78 applicable socials found.

mabomb - by Unknown
1:You whistle innocently, while hiding a Ma-Bomb behind your back.
2:<player> whistles innocently, while hiding something black behind <his/her> back.
3:You heave a mighty Ma-Bomb at <target>. KA-BOOM!
4:<player> heaves a mighty Ma-Bomb at <target>. KA_BOOM!
5:Hey what's that round thing coming at you?...KA-BOOM! Damn that <player>!
6:You cackle insanely and heave a Ma-Bomb at your feet. KA-BOOM!
7:<player> cackles insanely as <he/she> heaves a Ma-Bomb at <his/her> feet. KA-BOOM!
mace - by Unknown
1:You fondle your can of mace, just waiting for a chance to use it.
2:<player> is fondling a can of mace...and looking in your direction. Uh oh.
3:You begin screaming about the lawlessness of youth today as you brutally mace <target>.
4:<player> brutally maces <target> and laughs insanely as <he/she> claws at <his/her> eyes.
5:<player> brutally maces you, and stands over you laughing as you try to claw your eyes out.
6:Real smart...macing yourself. How are you going to explain this at the ER?
7:<player> has just maced <him/her>self, and lies screaming while the weasels descend for the feast.
machine - by Unknown
1:You become the dancing, dancing, dancing, Dancing Machine!
2:<player> is a dancing, dancing, dancing, Dancing Machine! How fun!
3:<player> makes <target> do the Dancing Machine Dance! <he/she> loves it!
4:<player> makes you the Dancing Machine! You're a natural!
5:<player> tries the Dancing Machine Dance... show <him/her> how it's done!
madleader - by Unknown
1:You wave your finger over the demote button!
2:Oh No! <player> is looking to demote someone! Better get on <his/her> good side!
3:Time to demote <target>!
4:Ack! <player> is going to demote <target>! Quick donate some cash so you won't be next!
5:<player> is about to demote you, better think twice about using <his/her> hottub next time.
6:You have outcast yorself from the clan!
7:In an effort to prove <his/her> strength as a leader, <player> mistakenly outcasts <him/her>self from the clan.
madscientist - by Unknown
1:You giggle madly as you survey your latest ingenious device.
2:<player> giggles madly as <he/she> looks over a diabolical device.
3:You ask <target> if <he/she>'d like to be part of your plot to take over the world.
4:<player> gazes deep into <target>'s eyes as <he/she> says 'Would you care to join me in a small cup of world domination?'
5:<player> stares soulfully at you and says 'Join me for a small cup of world domination?'
6:You giggle insanely to yourself as you complete your plans for world conquest and a really good cup of coffee.
7:<player> giggles madly to <him/her>self about coffee and armies in Ukraine.
maer - by Unknown
1:You are so absolutely in wuv with Maerchyng! Sigh...
2:<player> has a hopeless crush on the wonderful, eternal Maerchyng, <he/she> can even spell his name right! *Clap*
3:You tell <target> all about your love for Maerchyng. Which takes a really long time.
4:<player> is babbling about Maerchyng to poor little <target> again! Aren't you glad <he/she> didn't pick you to blabber to?
5:You whimper helplessly as <player> babbles on and on and on and on about <his/her> darling Maerchyng.
6:Will you ever grow up?
7:Will <player> ever grow up?
mailto - by Unknown
1:You inform the room that they should check the personal board more often.
2:<player> tells everyone to check the personal board more often.
3:You inform <target> that you have written <him/her> a private note.
5:<player> has written you a private note.
6:You sniff sadly, wishing people would send you more private notes.
7:<player> sniffs sadly, wishing people would send <his/her> more private notes.
maim - by Unknown
1:Who do you want to maim?
2:<player> is looking for someone to maim.
3:You maim <him/her> with your dull fingernails.
4:<player> raises <his/her> hand and tries to maim <target> to pieces.
5:<player> raises <his/her> hand and paws at you. You've been maimed!
6:You maim yourself with your dull fingernails.
7:<player> raises <his/her> hand and maims <him/her>self to pieces.
mallcop - by Unknown
1:You pull out your can of mace and look for misbehaving children.
2:<player> shows off <his/her> can of mace, <he/she> must be one of those Mall Cops.
3:You stop <target> and say, "Heeeeeey what're you doin."
4:<player> stops <target> and says, "Heeeeeey what're you doin."
5:<player> stops you and says, "Heeeeeey what're you doin."
6:You spray a young girl with mace to teach her a lesson.
7:Oh god! <player> just sprayed a young girl with mace! How cruel!
mambo - by Unknown
1:So, you think you're Lou Bega?
2:<player> mambos like Lou Bega! Stand clear or join in!
