89 applicable socials found.

tackle - by Unknown
1:You're going to tackle everyone in the room?!
3:You tackle <target> playfully.
4:<player> playfully tackles <target>.
5:<player> brings you down in a playful tackle!
tag - by Unknown
1:Tag whom?
2:<player> casts about for someone to tag.
3:From nowhere, you pounce on <target> and TAG <him/her> remorselessly! BWAHAHA!!!
4:<player> dives from the shadows and TAGS <target>. <target> IS IT!
5:<player> pounces on you and >>> TAGS <<< you! You're IT!
6:Unable to catch anyone else, you do the intelligent thing and tag yourself. You're still IT!
7:Unable to catch anyone else, <player> tags <him/her>self. Are you impressed?
tailride - by Unknown
1:You look for a tail to ride around on.
2:<player> looks for a tail to ride around on.
3:You jump on <his/her> tail and go for a ride.
4:<player> jumps on <target>'s tail and goes for a ride.
5:<player> jumps on your tail for a ride.
6:You try to jump on your tail and miss.
7:<player> tries to jump on <his/her> tail. How pathetic.
tango - by Unknown
1:It takes two to tango!
2:<player> strikes a pose and states, 'It takes two to tango!'
3:You grab <target> and begin to tango passionately, how suave.
4:<player> grabs <target> and begin to tango passionately, they can surely cut a rug.
5:<player> and you begin to tango passionately, how suave.
6:You begin to tango passionately. People are staring.
7:<player> tangos passionately by <him/her>self, you can't help but stare.
tank - by Unknown
1:You boldly offer to tank for everyone else. Are you sure you know what you're getting into?
2:<player> offers to tank!
3:You offer to tank for <target>.
4:<player> offers to tank for <target>.
5:<player> offers to tank for you!
6:No one will tank for you, eh?!? WELL, YOU'LL SHOW THEM! (right?)
7:In dazzling chivalry, <player> offers to tank-- for <him/her>self!
tape - by Unknown
1:You look for someone to tape up.
2:<player> holds <his/her> roll of tape tightly and grins wickedly.
3:Working with lightning speed you tape <target> up to the wall.
4:Hearing a strange sound you turn to see <target> being taped up to the wall by <player>.
5:Before you could stop <him/her> <player> taped you up to the wall.
6:You apply tape to yourself.
7:With a silly grin on <his/her> face <player> hangs a piece of tape from the end of <his/her> nose.
taptap - by Unknown
1:You tap your foot impatiently...almost ready to scream.
2:<player> taps <his/her> foot impatiently. What can <he/she> be waiting for?
3:Tapping your foot impatiently, you tell <target> to hurry.
4:<player>'s incessant foot tapping at <target> is getting on your nerves.
5:<player> taps <his/her> foot impatiently while glaring at you. Uh-oh.
6:You do a little tapdance around the room to impress others!
7:You watch <player> do some tapdance with really complicated footwork...WOW.
tar - by Unknown
1:Whoa! Who you gonna pour that 50-gallon drum of HOT tar over?
2:<player> grabs a 50-gallon drum of HOT tar & peers around <him/her>self grinning evilly.
3:Grinning Evilly you pour HOT tar over <target>. Where's the pillows?
4:Bring the pillows?! <player> just poured HOT tar ALL over <target>. OUCH!
5:You look up in time to see <player> pour HOT tar ALL over you. Revenge is sweet!
6:Being a total goof you cover yourself in HOT tar. Somebody should Feather you!
7:Wow! Goofy <player> just covered <him/her>self in HOT tar. Bring the pillows!
tastic - by Unknown
1:You are feeling very <player>tastic today!
2:<player> is feeling very <player>tastic today!
3:It is absolutely <target>tastic!
4:<player> screams "It is fantastic, in fact it's <target>tastic!"
5:<player> thinks you are <target>tastic!
6:You ask if anyone would like a <player>tastic spellup.
7:<player> wonders if anyone would like a <player>tastic spellup.
tease - by Unknown
1:What a tease. SHEESH.
2:<player> looks around for someone to tease.
3:You tease <target> in a playful way.
4:<player> sticks <his/her> tongue out at <target>.
