67 applicable socials found.

nadu - by Unknown
1:You kneel gracefully placing your palms face up on your thighs.
2:<player> kneels gracefully and places <his/her> palms face up on <his/her> thighs
3:You say "Nadu" to <target> in a clear commanding voice.
4:<player> says "Nadu" to <target> in a clear commanding voice.
5:<player> says "Nadu" to you in a clear commanding voice.
nag - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to nag.
2:<player> looks around for someone to nag.
3:You nag <target> constantly about everything.
4:<player> is nagging <target> again. Be glad it isn't you!
5:Oh no! <player> is nagging you again! Tuck in your shirt, comb your hair, stand up straight, and for Mota's sake get some new clothes!
6:You hate being nagged and you tell the whole world about it.
7:<player> declares <his/her> hatred of nagging. You consider nagging <him/her> just to prove you can.
nail - by Unknown
1:You realize that you've broken a nail. Your life is over.
2:<player> just broke a nail, better stay clear.
3:You bitch about your recently broken nail to <target>.
4:You pity <target> as <player> bitches about a broken nail.
5:Quick! Hide! <player> is bitching to you about <his/her> broken nail!
6:You break into a fit of rage as you realize you've just broken a nail.
7:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! <player> broke a nail!!!
nailed - by Unknown
1:You pull out a hammer and nail and hammer it into the ground.
2:<player> pulls out a hammer and nail and hammers it into the ground.
3:You pull out a hammer and nail and begin to hammer the nail into <target>'s foot!
4:<player> pulls out a really big hammer and nail and begins hammering the nail into <target>'s foot! That looks painful!
5:<player> pulls out a really big hammer and nail and begins hammering the nail thru your foot! YOU JUST GOT NAILED!
6:You pull out a hammer and nail and start hammering the nail into your foot. Like pain don't you...
7:<player> pulls out a hammer and nail and begins to hammer the nail into <his/her> foot. You recommend a good therapist to <player>.
nakor - by Unknown
1:You ask if anyone wants an orange.
2:<player> asks if anyone wants an orange.
3:You ask <target> if <he/she> wants an orange.
4:<player> asks <target> if <he/she> wants an orange.
5:<player> asks you if you want an orange.
6:You reach into an empty bag and pull out an orange!
7:<player> reaches into an empty bag and pulls out an orange!
nana - by Unknown
1:You bleat 'Na na na!' and hope someone will coo and snuggle you.
2:<player> cries 'na na na!' because <he/she>'s lonely. Maybe you should coo and snuggle <him/her>.
3:You coo 'na na na!' at <target> and hope <he/she> loves you as much.
4:Avert your eyes! <player> and <target> are cooing and snuggling! PDA!
5:<player> coos 'na na na!' and tries to snuggle you.
6:You wish someone would coo and snuggle you. Awww.
7:<player> looks like <he/she> could use a coo and a snuggle.
narrow - by Unknown
1:You narrow your eyes warily.
2:<player> narrows <his/her> eyes with a wary look.
3:You narrow your eyes at <target>.
4:<player> narrows <his/her> eyes warily at <target>.
5:<player> narrows <his/her> eyes warily at you. Better look out.
6:You narrow your eyes and glance around, looking paranoid.
7:<player> narrows <his/her> eyes and backs away, looking paranoid.
narupunch - by Unknown
1:<player> sends Keitaro flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
3:<player> sends <target> flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
4:<player> sends <target> flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
5:<player> sends you flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
6:You send yourself flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
7:<player> sends <him/her>self flying over [H]inat[A] Sou.
neck - by Unknown
1:You look around thirsting for blood!
2:<player> looks around with a hungry look in <his/her> eyes.
3:You sneak up behind <target> and slowly drink blood from <his/her> neck.
4:<player> hungrily puts <his/her> teeth in <target>s neck.
5:Someone sneaks up behind you and gently bites your neck, you turn around and see <player> with a drop of blood on <his/her> lip.
6:You're not that dextrous!
