64 applicable socials found.

l6vikonserv - by Unknown
1:Hmm... Wonder why it's growing so quiet around here?
2:You find yourself sliding into the corner as <player> finishes yet another canned lion.
3:<target> is now afraid of the dark. That's for sure. God, I feel powerful!
4:<target> faints when <player> roars at <him/her> like a lion.
5:PANIC! Better run off quickly before <player> eats you too!
6:You realize that if you don't stop NOW, everyone will be hurt.
7:<player> cries out, "Mom! Please hold me back! I've had too much canned lion today!"
laces - by Unknown
1:Whose laces?
3:With the greatest of stealth, you tie <his/her> shoelaces together.
4:<player> sneaks up to <target> and ties <his/her> shoelaces together.
5:You try to take a step, and you hit the world facedown! <player> must have tied your shoelaces together!
6:You tie your own shoelaces together, try to walk, and promptly fall.
7:<player> cleverly ties <his/her> own shoelaces together, tries to walk, and sprawls flat on the floor.
ladiesman - by Unknown
1:You pour yourself a glass of Corvoisier, bein' the Sexy Ladies Man that you are.
2:<player> pours <him/her> a glass of Corvoisier and says 'The Ladies Man is here to help.'
3:Pouring yourself a glass of Corvoisier, you ask <target> 'How dinky is your wang?'
4:Being the Ladies Man, <player> asks <target> 'How dinky is yo' wang?' while sippin' Corvoisier.
5:<player>, The Ladies Man, asks you 'How dinky is your wang?' Better lie.
6:Drinkin' way too much Corvoisier, you begin to question the size of your own wang.
7:<player>, The Ladies Man, has obviously drunk too much Corvoisier, as <he/she> checks the size of <his/her> wang.
ladyeliza - by Unknown
1:You know you're spoiled, just like LadyEliza.
2:<player> brags to everyone about how spoiled rotten <he/she> is.
3:Giving <target> a smile, you tell <him/her> how spoiled rotten you are.
4:What a brat! <player> is bragging about how spoiled <he/she> is to <target>!
5:<player> gives you a loving smile and whispers 'Daddy buys me everything'.
6:You wish you were spoiled, alas you're jealous just like WindJammer.
7:<player> wishes <he/she> was spoiled just like LadyEliza!
laff - by Unknown
1:You laff.
2:<player> laffs.
3:You laff at <target>.
4:<player> laffs at <target>.
5:<player> laffs at you.
6:You laff at yourself... Maybe you're suffering from a split personality.
7:<player> laffs at <him/her>self... Maybe <he/she> has a split personality.
lag - by Unknown
1:Your lips move in slow motion as you say, "L-A-A-A-G"
2:<player>'s lips move in slow motion as <he/she> says, "L-A-A-A-G"
3:You wonder if <target> is lagging or just typing slowly?
4:<player> wonders if <target> is lagged or just typing slowly?
5:<player> wonders if you are lagging or just typing slowly?
6:You point at yourself and say "L-A-A-A-G", weirdo.
7:<player> points at <him/her>self and says "L-A-A-A-G", weirdo.
lalala - by Unknown
1:You skip around going, "La la la..."
2:<player> skips around going, "La la la..."
3:You skip around <target> going, "La la la..."
4:<player> skips around <target> going, "La la la..."
5:<player> skips around you going, "La la la..."
6:You skip around in circles going, "La la la..."
7:<player> skips around in circles going, "La la la..."
landmine - by Unknown
1:You plant landmines in the path of some clueless newbies!
2:Hundreds of newbies are blown to pieces after <player> does some "roadwork" in Midgaard!
3:You cackle with glee as <target>'s leg is blown off by your landmine!
4:<target> screams in agony as <player>'s landmine explodes, tearing <his/her> leg off!
5:You scream in agony as <player>'s landmine explodes and tears your leg off!
6:You pull out a shovel and plant some landmines at Market Square...
7:<player> takes out a shovel and starts burying something at Market Square...
lantsclan - by Unknown
1:Ah, that's better. Now you feel really at home.
2:<player> just took over <his/her> clan, and renamed it to "o-}The <player> Show{-o"
3:Pesky members! One down, 63 to go!
4:The horror! <player> actually just made a decision in <his/her> clan!
5:Oh, no. That tyrant <player> just outcast you. j00 mu57 b3 r sux0rz m4j0r l1k3.