5:<player> sticks <his/her> tongue out at you, what a DORK!!
6:You tease yourself. NYAH NYAH NYAH.
7:<player> teases <him/her>self.
techno - by Unknown
1:You put your car stereo Full Vol and drive past listening to TECHNO!
2:<player> drives past in a car with a loud TECHNO-BEAT!!
3:You place <target> in the backseat and TECHNO <his/her> World!!
4:<target> gets a wild look on <his/her> eyes, Must be that TECHNO beat again!
5:Your eardrums crash and collide as <player> TECHNO beat penetrates to you.
6:You TECHNO your World!
7:<player> is listening to TECHNO by <him/her>self again, Sad ain't it?
teddybear - by Unknown
1:You have a look around, trying to spy a target for your Teddybear Powah!
2:<player>'s got a Cute'n'Fuzzy Aura, and <he/she>'s looking your way!
3:You offer your services to <target> as a snuggly cuddly Teddybear!
4:<player> is trying to convince <target> to participate in a little snuggly fun!
5:<player> has decided to be your Teddybear for the night! What a Sweetie!
6:Using Teddybear Powah, you transform into a Super-Snuggly Teddybear!
7:Lacking any snugglers, <player> has just turned <him/her>self into a Teddybear!
teehee - by Unknown
2:<player> starts to giggle to <him/her>self like a little girl.
3:Lookie! It's <target>! Teeheehee!
4:There goes <player> giggling again, and this time <he/she>'s looking towards <target>.
5:<player> looks your way then covers <his/her> mouth, trying to muffle <his/her> giggles.
6:You can't even say the word "titmouse" without laughing like a schoolgirl. Teeheehee!
7:<player> whispers the word "titmouse" to <him/her>self and starts to giggle like a schoolgirl.
temolar - by Unknown
1:You look and seek where those efil Temolars are hiding.
2:<player> is searching for where those efil Temolars are hiding.
3:You chase <target>, shouting Temolar at <him/her>.
4:<player> chases after <target> shouting something about <him/her> being a Temolar.
5:RUN AWAY! <player> is chasing you shouting something of a Temolar.
6:You proudly introduce yourself as a member of the Temolar family.
7:<player> PROUDLY introduces <him/her>self as a member of the Temolar family.
tempt - by Unknown
1:"Who do you want to corrupt today?"
2:<player> loads up Evil '98, who is <he/she> going to corrupt today?
3:You exert your dark prescense and slowly corrupt the light inside <target>'s soul, bringing <him/her> into evil.
4:<player> smirks with delight as <he/she> skillfully seduces <target> to the dark side.
5:You've been chosen by <player> to come to the dark side, and with <his/her> talk <he/she> makes it very tempting.
6:You cackle with delight and continue corrupting your own soul with various delights.
7:<player> goes out of <his/her> way to continue to corrupt <him/her>self with the pleasures of evil.
tender - by Unknown
1:Try again, lovesick one.
2:<player> really needs to get out more.
3:You press your lips on <target> in a soft, tender kiss.
4:<player> and <target> share a tender kiss.
5:<player> presses <his/her> lips to yours in a soft, tender kiss.
6:Dates a bit scarce lately?
7:<player> closes <his/her> eyes and puckers!
tequila - by Unknown
1:Mama always said clear liquids were good for you. Thats why you drink Tequila!
2:<player> seaches madly for <his/her> bottle of Jose Cuervo 1800!
3:The tequila shots are obviously getting to you. <target> is starting to look mighty fine right now... *HiC*
4:<player> gets a misty gleam in <his/her> eye as <he/she> throws back another shot of tequila and wobbles towards <target>.
5:<player> is boozin' again. Maybe it's time to help <him/her> look into AA?
6:You remember the Alamo fondly as you throw back another shot of Tequila.
7:<player> chants, "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor" as <he/she> throws back another shot and promptly passes out.
tere - by Unknown
2:<player> greets you all: tere!
3:Tere <target>!
4:<player> greets <target>: tere!
5:<player> is pleased to see you and tells you tere!
6:Hi me! How do I do?
7:Obviously drunk, <player> greets <him/her>self.
thank - by Unknown
1:Thank you too.
3:You thank <target> heartily.