3:You mambo madly with <target>. Without music? Hmmm...
4:<player> mambos madly with <target>! Maybe they should find a dancefloor..
5:<player> forces you to mambo! The torture! The agony! The...backache?!
6:Now there's an intellectual move, Travolta. Most people mambo WITH someone!
7:<player> mambos alone. Kinda makes you wish you had a camera, doesn't it?
maniacs - by Unknown
1:You firmly believe that 'sedit' is only used by maniacs and crackheads.
2:<player> firmly believes that 'sedit' is only used by maniacs and crackheads.
3:You share your views with <target>.
4:<player> whispers something to <target>, and then they both look disgusted.
5:<player> tells you that only maniacs and crackheads use 'sedit'.
6:You can never have too much indoctrination.
7:<player> reaffirms his faith in maniacs and crackheads.
maple - by Unknown
1:You rule over the land of Arwolf with an iron fist.
2:<player> rules over this land of Arwolf with an iron fist. Hrm.
3:<target> is challenging your right to rule Aardwolf! BE STRONG!!
4:<player> jumps and yells at <target> for challenging <his/her> rule. Poor bugger.
5:You should not have angered <player> like that, <target>. Now <his/her> wrath descends!
7:<player> BEs STRONG!!
mapleleafs - by Unknown
1:You can't wait to watch Hockey Night in Canada to see the Maple Leafs!
2:<player> holds <his/her> breath till <his/her> face turns a mixture of white and blue.
3:You bodycheck <target> into the boards hard! Leave the rest to Tie Domi!
4:<player> slams <target> into the boards, and calls in Tie Domi to mop up!
5:<player> slams you into the boards! Who is <he/she> calling in to finish the job?
6:You hop out onto the ice and start to brawl with the Montreal Canadians!
7:<player> hops onto the ice and knocks over several Montreal Canadians!
marcel - by Unknown
1:Yoo are zo mees-te-rious.
2:Rut roh. <player> is up to something!
3:You pucker up and give <target> red hawt feeshy keeshies!
4:<player> makes a fish face and leaps onto <target>.
5:<player> is giving you red hawt feeshy keeshies!
6:Eh, yoo are zo smart and zo se-xee!
7:<player> r so smrt and sexy!
marine - by Unknown
1:You puff out your chest and start looking for someone to order around.
2:<player> puffs out <his/her> chest like a DI and looks for someone to order around.
3:You throw out your chest and start screaming gibberish into <target>'s face!
4:<player> starts screaming gibberish at <target> like a Marine drill instructor!
5:<player> suddenly gets into your face and bellows at you to give <him/her> 30.
6:You look very foolish as you order yourself around.
7:<player> looks very foolish as <he/she> orders <him/her>self around.
mark - by Unknown
1:You look carefully at your branding iron before shoving it back in the fire.
2:<player> checks to see how hot <his/her> branding iron is before shoving it back in the fire.
3:A special gleam comes to your eye as your carefully apply your branding iron to <target>'s hip.
4:Sizzle...steam rises from <target>'s hip as <player> applies <his/her> brand.
5:PAIN!!! You jerk suddenly as <player> presses a red-hot branding iron to your hip.
7:<player> cackles insanely as <he/she> presses a red-hot mark to <his/her> flesh.
marriage - by Unknown
1:Perhaps you'll meet that lucky someone yet!
2:<player> is looking for a loving companion with lots of aard. Please reply on personal board.
3:You look longingly at <target> with an eye for marriage and a hand on <his/her> aard.
4:<player> and <target> make such a sickeningly cute couple, don't they?
5:<player> really loves you, can't you see it?
6:Do you really think it's that bad?
7:<player> is hopeless, <he/she> will probably end up with a Thagor blow-up doll (tm) for a companion.
marsha - by Unknown
1:You think to yourself 'why does everyone love Marsha so much?'
2:<player> is hearing voices again!
3:You ask <target> why they think Marsha is more beautiful than you.
4:<player> screams at <target> 'Why is it always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?!?'
5:<player> screams at you 'Why is it always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha?' boy, they sure have some issues.
6:You hear the voices in your head again ...
7:The voice is back in <player>'s head! Run!
martin - by Unknown
1:You begins to spam gclan with your drunken ramblings.
2:<player> spaem gclans wisth <his/her> drusnkin ram,bilindss,
3:You tell <target> about the time you won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
4:<player> tells <target> about 'Avogadro' and the 'Nobel Prize.' ???
5:<player> says, "Disd I ever tell yoau btout the theim I wont ht eNobel Prize? In Chemistrsy>>"
7:<player> submelses intso bthe bedreoom ad faslls asleep aon the bes.
marvingaye - by Unknown
1:You cry as you realize you have no one to "Get It On" with.
