254 applicable socials found.

sacred - by Eukanuba
1:You morph into the form of Eukanuba, Wielder of the Sacred Banana!
2:<player> has mutated into the form of Eukanuba to pull out their Sacred Banana!
3:<target> can't resist the power of the Sacred Banana! Oh yeah!!! Do it again!
4:<player> smacks <target> rapidly with the Sacred Banana! Oh No! Wait! They like it Rough!
5:<player> unleashes the mighty Sacred Banana! Your Resistance Fails! It's too Soothing! OOoooOoo0o.
6:OMG!! Wtf is wrong with you?! You're going to end up in a hospital!
7:<player> unleashes the mighty Sacred Banana on <him/her>self! Just shield yourself and call an Ambulance!
sad - by Unknown
1:You feel so, so, sad.
2:You notice that <player> is extremely depressed.
3:<target> tries to comfort you but you think its <his/her> fault.
4:<player> blames <target> for his depression.
5:You tried to be nice but <player> hates you now.
6:It's all your own fault, might as well kill yourself now.
7:<player> is so sad <he/she> doesn't even notice <he/she> just walked off a cliff.
sagent - by Unknown
1:You put on your dark glasses and super-secret-exploding-gadget-thingamajig and are ready for action!
2:<player> has bunches of secret gadgets! Like the exploding-gum-aphrodesiac!
3:You whip out your giant electro-magnet-laser-zapper-killer-ma-bob and threaten <target>!
4:<player> stares evily at <target>, toothpick at ready!
5:Watch out! <player> is a secret agent and <he/she> isn't afraid to use that paper clip!
6:Boy, you can bet you look cool in those glasses! And you're dangerous, too! You're a SUPER-SECRET-AGENT!
7:<player> is a secret agent, <he/she> has the glasses, the weapons, and THE HAIR!
sailor - by MeLaNiE
1:You pulled out a sailor suit from the drawer.
2:<player> pulled out a sailor suit from the drawer!
3:You pulled out a sailor suit for <target> and expect <him/her> to wear it.
4:<player> pulls out a sailor suit for <target> and expects <him/her> to wear it.
5:<player> pulled out a sailor suit for you!
6:You pulled out a sailor suit to wear!
7:<player> pulled out a sailor suit to wear <him/her>self.
salute - by Unknown
1:You ride up upon your warhorse and salute with fist to heart.
2:<player> rides up upon <his/her> warhorse and salutes with fist to heart.
3:You smile down upon the valiant <target> and salute <him/her> with your lance.
4:<player> reins <his/her> horse next to <target> and salutes <him/her> with <his/her> lance.
5:<player> smiles at you and tips <his/her> lance in greeting.
6:Wheeling your horse, you raise your sword and gallop away.
7:<player> raises <his/her> sword high and wheels <his/her> horse away.
sammich - by Villain
1:You had a sammich in your head! ^_^
2:<player> smiles happily and says, "I had a sammich in my head."
3:You launch your weapons at <target>, knocking <him/her> through the wall!
4:<player> says, "SAMMICH!" and a sammich flies from <his/her> head at <target>!
5:A sammich just flew out of <player>'s head and knocked you through the wall!
6:Hi, floor! Make me a sammich!
7:<player> trips, falls on the ground and says, "Hi floor! Make me a sammich!"
santalist - by Unknown
1:I want a copy of Santa's naughty list!
2:<player> begs you to blackmail Santa for a copy of his naughty list!
3:You politely ask <target> for a copy of Santa's naughty list.
4:<player> asks <target> for a copy of Santa's naughty list. Are you on it?
5:<player> asks you for a copy of Santa's naughty list, do you have one?
6:Santa brings you coal for Christmas. I think you were on his naughty list.
7:<player> gets coal for Christmas. . .they were naughty.
savior - by Unknown
1:You yell 'I'm in Defenderbution and i want to save YOO!!!'
2:<player> yells I'm in Defenderbution and i want to save YOO!!!
3:<target> looks at you as if to say, 'Why me?'
4:<player> yells out to <target> do you need help? We are Defenderbution professional defenders of Aardwolf!
5:<player> yells at you Defenderbution WUVS you though!!
6:You arm yourself with weasel traps and a nerf gun, ready to defend!!!
7:<player> screams 'I'm in Defenderbution! Come out quietly or the weasel gets it!'
sbad - by Unknown
1:You say "That's a bad thing! [Tm]"
2:<player> says, "That's a bad thing! [Tm]"
3:You hit <target>'s nose with a newspaper, "Bad <target>, Bad!!"
4:<player> hits <target>'s nose with a newspaper, "Bad <target>, Bad!!"
5:<player> hits your nose with a newspaper, "Bad <target>, Bad!!"
6:You hit your nose with a newspaper, "Bad <player>, Bad!!"
7:<player> hits <his/her> nose with a newspaper, "Bad <player>, Bad!!"
sban - by Unknown
1:Who do you want to ban from the mud???
2:<player> is looking for a special someone to ban from the mud.
3:You glare at <target> and BAN <him/her> from the mud!
4:<player> glares at <target> for a moment before BANNING <him/her> from the mud!
5:Your connection closes suddenly - You have been BANNED from the mud by <player>!
6:Just read 'help delete' and do what it says :)
7:<player> breaks down in tears, crying 'Ban me now, please!'
sbob - by Unknown
1:Attempted murder. Now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel Prize for attempted Chemistry?
2:Dear God! <player> threatens to detonate a nuclear bomb unless the city does away with television!
3:You write death threats to <target> with blood from your finger. Use a pen, <player>!
4:Someone has been writing death threats with <his/her> blood and sending them to <target>.
5:<player> announces the names of all the people <he/she> will NOT be killing. Wait a minute, <he/she> forgot your name!
6:"We are sober men and true, and attentive to our duty ..."
7:<player> starts singing the entire score of the HMS Pinafore. Wow, <he/she> has such a beautiful voice.
scab - by Unknown
1:You gasp in horror as you realize that you can no longer typo scan!
2:Hehe, <player> just typoed scan.
3:You tell <target> that they can no longer typo scan, the poor sap.
4:<player> tells <target> about that annoying scab social that lets people see if you don't type 'scan' right.
5:<player> just told you that you can't accidentally type scab anymore, my god this is horrible!
6:You remind yourself not to accidentally type 'scab' instead of scan.
7:<player> reminds <him/her>self not to accidentally type 'scab'.
scam - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to pull a scam on.
2:<player> looks around with a rougeish look in <his/her> eyes.
3:You try to sell <target> the Brooklyn Bridge.
4:<player> tries to sell <target> the Brooklyn Bridge!
5:<player> tries to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!
6:You try to scam yourself! How Pathetic!!!
7:<player> tries to scam <him/her>self! How Pathetic!!!
scarymovie - by Unknown
1:You put on your Scream Mask (TM), flowing black robes, and go out to freak some redneck Americans.
2:<player> is running about dressed up in a Halloween costume screaming "WHAZZUP!!?!"
3:You decide to kill <target> as due to <him/her> not putting out, you have gone gay, insane, and on a killing spree.
4:Oh No! <player> is terrorizing <target> by killing <his/her> friends! Its so cliche it could be a scene from a horror movie!
5:Someone has killed off all your friends! Oh no! Perhaps if you turn to <player> <he/she> will help?
6:You sit down with some munchies and pot and get into a round of "WHAZZUP?!?!"'s with some local dope-heads.
7:<player> has severe red-eye, there are CC and twinkies packets on the floor, yep, <he/she>'s part of a horror film.
scat - by Unknown
1:You run around like a cat with its tail on Fire!
2:<player> runs around like a cat with its tail on Fire!
3:You curl up to <target> to snuggle for a while.
4:<player> curls up to <target> to snuggle for a while.
5:<player> curls up to you to snuggle for a while.
6:You decide to take a cat nap for a while.
7:<player> decides to take a cat nap for a while.
schallenge - by Unknown
1:Challenge who?
2:<player> is looking for someone to challenge to a fight to the death!
3:You challenge <target> to a fight to the death.
4:<player> challenges <target> to a fight to the death.
5:<player> challenges you to a fight to the death.
6:Challenge YOURSELF to a fight to the death? I think not...
7:<player> tries to challenge <him/her>self, how odd.
scharge - by Unknown
1:You charge into the fray!
2:<player> charges into the fray! All guts, no brains.
3:With surprising dexterity, you head-butt <target>!
4:<player> ducks down low, charges forward, and head-butts <target>!
5:OOF! <player> rammed <his/her> head into your stomach! That HURT.
6:You run your head into a brick wall. OUCH!
schuckle - by Shen
1:You chuckle.
2:<player> chuckles.
3:You chuckle at <target>'s actions.
4:<player> chuckles at <target>'s actions.
5:<player> chuckles at your actions.
6:You chuckle about something.
7:<player> chuckles about something.
scissorfight - by Unknown
1:Somebody's gonna lose an eye...
2:<player> is brandishing a pair of scissors! Run!!!!
3:Die, <target>, die!!!
4:<player> is chasing after <target> with a pair of scissors! Someone call the cops!
5:<player> is trying to stab you with a pair of scissors! AAAAARGH!!!!
6:You stab yourself violently with a pair of scissors!
7:<player> is stabbing <him/her>self with a pair of scissors... <he/she> can't be okay.
scomb - by Unknown
1:You comb your hair - perfect.
2:<player> combs <his/her> hair, what a dashing specimen !
3:You patiently untangle <target>'s hair - what a mess !
4:<player> tries patiently to untangle <target>'s hair.
5:<player> pulls your hair in an attempt to comb it.
6:You pull your hair, but it will not be combed.
7:<player> tries to comb <his/her> tangled hair.
sconsider - by Unknown
1:You brandish your weapon and start slashing away!
2:You would be completely annihilated by <player>!
3:You prepare to test out your brand new Aardweapon on <target>.
4:<player> raises <his/her> weapon and starts yelling "KAI-HA" at <target>.
5:<player> completely ignores <his/her> chances of defeating you and dives in!
6:Best run away from yourself while you still can!
7:<player> would be easy, but is it even worth the work out?
scoobie - by Unknown
1:Raggy! Rime ror a Rooby Rhack!
2:<player> leaps around, begging for a scoobiesnack.
3:Roo Reg <target> Ror a Rooby Rhack!
4:<player> reghs roo ror a Rhooby Rhack Resperately!
5:<player> begs <target> for Scoobysnacks. What a fool!
6:You would have gotten away with too, if it wasn't for those nosey kids!
7:<player> would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you nosey kids!
scooby - by Unknown
1:Time for another groovy mystery! To the Mystery Mobile!
2:<player> jumps into the Mystery Mobile. Time for another groovy mystery, gang!
3:You rip the mask off the zombie to reveal that it is, in fact, just <target> wearing a suspiciously effective costume.
4:<player> leaps on the zombie, and rips the mask off, revealing it is, in fact, just <target> wearing a cunning disguise.
5:<player> ruins your evil scheme. You would've gotten away with it, too, if not for those darned kids.
6:You repaint the gang's van. Goodbye, Mystery Mobile... Hello Shaggin' Wagon!
7:With a touch of paint and some mood lighting, <player> has turned the Mystery Mobile into the Shaggin' Wagon!
scooter - by Unknown
1:Faster! Harder! Scooter!
2:<player> screams 'Faster! Harder! <player>!'
3:You screem 'Aaarg' to <target>. Sounding just like Scooter.
4:<player> screams 'Aaarg' at <target>, trying to sound like Scooter.
5:You think that <player> is trying to sound like Scooter as <he/she> screams 'Aaarg' at
7:Faster! Harder! <player>!
scrash - by Unknown
1:You crash into a bucket of silverware and it flies everywhere!
2:<player> crashes into a big bucket and you get forked in the butt!
3:You fall into the room and crashland on <target>, sending <his/her> body parts flying in all directions!
4:<player> lands on <target> with a crash, sending body parts flying everywhere!
5:<player> lands on you with a hard crash, splattering your body parts everywhere!
6:Using your keen sense of direction, you run and CRASH your face into a nearby wall!
7:<player> shows how not to knock down a wall as <he/she> uses <his/her> face as a wrecking ball.
scratch - by Unknown
1:You scratch yourself contentedly.
2:<player> reaches down and scratches <him/her>self... Now <he/she> looks VERY happy.
scream - by Unknown
2:<player> screams loudly!
3:ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! Yes, it MUST have been <his/her> fault!!!
4:<player> screams loudly at <target>. Better leave before <player> blames you, too!!!
5:<player> screams at you! That's not nice! *sniff*
6:You scream at yourself. Yes, that's ONE way of relieving tension!
7:<player> screams loudly at <him/her>self! Is there a full moon up?
screwdriver - by Unknown
1:Yes! The screwdriver! Muhahahahaha!
2:<player> grabs a screwdriver and waves it in the air threateningly!
3:You stab <target> in <his/her> neck with a screwdriver!
4:With an insane shriek <player> stabs <target> in <his/her> neck with a screwdriver!
5:With an insane shriek <player> stabs you in your neck with a screwdriver!
6:You stab yourself in the neck with a screwdriver!
7:<player> shrieks insanely and stabs <him/her>self in <his/her> neck with a screwdriver!
scritch - by Unknown
1:You look for some ears to scritch.
2:<player> looks for some ears to scritch.
3:You scritch <target> behind <his/her> ears.
4:<player> scritches <target> behind <his/her> ears.
5:<player> scritches you behind your ears.
6:You scritch yourself.
7:<player> scritches <him/her>self.
scrollup - by Unknown
1:You scroll up frantically to see what you missed.
2:<player> glances about nervously as <he/she> quickly scrolls up to catch what <he/she> missed.
3:You peer at <target> suspiciously, I bet they weren't paying attention!
4:<player> accuses <target> of not listening! Quick, make sure you know what <he/she> just said!
5:<player> doesn't think you're paying attention, better scroll up and see what you missed!
6:You scold yourself for not watching close enough and blush as you scroll up.
7:<player> smiles sheepishly and quickly scrolls up, obviously clueless.
scuff - by Unknown
1:You scuff your foot sheepishly on the ground.
2:<player> scuffs <his/her> foot sheepishly on the ground.