7:<player> is making funny moves with <his/her> head, <he/she> must be desperate for blood.
needsleep - by Unknown
1:Bed. Bed bed bed bed bed. Bed.
2:<player> mutters, "Bed. Bed bed bed bed bed. Bed."
3:You peer blearily at <target> and ask to be tucked in. . . . Please?
4:<player> peers blearily at <target> and mutters something about bed.
5:<player> looks pitifully at you and asks to be tucked in.
6:Just five more minutes was THREE hours ago! Bed!!
7:<player> seems to be trying to convince <him/her>self to log off and go sleep.
nestle - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to nestle with.
2:<player> looks lonely, perhaps <he/she> needs someone to nestle with?
3:You nestle cozily with <target>.
4:<player> nestles cozily with <target>, sighing happily.
5:<player> cozies up to you, nestling contently.
6:You bed down for the night, nestling quietly by yourself.
7:<player> sniffs sadly as <his/her> nestles down alone.
neuter - by Unknown
1:You look around for random people to neuter.
2:<player> has an odd gleam in <his/her> eye ...
3:You neuter <target>, perhaps now <he/she> will stop humping your leg.
4:<player> got sick of <target> humping <his/her> leg, and neutered <him/her>!
6:Ermmm... I wouldn't do that if I were you ...
7:<player> seems to be attempting a self-neutering operation ... odd.
nevermind - by Unknown
1:Fine. Whatever.
2:<player> loudly exclaims, "Nevermind!"
3:Rudely imitating a shameless teenager, you tell <target> to nevermind.
4:Tossing <his/her> hair, <player> tells <target> "Just ... nevermind!"
5:Oh, The nerve! "I'll get you, <player>!" You really showed them.
6:Feels good, doesn't it?
7:Blatantly denying the laws of reality, <player> fails to mind <him/her>self.
newbieabuse - by Unknown
1:You fall to your knees, begging for some peace.
2:<player> collapses to <his/her> knees from newbie abuse.
3:You inflict <target> with your newbie torment. How unforgiving...
4:<target> falls to <his/her> knees from <player>'s newbie torment.
5:<player> is inflicting you with <his/her> newbie l33tness! Has <he/she> gone mad?
6:Heh, being a newbie is already abuse, little one. And so is being a helper.
7:Sucker. <player>'s lost <his/her> mind again. Poor Helper.
newcheer - by Aurelia Arista
1:You call together a group of Helpers and prepare the pyramid.
2:You see <player> gather a group of Helpers and organize them into a pyramid.
3:You climb on top of a pyramid of Helpers to cheer for <target>'s graduation! Yay!
4:<player> climbs on top a pyramid of Helpers to cheer for <target>'s graduation!
5:Your heart swells with pride as you see <player> cheering for your graduation!
6:You climb to the top of a Helper-pyramid only to have it collapse.
7:<player> climbs to the top of a Helper pyramid only to have it collapse upon <him/her>.
newlysa - by Unknown
1:What do u plan to do on that silly kitty this time?
2:Look at <player>! <he/she> is making fun of Lysa again!
3:You gang up with <target> to make fun of Lysa..badbad!
4:The Alliance Against Silly Kitties formed by <player> and <target> are ready to attack Lysa!!
5:That idiotic <player> asked you to kill Lysa...can u bear to? *sniFF*
6:You want to irritate Lysa as usual..hmm..u must be in WUV with her!
7:<player> wants to irritate Lysa as usual...<he/she> must be deeply in WUV with her!
ngrin - by Unknown
1:You grin.
2:<player> grins.
3:You grin at <target>.
4:<player> grins at <target>.
5:<player> grins at you.
6:You grin to yourself.
7:<player> grins to themselves.
nhunt - by Unknown
1:You prepare to hunt and kill newbies.
2:<player> prepares to hunt and kill newbies.
3:You prepare to hunt and kill newbies, <target> in particular.
4:<player> prepares to hunt and kill newbies, <target> in particular.