2:<player> wishes <he/she> had someone to, "Get It On," with.
3:You look at <target> lustily as you start to hum, "Let's get it on..."
4:You notice <player> humming, "Lets Get It On," as <he/she> saunters up to <target> lustfully.
5:<player> looks at you with lust-filled eyes as <he/she> hums, "Lets get it on..."
6:You close your eyes, begin to sway your hips and belt out, "Lets Get It On," into your hairbrush.
7:<player> closes <his/her> eyes, begins to sway <his/her> hips and belts out, "Lets Get It On," into <his/her> hairbrush.
marzipan - by Unknown
1:Come on, Carol, let's rock.
2:<player> quietly strums <his/her> guitar, singing "Oh yeah, oh yeah, and I really don't like him at all."
3:You ask <target>, "Do you don't not dislike not me?"
4:<player> asks <target>, "Do you don't not dislike not me?"
5:<player> asks you, "Do you don't not dislike not me?"
6:You don't even know what a screen name is, so there you go!
7:<player> tells you <he/she> doesn't even know what a screen name is, and asks you to go away.
massage - by Unknown
1:Massage what? Thin air?
3:You gently massage <target>'s shoulders.
4:<player> massages <target>'s shoulders.
5:<player> gently massages your shoulders - Ahhhhhhhhhh...
6:You practice yoga as you try to massage yourself.
7:<player> gives a show on yoga-positions, trying to massage <him/her>self.
matrix - by Unknown
1:You mutter, "There is no spoon," and casually blow up an elevator.
2:You hear <player> say something about a spoon while blowing up an elevator.
3:You lean far back and dodge the stream of bullets from Agent <target>.
4:<player> leans far back and, rapidly, dodges every bullet Agent <target> fires at <him/her>.
5:No matter how hard you try, <player> just keeps dodging your bullets.
6:You try to make the jump, but your mind is not free and you splat against the pavement.
7:<player> jumps off a 50-story building, and goes splat on the ground.
mbfgw - by Maarek
1:In Greek, you say "Everybody, let's go inside." Why is everyone laughing?
2:<player> just said that they have three testicles! Freak!
3:Facing <target>, you ask <him/her> why they want to go.
4:<player> faces <target> and exclaims "Why you want to leave me!?"
5:<player> looks at you and pitifully says "Why you want to leave me!?"
6:You look at your recent wounds and whip out a bottle of Windex.
7:<player> starts squirting Windex on <his/her> open wounds!
mcall - by Unknown
1:You call forth a giant Chocobo and ride off into the wilderness.
2:<player> summons a Chocobo and rides off into the wilderness.
3:You summon a giant Behemoth, which breathes FIRE onto <target>.
4:<player> summons a Behemoth, which breathes FIRE onto <target>.
5:<player> summons a giant Behemoth. OH NO! It turns to you, NOT THE FLAMES!
6:You summon Asura, who grants you protection from your enemies.
7:<player> summons Asura, Queen of Summoned Monsters for her great protection.
meditate - by Unknown
1:You assume a very comfortable position and begin to meditate.
2:<player> rests and begins to meditate... <he/she> chants softly to <him/her>self.
meep - by Unknown
1:You meep.
2:<player> meeps! Maybe you should too!
3:You meep at <target>.
4:<player> meeps at <target>!
5:<player> meeps at you. I wonder why...
6:You meep at yourself. Ran out of targets, eh?
7:<player> meeps at <him/her>self. <he/she> must have run out of targets.
megan - by Unknown
1:You look for an almost-innocent victim...
2:<player> looks for a Coke machine...
3:You bodyslam <target> into a nearby Coke machine!
4:<player> slams <target> into a nearby Coke machine!
5:<player> slams you into a Coke machine! Ouch!
6:You slammed yourself into a Coke machine? Ouch...
7:<player> bounces off a Coke machine, desperately craving a caffeine fix...
meh - by Unknown
2:<player> frowns sadly, looks around and goes 'meh..'
3:You frown sadly, look at <target> and go 'meh..'
4:<player> frowns sadly and looks at <target> and goes 'meh..'
5:<player> looks sadly in your direction and goes 'meh..' Something must be terribly wrong!
6:You summon up all your depression, open your mouth and go 'meh..'
7:<player> summons up all <his/her> depression.. opens <his/her> mouth.. and goes 'meh..'
melt - by Unknown
1:You melt into a puddle of water.
2:<player> melts into a puddle of water.
3:You melt at the thought of <target>.
4:<player> melts at the thought of <target>.
5:<player> melts at the thought of you.
6:You melt at the thought of yourself. Pathetic.