3:You look at <target> and scuff your foot sheepishly on the ground.
4:<player> looks at <target> and scuffs <his/her> foot sheepishly on the ground.
5:<player> looks at you and scuffs <his/her> foot sheepishly on the ground.
6:You think about what you did and scuff your foot sheepishly on the ground.
7:<player> ponders for a moment and then scuffs <his/her> foot on the ground.
scurl - by Unknown
1:How you wish you had someone to curl up to!
2:<player> pouts because <player> has nobody to curl up with...
3:You curl close to <target>, clinging to <his/her> warmth...awww...
4:You sigh longingly as you watch <player> curl close to <target>...how sweet!
5:<player> curls close to you, clinging lovingly to your warmth.
6:How do you expect to do that?!
7:<player> pouts because <he/she> has nobody to curl up with...
scurse - by Unknown
1:You swear loudly for a long time.
2:<player> swears : #"*&^*#%&! !!!!!
3:You swear at <him/her>.
4:<player> swears at <target>.
5:<player> swears at you! Where are the manners?
6:You swear at your own mistakes.
7:<player> starts swearing at <him/her>self. Why don't you help?
sdarkness - by Unknown
1:Swirls of darkness dance around you.
2:Swirls of darkness dance around <player>.
3:Swirls of darkness surround <target> and you.
4:Swirls of darkness surround <target> and <player>.
5:Swirls of darkness surround you and <player>
6:Light fades. You disappear amid swirls of darkness.
7:Light fades. <player> disappears amid swirls of darkness.
sdefend - by Unknown
1:Sensing trouble, you draw your weapon and prepare to defend.
2:<player> draws <his/her> weapon, preparing to defend <his/her> allies.
3:Seeing <target> in trouble, you charge into the battle. Never mind the consequences!
4:<player> charges into the battle, determined to defend <target>!
5:<player> suddenly charges into the battle, coming to your defense. What a friend!
6:You stand up straight ready to defend yourself against whatever is after you.
7:<player> prepares for battle against whatever might attack <him/her>.
sdelete - by Myrddin & Mykela
1:None of your friends will make out with you!! Where's that SoCo?
2:No one wuvs <player>, so <he/she> drowns <him/her>self in SoCo. Quick, help <him/her> spell "delete" and end the pain!
3:You refuse to make out with <target>, hand them a bottle of SoCo and direct <him/her> to the "delete" key.
4:<target> cries 'cause <player> won't give <him/her> wuvvins. Why won't <he/she> stop whining and delete already?!
5:<player> tells you <he/she> doesn't love you! Quick, drown your sorrows in a bottle of SoCo!
6:Everyone is ignoring you again. How can they not love you?! Where was that delete key.....
7:<player> is desperately trying to type "delete" while downing another glass of SoCo!
sdragon - by Unknown
1:You slowly try to turn the immense inertia.
2:<player> seems to be struggling against something. You wonder what.
3:You try to recruit <target> in your effort to wake the slumbering hulk!
4:<player> tries to recruit <target> in <his/her> effort to wake the slumbering hulk!
5:<player> tries to recruit you in <his/her> effort to wake the slumbering hulk!
6:You succeed in wakening your clan!
7:<player> succeeds in wakening <his/her> clan!
sdropkick - by Unknown
1:You grab a nearby cat and dropkick it through a window.
2:<player> grabs a nearby cat and dropkicks it through a window.
3:You tear off <target>'s head and dropkick it into a lake.
4:<player> tears off <target>'s head and dropkicks it into a lake.
5:<player> just tore off your head and dropkicked it into a lake.
6:You rip off your own head and dropkick it to the moon.
7:<player> just ripped off <his/her> own head and dropkicked it to the moon.
secret - by Unknown
1:Whose secrets do you want to know ?
2:<player> knows somebody's secrets and it might be YOURS !
3:You've just found out <target>'s secret recipe for CoCkRoAcH StEw !!
4:<target> and <player> are exchanging secrets...... and they are pointing at YOU !!
5:<player> just found out your Deepest and Darkest of Secrets !!
6:Are you about to blurt out your Darkest of Secrets !?!?
7:<player> just told everyone that <he/she> doesn't wear any undies !!
secretwuv - by Unknown
1:You bounce around the room thinking about your secret wuv!
2:<player> secretly wuvs someone, but won't tell you who!
3:You smile at <target> and confess your secret wuv to <him/her>.
4:<player> whispers something to <target> and blushes, what could <he/she> be telling <him/her>?
5:<player> blushes and whispers "I wuv yoo" into your ear.
6:You hug yourself and tell yourself that you secretly wuv yoo!
7:<player> hugs <him/her>self, <he/she> must be secretly in wuv with <him/her>self!
seduce - by Unknown
1:You gaze around the room, wondering if anyone within is worth seducing.
2:<player> seems to be looking for someone to seduce. Will <he/she> choose you?
3:You smile seductively at <target> and pull them into an empty room, dominated by a huge bed.
4:Your heart drops as you realise that <player> is seducing <target>, not you.
5:Your heart beats faster as <player> pulls you into a room, closing the door behind you.
6:You find yourself so sexy that you try and seduce yourself.
7:You watch, bemused, as <player> attempts to seduce themself.
seeagent - by Unknown
1:Muhahaha! You cackle to yourself as you approach the miscreants.
2:Oh no! You see Agent <player> headed your way!
3:You say, "When you see Agent <target>, do what we do... Run!"
4:<player> says, "When you see Agent <target>, do what we do... Run!"
5:<player> runs away from you.
6:You look blankly at the empty space.
7:When you see Agent <player>, do what we do... Run!
seeker - by Unknown
1:You poke into small corners and holes in the general area, searching for hidden knowledge and meanings in things.
2:<player> pokes around the general area, searching for hidden knowledge and meanings in things.
3:You peer into <target>'s eyes searching for some hidden knowledge or meaning there.
4:<player> peers into <target>'s eyes trying to find some hidden meaning or knowledge there.
5:<player> peers into your eyes trying to search for some hidden meaning or truth.
6:You grow quiet as you begin a soul-searching journey for new knowledge and wisdom.
7:<player> grows quiet as <he/she> begins a soul-seeking journey for wisdom and knowledge.
serenade - by Unknown
1:You raise your voice in a loud serenade to your invisible love.
2:<player> raises <his/her> voice to serenade the world.
3:You raise your voice in a loving serenade to <target>.
4:<player> raises <his/her> voice in a loving serenade to <target>.
5:<player> serenades you, you are swept away by <his/her> voice.
6:You sing a loud serenade to yourself. What type of person are you?!
7:<player> serenades <him/her>self. What an ego!
sexyvanir - by Sorak
1:You sing, I'm to sexy for my Llama, the way I'm Disco Danciiing!
2:<player> sings, I'm to sexy for my Llama, the way I'm Disco Danciiing!
3:<target> gets wide eyed and dreamy as you Disco Dance on the catwalk.
4:<player> Disco Dances on the catwalk singing I'm too sexy for <target>.
5:You get wide eyed and dreamy as <player> Disco Dances the catwalk for you.
6:You dance for the mirror singing, I'm a Llama you know what I mean?
7:<player> dances for the mirror singing, I'm a Llama you know what I mean?
sfit - by Circles
1:You have a sudden sneezing fit. Mmm, that feels gooood!
2:<player> has a sneezing fit and smiles dreamily.
3:You cuddle <target> affectionately as <he/she> has a big sneezing fit.
4:<player> sees <target> in a sneezing fit and cuddles <him/her>.
5:<player> cuddles you affectionately as you have a sneezing fit. Awww.
6:You snuggle under the duvet in a secret sneezing fit.
7:<player> snuggles under the duvet and sneezes <his/her> head off!
sflirt - by Unknown
1:You flirt around the room, just oozing sex appeal.
2:You feel strangely drawn to <player> as <he/she> flirts around the room.
3:You grace <target> with your spritely flirts... lucky <him/her>!
4:That flirty sprite <player> is flirting with <target>. Lucky <him/her>!
5:<player> is flirting with you as only a sprite can. You swoon.
6:You're such a spritely flirt that you even flirt with yourself!
7:<player> is flirting with <him/her>self. You wish it could be you.
sgag - by Unknown
1:You roll the thought around in your mind for a moment, then gag.
2:<player> rolls the thought around in <his/her> mind for a moment, then gags.
3:You look at <target>, then gag in disgust.
4:<player> gags in disgust at <target>.
5:<player> gags at your acts in revulsion. Eww, what did you do?
6:You gag at yourself in disgust.
7:<player> gags in disgust at <him/her>self. Hmm.
sgir - by Unknown
1:Hiding in the turkey, you leap out and surprise everyone!
2:<player> proudly announces, "It was me! I was the turkey all along!"
3:You sing the six month long "Doom Song"! <target> shoots <him/her>self in the head.
4:<target> shoots <him/her>self in the head after hearing <player>'s six month long "Doom Song."
5:<player> sings a song consisting of the word "doom" that lasts six months. You shoot yourself.
6:You are NEKKID!
7:Taking off <his/her> green dog suit, <player> dances around, screaming, "Wheehee! I'm nekkid!"
sgod - by Unknown
1:You generously deign to reveal an infinitesmal kernel of your glory.
2:The clouds are torn apart to reveal <player>, your new GOD!
3:You demonstrate to <target> that your clemency is equaled only by your wrath.
4:<player> ruthlessly smites <target>, <his/her> infinite patience having come to an end.
5:<player> has smote you! The time for repentance has come and gone, knave!
6:You play a devilishly clever trick on the poor, unfortunate mortals.
7:<player> sows conflict, sending many prophets to earth, each with a different message.
sgulp - by Unknown
1:You gulp nervously and loosen your neckwear.
2:<player> gulps nervously and loosens <his/her> neckwear.
3:You loosen your neckwear and gulp nervously under <target>'s gaze.
4:<player> loosens <his/her> neckwear and gulps nervously at <target>.
5:<player> loosens <his/her> neckwear and gulps nervously at you.
6:You gulp nervously and loosen your neckwear.
7:<player> gulps nervously and loosens <his/her> neckwear.
shackle - by Unknown
1:You glance around, searching for an appropriate vic... er, guest.
2:<player> is looking for somebody to lock into <his/her> favorite shackles.
3:You shackle <target> against the wall, grinning in anticipation.
4:<player> shackles <target> against the wall, grinning in anticipation.
5:With a gleam in <his/her> eye, <player> snaps iron shackles around your wrists and ankles.
6:You shackle yourself against the wall. Well, that's one way to enforce your diet.
7:<player> shackles <him/her>self against the wall, smiling as <he/she> tests the restraints.
shadohook - by Unknown
1:You teach your goats the correct quaffing method of a true o-}ShadoHooker{-o
2:<player> teaches <his/her> goats the correct quaffing method of a true o-}ShadoHooker{-o
3:You teach <target> the correct quaffing method of a true o-}ShadoHooker{-o
4:<player> teaches <target> the correct quaffing method of a true o-}ShadoHooker{-o
5:<player> teaches you the correct quaffing method of a true o-}ShadoHooker{-o
6:You complain how this clan has fallen apart and join o-}ShadoHook{-o!
7:<player> complains how <his/her> clan has fallen apart and joins o-}ShadoHook{-o!
shadoquaff - by Unknown
1:Another /Shadoquaff/ member uses 80 pots and still gets PKed anyway.
2:Great, Another 80 pots get wasted as <player>, a /Shadoquaff/ member, is trying to PK.
3:You quicky ignore <target> as <he/she> crys about losing that last PK.
4:80 pots later, <target> dies to <player>, it is now /Shadoquaff/ whine time.
5:All 80 of your pots gone, you are dead, your pants are wet, quick send a tell to <player>, whining!
6:How you wish you were a member of /Shadoquaff/
7:<player> grabs <his/her> pots and hopes to join /Shadoquaff/
shadowbox - by Unknown
1:You start to shadowbox, muttering, 'Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee'
2:<player> dances in and out of a corner, waving <his/her> hands randomly.
3:You dance in circles around <target>, weaving a mesmerizing web of blows.
4:<player> is tries to start a fight with <target> and ties <his/her> own arms in a knot.
5:<player> starts poking at you. It's really annoying, you should make <him/her> stop.
6:With lighting speed and panther-like grace, you shadowbox your way to victory.
7:<player> spins around in circles, howling at imaginary opponents.
shadowhine - by Unknown
1:You proclaim your magnificence to the world, are you trying to convince yourself?
2:<player> launches into the same old reel about how <he/she> is better then anyone else.
3:You ruthlessly smite <target>, before realising <he/she> can beat you and turning tail.
4:You gasp as <player> stabs <target> in the back, then bravely runs away, away.
5:An assassin! Wow, not so strong after all, heh, its like killing dohbies, orrrh, come back <player>!
6:You come to a shocking realisation, you can't have it all on a silver platter! Where's the note command?
7:<player> discovers <he/she> is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and slinks away to cry.
shag - by Unknown
1:You peer around the room looking for someone shag-able.
2:<player> looks around the room looking for someone groovy looking.
3:You stare at <target> lustily and ask, "Do I make you horny, baby?"
4:<player> moves toward <target> seemingly wanting to shag.
5:<player> is asking you to go in the back and shag again... should you go with <him/her>?
6:You declare to the entire room that we should all just shag.
7:<player> wants everyone to just SHAG... what a groovy swinger!
shake - by Unknown
1:You shake your head.
2:<player> shakes <his/her> head.
3:You shake your head at <target>.
4:<player> shakes <his/her> head at <target>.
5:<player> shakes <his/her> head at you.
6:You shake your head at yourself.
7:<player> shakes <his/her> head at <him/her>self.
shakes - by Unknown
1:You shake your head.
2:<player> shakes <his/her> head.
3:You shake <target>'s hand.
4:<player> shakes <target>'s hand.
5:<player> shakes your hand.
6:You are shaken by yourself.
7:<player> shakes and quivers like a bowl full of jelly.
shakestick - by Unknown
1:Shake shake shake! Shake shake shake!
2:<player> holds a really long stick in <his/her> hand, and begins to shake violently.
3:<target> will pay dearly for slighting you, as you whip out your shaking stick and chase after <him/her>.
4:You gaze in horror as <player> runs after <target>, shaking a large stick.