4:<player> thanks <target> heartily.
5:<player> thanks you heartily.
6:You thank yourself since nobody else wants to !
7:<player> thanks <him/her>self since you won't.
thead - by Unknown
1:You toss your head haughtily.
2:<player> tosses <his/her> head haughtily.
3:You toss your head haughtily at <target>.
4:<player> tosses <his/her> head haughtily at <target>... what an ATTITUDE!
5:<player> tossed <his/her> head haughtily at you... :(
6:Why would you do that?
7:<player> tosses <his/her> head at <him/her>self...back away very slowly...
thelook - by Unknown
1:You have a goofy look on your face.
2:<player> has a goofy look on <his/her> face.
3:You have a <target> look on your face.
4:<player> has a <target> look on their face.
5:<player> tries to imitate your look on <his/her> face.
6:<player> has one of <his/her> stupid looks on <his/her> face.
theraven - by Unknown
1:You search around for a chamber door to perch upon.
2:<player> looks around for a chamber door to perch upon.
3:You stare at everyone with your beady little eyes.
4:<target> shivers as <player>'s fiery eyes burn into their bosom's core.
5:<player>'s fiery eyes burn into your bosom's core....OUCH!
6:You run around, flapping your arms, shrieking "Nevermore!"
7:<player> runs around, flapping <him/her> arms, shrieking "Nevermore!"
thpbt - by Unknown
1:You stick out your tongue and go THPBT!!!!!
2:<player> sticks out <his/her> tongue and goes THPBT!!!! Covering you in saliva...Yuck.
3:You stick out your tongue and go THPBT!!! Covering <target> in saliva...Gross.
4:<player> sticks out <his/her> tongue and goes THPBT!!! Covering <target> in saliva...Gross.
5:<player> sticks out <his/her> tongue and goes THPBT!!! Covering you in saliva...Gross.
6:You stick out your tongue and go THPBT!!!
7:<player> sticks out <his/her> tongue and goes THPBT!!! Covering <him/her>self in saliva...Ewwww.
threaten - by Unknown
1:You threaten everyone with your overwhelming presence.
2:You feel threatened in the presence of the great <player>.
3:You stand tall as you threaten <target>.
4:<player> threatens <target> forcefully.
5:<player> threatens you...oooooooh scary *laugh*
throat - by Unknown
1:Attack whom?
2:<player> brandishes <his/her> claws and looks around for someone to assault.
3:You pounce on <target> and shred <his/her> throat with razor sharp claws.
4:<player> pounces on <target> and shreds <his/her> throat with razor sharp claws.
5:You scream as <player> lunges at you and takes you down, tearing at your throat viciously.
6:Are you crazy trying to rip out your own throat?!
7:<player> must be really down, <he/she> is trying to rip <his/her> own throat out.
throne - by Unknown
1:You dream of bygone days and legends past as you fondly remember a newer, cleaner throne....
2:<player> has that dreamy look in <his/her> eyes again - better clear the throne room and QUICK!!
3:You grin evilly as <target> walks towards you totally oblivious to their impending doom. *cackle*
4:<player> hands <target> a plunger and a gas mask this can only mean one thing, quick someone light a candle!
5:<player> tells you want a promo? *wink*
6:You think to yourself, 'Ain't no way in hell I'm cleaning THAT!
7:<player> grabs the plunger, breaks it in half, Shouting ain't no promo worth this!
throttle - by Unknown
1:You clench your fists in frustration.
2:<player> mutters, clenching their fists are they delusional?
3:You howl and lunge at <target>, throttling <him/her> mercilessly.
4:<player> throttles <target>. Should you help?
5:<player> throttles you. Did you do something wrong?
6:You clutch at your throat and collapse in a heap.
7:<player> grasps their throat until they pass out - quite unnerving.
throw - by Unknown
1:You throw your hands up in disgust.
2:<player> throws <his/her> hands up in disgust.
3:You throw your hands up in disgust at <target>.
4:<player> throws <his/her> hands up in disgust at <target>.
5:<player> throws <his/her> hands up in disgust at you.
6:You throw your hands up in disgust at the entire affair.
7:<player> throws <his/her> hands up in disgust at the entire affair.
thumbsup - by Unknown
1:You hold your thumb up at nothing in particular.