7:<player> melts at the thought of <him/her>self.
mental - by Unknown
1:The blasphemers will all pay soon, oh yes.
2:<player> mutters to themselves while picking up dead animals along the highway.
3:You cackle wildly at <target> and run off to harvest the blue eggs.
4:<player> cackles gleefully at <target> for a second waving a gnarled cane and then gets a blank stare on their face.
5:<player> cackles menacingly at you for a second and then gets a blank stare across their face.
6:The CIA is out to get you! Wear your aluminum foil hat!
7:<player> straps on <his/her> aluminum foil hat and screams, 'The CIA is everywhere! Protect yourself!'
meow - by Unknown
1:You meow and look cute.
2:With an innocent look in <his/her> green eyes, <player> meows.
3:With an innocent look in your eyes, you meow at <target>.
4:Ignore it if you want, but <player> actually meows at <target>!
5:With an innocent look in <his/her> green eyes, <player> meows at you.
6:You wonder why are people throwing pots and pans at you.
7:Starting an earsplitting caterwaul, <player> meows like crazy.
mew - by Unknown
1:You mew softly.
2:<player> mews softly.
3:You curl up on <target>'s lap and mew at <him/her>.
4:<player> curls up, catlike, on <target>'s lap.
5:<player> curls up on your lap and looks up at you, mewing softly.
6:You mew to yourself as you groom your paws.
7:<player> mews softly to <him/her>self as <he/she> licks <his/her> paws.
mew151 - by Unknown
1:You call out your mew!
2:<player> throws a (o) and mew comes out.
3:You have your mew to use psychic attack on <target>.
4:<target> gets slammed in the walls and floor by <player>'s mew.
5:You hit many walls and floors because <player>'s mew is using psychic on you.
6:You call your mew back to its pokeball.
7:<player> calls <his/her> mew back to its pokeball.
mexcitty - by Unknown
1:You share your daring plan with your posse.
2:<player> cries, "Tequila tonight, tomorrow we ride!"
3:Holding out the signing bonus, you ask <target> to join your posse.
4:Holding out a shot of tequila, <player> asks <target> to join <his/her> posse.
5:Holding a shot of tequila before you, <player> asks you to join <his/her> posse.
6:"Absolut Citron tonight, tomorrow we ride!"
7:Mumbling about vodka, <player> takes a big swig of tequila and promptly falls off <his/her> barstool.
mgrin - by Unknown
1:You grin mischievously.
2:<player> grins mischievously.
3:You grin mischievously at <target>.
4:<player> flashes a mischievous grin at <target>. Hmm. is it time to run and hide?
5:<player> grins mischievously at you.
6:You feel your lips curve upward as your eyes fill with a mischievous glint.
7:<player> grins mischievously to <him/her>self. Hmm. What's <he/she> planning?
mib - by Unknown
1:You scream "EAT ME!!!" at the giant Extra Terrestrial cockroach.
2:<player> jumps up and down screaming "EAT ME!!!" at some figment of <his/her> imagination.
3:You exclaim 'Now that's what I am talking about!'
4:<player> points <his/her> noisy cricket at <target> and fires, gets thrown back 50 feet, and realizes <he/she> missed.
5:You hear crickets behind you followed by an explosion nearby, and <player>'s pain-filled scream!
6:K says 'Congratulations <player>, it's a squid.'
7:<player> just had a baby! And it is a squid!
midget - by Unknown
1:And we all know, midgets = funny.
2:<player> believes that midgets = funny, and <he/she> has a good argument to back it up.
3:You look <target> straight in the eyes and solemnly intone, "MIDGETS!"
4:<target> bursts out laughing with a single word from <player>. The word is, of course, "midgets."
5:<player> looks you in the eyes and says, "MIDGETS!" You find this surprisingly funny.
6:That's odd. Not just a little odd, really freaking odd. Put that midget down, please.
7:You can only describe <player>'s actions as "midgetting <him/her>self." That's just freakish.
milk - by Unknown
1:You pour yourself a glass of cold creamy milk and drink it down.
2:<player> pours <him/her>self a glass of cold creamy milk and gulps it down.
3:You pour a glass of cold creamy milk for <target> and give it to <him/her>.
4:<player> pours a glass of cold creamy milk and gives it to <target>.
5:<player> pours a glass of cold creamy milk and hands it to you.
6:You hoist a glass of cold creamy milk and gulp it down.
7:<player> hoists a glass of cold frothy milk and gulps it down.
milkman - by Unknown
1:"Seen your bike lately, Karen?"
2:Milkman <player> is torturing poor Karen again.
3:"Sorry about that, <target>. For a moment there, I thought you might be on drugs."