5:Oh no! <player> is brandishing a shaking stick in your direction...Run!
6:Mmm...that's right. If you want a stick shaken right, you have to shake it yourself.
7:<player> whips it out and begins to shake it vigorously...<his/her> shaking stick, sicko.
shala - by Unknown
1:You stalk the streets in your search for CHEESE!
2:<player> stalks about, drooling and mumbling, "CHEESE!"
3:You coat <target> with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibble it all off of <him/her>.
4:<player> coats <target> with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibbles it all off of <him/her>.
5:<player> coats you with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibbles it all off of you!
6:You drizzle melted cheese on yourself in a fit of ecstasy.
7:<player> drizzles melted cheese on <him/her>self and invites all to nibble.
shalapanty - by Unknown
1:You find a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on the ground.
2:<player> found a pair of Shala's Pink Panties!!
3:You cackle as you put a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on <target>'s head.
4:<player> cackles as they put a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on <target>'s head.
5:<player> cackles as they put a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on your head.
6:You put a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on your head, SICKO!
7:<player> just put a pair of Shala's Pink Panties on <his/her> head. WHAT A SICKO!
shark - by Unknown
1:Here's the ferocious great white! FEEDING FRENZY!!!
2:<player> makes darn sure it's unsafe to go back in the water.
3:Humming stupid music, you consider having <target> over for lunch.
4:The water around you erupts in blood and bubbles. <player> strikes again!
5:You can't feel your leg! <player> is swimming away with it in <his/her> teeth!
6:Face it, you're nothing but a bucket of chum.
7:<player> has scheduled a visit to Davy Jones's Locker.
sheadbutt - by Unknown
1:Who do you want to headbutt?
2:<player> looks around for someone to headbutt.
3:You ram <target> with your head!
4:You hear a loud BONG as <player>'s empty head rams into <target>.
5:Nowwuvin <player> cuz <he/she> just hit U wit <his/her> head.
6:You fail to hit yourself with your head.
7:<player> is going a little insane in <his/her> head, not good.
sheal - by Unknown
1:You start yelling for a heal!
2:<player> yells 'Hey, how about a heal? I'm DYING here!'
3:You start yelling at <target> for a heal!
4:<player> yells 'Hey <target>, how about a heal? I'm DYING here!'
5:<player> yells 'Hey <target>, how about a heal? I'm DYING here!'
6:You start yelling for a heal!
7:<player> yells 'Hey, how about a heal? I'm DYING here!'
sheeplover - by Unknown
1:You proudly exclaim: I am a SheepLover!
2:<player> wants us to know that <he/she> is a SheepLover!
3:You want <target> to be a SheepLover like you? Sicko!
4:<player> wants <target> to be just like <him/her>, a SheepLover!
5:<player> wants yoo to love <his/her> Sheep!!!
6:You caress your sheep, letting others know you are a SheepLover!
7:<player> caresses <his/her> sheep letting us know <he/she> is a Sheeplover.
shhh - by Unknown
1:You frown and say, "Shhhhhh"
2:<player> asks everyone to please be quiet.
3:You tell <target> to be quiet.
4:<player> attempts to make <target> close <his/her> mouth in the interest of peace.
5:<player> has asked you to please be quiet.
6:You remind yourself to shaddup.
7:<player> oddly tells <him/her>self to be quiet. Those darn voices again.
shiftkey - by Unknown
1:You fail to hit the shift key properly and 8giggle at everyone.
2:<player> fails to hit the shift key and 8giggles at everyone.
3:The shift key evades you yet again as you 8giggle at <target>.
4:<player> misses the shift key and 8giggles at <target>.
5:<player>'s shift key skill is clearly at 0%; <he/she> just 8giggled at you.
6:You howl in frustration as you miss the shift key YET AGAIN.
7:<player> misses the shift key for the ten billionth time, then breaks <his/her> keyboard over <his/her> knee.
shifty - by Unknown
1:Your shifty eyes dart back and forth.
2:<player>'s shifty eyes dart back and forth.
3:Your shifty eyes dart back and forth as you focus on <target>, devious thoughts filling your mind.
4:<player>'s shifty eyes dart back and forth as <he/she> focuses on <target>, devious thoughts filling <his/her> mind.
5:<player>'s shifty eyes dart back and forth as <he/she> focuses on you! Just what devious plans does <he/she> have in mind?
6:Your shifty eyes dart back and forth as devious plans fill your mind!
7:<player>'s shifty eyes dart back and forth as devious plans fill <his/her> mind!
shim - by Unknown
1:Look at me, I'm so sexy.
2:Oh no, <player> thinks <he/she> is sexy again.
3:You woo <target> with your good looks and charm.
4:You feel jealous as you see <target> talking to someone else.
5:You get faint as super sexy <player> looks your way.
6:You just can't decide who you like... just go for all of them.
7:You lust for <player>.
shineshoes - by Unknown
1:You begin to assemble your shoe shining kit.
2:<player> begins to assemble <his/her> shoe shining kit.
3:You begin to shine <target>'s shoes.
4:<player> is shining <target>'s shoes. Clearly <he/she> wants something....but what?
5:<player> takes out <his/her> polish and begins to shine your shoes.
6:You get paid a wooden nickel. What a Cheapskate!
7:<player> got paid a wooden nickel. Oh boy, <he/she>'s pissed!!!
shiver - by Unknown
2:<player> shivers uncomfortably.
3:You shiver at the thought of fighting <target>.
4:<player> shivers at the thought of fighting <target>.
5:<player> shivers at the suicidal thought of fighting you.
6:You shiver to yourself?
7:<player> scares <him/her>self to shivers.
shonor - by Unknown
1:You raise your sword and shout: "Strength and honor!"
2:<player> raises <his/her> sword and shouts: "Strength and honor!"
3:You raise your sword and tell <target>: "Strength and honor!"
4:<player> raises <his/her> sword and tells <target>: "Strength and honor!"
5:<player> raises <his/her> sword and tells You: "Strength and honor!"
6:You raise your sword and ride proudly into the battle!
7:<player> raises <his/her> sword and rides proudly into the battle!
shorts - by Etsuko 17 May 04
1:Licking the hilt of your blade, your thoughts wander to giraffes' necks.
2:<player> screams loudly about average heights, high heels and french dictators.
3:You try to hug <target> but your hands pass harmlessly over his/her head.
4:The difference between shorts and pants become oddly clear as you look from <target> to <player>.
5:<player> tries to give you a hug but <his/her> hands pass harmlessly over your head.
6:You stand on a cardboard box and beam triumphantly.
7:Your jaw falls to the floor as <player> gazes triumphantly at you, eye to eye.
shotgun - by Unknown
1:Shotgun diplomacy. Gotta love it.
2:*ka-chik* You turn, to see <player> holding <his/her> shotgun with an innocent expression.
3:You persuade <target> to behave. I didn't know you were so diplomatic.
4:<player> pumps a round into <his/her> shotgun and looks at <target>. "Yes?"
5:<player> pumps a round into his shotgun, and looks quizzically at you. "Yes?"
6:Eat you the hot bullets of shotgun to die, or something.
7:<player> appears to be trying to shoot <him/her>self in the head. Give <him/her> a hand.
shower - by Unknown
1:You gaze around the room looking for someone to shower with.
2:Uh Oh! <player> has that look in <his/her> eyes again. Better Run!
3:You gaze deep into <target> eyes as you entice <him/her> into the shower with you.
4:Hmm! <player> is asking <target> to shower with <him/her>. Wonder what <he/she> wants?!
5:<player> is asking you to shower with <him/her>.
6:You turn the taps and prepare to take a nice, hot, shower.
7:<player> hums quietly as <he/she> prepares a hot, steamy shower.
showl - by Unknown
1:You curl your lips back from your fangs and throw your head back in a lupine howl.
2:<player> extends clawed hands to either side of <his/her> body, throwing <his/her> head back in an ethereal howl.
3:You tilt your head back and howl to Luna with <target>.
4:<player> and <target> join in howling to Luna, the tones mixing in perfect harmony.
5:<player> invites you to join <him/her> in a howling chorus to the moon and stars.
6:You go alone to the tallest cliff and howl to Luna, your spirit lifting and combining with the cosmos.
7:<player> pads into the night silently. A lone howl lifts from the trees to worship the skies and the Earth.
shrek - by Unknown
1:You scream, "I've got a dragon here, and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm a donkey on the edge!!"
2:<player> screams, "I've got a dragon here, and I'm not afraid to use it! I'm a donkey on the edge!!"
3:You tell <target>, "Oh, no. Dead broad OFF the table!"
4:<player> tells <target>, "Oh, no. Dead broad OFF the table!"
5:<player> tells you, "Oh, no. Dead broad OFF the table!"
6:You say, "Did you hear that? She called me a 'noble steed'. She thinks I'm a steed."
7:<player> says, "Did you hear that? She called me a 'noble steed'. She thinks I'm a steed."
shriek - by Unknown
1:You shriek!
2:<player> shrieks!
3:You turn to <target> and shriek loudly!
4:<player> turns to <target> and shrieks loudly!
5:<player> shrieks at you!
6:You shriek loudly!
7:You cover your ears as <player> shrieks loudly!
shrug - by Unknown
1:You shrug.
2:<player> shrugs helplessly.
3:You shrug in response to <his/her> question.
4:<player> shrugs in response to <target>'s question.
5:<player> shrugs in response to your question.
6:You shrug to yourself.
7:<player> shrugs to <him/her>self. What a strange person.
shucks - by Unknown
1:Aww, shucks! Everyone is looking at you! Hope they don't see your cheeks burning.
2:<player> pauses for a moment, smiles at you, then looks around the room and says, "Aww, shucks."
3:Something that <target> just did is making you blush! Aww, shucks!
4:Teehee! <player> is B-L-U-S-H-I-N-G again! You have only <target> to thank for that.
5:Aww, shucks! That thing you just did is making <player> blush! And <he/she> looks SOO adorable!
6:Wow, you must be more sensitive than you thought. If anyone should realize that ...
7:For no apparent reason <player> starts to blush and tries to hide <his/her> face.
shudder - by Unknown
1:Your body shivers in uncontrollable revulsion.
2:<player> convulses as <he/she> shudders in disgust.
3:Just looking at <target> makes you want to retch!
4:<player> shudders in disgust at <target>!
5:<player> shudders in disgust at your wretched behavior!
6:You disgust yourself.
7:<player> shudders with repulsion as <he/she> thinks of <his/her> behavior.
sianz - by Unknown
1:Why you so SIANZ!!
2:<player> seems veri SIANZ!!
3:You wave your hands at <target> in an attempt to make <him/her> SIANZ!!
4:<player> waves <his/her> hands at <target> in an attempt to make <him/her> SIANZ!!
5:<player> waves <his/her> hands at you in an attempt to make you SIANZ!!
6:Krazy!! Why make yourself more SIANZ??!!
7:<player> actually tries to make <him/her>self more SIANZ!! Krazy!!
sigh - by Unknown
1:You sigh.
2:<player> sighs.
3:You sigh as you think of <him/her>.
4:<player> sighs at the sight of <target>.
5:<player> sighs as <he/she> thinks of you. Touching, huh?
6:You sigh at yourself. You MUST be lonely.
7:<player> sighs at <him/her>self. What a sorry sight.
sign - by Unknown
1:Uh oh. Maybe you should have read the warning label.
2:<player> accidentally eats a tube of Preparation H. If only you'd seen his sign in time...
3:You hand <target> <his/her> sign.
4:<player> hands <target> <his/her> sign.
5:<player> hands you a small placard, and says "Here's your sign."
6:Sign? Check. Opinion? Check. Cogent argument? Well, never mind. Post the note anyhow.
7:<player> carefully adjusts his sign, before adding to the note-spam.
signore - by Latana
1:Why does everyone ignore you???
2:<player> gets fed up and screams, "STOP IGNORING ME!!!"
3:How many times do you have to repeat yourself to <target>???
4:<player> plots to decapitate <target> if <he/she> ignores <him/her> once more..
5:<player> gets in your face and screams, "STOP IGNORING ME!!!"
6:Being ignored is so depressing.. *sigh*
7:<player> Sadly wishes everyone would stop ignoring <him/her>..
silentbob - by Unknown
1:... You think you're a smooth bitch, just like Silent Bob!
2:<player> stands around smokin' a cigarette and using the force.
3:You gesture at <target> to get <his/her> attention.
4:<player> throws on <his/her> trenchcoat and starts to gesture at <target>. The tubby bastard.
5:<player> just nods <his/her> head and says nothing. Wonder if <he/she>'s tryin to tell you something.
6:You fix your coat and adjust your cap, and stand there, like Silent Bob!
7:Is that Silent Bob? No... it can't be, it's just <player>.
sing - by Unknown
1:You raise your clear (?) voice towards the sky.
2:HEY CLERICS! I COULD USE A HEAL! <player> has begun to sing.
3:You sing a ballad to <him/her>.
4:<player> sings a ballad to <target>.
5:<player> sings a ballad to you! How sweet!
6:You sing a little ditty to yourself.
7:<player> sings a little ditty to <him/her>self.
siteban - by Unknown
1:Now, which one of them to siteban, hmmm, lets draw straws!!!
2:<player> is getting ready to siteban! The aggony, the pain!!
3:Now, you shall inflict your skills to siteban <target> from this realm.
4:<player> practices <his/her> sitebanning skills on <target>! Who's next?
5:Oh Mercy save you! <player> just sitebanned you! What to do! What t...
6:Ummmm, is that really such a good idea?
7:<player> aparently wants <him/her>self to be sitebanned, poor kiddo.
sixhuggle - by Unknown
1:You giggle and look around the room for someone to huggle.
2:<player> looks around the room for someone to huggle.
3:You run up to <target> and huggle them lovingly. Awwwww.
4:You cant help but giggle at the sight of <player> huggling <target> lovingly. Awwwww.
5:<player> runs up to YOU and huggles you lovingly. Awwwww.
6:You huggle yourself. Dont you have any friends?
7:<player> huggles themselves. Dear G-d, dont they have ANY friends ?
sizzle - by Unknown
1:You pull out a frying pan and start looking for dinner.