6:This is my clan! MY CLAN! It will never be your clan, dammit! MINE!!
7:<player> starts bragging about how he went to the Lant School of Leadership.
lap - by Unknown
1:You sit down comfortably.
2:<player> sits down, <his/her> lap looks comfortable and inviting.
3:You sit down and beckon <target> to sit on your lap and cuddle.
4:<player> sits down, <he/she> invites <target> to curl up on <his/her> lap.
5:You see <player> sit down. Hmmm, <he/she> wants you to hop on <his/her> lap.
6:You look wistfully at your empty lap.
7:<player> looks wistfully at <his/her> empty lap.
lapbounce - by Unknown
3:You quickly utter your "lap to trampoline" spell and delightfully watch <target> skyrocketing.
4:Agad! <target> tried to bounce into <player>'s lap, but <he/she> turned <his/her> lap into a trampoline! There <target> goes ...
5:Uh-Oh. It looks <player> magically turned <his/her> lap into a trampoline, and now you're bouncing off into the milky way!
lart - by Unknown
1:You look meaningfully around the room as you draw the great sword Cluebringer.
2:<player> draws the ancient elven broadsword Cluebringer and glares around the room
3:You run up behind <target> and smack him over the head with a Clue-by-four.
4:<player> beats <target> senseless with a Clue-by-four. <target> is enlightened.
5:<player> slams you in the head with some kind of stick. Oh, NOW you get it!
6:Have you LART'd your luser today?
7:<player> suddently realizes he hasn't LART'd anybody today.
laugh - by Unknown
1:You fall down laughing.
2:<player> falls down laughing.
3:You laugh at <target> mercilessly.
4:<player> laughs at <target> mercilessly.
5:<player> laughs at you mercilessly. Hmmmmph.
6:You laugh at yourself. I would, too.
7:<player> laughs at <him/her>self. Let's all join in!!!
lawngnome - by Unknown
1:You peer around, looking for a lawngnome to love...
2:<player> is looking for a few good lawngnomes...
3:You ask <target> to give you some of that kinky lawngnome wuvvin.
4:<player> says to <target> 'Hey there, sexy thang, what say you and I go at it in that wheelbarrow of yours?'
5:<player> asks you 'Hey there, sexy thang, what say you and I go at it in that wheelbarrow of yours?'
6:You start playing with your plastic parts, since no one else would.
7:<player> plays with <his/her> plastic parts... You avert your eyes.
lawsuit - by Unknown
1:You can almost feel those sexy green bills in your sweaty palm.
2:You wonder why Dollar signs have appeared in <player>'s eyes.
3:In the name of greed, you slam <target> with a zillion-dollar lawsuit.
4:<target> spins around screaming, for <he/she> has been SUED!!!
5:<player> just served you a zillion-dollar frivulous lawsuit. Ah, America.
6:Desparate, are we?
7:Plaintiff: <player>. Defendant: <player>. Verdict: a sure pair of losers.
lbulb - by Unknown
1:*Ding!* Inspiration!
2:A light bulb appears above <player>'s head!
lean - by Unknown
1:Maybe you should look first?
2:<player> flails <his/her> arms to maintain balance after leaning against nothing!
3:You lean comfortably against <target>.
4:<player> leans comfortably against <target>.
5:<player> leans comfortably against you.
6:Hrm..now that would be a good trick.
7:<player> must be very tired, <he/she> is trying to lean against <him/her>self.
leap - by Unknown
1:You leap into the air and land on your tush. Ouch!
2:<player> leaps into the air and lands on <his/her> tush!
3:You leap into <target>'s arms and cover <him/her> with smooches!
4:<player> leaps into <target>'s arms and covers <him/her> with smooches!
5:<player> leaps into your arms and covers you with smooches!
6:You attempt to leap into your own arms and get all tangled up.
7:<player> attempts to leap into <his/her> own arms and gets hopelessly tangled.
leash - by Aurelet
1:You twirl a fine silver leash meaningfully, gazing around the room.
2:People start looking a bit panicked and nervous as <player> starts eyeing the room. Maybe it's that matching collar and leash <he/she>'s holding?
3:A soft smile grows on your lips as you clip the leash to <target>'s neck, ready to show <him/her> off.
4:<target> makes such a wonderful pet for <player>, doesn't <he/she>? Matching leash and collar and all.
5:You blush a deep crimson as <player> clips a fine silver leash to your collar, and leads you around the room like a display piece.