4:Milkman <player>, the new McMoo Anti-Drug cow, squirts <target> with milk. <he/she> thought <target> might be on drugs!
5:Milkman <player> is such a jerk! <he/she> just squirted you with milk from <his/her> teats!
6:Coffee? You could have sworn you'd filled those reservoirs up with urine earlier...
7:Piping hot coffee issues forth from Milkman <player>'s teats.
miranda - by Unknown
1:You pull out your little slip of paper and review the rights of your victi..err..subjects.
2:<player> pulls out a slip of paper and begins mumbling the Miranda Rights to <him/her>self.
3:You slam <target> against the wall and begin reading <him/her> <his/her> rights.
4:<player> slams <target> up against the wall and says 'You have the right to remain silent....'
5:<player> slams you against a wall and says 'You have the right to remain silent...'
6:You handcuff yourself to a chair and give yourself the Miranda Rights.
7:<player> handcuffs <him/her>self to a chair and starts giggling about hamsters remaining silent.
mirror - by Unknown
1:You pull out a small mirror.
2:<player> pulls out a small mirror.
3:You angle your mirror to see if <target> has a reflection.
4:<player> angles <his/her> mirror to see if <target> has a reflection.
5:<player> angles <his/her> mirror at You, trying to see your reflection.
6:You check your mirror and make sure you still have a reflection.
7:<player> looks at <his/her> reflection in a small mirror. How vain.
mischannel - by Unknown
1:Do not confuse newbie and spouse channels! Do not confuse newbie and spouse channels! Do not...
2:Smart move! <player> tries to start some discussion about the weather, hoping noone noticed <his/her> last mischan.
3:Of course, <target>'s lines are the most fun when <he/she>'s mixing up channels again...
4:<player> cackles with glee as <target> blushes. Guess <his/her> mind was on something more important than the right channel.
5:Oh damn! <player> caught your mischannel. Where is a rock to hide under?
6:That's right! Make them believe that mischan was intentional!
7:You would bet a Heart Mirror that <player>'s last mischan was intentional...
mischievous - by Unknown
1:You give a mischievous smile at the trouble you have in mind.
2:<player> grins mischievously at a nasty idea.
3:You grin mischievously at <him/her>, thinking an evil thought.
4:<player> grins mischievously at <target>. <he/she> must be thinking something evil.
5:<player> grins mischievously at you. You inch toward the door.
6:You grin mischievously to yourself.
7:<player> grins mischievously to <him/her>self.
miss - by Unknown
1:You yearn terribly for your absent love.
2:<player> yearns for the day <his/her> love will return.
3:As fun as the mud is, you still find yourself missing <target>'s presence terribly.
4:<player> obviously misses <target>.
5:Obviously <player> misses you terribly. Do you, <him/her>?
6:Life r sux without them. Why can't you just figure something out to be closer together?
7:<player> is sobbing to <him/her>self quietly, is <he/she> missing someone?
mistle - by Unknown
1:Doesn't it take two people to do this?
3:You hold a mistletoe over <target>'s head and kiss <him/her> on <his/her> cheek.
4:<player> runs up to <target>, holds a mistletoe over <his/her> head and gives <him/her> a big sloppy kiss.
5:<player> runs up to you, holds a mistletoe over your head and gives you a big sloppy kiss.
6:You hold a mistletoe over your head and look around pleadingly for someone to help you out.
7:<player> holds a mistletoe over <his/her> head, hoping for someone to come help <him/her> out.. Pathetic, isn't it?
mkfk - by Unknown
1:You start doing mighty kung-fu kicks at your shadow.
2:<player> starts throwing mighty kung-fu kicks at <his/her> shadow.
3:You scream "I do Mighty Kung-Fu Kick for you!", and begin kicking for <target>!
4:<player> screams "I do Mighty Kung-Fu Kicks for <target>!" and starts kicking wildly in <his/her> honor.
5:<player> screams "I do Mighty-Kung-Fu Kicks for you!" and starts kicking in your honor.
6:You do a Mighty Kung-Fu Kick for yourself, and almost take your head off!
7:<player> does a mighty kung-fu kick for <him/her>self, and almost takes <his/her> head off!
mlaugh - by Unknown
1:You laugh merrily.
2:<player> laughs merrily.
3:You laugh merrily with <target>.
4:<player> laughs merrily with <target>.
5:<player> laughs merrily with you.
6:You laugh merrily at yourself.
7:<player> laughs merrily at <him/her>self.
mninja - by Unknown
1:Dude! Masaki ninjas just burst through the window!!!
2:Holy Crap! Masaki ninjas are doing like twenty thousand backflips over <player>!!
3:You use your obsessive ninja fan powers and pounce on your neighbor <target>
4:<player> just jumped out of a trash can screaming about ninjas onto <target>!