2:<player> has a frying pan!!! Run Away!! <he/she> is looking your way.
3:You have thrown <target> into a HUGE Frying pan! SIZZLIN!
4:<target> has been thrown into a Frying pan by <player>!! What's that smell?
5:<player> has slammed you into a Frying Pan!! Oh No! The heat is on!
6:You sit in a frying pan and turn on the heat. Smells good doesn't it?
7:<player> starts to Sizzle and Pop in a frying pan. Stop Drooling!
skeet - by Unknown
1:You scan the sky for flying Dohbies to put out of your misery.
2:<player> is peering at the sky and slowly rubbing <his/her> long, hot, steel hard.. shotgun.
3:You yell out "PULL!" and bring your shotgun to aim on <target> before blowing <him/her> into tiny clay pieces.
4:You watch <target> fly through the air before <player> expertly blows <him/her> into tiny little pieces.
5:"PULL!" goes the call and you're off! Flying! Uh-oh, <player> has a shotgun and <he/she>'s pointing it your way..
6:You throw yourself into the air and fly, Fly, FLY! *BANG!*
7:<player> is flying through the air, yet somehow manages to shoot <him/her>self..
sketchy - by Unknown
1:Sketchy. Definately sketchy.
2:<player> takes a step back and says, "Sketchy..."
3:You take a step away from <target> and mumble "sketchy" under your breath.
4:<player> steps away from <target>, mumbling "sketchy" under <his/her> breath.
5:<player> takes a step away from you, mumbling "sketchy" under <his/her> breath. Hmm.
6:You think you're sketchy. That's pretty sketchy.
7:What does <player> think <he/she>'s doing? This is definately sketchy.
skick - by Unknown
1:You lift your foot in a Tai chi stance about to kick some butt!
2:<player> is threatening you with <his/her> feet! Flee quickly!!
3:You jump at <target> with your flying kick catching <him/her> totally off guard!
4:<player>'s feet are flying at <target>. <he/she> better watch out!
5:<player> is kicking you! ouch!
6:You strain your leg as you attempt to kick yourself in the face.
7:<target>'s leg is bent at a strange angle seeming to try to kick <him/her>self.
skiing - by Unknown
1:Why does no one respect you?? PSHAW! You're rich and know everything! You could own this mud if you wanted.
2:<player> has way more money than you so if you don't do what <he/she> wants, <he/she>'s going skiing!
3:You have a hell of a lot more money than <target>! Feel like going skiing?
4:<player> has way more money than <target> so <target> must do what <he/she> wants or <he/she>'ll go skiing!
5:<player> has way more money than you so either do what <he/she> wants or <he/she>'s going skiing!
6:Why don't people understand that you know everything? Damnit! You're gonna go skiing!
7:<player> is sick of not getting <his/her> way, so forget you all, <he/she>'s going skiing!
skillwhine - by Unknown
1:You start to cry and kick random objects, realizing your clan skill will never work.
2:<player> screams, 'WHY WON'T MY CLAN SKILL EVER WORK???'
3:You grab <target> and demand to know what <he/she> did to make your clan skill fail!
4:<player> picks <target> up and violently shakes <him/her>, screaming something about <his/her> clan skill.
5:<player> grabs you and painfully twists your arm, demanding to know what you did to make <his/her> clan skill fail!
6:Muttering softly, you begin to consider clan skills are True Evil.
7:<player> begins an insane babble - more proof that clan skills are bad for your health.
skiss - by Unknown
1:You scoop up your imaginary friend and cuddle its' airy form.
2:<player> seems to have a strange affection for air.
3:You scoop <target> up in your arms and gently kiss <his/her> cheek.
4:<player> cradles <target> in <his/her> arms and kisses <his/her> cheek.
5:<player> scoops you up and softly kisses your cheek.
6:You attempt to pick yourself up and end up flat on your back.
7:<player> attempts to defy gravity and lands hard on <his/her> back!
slacker - by Unknown
1:All of 'em, slackers!
2:<player> looks around at all the slackers.
3:You glare around at <target> just loafing around.
4:<player> glares around look at all the slackers around <him/her>.. even you!
5:<player> looks directly at you and calls you the biggest slacker of them all!
6:You proclaim yourself King of all slackers!
7:<player> proclaims <him/her>self to be the biggest slacker of all!
slap - by Unknown
1:What is the sound of one hand slapping?
3:You slap <target>.
4:<player> slaps <target>.
5:You are slapped by <player>.
6:You slap yourself, silly you.
7:<player> slaps <him/her>self, really strange ...
slapfight - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to slapfight with.
2:Look out, <player> is looking for a slapfight!
3:You start a slapfight with <target>! This could get ugly...
4:<player> starts a slapfight with <target>! This could get ugly...
5:Oh no! <player> just started a slapfight with you! This could get ugly...
6:You see that nobody is looking, and start a slapfight with yourself. OW!
7:Better back off: <player> just started slapfighting <him/her>self again.
slaqr - by Unknown
1:You wish you were as lazy as Slaqr.
2:<player> is in a real lazy mood, and refuses to level.
3:You pray to Slaqr, God Of Laziness for <target> 's soul.
4:Oh no! <player> is worshipping Slaqr, God Of Laziness again! Help <him/her> before <his/her> mind is completely corrupted and <he/she> never levels again!
5:<player> has invited you to join the Legion of Laziness.
6:<player> has invited you to join the Legion of Laziness.
7:<player> is a member of the Legion of Laziness! Oh god! Help <him/her> level!
slaser - by Unknown
1:You shine your laser beam in everybodies eyes.
2:<player> shines <his/her> laser beam in everyone's eyes.
3:You aim your laser right between <target>'s eyes.
4:<player> aims <his/her> laser right between <target>'s eyes.
5:<player> aims <his/her> laser right between your eyes.
6:You blind yourself with your laser.
7:<player> blinds <him/her>self with <his/her> laser.
slife - by Unknown
1:You try to get a life, and fail.
2:<player> tries to get a life, and fails.
3:<player> thinks <target> needs to get a life!
4:<player> thinks <target> needs to get a life!
5:<player> thinks you need to get a life!
6:But you have none to give!
7:<player> attempts to give <him/her>self a life, but has none to spare.
slobber - by Unknown
1:You slobber down your front.
2:<player> slobbers all over <him/her>self.
3:You slobber on <target>.
4:<player> slobbers on <target> **Yuck**
5:<player> slobbers disgustingly on you.
slsaber - by Shen
1:You wield a lightsaber. For the Sith.
2:<player> wields a lightsaber. For the Sith.
3:You attack <target> with your lightsaber.
4:<player> attacks <target> with <his/her> lightsaber.
5:<player> attacks _you_ with <his/her> lightsaber.
6:You wield a double-bladed lightsaber. For the Sith.
7:<player> wields a double-bladed lightsaber. For the Sith.
slurpee - by Unknown
1:You have a slurp from your slurpee :)
2:<player> gets brain freeze from <his/her> slurpee :(
3:The <player> don't give away their slurpee *thwap*
4:<player> taunts <target> with <his/her> slurpee *swoon*
5:<player> hands <his/her> slurpee over to you. No way man, that's just stupid.
6:You slurp so hard that you get brain freeze and turn blue!
7:<player> has brain freeze and <his/her> face turns Blue!
smack - by Unknown
1:You gaze around the room, deciding who deserves a SMACK to the head.
2:<player> looks around, seeing who deserves to be SMACKED.
3:You SMACK <target> upside the head.
4:<player> SMACKS <target> upside the head, wonder what <he/she> did.
5:<player> SMACKS you upside the head for acting like a newbie.
6:You smack yourself in the forehead for thinking like a newbie.
7:<player> just SMACKED <him/her>self in the forehead, what a dolt.
smart - by Unknown
2:<player> is showing off <his/her> immense intelligence again. Impressive, isn't <he/she>.
3:U r r33l smaht d00d yeh!!!!!!!111 u r impressez <target> n0w!!!!11 e=mc2 ehehehehehe
4:The lucky sod! <target> was chosen to receive part of the wisdom of <player>!
5:<player> explains the secret of longevity to you. You are devastated by <his/her> intelligence.
6:U r so smaht u kin teyk ovah da world!!!!!!!!!!!!111 whut a kewld00d u r
7:<player> reveals the secret of ending world hunger to the general public! My, how great <he/she> is!
smd - by Unknown
1:You raise your hand ready to put the SMACK DOWN on someone!!
2:<player> raises their hand, looks like someone is gonna get a SMACK DOWN!!!
3:You give <target> the SMACK DOWN, looks like they need some new teeth!
4:<player> gives <target> the SMACK DOWN, dropped them to the floor like a used up weasel!
5:Everything spins as <player> gives you the SMACK DOWN!!
6:You give yourself a SMACK DOWN for the hell of it...
7:<player> gives themself a Phat SMACK DOWN, you wonder why they didnt just pull their head out?
smeg - by Unknown
1:You start acting like the man!
2:<player>'s head starts to swell up...
3:You tell <him/her> that your ego is bigger than Simillion's.
4:<player> blabs on about Simillion to <target>, as <his/her> head swells up.
5:<player> blabs on to you about how he is better than Simillion.
6:KERBANG! Your head explodes!
7:<player>'s head suddenly EXPLODES!
smile - by Unknown
1:You smile happily.
2:<player> smiles happily.
3:You smile at <target>.
4:<player> beams a smile at <target>.
5:<player> smiles at you.
6:You smile at yourself.
7:<player> smiles at <him/her>self.
smirk - by Unknown
1:You smirk.
2:<player> smirks.
3:You smirk at <his/her> saying.
4:<player> smirks at <target>'s saying.
5:<player> smirks at your saying.
6:You smirk at yourself. Okay.....
7:<player> smirks at <his/her> own 'wisdom'.
smob - by Unknown
1:Type "Help Smob"
2:A lightbulb appears over <player>'s head...illuminating the word DUMBASS.
3:WARNING! WARNING! Dumbass Alert! In your attempt to snob <target> you typed smob instead....genius.
4:HOLY COW!! <player> just smobbed <target>.
5:HOLY COW!! <player> just smobbed you!
6:You do not have that item.
7:Try as <he/she> might, <player> cannot smob <him/her>self.
smog - by Unknown
1:Smog. Smog. Smog. Smog. Smog. Smog. You just love saying it. Smog. Smog. Smog.
2:Uh-Oh. <player> has found a new favourite word! <he/she> goes Smog Smog Smog Smog all the time..
3:You don't really care if <target> finds it funny, you just enjoy going Smog Smog Smog Smog at <him/her>.
4:Is <target> amused, annoyed or just confused? <player> chases <him/her> around going Smog Smog Smog Smog ..
5:Oh geez! Someone make <player> stop from going Smog Smog Smog Smog at you all the time!
6:It looks like you made everyone run away, but you still love saying it. Smog Smog Smog Smog.
7:Are you the last one left listening to this? <player> still goes Smog Smog Smog Smog, seemingly amusing <him/her>self.
smoke - by Unknown
1:()Oo(*POOF*)oO() Great, now you can't see a thing.
2:(<player>) ()OoOoO()OoOoO()()OoOoO()OoOoO()!! SmoKeD OuT !!()OoOoO()OoOoO()()OoOoO()OoOoO()
3:You hurl smoke grenades at <target>. !! NOW RUN !!
4:<player> shoves a smoke grenade down <target>'s pants. WooH !! Hot ! Hot ! Hot !
5:(<player>) ()OoOoO()OoOoO()()OoOoO()OoOoO()!! SmoKeD OuT !!()OoOoO()OoOoO()()OoOoO()OoOoO()
6:Now why would you want to do a thing like that?
7:You see smoke bellowing out from <player>'s pants! Someone get a bucket!
smoo - by Unknown
1:You ponder for a moment, contemplating the name "Smoo."
2:<player> pauses for a moment, then screams "SMOO"!!
3:You walk sneakily up to <target> and SMOO <him/her> VIOLENTLY!
4:<target> spins around screaming, for <player> has SMOOED <him/her>!
6:You meditate, increasing your Smooiness to devastating proportions!
7:As <player> concentrates, A SMOOQUAKE erupts nearby and the ranks of the Smoos swell!
smooch - by Unknown
1:You run around, giving everyone sloppy smooches!
2:<player> gives everyone a big SMOOCH!
3:You lean over and give <target> a big, wet, sloppy SMOOCH!
4:<target> blushes as <player> gives <him/her> hawt smoochins!
5:<player> reaches over to give you a big, sloppy, wet SMOOCH!
6:You purse your lips up and try to smooch yourself - you know you give da best wuvvin!
7:<player> tries to smooch on <him/her>self. Makes you wonder when their last date was, eh?
smurf - by Unknown
1:You tromp through Smurf Village pulping bodies left and right.
2:<player> runs rampant through Smurf Village! The bloodshed is horrible!
3:You grab one of those damn smurfs and gag <target> with it!
4:<player> just shoved a little blue body down <target>'s throat!
5:<player> just shoved a little blue smurf down your throat! Help!
6:Eeeeww... do you REALLY think its healthy doing that with a smurf?
7:<player> grabs a smurf and... makes you sorry you watched...
snap - by Unknown
1:PRONTO ! You snap your fingers.
2:<player> snaps <his/her> fingers.
3:You snap back at <him/her>.
4:<player> snaps back at <target>.
5:<player> snaps back at you!
6:You snap yourself to attention.
7:<player> snaps <him/her>self to attention.
snarf - by Unknown
1:You snivel in a corner whining to yourself.
2:<player> cowers in a corner, whining to <him/her>self.
3:You whine to <target>, wondering why no one will listen to you.
4:<player> whines endlessly to <target>, 'Snarf...snarf.'
5:<player> asks you why no one will listen to <him/her>, 'Snarf...snarf.'
6:You wander off whining about everything in sight, 'Snarf...snarf.'
7:<player> continues ranting, ending each comment with 'Snarf...snarf.'
snarl - by Unknown
1:You grizzle your teeth and look mean.
2:<player> snarls angrily.
3:You snarl at <him/her>.
4:<player> snarls at <target>.
5:<player> snarls at you, for some reason.
6:You snarl at yourself.
7:<player> snarls at <him/her>self.
sneakon - by Unknown
1:You watch your flist suddenly jump to life.