2:<player> holds <his/her> thumb up at nothing in particular.
3:You give <target> a thumbs-up.
4:<player> gives a thumbs-up to <target>.
5:<player> gives you a thumbs-up.
6:You give yourself a thumbs-up. You're a strange one...
7:<player> gives <him/her>self a thumbs-up... It's clear that <he/she> has a self esteem problem.
thundercats - by Unknown
1:You wave the Sword Of Omens at nothing in particular.
2:<player> yells 'Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats..HOOOOOO!!!!"
3:You wave the Sword Of Omens at <target> and yell 'Thundercats!
4:<player> waves the Sword Of Omens at <target> and yells 'Thundercats!
5:<player> waves the Sword Of Omens at you and yells 'Thundercats!
6:You wave the Sword Of Omens around, and almost stab yourself......
7:<player> holds the Sword of Omens above their head and yells 'Thundercats!
thundershock - by Unknown
1:You emit small bolts of electricity from your cheeks.
2:<player> emits small bolts of electricity from <his/her> cheeks.
3:With a loud scream, you release a bolt of electricity, frying <target> into a charred crisp.
4:With a loud scream, <player> releases a bolt of electricity, frying <target>!!
5:You can only scream before <player>'s bolt of electricity fries you into a crisp.
6:Your eyes flash as a ball of electricity begins to form around your body.
7:<player>'s eyes flash, and a ball of electricity takes shape around <his/her> body..
thwap - by Unknown
1:You swing about in vain trying to thwap someone.
2:<player> tries in vain to thwap someone who isn't here.
3:You THWAP <target> for being a moron.
4:<player> THWAPS <target> for being a moron.
5:<player> THWAPS you for being a moron.
6:You thwap yourself in the forehead. You loser.
7:<player> thwaps <him/her>self for being a moron.
tickle - by Unknown
1:Whom do you want to tickle?
3:You tickle <target>.
4:<player> tickles <target>.
5:<player> tickles you - hee hee hee.
6:You tickle yourself, how funny!
7:<player> tickles <him/her>self.
tiersanct - by Unknown
1:You smile as your tier sanct makes you immune to ALL!
2:The world weeps at the power of <player>'s TIER SANCT!
3:You yawn as <target>'s attacks tickle your tier sanct.
4:<target>'s great assault of might and magic is nothing to <player>'s tier sanct!
5:You blast <player> with enough magic to level a mountain, but to no avail.
6:The heavens part and the gods bow down before your tier sanct!
7:The heavens part and the gods bow down before <player>'s tier sanct!
tiggerwuv - by Unknown
1:You look for a target for your affections.
2:<player> looks for someone special to give tiggerwuvvins.
3:You pounce <target> and lavish <him/her> with wuvvins.
4:<player> lavishes <target> with hawt wuvvins.
5:<player> pounces you, making you faint in pleasure.
6:You pout looking for someone worthy of your wuv.
7:<player> looks for that special someone.
tilt - by Unknown
1:What are ya looking for?
2:<player> seems to be puzzled about something.
3:You tilt your head at <target>, with a puzzled look on your face.
4:<player> tilts <his/her> head at <target>, puzzled by <his/her> words.
5:<player> looks at you and ponders your words, a puzzled look coming over <player>.
6:You try and tilt your head at yourself and get a neck cramp.
7:<player> tilts his head at <him/her>self and gets a neck cramp.
timmah - by Unknown
1:No matter how much you try to say something else..it's just TIMMAH!
2:No matter how much <player> tries to say something else...it comes out as TIMMAH!
3:You turn toward <target> and scream TIMMAH!
4:While looking at <target>, <player> starts to scream TIMMAH!
5:While looking towards you, <player> screams TIMMAH!
7:Speaking to <him/her>self, <player> starts to mutter TIMMAH! TIMMAH!
timmy - by Unknown
1:You vow to forsake all others in the name of Timmy!
2:<player> has joined the underground Cult of Timmy!
3:You invite <target> to join the underground Cult of Timmy!
4:<player> has invited <target> to join the underground Cult of Timmy!
5:<player> invites you to join the underground Cult of Timmy!
6:Yes, I worship Timmy!