5:You have been challenged by the lame0r ninja <player>! Ninja stance!
6:Dude! Ninjas are soooooo totally AWESOME!!!
7:<player> wishes <he/she> were an awesome Masaki ninja...
moan - by Unknown
1:You start to moan.
2:<player> starts moaning.
3:You moan in ecstasy at <target>.
4:<player> moans in ecstasy at <target>.
5:<player> moans in ecstasy at the sight of you.
6:You moan at yourself.
7:<player> makes <him/her>self moan.
mock - by Unknown
1:You hum Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mo and look for some random person to mock.
2:<player> gets out <his/her> Book of Insults, looking for <his/her> next victim!
3:You giggle to yourself, making up something about <target>, and insult <him/her>!
4:<player> finds some vague inadequacy of <target>'s, and hurls crude insults at <him/her>!
5:<player> begins to make fun of you! Mommy, make <him/her> stop! *Sob*
6:You've done something stupid, now everyone is mocking YOU! Sweet revenge...
7:<player> looks quite stupid at the moment, and you take this time to mock <him/her>!
modem - by Unknown
1:You swear and curse as your modem disconnects for the 64532nd time.
2:<player> berates <his/her> machine for having such a crummy modem!
3:You distract <target> and swap your modem for <his/her> modem.. aah, much better :)
4:<player> distracts <target> and swaps modems while <he/she> isn't looking!
5:ARGH! <player> swapped your modem for a generic 2400 baud piece of junk!
6:You RIP your modem out of your computer in a fit of fury!
7:<player> RIPS <his/her> modem out of <his/her> computer in a fit of fury!
modesty - by Unknown
1:You cover your mouth and blush with modesty.
2:<player> covers <his/her> mouth and blushes with modesty.
3:You cover your mouth and blush with modesty towards <target>.
4:<player> covers <his/her> mouth and blushes with modesty towards <target>.
5:<player> covers <his/her> mouth and blushes with modesty towards you.
6:You cover your mouth and blush with inner modesty, but end up smiling broadly.
7:<player> covers <his/her> mouth and blushes with inner modesty, but ends up smiling broadly.
monkey - by Unknown
1:You jump into the air and chitter chatter! Monkey!
2:<player> leaps into the air and lets out cute sounding chitters. *monkey!*
3:<target> giggles as you cuddle <his/her> neck.
4:<player> cuddles <target> like a furry little monkey.
5:<player> jumps on your neck and gives you a cuddle. What a monkey!
6:You are such a mischievous little monkey aincha?
7:<player> wuvs being that little mischievous monkey <he/she> is.
monkeyclap - by Unknown
1:Is anyone being lame around here?
2:<player> starts clapping <his/her> hands above <his/her> head like a monkey, how weird.
3:You monkey clap at <target>, is <he/she> being lame again?
4:<player> starts to monkey clap at <target>, maybe you should too?
5:Tsk, <player> is monkey clapping at you again, lamer.
6:Aren't you feeling lame enough, using this social?
7:<player> is monkey clapping at <him/her>self, let's all join in!
moo - by Unknown
1:You chew your cud and moo plaintively. Muh-OOOOO!
2:<player> turns cowlike eyes on you, chews <his/her> cud, and moos plaintively.
3:You focus all your bovine Zen on <target>, and speak your thoughts. Muh-OOOOO!
4:Slowly, <player> looks at <target>, chews <his/her> cud, and muh-OOOOs!
5:<player> moos at you. What could that possibly mean?
6:You settle down into the center of your bovine Zen; the foolish world thinks you're just mooing.
7:<player> is mooing at <him/her>self again... You look for an exit...
moogle - by Unknown
1:"Kupo kupupo!"
2:Taking a break from the mines in Narshe, <player> does a little dance and exclaims "Kupo!"
3:With your arcane Kupo magic, you turn <target> into a moogle. Isn't <he/she> cute!?
4:Egads! <player> just turned <target> into a moogle! They look SOOOOO cute together!
5:Gasp! <player> has just turned you into a moogle! You feel cuter already!
6:You wear the legendary Moogle Charm around your wrist so the aggies won't attack you.
7:<player> wears a weird charm on <his/her> wrist and struts through a room full of aggies.
moon - by Unknown
1:You drop your drawers and moon everyone in the room!
2:<player> drops <his/her> pants and gives you the vertical smile!
3:You bend over and moon <target>.
4:<player> drops <his/her> pants and rudely moons <target>!
5:<player> bends over and gives you the vertical smile!
6:You try to moon yourself, but you can't see your A** that well.
7:<player> nearly goes into convulsions while trying to moon <him/her>self.
moose - by Unknown
1:You put your hands up like moose antlers shriek, "MOOSE!!"