6:You kneel, and bow your head, presenting your leash.
7:<player> kneels, and raises <his/her> hands above <his/her> head, a leash draped between them.
lecture - by Unknown
1:You ramble on and on about morals and doing what's right, mistakingly believing somebody still cares.
2:<player> rambles on and on... will <he/she> ever shut up?!?
3:You tell <target> why what <he/she> did was wrong, thoroughly boring <him/her>.
4:<player> gives a pompous and longwinded lecture to <target>.
5:<player> is rambling on and on to you... you cover your ears and scream "LALALALALA!"
6:Don't be too hard on yourself, <player>.
7:<player> lectures <him/her>self about why what <he/she> did was wrong, struggling to keep <his/her> own attention.
leecher - by Unknown
1:You feel like someone is leeching your exp.
2:<player> is wondering who is trying to leech now.
3:You scream at <target> calling <him/her> a leecher.
4:<player> looks at <target> and screams LEECHER!
5:<player> gives you a dirty look and calls you an exp leecher.
6:You make a lame attempt to leech your own experience.
7:<player> tries to leech his own experience.
leer - by Unknown
1:You peer around the room, leering like the pervert you are!
2:<player> peers about, leering like a filthy pervert!
3:You leer at <target> like the pervert you are.
4:<player> eyes <target> up and down, leering like a filthy pervert!
5:<player> eyes you up and down, leering like a filthy pervert!
6:Desperation has reached new heights, hasn't it?
7:<player> leers at <him/her>self shamelessly.
leet - by Unknown
1:Heheehehehhehehehe u r 1 bAdAzZ I\/Ias+aI-I d00d hehehehe.
2:W0w <player> eez 1 baI)azz mofo h3 r krush3z 3I\I3I\/I!3z n f33dz b0n3z 2 supa mutt
3:U r b33tz <target> 2 p!3c3z cuz he r n0t ack3p+z ure supaoriteee. hehehe yeh
4:U watch az dat k3\/\/1d00d <player> krushez <target> uI\Nda h!z b00+z yeh!!!!!!!!11111
5:Hepl!!!!!!!!!!!!111 <player> is krush!n u!!!!!!!!111 he r hella tuff hehehehe suxxx
6:Wow, this d00dspeak is making your tongue hurt.
7:You cower in fear as <player> prepares to unleash another meaningless barrage of d00dspeak.
legend - by Unknown
1:You dream of reaching legendary status.
2:<player> wishes <he/she> was just like Ivar.
3:You praise <target> for <his/her> legendary deeds.
4:<player> worships the legendary <target>.
5:<player> believes you are more legendary than Ivar.
6:Your ego expands as you compare yourself with Ivar.
7:<player> thinks <he/she> should be a keeper of a chaos portal. How conceited!
legion - by Unknown
1:The Legion of Newbies marches on at your command.
2:The Legion of Newbies marches on at the command of <player>.
3:The Legion of Newbies comes to your aid in fighting <target>.
4:The Legion of Newbies comes to protect <player> from <target>'s assault.
5:The Legion of Newbies comes to the aid of <player>, ready to squash you!
6:You flex your muscles, proud to belong to the Legion of Newbies.
7:Flexing <his/her> muscles, <player> is proud to belong to the Legion of Newbies.
leglift - by Unknown
1:You lift your leg and pee. Feel better now?
2:<player> lifts <his/her> leg and pees. Watch where you step.
3:You lift your leg and pee on <target>. Expect payback anytime now.
4:<player> lifts <his/her> leg and pees on <target>, marking <his/her> territory.
5:<player> lifts <his/her> leg and pees on you. Either it's love or suicide.
6:You lift your leg and pee all over yourself. How talented was THAT???
7:<player> lifts <his/her> leg and pees all over <him/her>self. How talented is THAT???
lego - by Unknown
1:With homicidal thoughts, you forge =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
2:<player> forges the legendary =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
3:You beat <target> with your =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
4:<player> beats <target> with <his/her> =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
5:<player> beats you with <his/her> =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
6:You hack at your own limb with =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
7:<player> severs <his/her> own limb in a fit of rage with <his/her> =|=L=E=G=O=S=W=O=R=D=>!
legodick - by Kyroda
1:Devious thoughts fill your head as you whip out your 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
2:<player> moans loudly as <he/she> whips out <his/her> 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
3:<target> crumbles under the blows of your 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
4:<target> screams in agony as <he/she> is bludgeoned by <player's> 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
5:OMFG! <player> is clubbing you to death with <his/her> 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
6:You shudder in ecstasy as you assemble your 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
7:<player> licks <his/her> lips as <he/she> assembles <his/her> 8=L=E=G=O=D=I=C=K=D!
lemaster - by Unknown
1:You declare yourself god of all things computer.
