32 applicable socials found.

k9keel - by Unknown
1:You finger the 'clanadmin outcast' command getting orange goo on your keyboard, just like Keel does!
2:Dragonlord <player> tells the clan, "You are all fired!" Who does he think <he/she> is, Keel?
3:You spam <target> with mistells about stolen cheetos!
4:<player> is spamming <target> with mistells, they have Keel's Disease!
5:After 2,000 lines of spam, you get the idea that <player> wants some of your cheetos! *NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!*
6:All those mistells sure gave you an appetite! How about some cheetos?
7:<player> is licking some orange goo from their fingers.
kaboom - by Unknown
1:Your tummy starts rumbling violently... You aren't feeling so good... KABOOM!
2:<player> starts to quiver, when suddenly KABOOM! Weasels fly everywhere.
3:You activate the weasel time bomb in <target> and laugh mercilessly. KABOOM!
4:<player> cackles loudly as KABOOM! <target> erupts in a mess of weasels!
5:<player> laughs and runs from you. Strange.. you don't feel so hot. KABOOM!
6:Stuffed with weasel bombs you wait for the succulent explosion...KABOOM!
7:<player> stuffs <him/her>self with weasels when suddenly <he/she> shakes and..KABOOM!
kaddict - by Una
1:You pull out your koolaid needle prepairing to shoot up the fruity goodness.
2:You see <player> laying on the ground with a packet of Koolaid next to them.
3:You offer <target> your needle and a packet of koolaid.
4:You see <player> slip <target> <his/her> koolaid kit.
5:<player> hands you a needle and a packet of koolaid, OoOh the fruity goodness.
6:You realize that you're all out of Koolaid as withdrawl sets in.
7:<player> Twitches and fumbles from Koolaid withdrawls.
kalaila - by Unknown
1:You call down Kalaila's wrath to smite the demonic hordes!
2:<player> calls down a hot blast of holy light and fries a demon where it stands!
3:At the last moment, you shield yourself with Kalaila's embrace for protection from <target>!
4:<player> calls down Kalaila's light shield against <target>!
5:<player> somehow calls Kalaila's protection against you!
6:You feel new hope as Kalaila guides your way.
7:<player> seems to regain <his/her> resolve communing with Kalaila.
kamahamaha - by Unknown
1:You look around the room for someone to blast.
2:<player> starts looking for something.
3:Ready... Aim... KAMAHAMAHA!!!
4:<player> yells out Kamahamaha and <target> gets hit by an energy blast.
5:<player> yells out Kamahamaha and you are knocked to the wall.
6:You start focusing energy to you palms.
7:<player>'s energy level starts raising.
kamehameha - by Unknown
1:You shoot an energy blast at a Tuffel.
2:<player> BLASTS a Tuffel.
3:<target> runs for <his/her> life as you charge your ki.
4:<player> charges up a blast and aims it at <target>! Run
5:<player> grins widely at you...now seems like a good time to take a vacation.
6:You feel suicidal and shoot a blast of energy through your chest
7:<player> feels the search for dragonballs over-rated
karate - by Unknown
1:You yell "Kai" and make a mighty karate chop.
2:<player> yells "Kai" and karate chops the air. Oh Scary!
3:You leap through the air and kick <target> in the head.
4:<player> leaps through the air and kicks <target> in the head.
5:<player> leaps towards you suddenly, and kicks you in the head. Ouch!
6:You try to dropkick yourself and fall flat on your face.
7:<player> appears to be trying to kick <his/her> own face!
karen - by Unknown
1:"I hate you, Milkman Dan."
2:Poor <player> is being tortured by Milkman Dan again!
3:"I hate you, Milkman <target>."
4:"I hate you, Milkman <target>," says <player>.
5:You grin as <player> says, "I hate you, Milkman <target>."
6:"I disconnected my unit and reversed the circuit in your suit."
7:Y-y-you'd h-hug <player> if y-your m-m-muscles w-weren't p-painfully c-c-ontracted.
kenny - by Unknown
1:You scream 'Oh my god they killed Kenny!! You Bastards!!'