5:<player> prepares to hunt and kill newbies, you in particular.
6:<player> prepares to hunt and kill newbies, <player> in particular.
7:<player> prepares to hunt and kill newbies, <player> in particular.
nibble - by Unknown
1:Nibble on who ?
3:You nibble on <target>'s ear.
4:<player> nibbles on <target>'s ear.
5:<player> nibbles on your ear.
6:You nibble on your OWN ear ???????????????????
7:<player> nibbles on <his/her> OWN ear (I wonder how it is done !!).
nightcap - by Unknown
1:You are upset that noone wants to have a nightcap :(
2:It seems there is no nightcap for <player> tonight.
3:You ask <target> to go back to your place for kinky wuv.....errr a nightcap. *wink*
4:<player> just propositioned <target>, the nerve of that perv.
5:<player> asks you if you wanna accompany <him/her> for kinky wuv...errr a nightcap. *wink*
6:You thank the gods for cable!
7:<player> seems upset <he/she> has no company tonight, but hey <he/she> has CABLE!
ninjastrike - by Unknown
1:You tense your body waiting for your opponent to make a wrong move.
2:The Foot has sent their best ninja, <player>, to take on the world.
3:<target> has left <him/her>self open for attack! 'NINJA STRIKE'!
4:<player> screams 'NINJA STRIKE', and fiercely pokes <target>.
5:You fall in agony from <player>'s ninja death poke.
6:You hold your hand up in front of your face, no one can see you now!
7:<player> screams 'NINJA VANISH', while holding <his/her> hand in front of <his/her> face.
nip - by Unknown
1:You peer around, ready to keep everyone in line.
2:<player> looks authoritative, ready to nip at those that stray.
3:You nip scoldingly at <target>'s ears. That'll teach <him/her>.
4:<player> nips at <target>'s ears reprimandingly.
5:You yelp and tuck your tail between your legs as <player> nips your ears scoldingly.
6:You nip at your own paws disapprovingly. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
7:<player> nips at <his/her> own paws in agitation. Wonder what <he/she> did.
nipple - by Unknown
1:Your nipples could cut glass.
2:<player>'s nipples could cut glass.
3:You feel your nipple poke <target> in the eye.
4:<player> and <target> seem to be having all too much fun with nipples.
5:You realize how cold it is as <player>'s nipple pokes you in the eye.
6:You grimace as you get colder and your nipples grow to cut glass.
7:<player> grimaces as <his/her> nipples cut through plate glass.
nite - by Unknown
1:Good night!
2:<player> wishes everyone a good night, or just mistyped "note" again.
nixon - by Unknown
1:One more lie never hurt anyone. Oh, the hell with admitting your guilt. Bring on the conspiracy!
2:Even after all the bad press, <player> smiles to the crowd and says "I am not a crook."
3:Hmm, there's no way that <target> and you could get caught after all this planning.
4:Oh, how nice. <player> and <target> are spending some quality time together at that fancy hotel across the street.
5:So you know exactly what to do, right <target>? <player> doesn't want to get caught.
6:Confident that the people's ignorance can only serve your cause, you continue to pull the wool over their eyes.
7:<player> smiles at you, flashing the peace sign with both hands high up in the air.
nizzle - by Unknown
1:You need a nizzle, and you need it now!
2:<player> fancies a nizzle. Care to play along?
3:You daydream of nizzling with <target>.
4:<player> looks intently at <target>. Whatever could be on <his/her> mind?
5:<player> daydreams of nizzling with you.
6:Since no one else cares to, you nizzle with yourself.
7:*Gasp* <player> is nizzling with <him/her>self. Can you do that in public?
nobath - by Unknown
1:You stand proudly and refuse to bathe!
2:<player> is refusing to bathe again, time to get out the gas mask!
3:You tell <target> you will never submit to a bath!
4:<player> tells <target>, "I will never bathe!" ... Time to restock on those nose plugs!
5:<player> tells you <he/she> will never submit to a bath...maybe a firehose would do the trick!