2:You feel like a technological cockroach in the presence of <player>.
3:You show <target> the hard drive wired into your left arm.
4:You try contain your awe as <player> informs <target> he is the Computer Messiah.
5:<player> begins to tell you about the hard drive he made from aol discs.
6:Using sheer willpower, you weld two modems together to form a t3.
7:You try to stay awake as <player> comments on <his/her> mad computer skills.
lesha - by Unknown
1:You kneel, cross your wrists behind your back, and turn your chin to the left.
2:<player> kneels gracefully and crosses <his/her> wrists behind <his/her> back, and turns <his/her> chin to the left.
3:You say "Lesha" to <target> in a clear commanding voice.
4:<player> says "Lesha" to <target> in a clear commanding voice.
5:<player> says "Lesha" to you in a clear commanding voice.
lesigh - by Unknown
1:*le sigh* You are ze picture of all zat is magnifique and ze public, zey do not notice!
2:<player> iz sighing again. What iz wrong with <him/her>? *le hrmmm*
3:Ze beautiful flower <target> iz within your grasp! *le meowrrrr*
4:*le gasp* <player> chases <target> around ze room spouting rediculous french poetry!
5:<player> iz chasing you again! *le pant*
6:*le purr* You must look beautiful for ze public!
7:*le purr* <player> ignores everyone in ze room as <he/she> proceeds to clean <him/her>self.
lfl - by Unknown
1:You make a peace sign and say, 'Leaf For Life!'
2:<player> makes a peace sign and says, 'Leaf For Life!'
3:You make a peace sign in <target>'s face and tell <him/her> that you're Leaf For Life!
4:<player> makes a peace sign in <target>'s face and tells <him/her> that <he/she>'s Leaf For Life!
5:<player> makes a peace sign in your face and tells you that <he/she>'s Leaf For Life!
6:You poke your eyes out while trying to make a peace sign.
7:<player> pokes <his/her> eyes out while making a peace sign, then screams, 'Leaf For Life!'
lgarmy - by Unknown
1:You raise your pointy hat on a stick and yell, "TO ARMS, TO ARMS!!!!"
2:<player> takes <his/her> hat off <his/her> bald head and screams, "TO ARMS, TO ARMS!!!!"
3:You scream at <target>, "Join lawngnomes ARMY!!!"
4:<player> Screams like a General at <target>, "Join lawngnomes ARMY!!!
5:<player> is screaming at you, "Join lawngnomes ARMY!!!"
6:You are calling in the troops!
7:<player> seems to think <he/she> has 1000 lawngnomes following <him/her>.
liar - by Unknown
1:You blurt out an unpleasant truth and then wonder what the hell you were thinking of.
2:<player> mutters something about a hotel room and a chicken...hmm....
3:You share some uncomfortable pillow talk with your <target>.
4:<player> turns over and tell <target> that <he/she>'s had better. Looks like <he/she>'ll be looking for a new job...
5:<player> rolls over and tells you <he/she>'s had better. The nerve!!
6:You stand up in court to defend yourself against the weasel charges and find yourself blurting out the truth.
7:<player> stands up in court and shouts, "I did it! It was me, the weasel, and the three girl scouts!!!"
licious - by Tripitaka
1:You bite yourself.. Mmmm, <player>licious!
2:<player> is biting <him/her>self, mumbling something about being <player>licious.
3:It is completely <target>licious!
4:<player> screams "It's delicious, in fact it's <target>licious!"
5:<player> thinks you are <target>licious!
6:You flaunt your <player>liciousness.
7:<player> says, "Bite me, I'm <player>licious!"
lick - by Unknown
1:You lick your mouth and smile.
2:<player> licks <his/her> mouth and smiles.
3:You lick <him/her>.
4:<player> licks <target>.
5:<player> licks you.
6:You lick yourself.
7:<player> licks <him/her>self - YUCK.
lies - by Villain
1:They're all lying to you... you feel it in your bones.
2:<player> points at everyone and screams, "LIES! LIIIIIIIIIIIIES!"
3:Looks like <target> is lying again. Time to let everyone know!