2:<player> screams 'Oh my god they killed Kenny!! You Bastards!!'
3:You scream 'Oh my god they killed <target>!! You Bastards!!'
4:<player> screams 'Oh my god they killed <target>!! You Bastards!!'
5:<player> avenges your death with a mighty scream!!
6:As you die you let out a mighty scream for vengeance!!
7:<player> screams 'Oh my god they killed me!! Those Bastards!!'
kevin - by Unknown
1:Yes yes, you are Kevin, very nice.
2:<player> is up to something, you'd better step back from <him/her>.
3:You notice <target>s frightened looks when you wake up next to <him/her>.
4:Watch out! <player> has stolen <target>s kidneys! You might be next!
5:<player> tells you 'My name is Kevin. I am a stripper.'
6:You seduce yourself and move on to remove vital organs with a spoon.
7:<player> mumbles about being a french stripper and removes <his/her> kidneys.
kewl - by Unknown
1:Wonder who is the kewlest around here?
2:<player> is looking for somebody kewl to hang wif, are you kewl?
3:You remind <target> just how kewl <he/she> really is.
4:<player> thinks that <target> is quite kewl don't you?
5:<player> thinks you are just so kewl.
6:You try and tell yourself that you are kewl but do not sound very convincing.
7:<player> tries to act kewl but ends up looking like a fool, wonder what is wrong with <him/her>.
kinky - by Unknown
1:Sorry, please call again later.
2:<player> feels kinky tonight, but <he/she> is all alone.
3:You find <target> to be very kinky!
4:<player> and <target> make a kinky couple, don't they? :)
5:<player> wants to be kinky with you! Oh no! This is horrible!
6:You think you are kinky? Go look somewhere else, loser.
7:Eeew!!! <player> is being kinky with <his/her>self!
kirby - by Unknown
1:You drool as you think of the yummy fluff inside Kirby.
2:<player> is drooling over that yummy Kirby fluff again.
3:You drool at <target> thinking they have ooey gooey Kirby fluff.
4:<player> is looking at <target> like they have some yummy Kirby fluff.
5:You better hide <player> is looking at you like you're hiding Kirby fluff.
6:You must love his fluff because you're dancing Kirby Style.
7:<player> does the Kirby <('')> ^('')^ <<('') ^('')^ ('')>> <('')> Dance!
kiss - by Unknown
1:Isn't there someone you want to kiss?
2:<2> -
3:You kiss <him/her>.
4:<player> kisses <target>.
5:<player> kisses you.
6:All the lonely people :(
7:<7> -
kiwi - by Unknown
1:You hop around like a CRAZY chinchilla!
2:<player> hops around like a CRAZY chinchilla!
3:You give <target> a HUGE hopping chinchilla hug!
4:<player> gives <target> a HUGE hopping chinchilla hug!
5:<player> gives you a HUGE hopping chinchilla hug!
6:You hop up and down and **POP** turn into a fuzzy green kiwi!!
7:<player> hops up and down and **POP** turns into a fuzzy green kiwi!!
kneck - by Unknown
1:You ready yourself for some prime grade A wuvvin.
2:<player> is examining peoples neck with a wierd glint to <his/her> eye and puckering <his/her> lips.
3:You start gingerly kissing <target>'s neck whispering sweet words of love.
4:<player> passionatly starts kissing <target>'s neck and slowly moving <his/her> way down.
5:<player> softly kisses the side of your neck whispering sweet words of love.
6:You try and kiss your own neck but end with lock-jaw instead.
7:<player> sticks out <his/her> tongue and tries to lick <his/her> neck or something, weirdo.
knee - by Unknown
1:Be careful, you could hurt someone!!
2:<player> raises <his/her> knee up. UH OH!
3:You place your knee in <target>'s groin, you'd better get away QUICK!
4:<target> doubles over in pain as <player> places <his/her> knee in <his/her> groin.
5:<player> places <his/her> knee in your groin - you fall to your knees in agony.