6:You don't know what they're talking about, you can't smell anything!
7:<player> says <he/she> can't smell <his/her> own body odor, <he/she> obviously has no sense of smell!
nobble - by Unknown
1:Where's Whisper when you need a good nobble?
2:<player> attempts to nobble, but fails miserably.
3:You tackle <target> and nobble <him/her> mercilessly!
4:<player> tackles <target> and nobbles <him/her> mercilessly...Oh, the humanity!
5:<player> tackles you and nobbles you cruelly! Slobber everywhere!
6:You attempt to nobble yourself and seriously sprain your hip.
7:<player> attempts to nobble <him/her>self. Better call the paramedics...
nobigenuff - by Unknown
1:In your best imitation of John Wayne, you reach for your six-shooter and drool a little.
2:<player> spits, reaches for <his/her> gun and drawls, 'Draaaaw Partner.'
3:In your best John Wayne imitation and wearing your best pair of chaps you drawl slowly, "This mud just ain't big enuff fer the both of us, <target>!"
4:With guns ablazin' and dust heavy in the air, both <player> and <target> lay dead on the ground. No real loss...
5:<player> drawls, "This mud just ain't big enuff fer the both of us, <target>!" A reality check is definitely in order.
6:Tipping your hat up and wearing your best pair of chaps, you stand before the mirror in a manly pose. Who are you kidding??
7:It looks like <player> has raided Gunsmoke's prop room again. Obviously a product of inbreeding ...
nod - by Unknown
1:You nod.
2:<player> nods.
3:You nod at <target>.
4:<player> nods at <target>.
5:<player> nods at you in agreement.
6:You attempt to nod at yourself and get dizzy instead.
7:<player> nods quietly to <him/her>self. What a wacko.
noddle - by Rayna
1:You noddle about.
2:<player> noddles <his/her> head in agreement.
3:You noddle at <target>. Good point.
4:<player> noddles in total agreement at <target>.
5:<player> noddles at you, apparently agreeing to your words.
6:Noddling at yourself doesn't help. Try not to do that public.
7:<player> noddles so much <he/she> becomes dizzy. <he/she> looks kinda ill...
nodnod - by Unknown
1:You rapidly nod twice, in complete agreement.
2:<player> rapidly nods twice, in complete agreement.
3:You rapidly nod twice at <target>, in complete agreement.
4:<player> rapidly nods twice at <target>, in complete agreement.
5:<player> rapidly nods twice to you, in complete agreement.
6:You rapidly nod twice to yourself.
7:<player> rapidly nods twice to <him/her>self, in complete agreement.
nodnodnod - by Unknown
1:You flail your head up and down in blonde agreeability.
2:<player> flails <his/her> head up and down...you can see the blonde roots.
3:You wildly nod your head at <target>..what a genius <he/she> is.
4:<player> wildly nods <his/her> head at <target>...<he/she> seems to be in total awe.
5:<player> wildly nods at you...what else can you get <him/her> to agree to?
6:You nod wildly to yourself...yes, the spatula and the hamster will do just fine...
7:<player> nods wildly to <him/her>self...and mutters something about kitchenware?
nodnodnodnod - by Unknown
1:You nod your head so wildly it almost falls off. Not much of a loss, though.
2:<player> is nodding <his/her> head so wildly you wonder if it will fall off. No, you hope it will.
3:You nod at <target> so wildly <he/she> begins to fear for your life. Or so you hope.
4:This has to be the weirdest suicide ever. <player> nods so wildly at <target> <his/her> head must fall off any second. Or so <target> seems to hope.
5:Suddenly, <player> begins to nod at you so wildly that you begin to fear for <his/her> life. On second thought, you don't.
6:You nod at yourself so wildly you knock yourself out. Not that anyone will notice.
7:<player> flails <his/her> head up and down wildly, knocking <him/her>self unconscious. Ah, the blessed silence...
nodsagely - by Unknown
1:You cross your arms and nod slowly and sagely.