4:Uh-oh. <player> is pointing at <target>, screaming, "LIES!" once again.
5:<player> points at you threateningly, screaming out, "LIES!"
6:Yes, you are a horrible liar. Proclaim it to the world!
7:What's this? <player> is pointing at <him/her>self, screaming, "LIES!"
limbo - by Unknown
1:You feel the rumba music in your head as you go low.
2:<player> shakes <his/her> hips and sees how low <he/she> can go.
3:You hold up a pole and see how low <target> can go.
4:<player> holds out a pole and questions how low <target> can go!
5:<player> starts singing rumba music and holds out a pole, questioning how low can you go!
6:You can't hold the pole for yourself!
7:<player> tried to limbo with <him/her>self. Why would <he/she> want to do that?
linux - by Unknown
1:You fall asleep at the keyboard after 28 hours of trying to install Linux.
2:<player> has dark circles under <his/her> eyes from long nights trying to install Linux.
3:You ask <target> for help getting Linux to run.
4:<player> asks <target> for help getting Linux to run.
5:<player> asks you for help getting Linux to run.
6:You dream fondly of the fall of Microsoft.
7:Oh no! <player> is beginning <his/her> tirade about the evils of Microsoft again!
literati - by Unknown
1:You count yourself proud to be among the enlightened scholars of the world!
2:<player> looks around the room in the hopes of finding another intellectual to share intelligent discussions with.
3:You beam at <target> and applaud <his/her> intellectual superiority over others in the mud.
4:<player> and <target> engage in a bit of philosophical discussion, the likes of which sails above everyone else's heads.
5:You have just been acknowledged as a literate person by <player>! You have to ask yourself why it took so long for <him/her> to observe the obvious...
6:You've gotta admire your brainpower somehow, even if noone else will. :(
7:<player> talks to noone outside <player>'s mind, and is understood by noone outside <player>'s mind.
littletacos - by Unknown
1:You love the little tacos, you love them gooooood.
2:<player> states, "I love the little tacos, I love them gooooood."
3:You tell <target>, "I love the little tacos, I love them gooooood."
4:<player> tells <target>, "I love the little tacos, I love them gooooood."
5:<player> tells you, "I love the little tacos, I love them gooooood."
6:You really love the little tacos don't you? You must love them gooooood.
7:<player> loves the little tacos, <he/she> loves them gooooood.
liver - by Unknown
1:You look angrily for someone to disembowel.
2:<player> looks angrily for someone to disembowel.
3:You rip out <his/her> liver and eat it.
4:<player> rips out <target>'s liver and eats it.
5:<player> rips out your liver and eats it.
6:You try to disembowel yourself. It hurts somewhat.
7:<player> seems to be somewhat in pain as <he/she> tries to disembowel <him/her>self.
lix - by Unknown
1:Mmm... *lix*
2:<player> *lix* you and then moves on to the rest of the room. Teehee!
3:Walking up to that silly little bunny <target>, you *lix* <him/her> :)
4:*gasp* <player> *lix* <target>! Yoo want a *lix* too :(
5:OMG OMG OMG <player> *lix* yoo!
6:You stand tall and proud and demand *lix*!
7:<player> chuckles '*lix* me pweeze :)'
lmeow - by Unknown
1:You sniff the air, looking for a cat in heat.
2:<player> sniffs the air, panting lustfully.
3:You meow at <target> lustfully, sensing <he/she> is in heat.
4:<player> purrs lustfully around <target>, guess <target> is in heat.
5:<player> sniffs your crotch, are you in heat?
6:You sit on the fence, yodelling that you're in heat.
7:<player> sits on the fence, squalling like three pregnant cats in a blender.
loco - by Unknown
1:You scream, "I am not InSaNe why won't anybody believe me?"
2:<player> must be completly CrAzY...<he/she> is raving like a LoCo.
3:You jump on <target> and start to spew more nonsense about your sanity.
4:<player> just attacked <target>!!! Better call for the men in white coats.
5:Aaaahhh...get it off...get <player> off before <he/she> does something totally CrAZy!!
6:Maybe it's just the drugs, but you don't feel so CRAZY anymore.
7:<player> tells <him/her>self over and over again, "I am not CrAzY! I am NOT CrAzY!!"
logo - by Unknown
1:I know!! <->=-_crImsOn_-=++-_
2:<player> thinks <->=-_crImsOn_-=++-_, is a much better logo.