6:What ARE you thinking !?!??!?!?!?!
kneel - by Unknown
1:You genuflect in reverence to your queen.
2:<player> genuflects in reverence to <his/her> queen.
3:You genuflect to your queen <target> in reverence.
4:<player> genuflects in reverence to <target>, <his/her> most beloved queen.
5:<player> genuflects in reverance to you, since you are <his/her> most beloved queen.
6:You silly bitch you, you actually think you can be your own queen? HA!
7:<player> is so silly, <he/she> actually thinks <he/she> can be <his/her> own queen! HA!
know - by Unknown
1:You look suspicously around the room and exclaim "Do I know you?!"
2:<player> steps back quickly and exclaims "Do I know you?!"
3:You turn to <target> and ask <him/her> quietly if <he/she> knows you.
4:You hear how the confused <player> asks <target> if <he/she> knows <him/her>.
5:<player>, obviously confused, turns to you and asks if you know <him/her>.
6:You ask yourself if you really know the people around you.
7:You hear <player> quietly ask <him/her>self if <he/she> knows you or anyone else in the area.
koalabean - by Unknown
1:You wind up your pitching arm and look for a suitable target...
2:<player> looks awfully suspicious winding up with that koala in <his/her> hand...
3:You gleefully fling a koala at <target>'s head. SQUEEEEE!
4:<player> just beaned <target> with a koala! That HAD to hurt!
5:You hear a loud "SQUEEEEE!" before <player>'s koala brains you. IT BURNS!
6:Feeling your arm isn't enough, you roll out the Koala Kannon.
7:There's a squeaky noise as <player> rolls out a huge koala-shaped machine.
kok - by Unknown
1:Your fist glows with blueish energy as you look around for people's head to kok.
2:<player>'s fist glows with blueish energy as <he/she> looks around for people's head to kok.
3:You fumely move behind <target> and kok <him/her> in <his/her> head and calling <him/her> 'Baka !'.
4:<player> fumely moves behind <target> and kok <him/her> in <his/her> head and calling <him/her> 'Baka !'.
5:You suffer a big "Baluku" as <player> kok you on the head and calling you 'Baka !'.
6:You kok yourself on the head for being a Baka yaro !
7:<player> kok <him/her>self on the head for being a Baka yaro !
konami - by Unknown
1:Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B A B Select Start ... WTF?! I DIED?!
2:Coming out of <his/her> code-induced trance, <player> just noticed <he/she> died.
3:Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B A B Select Start ... "BWAHA!;I am invincible!"
4:<player> waves a Nintendo controller around, screaming at <target>, "I will never die! NEVER!"
5:<player> waves his controller at you. Quick! The Konami code! -- Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B A B Select Start. Whew.
6:You become fed-up with Super Ghoul's and Goblins, and toss a little Konami lovin' it's way.
7:<player> got depressed and whipped out some old-school Konami. Poor soul.
kong - by Unknown
1:You beat your chest and moan like the animal you are!
2:<player> beats <his/her> chest and reveals <his/her> true animal nature.
3:You beat your chest to show <target> what a brute you are!
4:<player> swings from a vine and beats <his/her> chest to impress <target>.
5:<player> jumps from vine to vine pounding <his/her> chest in some ancient mating ritual.
6:You pound your chest to practice courting.
7:<player> beats <his/her> chest to practice for an upcoming mating ritual.
koolaid - by Unknown
1:Wouldn't a glass of koolaid taste really good right now?!
2:<player> looks dreamily vacant, no doubt thinking of a glass of koolaid.
3:You hand <target> a glass of cold, thirst-quenching koolaid.
4:<player> hands <target> a glass of koolaid. Wouldn't you like one too?
5:You receive a glass of koolaid from <player>. What a pal!
6:You pour yourself a glass of koolaid and gulp it down greedily.
7:<player> gulps down a glass of koolaid in one swig. Too bad they weren't polite enough to offer YOU a sip.
kowie - by Unknown
1:Don't you need an owie to kiss ?