2:<player> crosses <his/her> arms and nods slowly and sagely.
3:You cross your arms and nod slowly and sagely to <target>.
4:<player> crosses <his/her> arms and nods slowly and sagely to <target>.
5:<player> crosses <his/her> arms and nods sagely to you.
6:You cross your arms and nod sagely at yourself.
7:<player> crosses <his/her> arms and nods sagely to <him/her>self.
nodsalot - by Unknown
1:You wildly nod your head until you get sick.
2:<player> nods <his/her> head wildly. For sure, <he/she>'s gonna give <him/her>self a whiplash!
3:You agree with <target> and nod at <him/her> wildly. Ermm, maybe that's a bit TOO much!
4:<player> nods insanely at <target>.
5:<player> nods wildly at you. Back away very slowly.
6:You nod wildly at yourself in agreement.
7:<player> nods wildly at <him/her>self, seeming to want to cause a serious injury.
nodsnodsnodsnod - by Unknown
1:You begin nodding wildly, bouncing around the room in glee.
2:<player> begins nodding wildly, acting like the maniac <he/she> is.
3:You grab <target> by the collar and nod wildly at <him/her>, babbling of rustic villages and small animals.
4:<player> grabs <target> by the collar...you catch the words 'chimney' and 'weasel' and decide to run...
5:<player> grabs you by the collar, nodding wildly and spraying spittle in your face...back away...very slowly...
6:What a genius you are!!! You nod wildly at yourself in agreement.
7:<player> is babbling to <him/her>self and nodding wildly...I think it's time for those nice young men in the clean white coats....
nodsverymuch - by Unknown
2:<player> nods. Yes.
3:Yes. You nod at <target>.
4:Yes. <player> nods at <target>.
5:<player> nods at you. Yes.
6:Hahahah u kant nod at urself u foo.
7:<player> performs a strange acrobatic maneuver, and <his/her> head falls off.
nofaesex - by Unknown
1:You grumble distractedly as you notice another Daoine-sexual reference.
2:<player> seems upset with another reference to Daoine and sex.
3:You inform <target> that Daoine is not Pyre. Look for sex elsewhere.
4:<player> informs <target> that Daoine is not Pyre. <he/she> needs to look for sex elsewhere.
5:<player> tells you Daoine is not where you should go looking for sex, try Pyre.
6:You get upset with how clan Daoine is seen as a sexual group.
7:<player> gets upset with sexual connotations associated with Daoine.
nog - by Unknown
1:You fall on your knees and worship Nog, the next Grand Negus.
2:<player> thinks of Nog, the Ferengi, and prostrates <his/her> self.
3:<target> thinks you're crazy for worshipping someone from Deep Space 9.
4:<target> boggles as <player> prostrates <his/her> body in the name of Nog.
5:<player> invites you to pray for the second coming of Nog.
6:You're weird.
7:<target> is on a vision quest, to the land of Nog.
nogs - by Chuft
1:<player> nogs.
2:<player> nogs.
3:You nog at <target>.
4:<player> nogs at <target>. Freaks!
5:<player> nogs at you in agreement
6:You nog at yourself..have you flipped?
7:<player> nogs at <him/her>self, <he/she> must be getting freaky!
nohumor - by Unknown
1:Hrmmmph! Seems like nobody has a sense of humor anymore.
2:<player> sighs and grumbles loudly about people with no sense of humor.
3:<target> obviously doesn't find anything funny.
4:<player> is trying to explain a joke to <target>, but <he/she> just doesn't get it!
5:With a pat on your head, <player> tries to instill a sense of humor in you.
6:Do you realize that what you just said is not even remotely funny?
7:You just shake your head in disbelief at <player>'s lame joke.
nolife - by Unknown
1:Lets face it. You have no life!
2:What a dork!?! We always knew <player> had no life.
3:You tell <target> to "Get a life!"
4:<player> thinks <target> is a big dork and that <he/she> needs to get a life.
5:<player> thinks you need to get a life!
