Imm!'
7:Ivar is stalking <player> for some reason.
imperium - by Unknown
1:You square your shoulders and hold your head with pride for you are IMPERIUM.
2:<player> stands tall and looks directly forward, obviously proud to be a member of the clan IMPERIUM.
3:You grasp <target> by the forearm and proudly smile at them.
4:<player> takes <target> firmly by the arm and gives <him/her> a warm and respectful smile.
5:With the respect due you as a member of the clan IMPERIUM, <player> smiles proudly at you.
6:You stand at attention and exclaim proudly that you are IMPERIUM.
7:With a gleam in <his/her> eye, <player> stands tall and begins to sing the IMPERIUM anthem.
imps - by Unknown
1:A small imp hops up on your shoulder.
2:A small imp hops up on <player>'s shoulder.
3:A small imp steals some gold from <target> and gives it to you.
4:You see a small imp steal some gold from <target>'s purse and hand it to <player>.
5:An imp runs past you, hops up on <player>'s shoulder and hands <him/her> some gold.
6:You get the feeling you're plagued with imps.
7:You see a swarm of imps around <player> stealing everything <he/she> owns.
infernalaura - by Unknown
1:You feel the Infernal Aura wash over the land like a tidal wave.
2:<player> looks up and whispers something about the Infernal Aura.
3:You jab the fruit of the netherworld into <target>'s mouth and cackle maniacally as the Infernal Aura takes them over.
4:<player> jabs some fruit into <target>'s mouth and they begin glowing the power of the Infernal Aura!!
5:<player> forces you to eat the fruit of the netherworld and your soul is overcome by the Infernal Aura!
6:You break open a chaos gate and the Infernal Aura blasts forth into the land!
7:<player> opens a chaos gate, and you feel impending doom as the power of Infernal Aura blazes through you!
inglush - by Unknown
1:Speak U English much yes?!
2:<player> english speak good 4 u!
3:UR ask <target> how speak they talk.
4:<player> R tell <target> 2 talk U gud inglush 2!!!!!!1
5:<player> inglush r gud 2 so hi ur talk gud 2.
7:<player> recites: Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba! Take that occifer!
inigo - by Unknown
1:You look around the room seeking the Six Fingered Man.
2:<player> is peering around the room for the Six Fingered Man. Is it YOU?
3:Drawing your sword, you tell <target> 'You killed my father prepare to die!'
4:<player> challenges <target> for killing <player>s father.
5:<player> tells you 'My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die.'
6:It would be inconceivable for you to be the 6 fingered man.
7:<player> thinks <he/she> may be the 6 fingered man. Inconceivable.
innocent - by Unknown
1:You innocently whistle a tune.
2:<player> looks around and whistles innocently.
3:You look at <target> and bat your eyelashes -- the picture of innocence!
4:<player> bats <his/her> eyelashes innocently at <target>.
5:<player> looks at you and innocently bats <his/her> eyelashes.
insane - by Unknown
1:You feel your sanity slipping away...
2:Before your eyes, <player>'s sanity is slipping away...
insomniac - by Unknown
1:Tired uh?
2:With a dead stare, <player> curses the sandman for never showing up.
3:You try to stare <target> to death with your insomniac gaze.
4:<player> stares at <target> like a zombie, <he/she> is clearly an insomniac.
5:<player> stares at you like a zombie, <he/she> has the insomniac gaze. RUUUN!!!
6:What are you trying to do, sleep?!
7:<player> tries to sleep but abruptly wakes up as soon as <he/she> floats into the dreamland.
inspire - by Unknown
1:You look longingly about you for some inspiration.
2:<player> looks about <him/her> for some inspiration.
3:You look at <target> trying to find some inspiration.
4:<player> looks longingly at <target> for some inspiration.
5:<player> studies you closely for some reason.
6:You shout out 'Curse all you heathens! I'll go look for inspiration elsewhere!'
7:<player> screams in frustration as <his/her> inspiration runs dry.
intercept - by Unknown
1:You make a leap for the ball...and MISS!
2:<player> dives for the ball and misses!
3:You fade back make the pass...and it's INTERCEPTED!
4:<player> throws...<target> runs...jumps..INTERCEPTION!!!! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!
5:<player> throws...you jump...INTERCEPTION!!!!!! THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!!
6:Intercepting your own passes? Weirdo.
7:<player> throws...<he/she> jumps....and intercepts it! Guess <he/she>'s just talented.
interview - by Unknown
1:You decide to pick another random victim.
2:<player> is peering around himself, looking for another victim to interview.
3:You pick <target>'s name out of the hat.
4:<player> decides to conduct an in-depth interview with <target>.
5:<player> has randomly picked YOU to be interviewed. If you're interested, send <him/her> a tell.
6:Well, at least you should know the answers to most of the questions :P
7:<player> starts interviewing himself, and looks mildly surprised at some of the answers.
intrude - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to lecture.
2:<player> is glaring around again, looking for someone to question relentlessly.
3:You stare down <target>. "Ya damn raht that mah bitniss!"
4:<player> glares with wide eyes at <target>. Uh, run?
5:<player> glares at you. "This aintcha bitniss! Gah ahn hum nuh!"
6:You ask yourself hundreds of pointless questions. Must be from Boston.
7:<player> is asking <him/her>self questions again, trying to glare at themself. Hmm.
inuyasha - by Unknown
1:Why do you always get stuck with the weaklings?
2:<player> grumbles something about how weak you all are.
3:You yell, "DEMON BE GONE!" and shred <target> with the Tetsusaiga.
4:<player> yells, "DEMON BE GONE!" as <he/she> tears apart <target> with the Tetsusaiga.