2:<player> looks around for a hurt to clean up and make all better.
3:You clean <his/her> owie and then kiss it to make it all better.
4:<player> cleans <target>'s owie and kisses it to make it all better.
5:<player> smiles, carefully cleans your wound and kisses it to make it all better.
6:You clean your owie and kiss it. Somehow Mom's magic touch would be better.
7:<player> rubs a sore spot and then kisses <him/her>self.
kowtow - by Unknown
1:You reverently kowtow the Imms.
2:<player> reverently performs a traditional Chinese kowtow to the Imms.
3:You reverently kowtow <target>.
4:<player>, like a Chinese eunuch kowtows <target>
5:Like a Chinese eunuch, <player> reverently kowtows to you.
6:Wow, you sure idolize yourself.
7:<player> kowtows to himself. What a narcissist!
kroo - by Unknown
1:You softly kroo a lizard lullaby.
2:<player> softly kroos a lizard lullaby.
3:You cuddle up to <target> and kroo a lullaby.
4:<player> cuddles up to <target> and kroos a lullaby.
5:<player> cuddles up to you and kroos a lullaby.
6:You curl up in a ball and kroo a lullaby to yourself.
7:<player> curls up in a ball and kroos a lullaby to <him/her>self.
kryten - by Unknown
1:Being a mechanoid does have a few advantages.
2:<player> mutters to <him/her>self in hexadecimal.
3:<target> just misquoted a SpaceCorp Directive. You tell <him/her> just how you feel.
4:<player> tries to override <his/her> programming by calling <target> a smeghead, but fails.
5:<player> looks at you and says "SmeeeeeeHuuuuuuuu!"
6:Your head looks like a freak mashed-potato formation. How... tragic.
7:<player>'s head looks like it was rejected from the crash-test dummy factory.
ksr - by Unknown
1:You wonder if there really is a KSR....
2:<player> asks around, trying to get info on the KSR..
3:You grab <target> by the hair and go off in search of the KSR!
4:<player> grabs <target> by the hair and drags <him/her> to the KSR!
5:<player> grabs you by the hair, a mischievous gleam in <his/her> eye.
6:You seem to be in bad need of some FaEwUvViN!!!
7:<player> looks around slyly, hoping a fae will take <him/her> to the KSR!
kuja - by Unknown
1:Take a good look. It's the original crystal, the birthplace of all things. Once you destroy it, everything will be gone.
2:<player> appears to be floating near a crystalline structure, a sinister smile on <his/her> face.
3:If you die, they all die! <target> will be your first sacrifice. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
4:It's all over for <target>. Deathguise and the Four Chaoses attack <him/her> relentlessly as <player> watches and laughs nearby.
5:Hmph. Do you honestly think you can beat <player>? Time to die, <target>.
6:Why should the world exist without you? That wouldn't be fair.
7:After a bright flash, you see a severely injured <player> floating in the distance, gathering purple energy.
kurtangle - by Unknown
1:What the people need is a hero. Not just any hero, but an Olympic Hero.
2:Your Olympic Hero <player> has arrived. It's true! It's true!
3:You'll make <target> tap out!
4:In a fit of rage, <player> has snapped <target>'s ankle.
5:Before you can react, you are lying face down on the ground and <player> has you by the ankle. The pain!
6:Oh, it's true alright. It's DAMN true! Wooh!
7:<player> drinks <his/her> milk and practices abstinence - the proper role model for today's youth.
kwitcherbitchin - by Unknown
1:You mutter "Kwitcherbitchin" under your breath.
2:<player> mutters "Kwitcherbitchin" under <his/her> breath.
3:You tell <target> to "Kwitcherbitchin"!
4:<player> tells <target> to "Kwitcherbitchin"!
5:<player> has told you to "Kwitcherbitchin"! Hrmph!
6:You tell yourself to 'Kwitcherbitchin'. You're losing it!
7:<player> must be losing it, <he/she>'s just told <him/her>self to "Kwitcherbitchin"!
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!