2:You hear <player>-like noises coming from your flist again.
3:You sneak up on <target>. As per usual.
4:<target> says "Hi <player>! Fancy seeing you here!".
5:<target> says "Hi <player>! Fancy seeing you here!".
6:Trying to sneak up on yourself? Weirdo.
7:<player> attempts to sneak up on <him/her>self. Freak.
sneer - by Unknown
1:You sneer in disgust.
2:<player> sneers in disgust.
3:You sneer in disgust at <target>.
4:<player> is sneering at <target>, again.
5:<player> sneers in disgust at you!
6:You sneer arrogantly.
7:<player> sneers arrogantly. What an ego.
sneeze - by Unknown
1:Gesundheit !
2:<player> sneezes.
snicker - by Unknown
1:You snicker softly.
2:<player> snickers softly.
3:You snicker with <him/her> about your shared secret.
4:<player> snickers with <target> about their shared secret.
5:<player> snickers with you about your shared secret.
6:You snicker at your own evil thoughts.
7:<player> snickers at <his/her> own evil thoughts.
sniff - by Unknown
1:You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*
2:<player> sniffs sadly.
3:You sniff sadly at the way <he/she> is treating you.
4:<player> sniffs sadly at the way <target> is treating <him/her>.
5:<player> sniffs sadly at the way you are treating <him/her>.
6:You sniff sadly at your lost opportunities.
7:<player> sniffs sadly at <him/her>self. Something MUST be bothering <him/her>.
sniggle - by Unknown
1:You search around the room for someone to Sniggle!
2:It seems <player> wanna Sniggle... Won't yoo Sniggle too?
3:You grab <target> and Sniggle <him/her> passionately!!
4:<target> squeals with Delight as <player> Sniggles <him/her>!
5:<player> Sniggled yoo! Yoo feel as if you're Dreaming...
6:You couldn't find someone to Sniggle with? You must feel lonely!
7:<player> tirelessly tries to Sniggle <him/her>self... <he/she> must need wuvvin!
snipe - by Unknown
1:You climb to the top of a clock tower and assemble your rifle.
2:<player> can be seen at the top of a clock tower. What's <he/she> up to?
3:Loading your rifle, you aim the crosshairs upon <target>...
4:<player> aims the crosshairs..<target> collapses in a pool of blood.
5:You keel over from the bullet fired into the back of your head by <player>.
6:You trip on your rifle and plummet down the side of the tower.
7:<player> trips on <his/her> rifle, and falls out of the clock tower.
snob - by Unknown
1:You obviously have important things on your mind.
2:<player> obviously has many important things on <his/her> mind.
3:You look at <target> for a moment, then move on to more important things.
4:<player> looks at <target> for a moment, then moves on to more important things.
5:<player> looks at you for a moment, then moves on to more important things.
6:You look at yourself, what could be more important.
7:<player> looks at <him/her>self for a moment, mesmerized in <his/her> greatness.
snog - by Unknown
1:You give EVERYONE a rousing kiss!
2:<player> kisses you fiercely, then goes on to the rest of the room.
3:You merge your soul with <target> in a mind-blowing kiss.
4:<player> kisses <target> fiercely.
5:<player> has just kissed you like never before...wow!!!
6:You try to swallow your own tongue...SICKO!
7:You stare in wonder at <player>, who seems to be trying to swallow <his/her> tongue.
snooze - by Unknown
1:You settle down for a quick snooze.
2:<player> settles down for a quick snooze.
3:You bop <target> on the head hoping for five minutes quiet.
4:<player> tries to get <target> to go into snooze mode.
5:<player> is hitting you on the head trying to shut you up for five minutes!
6:You tap yourself on the head and fall unconcious for five minutes.
7:<player> hits <him/her>self on the head and collapses for five minutes.
snope - by Unknown
1:You say "NOPE!"
2:<player> goes, "NOPE!"
3:You laugh at <target> and shout, "NOPE!"
4:<player> laughs at <target> and shouts, "NOPE!"
5:<player> laughs at you and gleefully says, "NOPE!"
6:Nope! That wasn't quite it.
7:Reading his last line again, <player> says "Nope!" to <him/her>self.
snore - by Unknown
2:<player> snores loudly.
snort - by Unknown
1:You snort.
2:<player> snorts.
3:You snort derisively at <target>.
4:<player> snorts derisively at <target>.
5:<player> snorts at you.
6:You snort at your own stupidity.
7:<player> snorts at <his/her> own stupidity.
snote - by Unknown
1:You tell everyone to leave you alone while you write a note.
2:<player> is going to write a note, <he/she>'ll be back in a few minutes.
3:You tell <target> to go off somewhere and write a note.
4:<player> rudely tells <target> to go do something else, somewhere else.
5:<player> tells you to go away and write a note, or something.
6:You wander off in search of some more intraverted activities.
7:<player> wanders away in search of something requiring less social skills.
snowball - by Unknown
1:Who do you want to throw a snowball at?
3:You throw a snowball in <target>'s face.
4:<player> conjures a snowball from the thin air and throws it at <target>.
5:<player> conjures a snowball from the thin air and throws it at you.
6:You conjure a snowball from the thin air and throw it at yourself.
7:<player> conjures a snowball out of the thin air and throws it at <him/her>self.
snub - by Unknown
1:You turn your nose up at the rest of the world. Humph.
2:<player> turns up <his/her> nose at the world, including you. Humph!
3:You decide that <target>'s existance isn't worth noting and snub <him/her> with a toss of your hair.
4:<player> must be far superior to that waste of flesh <target>, as you see <player> snubbing <him/her>.
5:With a toss of <his/her> head, <player> deigns you to be unworthy of existing.
6:Unworthies. All of you.
7:<player> declares that none of you deserve the cells that make up your matter.
snuffle - by Unknown
1:You look around with puppy eyes and beg for a snuffle.
2:<player> looks around with innocent eyes begging for a snuffle.
3:<target> gives you a cuddle in exchange for a snuffle.
4:<player> and <target> starts a sweet cuddlin and snufflin session.
5:<player> looks at you with big puppy eyes and gives you a *snuffle.
6:Do you really need to be that desperate as to snuffle yourself?
7:<player> snuffles <him/her>self, eager for lotsa (*love*)
snuggle - by Unknown
3:You snuggle <him/her>.
4:<player> snuggles up to <target>.
5:<player> snuggles up to you.
6:You snuggle up, getting ready to sleep.
7:<player> snuggles up, getting ready to sleep.
snuzzle - by Unknown
1:You look around for somebody to snuzzle.
2:Look! <player> is searching for somebody to snuzzle!
3:You snuzzle up with <target> cozily.
4:<player> snuzzles cozily with <target> for a while.
5:<player> snuzzles with you cozily.
6:You twist into impossible contortions trying to snuzzle yourself.
7:<player> gives <him/her>self an injury by trying to snuzzle <him/her>self.
soap - by Unknown
1:A bar of soap.. now what'd that be for?
2:<player> brandishes a bar of soap- uh oh, somebody's in trouble.
3:You wash out <target>'s potty mouth with soap. Suds r everywhere!
4:<player> washes out <target>'s mouth with soap! Better be good or you're next!
5:<player> does a thorough job washing out your mouth with soap! YUCK!!
6:You relax in the hot water, lathering yourself up... GASP.. is that a peephole?
7:<player> pulls out a bar of soap and begins lathering up... Woohoo!
soath - by Unknown
1:You take a solemn Oath of Loyalty to the Immortals of Aardwolf.
2:<player> has sworn <his/her> undying loyalty to the Immortals of Aardwolf.
3:You pledge your eternal loyalty to <target>.
4:<player> promises to remain loyal to <target>.
5:<player> has sworn <his/her> undying loyalty to you! How thoughtful!
6:You are very loyal to yourself. You should be proud.
7:<player> pledges <his/her> allegiance to <him/her>self! You remind yourself not to trust <player>.
sob - by Unknown
1:You sob quietly to yourself.
2:<player> sobs in misery.
3:You sob quietly to yourself because <target> has hurt your feelings so badly.
4:<player> sobs quietly to <him/her>self because <target> was a jerk!
5:You feel like a cad because you've made <player> sob.
socialhi - by Unknown
1:You wave "Hi!" to everyone here.
2:<player> waves "Hi!"
3:You wave "Hi!" to <target>.
4:<player> waves "Hi!" to <target>.
5:<player> waves "Hi!" to you.
6:<player> waves "Hi!" to <him/her>self, hmmm.
7:<player> waves "Hi!" to <him/her>self, hmmm.
sod - by Unknown
1:You sod off.
2:<player> sods off.
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> should sod off!
4:<player> tells <target> to sod off!
5:<player> tells you to sod off! Better watch it!
6:You tell yourself to sod off! What an idiot!
7:<player> tries to get <him/her>self to sod off! What an idiot!
solong - by Unknown
1:You tell everyone "So long, and thanks for all the fish!".
2:<player> says "So long, and thanks for all the fish!", and leaves.
3:You thank <target> for all the fish, and leave.
4:<player> thanks <target> for all the fish, and leaves.
5:<player> thanks you for all the fish, and leaves.
6:You thank Douglas Adams for all the books.
7:<player> says "So long, and thanks for all the books, Douglas!".
soopernoob - by Unknown
1:You smack a random newbie upside the head!
2:<player> smacks a random newbie upside the head!
3:You slap a big pink NEEEEEEWBIE sticker on <target>'s forehead!
4:<player> slaps a big pink NEEEEEEWBIE sticker on <target>'s forehead!
5:You feel the light brush of <player>'s palm on your forehead, and suddenly everyone is laughing at you!
6:You stand tall and pronounce that you ain't no Fufa!
7:<player> ain't no Fufa!
soshul - by Unknown
1:Oooh! They're gunna love the 'stabintheeyewithapencil' social!
2:<player> has written another boring social that only appeals to <him/her>.
3:You kindly request <target> please stop writing socials.
4:<player> sure wishes <target> would stop writing such stupid socials...
5:<player> really loves your socials! Oh, how nice, I think you should write more.
6:Well, you've written another stupid social. Seemed clever at the time...
7:<player> explains that <him/her> social "seemed clever at the time."
sowhat - by Unknown
1:Yeah. So what?
2:An expression of deepest concern completely fails to cross <player>'s face.
3:You almost got concerned about <target>'s troubles. Almost.
4:Looking at <target>, an expression of deepest concern completely fails to cross <player>'s face.
5:<player> looks at you, and an expression of deepest concern completely fails to cross <his/her> face.
spacehamster - by Unknown
1:You preach to the Hamsters about the downfall of Weasels and Fidos!
2:<player> is giving a speech to RaBiD Hamsters.
3:You order Boo the Hamster to eat out <target>'s eyes!
4:<player> sends Boo the Hamster to nibble out <target>'s eyes!
5:<player>'s Giant Space Hamster is eating your eyes!
6:You called forth Boo the Giant Space Hamster to do butt kicking for Hamsters!
7:<player> reveals a Hamster and prepares for battle.
spam - by Unknown
1:You mutter, 'spam' quietly to yourself again and again.
2:<player> rests in a corner and mutters 'spam' quietly to <him/her>self.
3:You SPAM <target> mercilessly!
4:<player> spams <target>!
5:You've been SPAMMED by <player>!
spamdeath - by Unknown
1:You fire yourself up to spam kill yourself at Hassan!
2:<player> runs headlong into Hassan in another spamdeath run!!
3:You toss <target> into a pit of aggros to kill <him/her> repeatedly!
4:<player> launches <target> right into a mess of mobs! Score another spammy death!
5:<player> grabs you and flings you into Spamdeath City once again! AAAARGH!
6:You beg Mota for something to kill you to improve your death ranking.
7:<player> begs Mota for a better death ranking.
spamdemon - by Unknown
1:You have unleashed the horrible demon of Spam!!
2:<player> has unleashed the horrible demon of Spam! RUN!!
3:You unleash the evil Spam Monster on <target>!
4:<player> unleashes the Spam Monster on <target>! Run or you're next!!
5:<player> waves <his/her> hands and you are attacked by the evil Spam Monster! RUN AWAY!! RUN AWAY!!
6:You are consumed by the horrible Spam.
7:<player> disappears as the Spam eats away at <his/her> soul...
spank - by Unknown
1:Spank whom?
3:You spank <him/her> playfully.
4:<player> spanks <target> playfully.
5:<player> spanks you playfully. OUCH!
6:You spank yourself....HMMMMMMM...
7:<player> spanks <him/her>self....HMMMMMMM...
spat - by Unknown
1:You pat Sorael and encourage everyone else to do the same!
2:<player> pats Sorael and encourages you all to do the same!
3:You tell <target> how much Sorael likes to be patted.
4:<player> tells <target> that Sorael *really* likes to be patted.
5:<player> tells you how much Sorael loves to be patted.
6:You look around for a Sorael to pat.
7:<player> looks around for someone to pat...where's Sorael?
spice - by Unknown
1:You yearn to be a SPICE GIRL!!!
2:<player> wants to be a SPICE GIRL!!!
3:You invite <target> to become a SPICE GIRL!!!
4:<player> invites <target> to become a SPICE GIRL!!!
5:<player> invites you to become a SPICE GIRL!!!
6:You transform yourself into a SPICE GIRL!!!
7:<player> transforms into a SPICE GIRL!!!
spiffy - by Unknown
1:You bounce around the room screaming, "Spiffy! SpiffySpiffy!"
2:You see <player> bounce around while screaming, "Spiffy! SpiffySpiffy!"
3:You point at <target> and squeal with joy at how Spiffy <he/she> is!!
4:You see <player> dance wildly around <target> because <he/she> is happy to have found someone so Spiffy!
5:You see <player> point exitedly at you, screaming "Spiffy! SpiffySpiffy!!"
6:You look at yourself and squeal with joy, realizing how Spiffy you really are!
7:You see <player> look at himself and squeal with joy, for <he/she> knows <he/she>'s really quite Spiffy.
spikepunch - by Unknown
1:You make sure nobody is looking, and you casually pour something into the punch bowl.
2:<player> whistles a casual tune as <he/she> pours something into the punch bowl.