5:<player> Just ripped you to shreds! Maybe <he/she> is better than you after all...
6:It must be that time of the month again.
7:<player> is vulnerable tonight only, better kill <him/her> while you have the chance!
ipo - by Unknown
1:You feel smart today.
2:<player> gets on a soapbox and enlightens us all.
3:You tell <target>, "Trust me."
4:<player> thinks <target>.com will reap grillions of gold.
5:<player> asks you "<target>.com, how can we go wrong?"
6:You put forth your best qualities.
7:<player> screams "You wanna piece a me?!!"
ironchef - by Unknown
1:Chairman Kaga unveils today's theme ingredient... NATTO!!
2:Iron Chef <player>'s blowtorch INCINERATES today's theme ingredient!
3:Chairman Kaga asks you who it will be... "Iron Chef <target> please!!"
4:Kaga summons the IRON CHEFS, and <player> challenges Iron Chef <target>!
5:You ascend into Kitchen Stadium to face challenger <player>. Allez Cuisine!!
6:Who will take it?? WHOSE CUISINE REIGNS SUPREME??!
7:Challenger <player> has toppled the Iron Chef: <his/her> fame will last centuries!
irony - by Unknown
1:The irony of this is just sickening.
2:<player> grumbles about one TOO many ironies in their life...
3:You laugh mercilessly at the latest of a string of ironies in <target>'s life.
4:<player> laughs mercilessly at <target>'s latest misfortune.
5:<player> laughs mercilessly at your latest misfortune.
6:You smirk as the crowd claps half-enthusiastically.
7:<player> is being secretly ironic again. You laugh dutifully.
irw - by Unknown
1:Irw Irw.
2:<player> goes Irw on everyone.
3:You like to Irw at <target>, don't you?
4:<player> turns <his/her> head over to <target> and performs an IRW!
5:Everyone would like to get that IRW that you just got from <player>!
6:Irwwwww....you are so funny today :)
7:When you are bored, IRW at yourself, like <player> over here.
isp - by Unknown
1:You take out a 12" shotgun and blow a large hole in your ISP.
2:<player> takes out a 12" shotgun and blows a hole in <his/her> ISP.
3:You take a 12" shotgun and blow a hole in <target>'s service provider for being useless!
4:<player> takes a large shotgun and starts blowing holes in <target>'s lagging ISP.
5:<player> takes a large shotgun and starts blowing holes in your terrible ISP.
6:You take your 12" shotgun and shoot holes in your ISP for lagging.
7:<player> takes <his/her> 12" and starts shooting holes in <his/her> lagging ISP!
issues - by Unknown
1:Nothing is going your way, as usual.
2:<player> whines and blames you all for <his/her> misfortunes.
3:Really, it's time <he/she> talked to a psychologist about those issues.
4:<player> clearly believes that <target> has some serious, ah, "issues."
5:<player> gives you the number of a good psychologist.
6:You sit down with a copy of the Eliza program and get some help.
7:<player> begins talking to <him/her>self in a futile attempt to deal with <his/her> issues.
itis - by Unknown
1:You spread <player>itis throughout Midgaard!
2:<player>itis spreads throughout Midgaard! Keep away!
3:Another victim has fallen ill.
4:<target> has been infected with <player>itis. Run or you might be next!
5:Your arms and legs fall off, you have been infected with <player>itis!
6:A sheep tells you 'You gave me <player>itis. Don't call me anymore!'
7:<player> says 'Help me please, I am suffering!'
ivanova - by Unknown
1:Sneering in rage, you scream, 'Bastards! Those cold hearted, rat bastards!'
2:<player>, in a fit of rage, screams, 'Bastards! Those cold hearted, rat bastards!'
3:Growling, you twist <target>'s head off and use it for a chamber pot!
4:Growling, <player> twists <target>'s head off and uses it for a chamber pot!
5:Growling at you, <player> viciously removes your head, and then proceeds to use it as a chamber pot.
6:You say, 'Trust Ivanova!'
7:<player> says, 'Trust Ivanova!'
ivar - by Unknown
1:You know, it's sad if you have to resort to imitating Ivar.
2:<player> randomly starts calling people bitches like Ivar would.
3:You point at <target> and call <him/her> a bitch in an Ivar-like manner.
4:<player> acts like Ivar by shouting "Bitch!" at <target>.
5:<player> calls you a bitch! What a stupid Ivar wannabe!
6:You shout at yourself, "Ha ha ha, yeah, you really are a bitch!"
7:<player> wants to be like Ivar so much that <he/she> shouts "bitch!" at <him/her>self.
ivygoddess - by Unknown
1:You tell yourself that you're worth it.
2:<player> seems to think <he/she> is worth it, like Ivy.
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> is as lovely as Ivy.
4:<player> says that <target> is as lovely as Ivy.
5:<player> insists that you are as lovely as Ivy.
6:Yes, Ivy is as a goddess...
7:<player> is thinking about that lovely Ivy person again.
ivysaur - by Unknown
1:You throw a PokeBall and Ivysaur appears from it.
2:<player> shouts "Go Ivysaur!" and Ivysaur appears from a PokeBall.
3:You attack <target> with Ivysaur's razor leaf attack, shredding <him/her> into itsy bitsy little pieces.
4:<player> shreds <target>, into itsy bitsy little pieces with Ivysaur's razor leaf attack.
5:<player>'s Ivysaur, shredded you into itsy bitsy little pieces with its razor leaf attack.
6:A bright light envelopes Bulbasaur as it evolves into Ivysaur after achieving level #16.
7:You stand in astonishment as a bright light envelopes Bulbasaur as it evolves into Ivysaur after achieving level #16.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!