6:You are obviously a dork and need to get a life.
7:<player> is SUCH a dork. <he/she> admits <he/she> needs to get a life!
nomoredouble - by Atreidess
1:You wave your hands about as you cast, 'NO MORE DOUBLE!' You're SO tired!
2:<player> waves <his/her> hands about as <he/she> casts, 'NO MORE DOUBLE!'.
3:How RUDE of them to start a double when you need sleep!
4:<player> thinks <target> was rude start double while <he/she> needs sleep!
5:<player> thinks it was VERY rude of you to start double when <he/she> needs
6:You mutter something about TOO MUCH DOUBLE and needing sleep.
7:<target> mutters something about TOO MUCH DOUBLE and needing sleep.
noogie - by Unknown
1:You can't noogie the AIR! It has no head.
3:You grab <target>, get <him/her> in a head lock and NOOGIE <him/her>!
4:<player> grabs <target> in a head lock and NOOGIES <him/her>... ARGH!!!
5:Oh NO, <player> grabs you, throws you in a head lock and NOOGIES you!
6:You rub your head and create a static charge...
7:<player> rubs <his/her> OWN head and creates a static charge... *ZAP*
nopat - by Unknown
1:You beg an imm to remove the pat social, the tears streaming down your face.
2:<player> writes 3 more notes and begs another imm to remove the pat social as <his/her> tears pool between <his/her> keyboard keys.
3:You grab <target> roughly by the shoulders and scream "Stop patting me!"
4:<player> grabs <target> by the shoulders and blathers "For the love of all that is sacred, please stop the patting!"
5:<player> grabs you by the shoulder and sobs on and on about the pat social.
6:You scream "I'm not a dog!" and run around in circles chasing your tail.
7:<player> screams about not being a dog, and begs you for a treat!
nopk - by Unknown
1:You carefully pile up some heavy kevlar bodyarmor and hope for the best.
2:<player> strips naked and screams, 'If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die in style!!'
3:You glare at <target> and begin chanting under your breath, hoping for a quick end to your miserable existance.
4:<player> pulls out some magical weapons and hopes <target> doesn't have any.
5:<player> produces an evil grin while quietly deciding just how <he/she> will carve you up in this PK.
6:You mutter, 'No no no, not this PK thing again...'
7:<player> bangs <his/her> head against the wall, exhausted at the thought of yet more PK.
norox - by Unknown
1:You walk about with your "NOROX!" iron and brand random people.
2:*SIZZLE!* OUCH! <player> just branded you "NOROX!"
3:You brand a large "NOROX!" into <target>'s forehead!
4:<player> tackles <target>, and with a large white hot iron, brands "NOROX!" onto <his/her> forehead!
5:<player> pins you down, and with a snarl brands "NOROX!" into your forehead!!
6:You give in to peer pressure and agree that u r norox..
7:*GASP!* <player> has decided that <he/she> r norox!! Oh my..
nosacrifice - by Unknown
1:You remember to sacrifice your corpse.
2:Painfully, <player> remembers to sacrifice <his/her> corpse.
3:You remind <target> to sacrifice <his/her> corpse.
4:Politely, <player> reminds <target> to sacrifice his corpse.
5:Politely, <player> reminds you to type 'sacrifice corpse'.
6:You give yourself up as a sacrifice to the gods.
7:Giving <him/her>self up as a sacrifice to the gods, <player> prays.
nosecity - by Unknown
1:You declare, "I wasn't picking my nose, I was scratching it!".
2:You wonder why <player> suddenly declares "I wasn't picking my nose, I was scratching it!" ..
3:Noticing <target>'s most outstanding feature, you ask <him/her> "Hey, where are you from, nose city?"
4:You see <player> peering at <target>'s face and ask, "Hey, where are you from, nose city?"
5:<player> looks at you and goes, "Hey, where are you from, nose city?"
6:Aww, ok. Time to quit it and get to the stoning.