7:<player> must be worshipping Timmy!
tingle - by Unknown
1:You feel all warm and tingly!
2:<player> smiles contentedly, feeling all warm and tingly!
3:You feel all tingly as you set your eyes upon <target>!
4:<target> tingles with delight as <he/she> is graced with a smile from <player>.
5:<player> stares at you with a warm, tingly look on <his/her> face! You slowly back away.
6:You feel all warm and tingly!
7:<player> smiles contentedly, feeling all warm and tingly!
tip - by Unknown
1:You tip your hat gallantly.
2:<player> gallantly tips <his/her> hat.
3:You tip your hat to <target>.
4:<player> gallantly tips <his/her> hat to <target>.
5:<player> gallantly tips <his/her> hat to you.
titter - by Unknown
1:You begin to tremble and titter uncontrollably!
2:WATCH YOURSELF! <player> begins trembling and tittering uncontrollably!
3:<target> melts in ecstasy as you titter <his/her> world!
4:<target> becomes rigid and glassy-eyed as <player> wildly titters <him/her>!
5:Your world is rocked to its core as <player> titters you wildly!
6:You look totally sweet as you flip-out and titter yourself violently!
7:<player> begins glowing and is blown apart as <he/she> titters <him/her>self violently!
tjopp - by Unknown
1:You tjopp.
2:<player> tjopps.
3:You tjopp the hell outta <target>.
4:<player> tjopps the hell outta <target>.
5:<player> tjopps the hell outta you.
6:You look in the mirror and go tjopp.
7:<player> looks at <him/her>self in the mirror and tjopps.
tlc - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone who can use some TLC.
2:<player> is a caring, sharing person looking for someone who can use some TLC.
3:Your heart aches as you see <target> suffering and you quickly move to help.
4:<player> assesses <target>'s condition quickly and starts to provide tender loving care.
5:<player> sees that all is not well for you and gives you tender loving care.
6:You look around for someone to give you tender loving care.
7:<player> looks around wistfully for someone to give <him/her> tender loving care.
tmi - by Unknown
1:You share your life story with everyone.
2:<player> tells you lots of information you really didn't need to hear.
3:You tell <target> some important details of your personal life.
4:<player> whispers something to <target>, who cringes away fearfully in response.
5:Aack... you're trying hard not to visualize what <player> just told you.
6:This is too much information about things you really didn't want to know.
7:<player> covers <his/her> ears, and concentrates on not visualizing.
toast - by Unknown
1:You raise a glass of champagne in a toast.
2:<player> raises <his/her> glass of champagne in a toast.
3:You raise your glass of champagne to <target>.
4:<player> silently toasts <target>.
5:<player> silently toasts you.
6:You grin evilly and toast yourself.
7:<player> grins evilly and toasts <him/her>self.
toesuck - by Unknown
1:You wish someone would suck your toes.
2:<player> wiggles <his/her> toes wishing someone would suck them for <him/her>.
3:Not caring who knows, you pull off <his/her> shoes and gently suck <his/her> toes.
4:Can you believe it? <player> is sucking <target>'s toes again.
5:You giggle with delight as <player> pulls off your shoes and starts sucking on your toes.
6:Since nobody wuv's you, you suck on your own toes.
7:Feeling lonely and unwuved, <player> sits down and sucks on <his/her> toes.
tomato - by Unknown
1:You heft a large bag of tomatoes, ready for the next Bard.
2:<player> has a bag of tomatoes ripe for throwing. Look out Bards!
3:You skillfully chuck a tomato at <target>, landing it right in <his/her> face!
4:<target> just got a tomato in the face from <player>! What a mess!
5:<player> just pelted you in the face with a ripe tomato!
6:You prepare yourself, and calmly await the hail of tomatoes.
7:<player> stands there waiting for a tomato in the face. Oblige <him/her>.
tongue - by Unknown
1:You slowly give your tongue a nice workout.
3:Mmmm... you give <target> a good working over with your tongue...
4:<player> slides <his/her> tongue over <target>'s body...
5:<player> wraps <his/her> tongue around you, moving it across your young, nubile flesh...
6:You slowly tongue yourself.