3:You offer <target> a glass of punch, hoping <he/she> doesn't know what you did to it.
4:<player>, with a suspicious smirk on <his/her> face, offers <target> a glass of punch.
5:<player> offers you a glass of punch, assuming you didn't see what <he/she> just did to it. DON'T TAKE IT!
6:You make sure nobody is looking, and you casually pour something into the punch bowl.
7:<player> whistles a casual tune as <he/she> pours something into the punch bowl.
spin - by Unknown
1:You twirl in a graceful pirouette.
2:<player> twirls in a graceful pirouette.
3:You spin <him/her> on one finger.
4:<player> spins <target> on <his/her> finger.
5:<player> spins you around on <his/her> finger.
6:You spin yourself around and around and around....
7:<player> spins <him/her>self around and around and around...
spit - by Unknown
1:You spit in utter disgust.
2:<player> spits in utter disgust!
3:You spit on <target>...you're gross!
4:<player> spits on <target>.
5:<player> spits on you -- how gross!
6:You spit on yourself, pretty nasty eh?
7:<player> spits on <him/her>self...what a sicko!
splat - by Plaideleon
1:You wind up and let her go!
2:<player> is looking for a snowball fight!
3:You snicker as <target> is hit in the face with a giant snowball. SPLAT!!!
4:You hear <player> snickering as <target> is hit in the face with a snowball.
5:You hear <player> snickering as you are hit in the face with a snowball.
6:You toss a snowball in the air and hit yourself in the face. SPLAT!!!
7:<player> tosses a snowball in the air and hits <his/her>self in the face.
splenir - by Unknown
1:You call the mighty warhorse, Splenir. who leaps in from the darkness.
2:<player> calls the mighty warhorse, Splenir. who leaps in from the darkness.
3:As <target> is tied to the ground, Splenir leaps from a cliff and SMASHES <him/her>.
4:<player> watches as <target> is tied to the ground, and Splenir leaps from a cliff and SMASHES <him/her>.
5:<player> ties you violently to the ground as a mighty warhorse SMASHES you!!
6:You are violently tied to the ground as a mighty warhorse SMASHES you!!
7:As <player> is tied to the ground, Splenir leaps from a cliff and SMASHES <him/her>.
splodypants - by Una
1:You practice the Five Point Exploding Pants Technique on yourself & make a terrible mess.
2:You live in fear of <player>'s Five Point Exploding Pants Technique.
3:You shudder as you blow a wad of hot goo in <target>'s face.
4:You gasp as you see <player> practice the Five Point Exploding Pants Technique, <target> wears the results on <his/her> face.
5:You are sprayed with hot goo as <player> finishes the Five Point Exploding Pants Technique
6:You look around for someone to practice the Five Point Exploding Pants Technique on.
7:Whip out a raincoat <player>'s got explosive goo in <his/her> pants.
spock - by Unknown
1:You raise an eyebrow at the idea.
2:<player> raises an eyebrow at the idea.
3:You tell <target>, "That is highly Illogical."
4:<player> tells <target>, "That is highly Illogical."
5:<player> tells You, "That is highly Illogical."
6:You struggle quietly with the emotions inside yourself.
7:<player> stops. You can almost see <his/her> logical mind at work.
spolice - by Unknown
1:You vigilantly surf through the socials, getting the imms to delete any that offend your morals.
2:<player> got the imms to delete all the socials <he/she> doesn't like.
3:You decide you don't like <target>'s social, and have it deleted.
4:<player>, prude of Aardwolf, has gotten poor <target>'s promising social deleted.
5:That bastard <player> got your social deleted. Kill <him/her>.
6:You've managed to offend yourself with your own socials. Way to go.
7:<player> has deleted all <his/her> own socials. Fine with you.
spoo - by Unknown
1:You run away from a whacking Spoo farmer in complete and utter terror!
2:<player> flees from a whacking Spoo farmer in complete and utter terror!
3:You whack <target>'s inert body until you realize <he/she> is not Spoo.
4:<player> whacks <target> repeatedly with a large club.
5:<player> whacks you repeatedly with a large club until everything goes black..
6:The sound of sighing brings up fond memories of harvest time.
7:<player> lets out a depressed sigh, and reminisces about <his/her> days of Spoo farming.
spoon - by Unknown
1:Your arms embrace nothing but air.
2:<player> attempts to spoon the emptiness around <him/her>.
3:You pull <target> against your body and lovingly spoon <him/her>.
4:<target> sighs with content as <he/she> is lovingly spooned by <player>.
5:<player> spoons you tenderly and lightly kisses your neck.
6:You desperately try to spoon yourself. Perhaps you need a pillow?
7:<player> tries to spoon <him/her>self and curls up in a lonely ball.
spork - by Unknown
2:<player> holds <his/her> Spork high!
3:You chase <target> with your Spork!
4:<player> is chasing <target> with <his/her> Spork!
5:RUN! <player> is chasing you with <his/her> Spork!
6:You Spork yourself.
7:<player> is playing with <his/her> Spork again...
spot - by Unknown
1:Your eyes glaze over as you stare at the pwetty SPOTS floating before you.
2:<player> stares in a cross-eyed gaze at something only <he/she> can see...
3:You poke at the MAGICAL dots appearing on <target>.
4:You see <player> poke at various places on <target>'s body...uh?
5:<player> cautiously pokes at you with a strange amusement...
6:You happily play with the colorful spots dancing around you!
7:You see <player> rolling on the floor, squirming and squealing with joy.
spouseabuse - by Unknown
1:Hiding won't exactly help, you know.
2:<player> frantically attempts to hide <his/her> money, qp, and tp from <his/her> spouse.
3:Just trap <him/her>, tag <him/her>, and release <him/her> back into the wild.
4:You watch as <player> puts a sticker labeled "MINE!" and a tracking tag on <target>.
5:<player> just put a sticker on your forehead and something on your ear!
6:You follow your spouse and pay for the shopping.
7:<player> finds <his/her> wallet a lot lighter and <his/her> spouse's inventory alot heavier.
spretitle - by Unknown
1:You draw everybody's attention to your stunning new pretitle.
2:<player> flails <his/her> arms about drawing attention to <his/her> new pretitle!
3:Your new pretitle should drive <him/her> wild.
4:<player> is trying to impress <target> with <his/her> new pretitle.
5:<player> raves and rants to you about <his/her> new pretitle.
6:Upon further observation, you decide that your pretitle may not have been the best idea after all.
7:<player> looks a little downcast as <he/she> realizes <his/her> pretitle was a mistake.
sprite - by Unknown
1:You blink from visible to invisible like a firefly, driving everyone around you crazy.
2:<player> vanishes before you! Wait, <he/she>'s here again.. No wait!
3:You fly around and around <target>'s head, hoping to make <him/her> dizzy.
4:Your head spins as you watch <player> buzz around <target>'s head.
5:You swat at <player> furiously, trying not to fall over as they soar in loops about you.
6:You fly around the room cackling gleefully and knowing sprites are the TRUE almighty race.
7:<player> tries to mimic a sprite in the worst attempt you have ever seen.
spritefry - by Unknown
1:You clash fork and knife together, looking for a sprite to barbecue.
2:Better hide! <player>'s looking for another sprite to barbecue.
3:You drizzle butter on <target>. Time to fry those wings!
4:<player> drizzles butter on <target>. Time for a sprite barbecue!
5:<player> drizzles butter on you. Say goodbye to those wings.
6:You eye your own wings hungrily. Now where's that butter?
7:<player> eyes <his/her> own wings hungrily. This is taking self-love too far!
spropose - by Unknown
1:You propose to everyone in the room.
2:<player> proposes to everyone in the room. Very odd.
3:You kneel and romantically propose to <target>.
4:<player> gets on one knee and proposes to <target>.
5:<player> gets down on one knee and romantically proposes to you.
6:You are SO full of yourself!
7:<player> proposes to <him/her>self -- how narcissistic!
squeak - by Unknown
1:You squeak loudly, like an old cappuccino cart.
2:<player> lets out a high pitched squeak!
3:You squeak at <target>!
4:<player> squeaks at <target>.
5:<player> squeaks at'cha!
6:You squeak at yourself: You're starting to sound a lot like Sunset!
7:<player> is squeaking at <him/her>self again: Maybe <he/she> needs oil?
squeal - by Unknown
1:You squeal with delight!
2:<player> lets out a sudden squeal of delight!
3:You look at <target> and squeal with delight!
4:<player> squeals with delight at <target>.
5:<player> looks at you and squeals with delight!
squeeze - by Unknown
1:Where, what, how, WHO ???
3:You squeeze <target> fondly.
4:<player> squeezes <target> fondly.
5:<player> squeezes you fondly.
6:You squeeze yourself - try to relax a little!
7:<player> squeezes <him/her>self.
squint - by Unknown
1:You wrinkle your face, squint and look around in vain.
2:<player> wrinkles <his/her> face, squints and looks around blindly.
3:You hunch your shoulders, wrinkle your face, and squint at <target>.
4:<player> hunches <his/her> shoulders, wrinkles <his/her> face, and squints at <target>.
5:<player> hunches <his/her> shoulders, wrinkles <his/her> face, and squints at you.
6:You wrinkle your face and squint, looking around distractedly.
7:<player> wrinkles <his/her> face and squints, looking around distractedly.
squirm - by Unknown
1:You squirm uncontrollably in your consternation.
2:<player> squirms uncontrollably, suddenly looking very uncomfortable.
3:You look at <target> and squirm with delight.
4:<player> looks at <target> and squirms with delight.
5:<player> looks at you and squirms with delight.
squirt - by Unknown
1:You walk around holding your udder, looking for someone to spray milk at.
2:<player> walks around holding <his/her> udder, looking for someone to spray milk at.
3:You tug your udder spraying milk all over <target>.
4:<player> tugs <his/her> udder spraying milk all over <target>.
5:<player> tugs <his/her> udder, spraying milk all over you.
6:You tug your udder and spray yourself in the eye!
7:<player> tugs <his/her> udder spraying <him/her>self!
squished - by Unknown
1:You are squished!
2:<player> is squished!
3:You are squished by <target>!
4:<player> is squished by <target>!
5:<player> is squished by you!
6:In an attempt to squish yourself, you implode.
7:In an attempt to squish <him/her>self, <player> implodes.
sranger - by Unknown
1:You get up on a soapbox and tell everyone about the 'One true class'.
2:<player> gets up on a soapbox and proclaims "Rangers are the one true class!!"
3:You call your mob of angry rangers upon <target>, for <he/she> is a ranger hater.
4:<player> brings a mob of angry rangers to destroy <target>, because <he/she> is a ranger hater.
5:The agony! <player> has brought a mob of rangers on you! If only you weren't a ranger hater!
6:You walk along, enjoying the ranger life.
7:<player> is walking along, enjoying <his/her> ranger life. Kinda makes you wish you were a ranger too.
srest - by Unknown
1:You sniff sadly, looking for a shoulder to rest your head on.
2:<player> sniffs sadly, looking for a shoulder to rest <his/her> head on.
3:You rest your head on <his/her> shoulder.
4:<player> rests <his/her> head on <target>'s shoulder.
5:<player> rests <his/her> head on your shoulder.
6:You rest your head on your shoulder, almost falling asleep right here.
7:<player> rests <his/her> head on <his/her> shoulder almost falling asleep.
srun - by Unknown
1:You run away in terror and horror!
2:<player> runs away in utter terror!
3:You run away from <target> in complete terror!
4:<player> runs away from <target> in utter terror and horror!
5:<player> runs from you, fearing for <his/her> life!
6:Are you THAT ugly?
7:<player> looks in the mirror, sees <his/her> face, and runs away terrified!
ssdp - by Unknown
1:You are filled with holy(?) (Super Secret Dwarf Power)!
2:<player> is filled with holy(?) (Super Secret Dwarf Power)!
3:You apply some (Super Secret Dwarf Power) to <target>.
4:<player> tries to make <target> shorter, unsexy and even more stupid with (Super Secret Dwarf Power).
5:<player> gives you (Super Secret Dwarf Power) making you shorter and more stupid.
6:You probably don't need to get more stupid if you actually WANT (Super Secret Dwarf Power).
7:<player> actually seems to WANT (Super Secret Dwarf Power), stupid eh?
ssft - by Unknown
1:You think about performing the soft-shelled flying tick maneuver.
2:<player> is transforming into a soft-shelled flying tick!
3:You eagerly attach yourself to <target>'s neck.
4:Amazed, you see <player> attach to <target> like a soft-shelled flying tick!
5:<player> is being a soft-shelled flying tick on you!
6:You try to tick yourself.
7:<player> has managed to tick <player>. Astonishing.
sshala - by Unknown
1:You stalk the streets in your search for CHEESE!
2:<player> stalks about, drooling and mumbling, "CHEESE!"
3:You coat <target> with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibble it all off of <him/her>.
4:<player> coats <target> with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibbles it all off of <him/her>.
5:<player> coats you with melted jalapeno cheddar, and nibbles it all off of you!
6:You drizzle melted cheese on yourself in a fit of ecstasy.
7:<player> drizzles melted cheese on <him/her>self and invites all to nibble.
sshoo - by Unknown
1:You make random shooing motions with your hands.
2:<player> makes random shooing motions in your direction.
3:You shoo <target> away!!
4:<player> shoos <target> away!!
5:<player> shoos you away!! Go!!
6:You shoo yourself away -- how existential!
7:<player> shoos <him/her>self away -- how existential!
sslay - by Unknown
1:You point your finger around the room, looking for someone to slay.
2:<player> points <his/her> finger around the room, looking for someone to slay.
3:You point your finger at <target> and slay <him/her> in cold blood!
4:<player> slays <target> in cold blood! Run! You may be next!
5:<player> slays you in cold blood! You have lost a level!
6:You stick your deadly finger in your nose and accidentally slay yourself!
7:<player> tries to pick <his/her> nose and accidentally slays <him/her>self!
ssleep - by Unknown
1:You peer around looking for a likely place to rest your head.
2:<player> looks around.. <he/she> seems to be tired.. probably too much mudding last night.
3:You rest your sleepy head in <target>'s lap and doze off into blissful dreams.