7:<player> thinks it's time to quit and heads off for the stoning.
nosedig - by Unknown
1:You feel a sudden urge to dig a nose, any nose.
2:<player> wipes <his/her> finger and stares at your nose. Better run.
3:You grab <target> from behind and attempt to dig <his/her> nose!
4:<player> gives <target> a nose job.
5:<player> circles around you and shoves a finger up your nose!
6:You stuff a finger up your nostril and start digging furiously.
7:<player> sticks a finger up <his/her> nose and starts digging.
nosehonk - by Unknown
2:<player> HONKS an invisible clown nose!
3:You place a clown nose on the face of <target> and HONK it!
4:<player> places a clown nose on <target> and HONKS it!
5:<player> is HONKING your nose? Hope you're into that kinda thing.
6:You babble about thermodynamics while wearing a clown nose.
7:Its gonna be hard to take <player> serious with that clown nose on.
nostoning - by Unknown
1:You make it absolutely clear that noone is to be stoned before you blow this whistle.
2:<player> makes it absolutely clear that noone is to be stoned before <he/she> blows this whistle.
3:You step up in front of <target> and declare that _noone_ is to be stoned yet.
4:<player> steps up in front of <target> and declares that _noone_ is to be stoned before <he/she> blows this whistle.
5:<player> steps up in front of you and declares that _noone_ is to be stoned before <he/she> blows this whistle.
6:Jehovah! Jehovah!
7:<player> declares that this piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah! The blasphemy!
notickle - by Unknown
1:Bah! You're *so* tired of being tickled.
2:<player> mutters something about being tickled..*again*.
3:You nip <target>'s hand! That will teach them not to tickle you.
4:<player> nips <target>'s hand! They must be tired of all the tickling..
5:<player> nips your hand. Ow! Guess you better call off the tickling for now, yikes!
6:You smack your hand as it has a mind of its own and tries to tickle you. Nooo!
7:<player> smacks themselves and mutters something about possessed body parts. Hmm..
notier - by Unknown
1:You think to yourself about the differences between sex and tiers...
2:<player> ponders about sex and tiers, weirdo!
3:You look at <target> and explain the birds and the tiers to <him/her>.
4:<player> looks at <target> and tells <him/her> about the birds and the tiers.
5:<player> tells you about the birds and the tiers.
6:You think to yourself, "Tiers is like sex, some people shouldn't do it!"
7:<player> announces, "Tiers is like sex, some people shouldn't do it!"
novorpal - by Unknown
1:That'll show them. No more necktie cleaning for you.
2:<player> claims <his/her> head is now firmly on <his/her> shoulders. Funny, you'd always thought different...
3:You smirk as <target> whines about <his/her> blunted weapons, and straighten your collar.
4:<player> taunts <target> with <his/her> nice new novorpal wish, whilst <target> whines bitterly.
5:It's just not fair! <player> has novorpal, and you don't! What? What are quest points?
6:You try to decapitate yourself. Erm, remember all those qp you saved...?
7:<player> tries to cut <his/her> own head off, and nearly puts <his/her> back out.
novote - by Unknown
1:You ponder the merits of each clan as deciding which to vote out.
2:<player> examines each clan charter carefully, thinking about <his/her> vote.
3:You point to <target>'s clan and firmly turn your thumb down.
4:<player> looks at <target> and <his/her> clan and gives the clan the big thumbs down.
5:<player> clearly indicates <his/her> vote on your clan with a big thumbs down.
6:You put your clan out of its misery by voting against it.
7:Wow!!! <player> voted against <his/her> own clan.
noway - by Unknown
1:After thinking about it for a moment, you tell them, "No way."
2:<player> pauses for a moment, then says "No way."
3:You deeply look into <target>'s eyes for a moment and say, "No way."
4:<player> deeply looks into <target>'s eyes for a moment and says, "No way."
5:<player> deeply looks into your eyes for a moment and says, "No way."
6:Just forget it. No way.
7:Whatever it was that <player> had had in mind, No way.
nowuv - by Unknown
1:You declare that there is no more wuvvin left for them.