7:<player> slowly tongues <him/her>self... ICK.
tonguebite - by Unknown
1:You bite your tongue, trying not to say anything.
2:<player> bites <his/her> tongue, obviously holding back a comment.
3:You bite your tongue, holding back a comment with all your might.
4:<player> bites <his/her> tongue, trying not to respond to <target>'s remark.
5:<player> bites <his/her> tongue, determined not to respond to your comment.
6:You bite your tongue, trying not to respond to your own comment.
7:<player> looks pained as <he/she> bites <his/her> own tongue in response to <his/her> comment.
torch - by Unknown
1:PYRO!!! You set fire to your school and stand in the shadows snickering.
2:<player> sets fire to <his/her> school. With a crazed look, <he/she> stands in the shadows muttering to <him/her>self.
3:Oooooo! Fire! The pretty flames go up <target>'s cloak.
4:<player> cackles as flames go up <target>'s cloak.
5:Is something burning? OUCH! You feel great heat as <player> ignites your cloak.
6:*(^(&#&%& They were pretty, pretty flames until you got the bright idea to torch yourself.
7:What the ...???? <player> set <him/her>self on fire.
toreador - by Unknown
1:You clutch a rose close to your heart and spin slowly, reveling in the glory of the Arts.
2:<player> revels in the glory of the Arts, the rose in <his/her> hand contrasting with <his/her> pale skin.
3:You trace a rose softly along <target>'s cheek and smile, slowly exposing your fangs.
4:As wilted rose petals gather at your feet, you witness <target> being Embraced by <player>..
5:Rose petals flutter around you; you look up to see <player>'s fangs as <he/she> whispers, "Relax, dahling."
6:You are overwhelmed emotionally from your latest "venture" into the arts and let out a subtle moan of ecstasy.
7:<player> closes the book <he/she> is reading and tilts <his/her> head back, licking the blood off <his/her> fangs.
tormentpet - by Tsubaki
1:"Mine, mine, mine," you purr as you hug your pet.
2:<player> claims <his/her> pet in front of everyone.
3:You pounce on <target>, covering <his/her> face in kisses.
4:Blushing adorably, <target> tries to fend off <player>'s enthusiastic greeting.
5:You can feel your cheeks warming as <player> insists on continuing with <his/her> torrent of kisses.
6:An evil glint in your eye, you think up cruel and unusual punishments.
7:<player> wonders how to torment <his/her> pet.
torture - by Unknown
1:You can't stop a grin as you ponder the art of inflicting pain.
2:<player> gets a disturbing look on <his/her> face, and begins to giggle a bit.
3:Thumbscrews? Or the iron maiden? So many choices... Oh well, <target> will just have to suffer them all.
4:<target> howls in agony as <player> begins to apply various instruments of torture.
5:<player> slowly begins to tighten the thumbscrews. THE PAIN!!!
6:Mustn't let you get rusty, my pretties! You get out a rag and polish your precious devices.
7:<player> drools slightly as <he/she> begins to polish several nasty looking spiked implements.
toss - by Unknown
1:You toss a coin up in the air and catch it!
2:<player> tosses a coin up in the air and catches it!
3:You toss <him/her> in the air, <he/she> loves it!
4:<player> tosses <target> up in the air, <he/she> loves it!
5:<player> tosses you up in the air, Wheeeeee!!! Again!
6:You toss a coin up in the air and catch it!
7:<player> tosses a coin up in the air and catches it!
tosssalad - by Madrox
1:You know what they make you do in prison... Toss The Salad!
2:Don't Jail <player>, <he/she> fears the Toss Salad Man!
3:You bend over and ask <target> "Do you prefer jelly or syrup?" then you spread em.
4:<player> is planting <his/her> ass on <target>'s face, why is <he/she> holding a jar of jam?
5:<player> bends over and asks "Do you prefer jelly or syrup?" then spreads em.
6:Took more than just a removal of a couple ribs to be able to do that to one self.
7:That's more amazing than the self blowjob and is <player> using syrup?
towel - by Unknown
1:Yes, you have your crying towel.
2:<player> is carrying a long towel.
3:You toss <target> a large towel to soak up <his/her> tears.
4:<player> tosses <target> a large towel to soak up <his/her> tears.