4:<player> rests <his/her> head in <target>'s lap and dozes off. How cute! :)
5:<player> gives you a puppy dog look and lays <his/her> head in your lap before dozing off.
6:You curl up into a tight little ball and dream dreams of peace.
7:<player> curls up into a ball and dreams away.
ssnod - by Unknown
1:You happily engage in the latest whine-fest!
2:<player> is whining again...make it stop!
3:You write a zillion notes on the feedback board to <target>, demanding nod back!
4:<player> is writing yet ANOTHER note to <target> demanding nod back..has <he/she> ever heard of alias?
5:<player> is writing you another note demanding nod back...perhaps you should clue him in about "alias".
6:You stand and demand your right to nod!
7:<player> is demanding the right to nod...smile and back away slowly.
ssnoop - by Fantomex
1:Further proof is unnecessary!
2:Curiosity killed the cat, but You're still snooping <player>.
3:Lets see what's <target> is up to...
4:You yell "LEAVE <target> ALONE!!" as <he/she> is being snooped by <player> again...
5:You get all sad because <player> has snoop command and You don't!
6:"Go snoop Yourself!"
7:That's not nice: <player> just suggested You to go snoop Yourself... With a cactus?
ssnug - by Unknown
1:You tremble with excitement, a snug threatening to burst from you.
2:<player> trembles and seems to inflate slightly, as the snug within <him/her> threatens to explode.
3:You pounce upon <target> with a huge SNUG!!!
4:<player> pounces on <target>, snugging <him/her> fiercely. Awww, isn't that sweet!
5:<player> SNUGS you!!!
6:You give yourself a well-deserved SNUG!
7:<player> rewards <him/her>self with a huge SNUG!
sstab - by Unknown
1:You look about the crowd for your intended assassination target.
2:<player> is flipping the missing Shadokil 'L' in <his/her> hand.
3:You rush to <target> and backstab <him/her> with the Shadokil 'L'!
4:Run!! <player>, the Shadokil assassin, just killed <target>!!
5:You are jolted as <player> backstabs you with the Shadokil 'L'!
6:You chuck the Shadokil 'L' into the air and it lands firmly in your back!
7:<player> lies dead on the floor from a self-inflicted backstab!
ssuicide - by Unknown
1:You pull your dagger from your pocket and with one thrust...Crimson blood covers your hands.
2:<player> just slid <his/her> dagger through <his/her> stomach! You feel sick...
3:You ask <target> if they're happy now as you slide your dagger across your throat.
4:<player> grins evilly as <he/she> pulls a dagger from <his/her> belt and slits <his/her> throat... All the while starting at <target>.
5:Ohh wow... <player> just killed <him/her>self because of you. How can you live with the guilt???
6:You take responsibility that your life went all wrong because of your actions and kill yourself.
7:<player> talks to <him/her>self calmly as <he/she> slices <his/her> wrists wide open.
stagger - by Unknown
1:You stagger blindly around the room.
2:<player> staggers blindly around the room.
3:You stagger toward <target> as the room begins to spin.
4:<player> staggers into <target>.
5:<player> staggers blindly into you.
stake - by Unknown
1:You hold a long, wooden stake in your hands and start looking for 'vampires'.
2:<player> holds a long, wooden stake in <his/her> hands and starts looking around.
3:Spotting a 'vampire', you leap upon <target> and bury the stake deep in <his/her> heart!
4:<player> spots a 'vampire', leaping upon <target> and burying a stake deep in <his/her> heart!
5:<player> thinks you're a vampire! <he/she> leaps upon you and buries a stake deep in your heart!
6:Mumbling an apology, you pull out the wooden stake and throw it away.
7:Mumbling an apology, <player> pulls out the wooden stake and throws it away.
stalk - by Unknown
1:Who will be your next stalking victim?
2:RUN! <player> is looking for <his/her> next stalking victim.
3:You follow <target> around for hours declaring your undying love.
4:<player> is stalking <target> again. When will <he/she> get a clue?
5:<player> follows you around for hours declaring <his/her> undying love.
6:Pfft. Why would you want to stalk yourself?
7:<player> is so pathetic that <he/she> is stalking <him/her>self.
stalker - by Unknown
1:You peer around the room, sure there is a stalker lurking somewhere.
2:<player> peers around the room looking for a stalker.
3:You give <target> an icy glare and accuse <him/her> of being a stalker!
4:<player> glares at <target> coldly and screams, "STALKER!!!"
5:<player> glares at you coldly and screams, "STALKER!!!"
6:You look in the mirror and decide, yep, you are a stalker.
7:<player> looks in the mirror and decides, yep, <he/she> is a stalker.
stamp - by Unknown
1:You take out your large rubber stamp and prepare for the ensuing battle.
2:Why does <player> have a large rubber stamp and a mischievous grin?
3:You sneak up on <target> and bash <him/her> in the head with your stamp.
4:You hear a WHAP and notice <target>'s forehead says "<player> wuz here!"
5:Your head snaps back as <player> bashes you in the head kamikaze style.
6:You decide you like temporary tattoos.
7:<player> covers <him/her>self in decorative ink and pretends to be hardcore.
staple - by Cirion
1:You break out the stapler and prepare to give to first aid.
2:<player> wields Stapler of Aardwolf.
3:Nothing says "good time" so much as staples, whiskey and <target>.
4:<player> suddenly staples <target> to a nearby desk with blinding speed and drunken accuracy. Blood and staples fly.
5:Suddenly, <player> collars you and staples you to your desk. Blood and staples never felt so ...bad.
6:Out of nowhere, an urge to staple has reached you.
7:<player> suddenly staples <his/her> own eyebrows!
stare - by Unknown
1:You stare at the sky.
2:<player> stares at the sky.
3:You stare dreamily at <target>, completely lost in <his/her> eyes.
4:<player> stares dreamily at <target>.
5:<player> stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes.
6:You stare dreamily at yourself - enough narcissism for now.
7:<player> stares dreamily at <him/her>self - NARCISSIST!
starve - by Unknown
1:You show your prominent ribs and hope that someone will take pity.
2:<player> is withering before your eyes! Starvation!
3:You throw yourself upon <his/her> mercy, begging for food.
4:<player> begs <target> for food. One would think that magic would have cured hunger by now...
5:<player> is starving before your eyes! Could you spare some food, please?
staunt - by Unknown
1:Umm... Yeah, whatever you say...
2:<player> growls and peers around, looking for someone to take out aggression on!
3:You feel evil as <target> begins to cry like a baby at your taunts!
4:<target> cries as <player> mercilessly ridicules <him/her>!
5:You sob as <player> taunts you! What a meanie!
6:For some unknown reason you begin to insult yourself! Happy now?
7:<player> taunts <him/her>self and begins to sob! What a weirdo!
stcomf - by Unknown
1:You give thanks to **Stendarr**.
2:<player> gives thanks to **Stendarr**.
3:You offer praise to **Stendarr** for <target>.
4:<player> offers praise to **Stendarr** for <target>.
5:<player> asks. **Stendarr** comforts you.
6:**Stendarr** hears and comforts you.
7:<player> offers up praise to **Stendarr**.
steam - by Unknown
1:You seem mad, maybe you should take a deep breath and count to ten.
2:**STEAM** is shooting out of <player>'s head. <he/she> seems pissed!
3:You are so pissed at <target>, **STEAM** begins shooting out of your head!
4:It looks like a fight is brewing between <player> and <target>! Better step back!
5:Uh, oh! <player>'s head is shooting out **STEAM**, you wonder what you did...
6:You made a mistake, dont get all **STEAM**'ed up about it.
7:<player> made a stupid mistake and is VERY mad!
stew - by Unknown
1:You think of a bowl of (_Newt Stew_).
2:<player> is looking for something tasty to eat.
3:You offer a bowl of (_Newt Stew_) to <target>.
4:<player> offers <target> a big bowl of (_Newt Stew_).
5:<player> hands a bowl of (_Newt Stew_) to you.
6:You devour a big bowl of (_Newt Stew_).
7:<player> chows down a bowl of (_Newt Stew_).
stick - by Unknown
1:You pull out the p01n+33 stick and prepare to wreak havoc!
2:P433R! <player> just whipped out the P01N+33 stick!!
3:Ouch... maybe you should have warned <him/her> first?
4:<player> whips out the P01N+33 stick and savagely pokes at <target>'s gut!
5:<player> pulls out the P01N+33 stick, and reminds you why it's P01N+33.
6:Bet that hurt.
7:Whaa... <player>'s poking <him/her>self with the P01N+33 stick...better back away.
stifle - by Djarum
1:You look for someone to stifle.
2:<player> looks around for someone to stifle... could it be you?
3:<player> looks right at <target> and yells "Stifle"!!!
4:<player> looks right at <target> and yells "Stifle"!!! <target> is shocked!
5:<player> looks at you and yells "Stifle"!!! Are you being a Dingbat??
6:Yeah, how about you do that, Dingbat.
7:<player> is being a Dingbat, and trying to stifle <him/her>self!
stix - by Unknown
1:You begin your search for the Holy Recall Sticks!
2:<player> begins <his/her> search for the Holy Recall Sticks!
3:You suggest to <target> that <he/she> begin searching for the Holy Recall Sticks!
4:<player> thinks <target> should begin searching for the Holy Recall Sticks!
5:<player> sends you on a search for the Holy Recall Sticks!
6:After a brief chat, you've convinced yourself to find the Holy Recall Sticks!
7:<player> is talking to <him/her>self about those Holy Recall Sticks again...
stkiss - by Unknown
1:Who will you strike next, Kissing Bandit?
2:<player> plots <his/her> next victim.
3:Success! You sneak through and steal a kiss from <target>.
4:Amongst the sorcery and swordplay, <player> steals a kiss from <target>.
5:How sweet! <player> dodged blades and fireballs to steal a quick kiss from you.
6:You stretch your muscles- gotta be limber to save your lips.
7:Looks like <player> is getting a little extra practice at <his/her> job- Kissing Bandit.
stop - by Unknown
1:You peer around the room,and then scream, "Stop bothering me everyone, just stop it!"
2:It seems <player> is pretty mad, maybe you should stop bothering <him/her> for a while.
3:You scream, "Stop bothering me!" at <target>, <he/she> seems pretty guilty now.
4:<player> screams "Stop bothering me!" at <target> maybe you should stop bothering <player> too.
6:You scream "Stop bothering me!" at yourself, have you had your medication today?
7:<player> screams at <him/her>self, "Stop bothering me!", maybe you should leave before this gets violent.
strap - by Unknown
1:You snap a folded belt against your hand, grinning.
2:<player> snaps a folded belt against <his/her> hand, grinning.
3:You take careful aim, and lash your folded belt across <target>'s bare rear end.
4:<player> takes careful aim, and lashes <his/her> belt across <target>'s bare rear end.
5:You hear <player> take a step back, then <his/her> belt lashes across your bare rear end, making you howl. OOOWWWWWWWW!
6:You smack your own rear end with a folded belt. Woohoooooooooo!
7:<player> smacks a folded belt across <his/her> own rear end. Weeeeirdo!
streak - by Unknown
1:You don your trench coat and Richard Nixon mask.
2:<player> looks like <he/she>'s about to streak! Avert your eyes!
3:You rip off your trench coat and streak by <target>!
4:Ack! <player> just streaked by <target>! Run, <he/she> might come for you next!
5:<player> just ran by you nekked! Run away!
6:You try to streak yourself and are scared by your own body!
7:<player> looks like <he/she> is trying to streak for <him/her>self. Weirdo.
stress - by Unknown
1:Life starts stressing you out.
2:<player> is stressing out!
3:You relieve your stress by using the <target> punching bag (tm).
4:That vein on <player>'s forehead finally burst.
5:<player> focuses all <his/her> stress on you.
6:You keep your stress on the inside, hoping that you won't explode.
7:<player> stops talking to you in midsentence, clenching jaw and stomach. What's going on?
stretch - by Unknown
1:You lean back and streeeeeettch your arms and legs.
2:<player> stretches luxuriously. Kinda makes you want to doesn't it?
strip - by Unknown
1:You do a slow strip tease for the people...
2:<player> begins a slow, erotic strip-tease act...
3:You start to undress <target> ... one piece of clothing at a time...
4:<player> runs <his/her> hands over <target>'s body, slowly stripping away the clothing...
5:<player> has started to strip you... WOAH BABY!
6:You can't DO that in public!
stroke - by Unknown
1:Whose thigh would you like to stroke?
3:You gently stroke <his/her> inner thigh.
5:<player> gently strokes your inner thigh...you get goose bumps!
6:You are about to do something you'd rather not be caught doing.
struggle - by Unknown
1:You struggle to free yourself from your confinements.
2:<player> struggles to free <his/her>self from <his/her> confinements.
3:You struggle adamently to free yourself from the arms of <target>.
4:<player> struggles adamently to free <his/her>self from the arms of <target>.
5:<player> shakes <his/her> head and struggles to free <his/her>self from your arms.
6:You struggle to break free of yourself.
7:<player> struggles to break free from <his/her>self.
strut - by Unknown
1:Strut your stuff.
2:<player> struts proudly.
3:You strut to get <his/her> attention.
4:<player> struts, hoping to get <target>'s attention.
5:<player> struts, hoping to get your attention.
6:You strut to yourself, lost in your own world.
7:<player> struts to <him/her>self, lost in <his/her> own world.
stumble - by Unknown
1:You stumble about blindly.
2:<player> stumbles about blindly... what've they been drinking?
3:You stumble all over <target>.
4:<player> stumbles all over <target>.
5:<player> stumbles all over you.
6:Not feeling very co-ordinated today, huh?
7:<player> stumbles over <him/her>self in confusion.
stupernewbie - by Unknown
1:You flip on noexp and your iq drops to 0.
2:<player>, the annoying supernewbie, is here to screw everyone over.
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> should flip on noexp, too. Who needs an IQ.
4:<player> is encouraging <target> to help ruin Aardwolf.
5:<player> thinks you too should be an annoying pest! What a good idea!
6:Oops, you mplayed and got frozen. Bummer.
7:They finally caught <player> breaking the rules. Hooray!
submit - by Unknown
1:You say in a loud clear voice "Submit to me."
2:<player> says in a loud clear voice "Submit to me."