2:<player> makes <his/her> hands like moose antlers and shrieks, "MOOSE!!"
3:You pop up over <target>'s shoulder and MOOSE <him/her>.
4:You stare at <player> as <he/she> screams something about a MOOSE to <target>.
5:GAH!! <player> pops over your shoulder, hollering, "MOOSE!!"
6:You glance around, and shout "MOOSE!!" to yourself reprimandingly.
7:You raise an eyebrow as <player> cries "MOOSE!!" to <him/her>self.
mord-sith - by Unknown
1:You start looking for someone to help you with pain.
2:<player> looks about for someone to give <him/her> some pain. Will you help?
3:You beg <target> to torture and break your will in a most pleasurable way.
4:<player> says to <target>: A tight suit of form-fitting leather and an agiel. Turn on or turn off?
5:<player> wants you to practice your Mord-Sith abilities on <him/her>!
6:You dress up in form-fitting leather and wave your agiel.
7:<player> is looking for someone to inflict pain and torture upon. Will you volunteer?
mosh - by Unknown
1:You mosh insanely around the room!
2:<player> moshes insanely around the room!
3:You mosh sadistically against <target> ... you WILL be punished.
4:<player> bounces off of <target> in a vain attempt to mosh... what a LOSER.
5:<player> slams into you, moshing painfully against you. That REALLY hurts!
7:<player> throws <him/her>self on the floor, grinding <him/her>self into a bloody pulp.
mota - by Unknown
1:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: 'Stop it, stop it! I'm bloody well sick of this!'
2:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: 'I've had enough! <player> stop slapping me!'
3:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: '<target> and <player> Ruck!!'
4:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: 'Hey <target> you r Rux! And so is <player>!'
5:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: '<target> is quite insane, <player> tells me!'
6:Mota tells you 'I wuv yoo!'
7:Mota (God) tells the CLAN: 'I wuv <target>.'
mourn - by Unknown
1:You brush away a tear as you mourn silently in your grief-stricken state.
2:<player> suffers in silence, a single tear rolling down <his/her> cheek.
3:You mourn painfully at the loss of <target>.
4:<player> mourns with quiet vehemence at the loss of <target>.
5:<player> clenches <his/her> fists tightly, sobbing as <he/she> mourns for your loss.
6:You drop to your knees and cry in anguish at your own state of being.
7:<player> cries out in pain and drops to <his/her> knees, suffering over <his/her> own downfall.
mrhanky - by Unknown
1:You wave a piece of poo around screaming "Howdy-Ho" at everyone.
2:<player> is waving a piece of glistening poo and screaming "Howdy-Ho"!
3:You happily wave with your poo in hand.
4:<player> smacks <target> with a poo-ey kiss, screaming "Howdy-Ho"!
5:<player> has just kissed you with poo!
6:You have a serious anal fixation.
7:Ruh Roh! <player> is playing with <his/her> poo again!
mrhappy - by Unknown
1:You look frantically for +Mr. Happy+
2:That <player> is looking for +Mr. Happy+
3:You chase <target> around the room with +Mr. Happy+
4:<player> chases <target> around the room with +Mr. Happy+
5:You better run <player> has +Mr. Happy+ out again!
6:You spend quality time with +Mr. Happy+
7:You gasp as you realize what <player> is doing with +Mr. Happy+
mrose - by Unknown
1:You wave your hands and --{-{@ roses rain from the sky @}-}--
2:<player> waves <his/her> hands and --{-{@ roses rain from the sky @}-}--
3:You wave your hands and --{-{@ roses shower down on <target> @}-}--
4:<player> waves <his/her> hands and --{-{@ roses rain down on <target> @}-}--
5:<player> waves <his/her> hands and --{-{@ roses rain down on you @}-}--
6:You wave your hands and --{-{@ a magical rose falls from the sky @}-}--
7:<player> waves <his/her> hands and --{-{@ is gifted with a magical rose @}-}--
mrt - by Unknown
1:You pity tha foo who make fun a Mr. T!
2:<player> pity tha foo who make fun a Mr. T!
3:That foo <target>!
4:<player> shakes his fist at <target> and calls <him/her> a "foo."
5:<player> glares at you, roaring "FOO!"
6:You gonna show all these fooz whose tha Mr. T here.
7:<player> is ready to take on all you fooz.
mrxl - by Unknown
1:You look around hoping someone gives you some letters.
2:<player> hopes someone can give <him/her> some letters to cheer with.
3:After much thought, you decide that <target> has MRxL!
4:<player> snickers as they give <target> a 'M' 'R' 'x' 'L' as <his/her> cheer.