2:<player> declares that there is no more wuvvin for ANY of you!
3:You tell <target> that you have cancelled all wuvvin rights and <he/she> r sux!
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> r sux and there is no more wuvvin!
5:<player> tells you there is no more wuvvin, yoo suck!
6:You no longer wuv yourself because yoo a spy and yoo suck!
7:<player> no longer wuv <him/her>self. How sad!
np - by Unknown
1:You go: "No Problem!"
2:<player> goes: "No Problem!"
3:You go to <target>: "No Problem!"
4:<player> goes to <target>: "No Problem!"
5:<player> goes to you: "No Problem!"
6:You go to yourself: "No Problem!", hmm.
7:<player> goes to <him/her>self: "No Problem!", guess <he/she> did something right.
npick - by Unknown
1:Your nose feels a tad itchy.
2:<player> keeps scratching inside <his/her> nose. You politely look away.
3:<target>'s nose looks like it needs a good scratching!
4:<player>'s eyes gleam maniacally as <he/she> charges towards your nose with a kleenex in hand!
5:<player> eyes gleams maniacally as <he/she> charges towards your nose with a kleenex in hand!
6:Your nose was itchy! Honest! *stare*
7:<player> plunges <his/her> finger so far up <his/her> nose it looks like <he/she> is performing brain surgery on <him/her>self. Yech!
ntoe - by Unknown
1:You rip open a fresh bag of crispy ntoes, aware of everyone's gaze upon you.
2:<player> opens a fresh bag of ntoes in your presence. You wipe away a dab of drool.
3:Taking pity on <target>, you reach over and hand <him/her> a bag of ntoes.
4:<player> hands <target> a bag of crispy ntoes, and you immediately plot to steal them from <him/her>.
5:<player> reaches over and hands you a bag of crispy ntoes! Lu-cky!
6:These fresh, yummy, crispy ntoes are ALL YOURS! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
7:<player> announces in no uncertain terms that you cannot have any of <his/her> crispy ntoes. Jerk.
nub - by Unknown
1:You run around calling people NUB then try to kill questor.
2:<player> calls random people NUB then forgets that <he/she> can't kill questor.
3:You laugh at <target> for being such a total NUB!
4:NUB! said the <player> to the <target>.
5:<player> calls you a NUB! Not nice. :((
6:WARNING! You have entered the realm of NUB!
7:WARNING! <player> is a complete NUB!
nudge - by Unknown
1:Nudge whom?
3:You nudge <him/her>.
4:<player> nudges <target>.
5:<player> nudges you.
6:You nudge yourself, for some strange reason.
7:<player> nudges <him/her>self, to keep <him/her>self awake.
nuked - by Unknown
1:You wish someone would get nuked so you'd move up on rank 1.
2:<player> hopes someone gets nuked so <he/she> can move a spot on rank 1.
3:You wish <target> would get nuked so you could move up on rank 1.
4:<player> wishes <target> would get nuked so <he/she> could move up on rank 1.
5:<player> thinks you should piss off an Imm so you could get nuked!
6:Maybe you should piss off an Imm and get nuked!
7:<player> ponders getting nuked so someone can move up on rank 1.
nutz - by Unknown
1:You wonder why the world is so <-NUTZ->!
2:<player> runs around the room screaming "Why is the world so <-NUTZ->?".
3:You look at <target> and remind <him/her> just how <-NUTZ-> <he/she> really is.
4:<player> looks at <target> and yells "<-NUTZ->".
5:<player> points at you and exclaims "<-NUTZ->!"
6:You really are <-NUTZ-> aren't you?
7:<player> really must be <-NUTZ->, <he/she> is starting to cross <his/her> eyes again.
nuzzle - by Unknown
1:Nuzzle who??
3:You nuzzle <his/her> neck softly.
4:<player> softly nuzzles <target>'s neck.
5:<player> softly nuzzles your neck.
6:I'm sorry, friend, but that's impossible.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!