3:You kneel before <target> with your head down and wrists crossed in front of you.
4:<player> kneels before <target> with <his/her> head down and wrists crossed in front of <him/her>.
5:<player> kneels before you with <his/her> head down and wrists crossed in front of <him/her>.
6:You seem a bit confused about things.
suckup - by Unknown
1:Wow! Lasher's so cool! He's one great imm!
2:<player> writes a note proclaiming <his/her> love of the imms. Aren't they great?
3:<target> is such a great person! Really!
4:<player> attaches <him/her>self firmly to <target>'s butt and sucks up.
5:<player> compliments you on your hair. Oh, and yes, you have been working out!
6:Imms rock i luv imms can we hav a restor plz????
7:<player> sez imms rock i luv imms can i hav my channelz back?????
sue - by Unknown
1:You surround yourself with lawyers, in an attempt to look better by comparison.
2:<player> is surrounded by lawyers! <he/she> looks less evil already!
3:You call forth your lawyers and prove <target> wrong, wrong, wrong!
4:<target> wilts as <player> calls forth a legion of lawyers to dispute <him/her>!
5:<player> has called forth <his/her> lawyers to play dirty for <him/her>, run for it!
6:You cannot reason with yourself...time to sue!!
7:<player> has finally lost it and filed a class action suit against...<player>??
suffer - by Unknown
1:No xp again? You suffer at the hands of fate.
2:<player> is suffering. Looks like <he/she> can't seem to level.
3:You tell <him/her> how you suffer whenever you're away from <him/her>.
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> suffers whenever they're apart.
5:<player> tells you that <he/she> suffers whenever you're apart.
6:No xp again? You suffer at the hands of fate.
7:<player> is suffering. Looks like <he/she> can't seem to level.
sulk - by Unknown
1:You sulk.
2:<player> sulks in the corner.
summondouble - by Unknown
1:You wave your hands about in grand gestures as you cast, "SUMMON DOUBLE!"
2:<player> waves <his/her> hands about in grand gestures as <he/she> casts, "SUMMON DOUBLE!"
3:You look at <target> while you cast, "SUMMON DOUBLE!"
4:<player> looks at <target> as <he/she> waves <his/her> hands about and casts, "SUMMON DOUBLE!"
5:<player> looks intently at you as <he/she> casts, "SUMMON DOUBLE!"
6:You look around and say, "Well there is lag associated with the spell..."
7:<player> looks around sheepishly, muttering something about lag and monkeys.
supamutt - by Unknown
1:You spread the prophecy of supa mutt to the infidels.
2:Infidels are BURNT and CRUCIFIED as <player> spreads the word of supa mutt!
3:You laugh as <target> is burnt by the divine fires of supa mutt's wrath.
4:Moved by <player>'s prayers, supa mutt gloriously smites <target>.
5:<player> begins to chant, and the fires of heaven sear your soul. It hurts.
6:You start asking Domen and Ruiner whether they want to help you level.
7:The great believer <player> seems to need supa mutt's assistance again. w00t
supernewbie - by Unknown
1:You start to froth at the mouth as you turn into a Rabid Supernewbie!
2:<player> starts to froth at the mouth as u realise in horror that <he/she> is being transformed into a Supernewbie!
3:You pin a large Supernewbie badge on <target>.
4:You look at <target> wif jealous eyes as <player> pins a Supernewbie badge on <his/her> chest.
5:You stand in honour as <player> pins a large Supernewbie badge on your chest.
6:You beam wif pride as you are accepted into the ranks of the supernewbies!
7:You watch with jealous eyes as <player> is accepted into the ranks of Supernewbies!
supersheep - by Unknown
1:Baa, baa, *KABOOM*
2:Oops, <player> miscalculated and <his/her> super sheep flew into a wall.
3:You expertly navigate your super sheep through twists and turns and blow up <target>.
4:You watch <player>'s expert navigation skills of left and right as a sheep wearing a cloak flies into <target> and blows up.
5:AieeeEE!! <player>'s super sheep just blew you out of the screen!
6:WahhHHH!!! Two spacebars and it's supposed to fly!
7:<player> lets loose a sheep instead of a super sheep and blows <him/her>self up.
superstar - by Unknown
1:You get lost in your own world and start doing a monologue.
2:<player> gets lost in <his/her> own world and starts doing a monologue.
3:You ask <target>, 'Do you put your hands in your armpits when you get nervous?'
4:<player> asks <target> if <he/she> puts <his/her> hands in <his/her> armpits when <him/her> gets nervous.
5:<player> asks you, 'Do you put your hands in your armpits when you get nervous?'
6:You put your hands in your armpits, smell it and scream, 'I'M A SUPERSTAR!!'
7:<player> puts <his/her> hands in <his/her> armpits, smells it, and screams, 'I'M A SUPERSTAR!!'
support - by Unknown
1:You fully support the plan.
2:<player> fully supports the plan.
3:You hug <target> supportively and smile.
4:<player> hugs <target> supportively and smiles.
5:<player> hugs you supportively and smiles.
6:You hug yourself sadly.
7:<player> hugs <him/her>self sadly. Perhaps you could help?
sure - by Unknown
1:You go, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
2:<player> goes, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
3:You go to <target>, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
4:<player> goes to <target>, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
5:<player> goes to you, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
6:You go to yourself, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
7:<player> goes to <him/her>self, "SUUUUUUUURE...."
surf - by Unknown
1:You catch the BIG WAVE and surf towards land!
2:<player> surfs the big wave, hoping to catch the Big One!
3:You and <target> try to surf on a board together!
4:<player> and <target> hop on the board and boogie on the waves!
5:<player> and a huge wave are heading your way, watch out!
6:You really dig that Keanu Reeves movie, Point Break.
7:<player> is trying to stay on <his/her> surfboard!
surrender - by Blackheart
1:Do you Really want to Surrender?!
2:Looks like that wimp <player> is Surrendering again.
3:You back away from <target> and pull out a white flag, Surrendering.
4:<player> just Surrendered to <target>, how cowardly!
5:<player> stands back from you, lowers <his/her> weapon and surrenders.
6:WTF?! You're surrendering to yourself?
7:Did you see <player>? That silly duffer just surrendered to <player>self.
survival - by Unknown
1:You are the new SURVIVAL man.
2:<player> is the new SURVIVAL man.
3:You know <target> will die in 30 seconds.
4:Nothing can be done for <target>, <he/she> will now die in 30 seconds. Worship <player>.
5:<player> tells you strange things about death in 30 seconds.
6:You will SURVIVE, yeahee lalalalala...
7:<player> sings strange things about SURVIVAL.
sushi - by Unknown
1:You eat a tender selection of sliced raw fish with seasoned rice. YUM.
2:<player> eats tender saba nigirizushi...you envy <his/her> skill with chopsticks!
3:Your mouth waters as you drizzle soy sauce and wasabi over <target>...mmm...
4:The sake heats up suddenly as <player> eats SUSHI off <target>'s body!!
5:<player> drizzles soy and wasabi all over you and EATS SUSHI OFF YOUR BODY!!
6:As a kid, you wore a pork chop necklace so dogs would play with you, right?
7:<player> arranges some slices of hamachi and maguro on <his/her> body for you..ne?
sux - by Unknown
1:U r sux!!
2:<player> r sux!!
3:U r thinx dat <target> r sux cos <he/she> no r rox n r meanz!!
4:<player> r thinx dat <target> r sux... <player> no r wantz talx 2 <target>!!
5:<player> thinx dat u r sux n no r wantz 2 talx 2 u, cos u r sux!!
6:U r sux cos u r funx n da hed!!
7:<player> r sux cos <he/she> r funx n da hed!!
suzwuv - by Unknown
2:<player> is looking for someone to turn into CHOCOLaTE! ItMightBeYou!
3:You just turned <target> into CHOCOLaTE! Hmmm... WhosGonnaBeNext?
4:<player> just turned <target> into CHOCOLaTE! watch out! YouCouldBeNext!
5:<player> has just turned you into CHOCOLaTE! Now <he/she>s GonnaEatYa!
6:You just tried turning yourself into CHOCOLaTE! Silly, you're no MajinBuu!
7:<player> is trying to turn <his/her>self into CHOCOLaTE! But <he/she>s no MajinBuu!
svendetta - by Deeee
1:You mumble "vendetta" under your breath.
2:<player> mumbles something about "vendetta" under <his/her> breath.
3:You throw a scrap of paper at <target> and shriek, "VENDETTA UPON YOU!"
4:<player> throws a scrap of paper at <target> before shrieking, "VENDETTA UPON YOU!"
5:<player> throws a scrap of paper at you before shrieking, "VENDETTA UPON YOU!"
6:You declare vendetta upon yourself. Idiot...
7:<player> shrieks, "VENDETTA UPON YOU!" at a little mirror.
svenne - by Unknown
1:You sharpen your CARROT and scan the mud for a victim.
2:<player> begins to sharpen a CARROT and puts the Svenne national dress on.
3:You point your CARROT at <target> and force <him/her> to become a Svenne.
4:<player> points a CARROT in <target>'s face and forces <him/her> to surrender <his/her> nationality.
5:<player> threatens you with a CARROT and says, become a Svenne or be dead!
6:You declare a Svenne-Takeover.
7:<player> takes over the mud in the name of SWEDEN.
svi - by Unknown
1:You inform everyone that Lao is silly and vi is much better than emacs.
2:<player> thinks that Lao is silly and vi is much better than emacs.
3:You tell <target> to ignore Lao and use vi instead of emacs.
4:<player> thinks that <target> should ignore Lao and use vi instead of emacs.
5:<player> thinks that you should ignore silly Lao and use vi instead of emacs.
6:You remind yourself to ignore Lao and use vi instead of emacs.
7:<player> reminds <him/her>self to ignore Lao and use vi instead of emacs.
svote - by Unknown
1:Who/what will you be voting for today?
2:<player>'s brow creases as <he/she> hurts <him/her>self trying to vote again.
3:You look at <target>, swoon, and begin to vote for them!
4:Ewwww, that isn't right at all. <player> is voting again, and seems to be directing <his/her> attention at <target>.
5:<player> looks in your direction as <he/she> begins to vote! Run quickly!
6:What is the sound of one hand voting?
7:Holy crap! Something just splattered across your face?! <player> must be voting again!
swar - by Unknown
1:You are ready for battle!
2:<player> is ready to go to war!
3:You have gone to war to defend the honor of [<target>]!
4:<player> has gone to war to defend the honor of [<target>]!
5:<player> has gone to war to defend your honor!
6:You have gone to war to defend the honor of [yourself]!
7:<player> has gone to war to defend <his/her> own honor! (Vain, huh?)
swat - by Unknown
1:You think the S.W.A.T. team is a bunch of gun toting policemen.
2:<player> joins the S.W.A.T. team for the guns. HIDE!!!
3:You hose down <target> in a stream of bullets using an AK-47!
4:<target>'s blood splashes against the wall, and <player> grins at the horrible sight.
5:<player> hoses you down in a stream of bullets! You keel over Bleeding.
6:You think the S.W.A.T. team is a bunch of gun toting policemen.
7:<player> joins the S.W.A.T. team for the guns. HIDE!!!
sway - by Unknown
1:You softly sway back and forth, staring off into space.
2:<player> sways softly back and forth as <he/she> stares off into space.
3:You lean against <target> and sway with <him/her> to the music.
4:<player> leans back against <target>, their bodies swaying gently together.
5:Leaning against you, <player> closes <his/her> eyes and sways to the music.
6:You get lost in your music, your body swaying gently...
7:<player> wraps <his/her> arms around <him/her>self, swaying as <he/she> sings ..
sweatdrop - by Unknown
1:A large blue sweatdrop appears on your forehead.
2:A large blue sweatdrop appears on <player>'s forehead.
3:A large sweatdrop appears on your forehead as you witness <target>'s antics.
4:It looks like <target> made <player> cry in exasperation again...
5:A large sweatdrop appears on <player>'s forehead when <he/she> looks at you.
6:Multiple small blue sweatdrops appear on your forehead.
7:Multiple small blue sweatdrops appear on <player>'s forehead.
sweet - by Unknown
1:You're so sweet!
2:<player> is so sweet, <he/she>'s literally dripping.
3:You know <target> is as sweet as you are.
4:<player> and <target> are sweet. You should be too.
5:<player> tells you that you're sweet. How sweet of <him/her>!
6:You wish someone would be sweet to you.
7:<player> is looking for someone to be sweet to <him/her>.
swiff - by Unknown
1:You groan at your horrible life. Where's a box of tissues.
2:<player> looks depressed and starts to swiff loudly in the corner. Hand the poor person a tissue...
3:You tell <target> about your horrible horrible childhood while blowing your nose.
4:<player> is complaining to <target> about <his/her> life. You're glad you weren't the chosen one.
5:Ohh cripe...<player> is telling you <his/her> life story! Where's a gun when you need one...
6:You bitch and moan to yourself about all your mistakes.
7:<player> is asking <him/her>self where <his/her> life went wrong.
swizi - by Unknown
1:Apparently all the imms have gone, leaving you alone.
2:<player> tries to go wizi to hide from all of you, but fails.
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> thinks <he/she> is a disgrace and
5:<player> wants you to leave right away!
6:Dream on, you'll never have the power of an IMM!
7:<player> imagines <him/her>self becoming an IMM. Where does <he/she> get
swoon - by Unknown
1:You swoon.
2:<player> swoons in absolute ecstasy.
3:You look at <target> and swoon in ecstasy.
4:<player> looks at <target> and swoons in ecstasy.
5:<player> looks at you and swoons in ecstasy.
swuv - by Unknown
1:If only you had someone to wuv.
2:<player> sighs deeply, maybe <he/she> has no one to wuv.
3:You gently take <target>'s hand in yours as you tell <him/her> your deepest feelings.
4:Aww. <target> blushes slightly as <player> tells <him/her> just how much <he/she> wuvs <him/her>.
5:<player> gently takes your hand, gazes deep into your eyes and blushes as <he/she> whispers.. "wuv you.."
syes - by Unknown
2:<player>. Yes.
4:<player>. Yes. <target>.
5:<player> Yes.-es you. Yes.
7:Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. <player>.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!