5:<player> knows you have MRxL!!
6:You think you have MRxL for some reason.
7:You boggle at <player> for <he/she> thinks <he/she> has MRxL.
msummon - by Unknown
1:You summon a series of Sylphs to shield you from harm.
2:<player> summons a series of Sylphs to shield <him/her>.
3:You summon Hades, God of the Underworld who inflicts pain onto <target>.
4:<player> summons Hades, who inflicts large suffering onto <target>.
5:<player> sends a large god through the earth to inflict pain onto you.
6:You summon Jinn, who protects you from danger with a FLAME SHIELD.
7:<player> summons Jinn, who creates a shield of FIRE around <him/her>.
mt - by Unknown
1:Your arm has exploded. Find help.
2:<player>'s arm falls off. Who's got the krazie glue?
3:You watch gleefully as the lava consumes <target>.
4:<player> giggles as <he/she> notices that <target> has just died in a tragic volcano accident.
5:<player>'s lava consumes you. Try again? (Y/N)
6:The magma boils inside you.
7:Run! <player> is about to erupt!
muaddib - by Unknown
1:Raising your Crys-knife, you scream, 'LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!'
2:<player> raises <his/her> Crys-knife and screams, 'LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS!'
3:You scream at <target>, your voice causing <his/her> organs to explode..
4:<player> screams at <target>, causing <target>'s organs to explode!
5:<player>'s voice rips through your body, causing your organs to explode!
6:The crackling flare of worm sine is seen as you summon Shai-Hulud!
7:Crackling bolts of electricity erupt from the area as <player> summons Shai-Hulud!
mudder - by Unknown
1:You dream about clean underwear, fresh air, sunlight, and a social life.
2:<player> stares off into space thinking about <his/her> life, or lack there of.
3:You wonder if <target> is as addicted as you.
4:<player> ponders if <target> is a social outcast too.
5:<player> looks at you and says 'Two years since your last date too?'
6:You long for a life where people don't typo when they speak.
7:<player>'s eyes moisten as <he/she> thinks of the real world.
mudderwuv - by Unknown
1:You long for someone to give mudderwuv to.
2:Ack! Run away! <player> is looking for someone to seduce.
3:If <target> is as attracted to you as you are to <him/her> you'll be fine. :)
4:You hear the sound of socials and giggling eminanting from the room <player> and <target> just entered.
5:<player> wonders if you are really interested in <him/her> or if it's all in <his/her> imagination.
6:You must be pretty desperate.
7:<player> is desperate to share <his/her> life with someone else.
muhahaha - by Unknown
1:You laugh diabolically...Muhahahaha!
2:<player> laughs diabolically...Muhahahaha!
3:You laugh diabolically at <target>. Muhahaha!!!
4:<player> laughs diabolically at <target>. Hmm..wonder what they are plotting.
5:<player> laughs at you diabolically...Muhahaha!
6:You laugh diabolically at yourself. Muhahaha.
7:<target> laughs diabolically at <him/her>self...Muhahaha! Are they okay?
munchies - by Unknown
1:Slurpees! Nachos! Cool Ranch Doritos! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
2:<player>'s eyes are looking rather red and glazed over today. How odd...
3:You point at <target> and start giggling to yourself.
4:<target> giggles at <player>, muttering something about Pop-Tarts.
5:<player> looks at you, points, and starts giggling like a fool. Hmm...
6:You just love your tobacco water bong, don't you?
7:You smell something peculiar about <player>... What could it be?
murr - by Unknown
1:You *MURR* like a wolfen.
2:<player> *MURRS* like a wolfen.
3:You *MURR* at <target> softly.
4:<player> *MURRS* at <target> softly. How cute.
5:<player> *MURRS* at you softly.
6:You *MURR* to yourself contentedly.
7:<player> *MURRS* to <him/her>self contentedly.
mutter - by Unknown
1:You mutter quietly to yourself.
2:<player> mutters something quietly to <him/her>self.
3:You mutter something to <target>.
4:<player> looks at <target> and mutters something nasty under <his/her> breath.
5:<player> looks at you and mutters something nasty under <his/her> breath.
6:You mutter quietly to yourself.
7:<player> mutters something quietly to <him/her>self.
myquest - by Unknown
1:You smirk as you remember that you are on a quest to Nine Hells with only 8 minutes to go.
2:<player> sighs because <his/her> quest is way too easy.
3:You release all of hell's fury on <target> for giving you a stupid quest.
4:<player> mentions something about '8 qp for 9 hells' to <target> in a whiny tone.
5:<player> mistakes you for Questor and starts whining in your general direction.
6:No <player>, you already know how much that quest sucked.
7:<player> reminds himself that questing sucks.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!