3:You take a "few" bills out of <target>'s wallet and change Crimson's logo to ===/\CRiMSoN<>><<>_.
4:<player> takes a "few" bills out of <target>'s wallet and changes Crimson's logo to ===/\CRiMSoN<>><<>_.
5:<player> gives you some gold to change Crimson's logo to something better like ===/\CRiMSoN<>><<>_!
6:Or perhaps /\Crimson/\, anything is better than that old one!
7:/\Crimson/\ is sooo much better than that old logo and <player> agrees.
lol - by Unknown
1:You laugh out loud.
2:<player> laughs out loud.
3:You laugh out loud at <target>.
4:<player> laughs out loud at <target>.
5:<player> laughs out loud at you.
6:You laugh out loud at yourself.
7:<player> laughs out loud at <him/her>self.
loner - by Unknown
1:You turn your face from the world and go your own way.
2:<player> turns away from you all and walks off into isolation.
3:You tell <target> to go away as you would rather be alone.
4:<player> quietly says, "Go away" to <target>.
5:<player> tells you that <he/she> would rather be alone.
6:You decide it's best to do some soul searching and leave.
7:<player> decides it is time for <him/her> to leave everyone.
loretta - by Unknown
1:You proudly announce that you now wish to be called Loretta.
2:<player> begins to talk about how <he/she> wants to have babies... odd.
3:You remind <target> that women and males who want to be women should not be overlooked.
4:<player> annoys <target> by talking about women and men who want to be women having the same rights as men.
5:Run! <player> has decided that you are being chauvinistic towards women and men who want to be women!
6:You're getting tired of badly written Monty Python socials.
7:<player> has decided <he/she> no longer wants to be called Loretta. You are relieved.
loser - by Unknown
1:You roll your eyes and mouth the words, "LOOO-SER".
2:<player> rolls <his/her> eyes and mouths the words, "LOOO-SER".
3:You roll your eyes at <target> and mouth the words, "LOOO-SER".
4:<player> rolls <his/her> eyes at <target> and mouths the words, "LOOO-SER".
5:<player> rolls <his/her> eyes at you and mouths the words, "LOOO-SER".
6:You roll your eyes at your own stupidity and mouth the words, "LOOO-SER".
7:<player> rolls <his/her> eyes at <his/her> own stupidity and mouths the words, "LOOO-SER".
lost - by Unknown
1:You just feel so lost without your special someone.
2:<player> feels completely lost without <his/her> special someone.
3:You look deep into <target> 's eyes and tuck <his/her> hair behind <his/her> ear.
4:Looks like <player> and <target> are totally into each other.
5:<player> looks at you, <his/her> touch making you feel like nothing else matters.
6:Without anyone, you decide to live life alone, in solitude, you and death become one.
7:<player> wants to be alone. Should you really let <him/her> be alone for the rest of <his/her> life?
love - by Unknown
1:You love the whole world.
2:<player> loves everybody in the world.
3:You tell your true feelings to <target>.
4:<player> whispers softly to <target>.
5:<player> whispers to you sweet words of love.
6:Well, we already know you love yourself (lucky someone does !)
7:<player> loves <him/her>self, can you believe it ?
loveshark - by Unknown
1:You bat your fins adorably and promise not to use your teeth.
2:Isn't <player> a cute little sharklet? Awww....
3:You give <target> soft little lovebites and try not to go too far...oops...
4:Ack! Is that a shark chewing on <target>?! Aw, it's only <player> again.
5:<player> chews on you lovingly and tries hard not to draw blood.
6:You wish you had your own little loveshark. *sigh*
7:<player> swims in circles, wishing <he/she> had <his/her> own little loveshark.
lrage - by Unknown
1:You snarl and fume cause you lost the Lasertag game :( :(
2:<player> sputters and curses while turning purple.
3:You clobber <target> into unconsciousness for doing better than you in Lasertag!
4:<player> beats the daylights out of <target>, muttering something about Lasertag.
5:You wish you had never heard of Lasertag as <player> whacks you unconscious.
6:You rip out your hair in distress over your poor game.
7:You stare as <player> rips <his/her> hair out.
lspell - by Unknown
1:You conjure up a lovespell.
2:A lovespell is being invoked, maybe you should run while you still can.
3:You wave your hands and wiggle your fingers at <him/her>, causing <him/her> to fall madly in love with you.
4:<player> utters a strange phrase and <target> is suddenly madly in love with <player>.
5:You are suddenly madly in love with <player>.
6:Need a spell to love yourself?
7:<player> is kissing <him/her>self all over. Is that possible?
ltag - by Unknown
1:You start talking about lasertag!
2:<player> starts talking about lasertag! Better cover your ears!
3:You start making fun of <target> because <he/she> got rocked in laser!
4:<player> starts making fun of <target> because <he/she> got rocked in laser!
5:<player> starts making fun of you because you got rocked in laser!
6:You start to twitch nervously because of lasertag!
7:<player> starts to complain about lasertag....Oh no! Turn off the channel!!
ltrigger - by Unknown
1:You declare your hate for triggers in lasertag.
2:<player> declares nowuv for anyone with lasertag triggers!
3:You scream "Use triggers in lasertag and die!" at <target>.
4:<player> screams "Use triggers for lasertag and die!" at <target>. Poor bugger that <target> is, <he/she> probably doesn't even use triggers.
5:<player> screams "Use triggers in lasertag and die!" at you. You think "What a wacko that <player> is."
6:You declare nowuv for your trigger-user self!
7:<player> declares nowuv for <his/her> trigger-user self!
lucky - by Unknown
1:You say "Lucky!" and give the Victory sign, anime style.
2:<player> says "Lucky!" and gives the Victory sign, anime style.
3:You say "Lucky!" and give <target> the Victory sign, anime style.
4:<player> says "Lucky!" and gives <target> the Victory sign, anime style.
5:<player> says "Lucky!" and gives you the Victory sign, anime style.
6:You pretend to be cool like Lina Inverse. "Lucky!"
7:<player> thinks <he/she>'s Lina Inverse and says "Lucky!"
lullaby - by Unknown
1:You softly hum a gentle song.
2:<player> hums a soft, soothing tune.
3:You gather <target> into your arms and hum a soft lullaby.
4:<player> holds <target> in a gentle embrace and sings <him/her> a lullaby.
5:<player> wraps <his/her> arms tight about you and hums softly.
6:You hum to yourself and try to fall asleep.
7:<player> yawns and hums softly to <his/her>self.
lure - by Unknown
1:You get ready for someone good looking to come along.
2:<player> peers about hungrily for someone to lure close.
3:You toss your hair and bare your leg hoping that <target> will react to your sex appeal.
4:<player> bares <his/her> leg and gives <target> a come-hither look.
5:<player> extends a bared leg. You lick your lips with a wicked thought.
6:You stroke your own leg getting a bit excited.
7:<player> strokes <his/her> leg in an erotic fashion.
lurker - by Unknown
1:You peer intently into the shadows of Gsocial.
2:<player> vigilantly watches for Gsocial lurkers.
3:You scream "Lurker!!", and point <target> out for all to see.
4:<player> has discovered <target> skulking in the shadows of Gsocial!
5:<player> screams "Lurker!!" and points at you. What a wacko.
6:You slip through the dark recesses of Gsocial, attempting to lurk.
7:You think you spot movement in the Gsocial shadows, it looks like <player>.
lust - by Unknown
1:Your hormones begin to rage.
2:<player> has that look of lust in <his/her> eyes --- Get away QUICK!
3:You stare lustily at <target>.
4:<player> looks lustily at <target>.
5:<player> lusts after your delectable body.
6:Oh, please! You aren't THAT great...
7:<player> lusts after <him/her>self, lonely eh?
luvblush - by Unknown
1:You pause to express your feelings, but end up blushing in silence.
2:<player> pauses to express <his/her> feelings, but just stands there blushing.
3:You pause to express your feelings for <target>, but just end up blushing in silence.
4:<player> pauses to express <his/her> feelings for <target>, but just ends up blushing in silence.
5:<player> pauses to express <his/her> feelings for you, but just ends up blushing in silence.
6:You pause to delve into your feelings, and blush in silence.
7:<player> pauses in silence, and blushes with a small smile on <his/her> face.
lylas - by Latana
1:You shout 'LYLAS!' to all your gal-pals.
2:<player> takes <his/her> leave shouting "LYLAS!" to all <his/her> sisters.
3:You wave goodbye to <target> and shout "LYLAS!"
4:<player> waves to <target> and shouts "LYLAS!"
5:<player> waves to you and shouts "LYLAS!" as you leave.
6:You love everyone like a sister? How sweet!
7:<player> loves you all like sisters!
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!