5:<player> smiles at you and tosses you a large towel to soak up your tears.
6:You wipe away your tears with your handy towel. Will you ever find your weasel?
7:<player> wipes away <his/her> tears with a large towel.
trashcan - by Unknown
1:You stand dumbfounded in the middle of nowhere holding a garbage can.
2:<player> waves <his/her> garbage can around wildly, not making any sense at all.
3:You stick <target> in a garbage can and roll <him/her> away, waving happily!
4:<player> sticks <target> in a garbage can and rolls <him/her> away!
5:<player> brutally stuffs you down a garbage can and gives it a swift kick.
6:You put a garbage can over your head, hoping that nobody will notice.
7:<player> puts a garbage can over <his/her> head and disappears to the loony-bin!
treehug - by Unknown
1:You attempt to **HUG** a TREE but miss.
2:<player> attempts to **HUG** a TREE and misses.
3:You put both hands around <target> and **HUG** <him/her> like a TREE.
4:<player> politely asks <target> to delete.
5:<player> asks you to delete not anytime soon, but NOW!
6:You grin evilly...wrap your hands around yourself and squeeze.
7:<player> thinks <player> is a TREEHUGGER and **HUGS** <him/her>self with all <his/her> might.
tremble - by Unknown
1:You tremble fearfully.
2:<player> trembles fearfully.
3:You tremble in fear at the sight of <target>.
4:<player> trembles at the sight of <target>.
5:<player> trembles in fear at the sight of you.
6:You should switch to decaf.
7:<player> trembles quietly in the corner. Too much coffee again, probably.
trigger - by Unknown
1:You look about for triggers to abuse and lives to ruin.
2:<player> looks about slyly.. gaze sliding over everyone in the room..
3:You drag <target> into the void to wreak havoc on <his/her> triggers.
4:<player>'s triggers go haywire as glitchs are exploited!!
5:You disappear into the void. <player> flies in.
6:You decide its fun to hunt yourself!
7:<player> is snog from here.
trindodge - by Unknown
1:"Dodge this."
2:<player> says, "Dodge this."
3:You put a gun to the side of <target>'s head.
4:<player> puts a gun to the side of <target>'s head.
5:<player> puts a gun to the side of your head.
6:You pull the trigger.
7:<player> pulls a trigger.
tripleh - by Ithilion
1:You grab your trusty Equalizer.
2:<player> grabs their trusty Equalizer.
3:You give <target> a vicious Pedigree! GAME OVER!
4:<player> gives <target> a vicious Pedigree! Looks like it's GAME OVER!
5:Your world spins as your head hits hard concrete caused by <player>! GAME OVER!
6:You are the Game, because you are that damn good.
7:<player> is the Game, because <he/she> is that damn good.
triplex - by Unknown
1:You yell, "Welcome to the Xander Zone!"
2:<player> yells, "Welcome to the Xander Zone!"
3:You tell <target> "I live for this!" as you show your xXx tattoo.
4:<player> shows <target> <his/her> xXx tattoo.
5:<player> tells you "I live for this!" as <he/she> shows <his/her> xXx tattoo.
6:You say, "The things I'm going to do for my country."
7:<player> mumbles, "The things I'm going to do for my country."
triviabag - by Chuft
1:You go to sleep in your two trivia sleeping bags.
2:<player> goes to sleep in <his/her> two trivia sleeping bags.
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> should buy another trivia sleeping bag for extra regeneration!
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> should buy another trivia sleeping bag for extra regeneration!
5:<player> tells you that you should buy another trivia sleeping bag for extra regeneration!
6:You swear loudly as you realise that two trivia sleeping bags don't give extra regeneration.
7:<player> swears loudly as <he/she> realises that two trivia sleeping bags don't give extra regeneration.
triviaman - by Unknown
1:The mighty hero \TriviaMan/ comes to you and gives you ...a TRIVIA POINT!!!
2:The mighty hero \TriviaMan/ comes to <player> and gives <him/her> a TRIVIA POINT!
3:In a swirl of mist you try to impress <target>, revealing your real identity..
4:<player> turns into \TriviaMan/, trying to impress <target>.
5:<player> turns into \TriviaMan/ and <he/she>'s got a Trivia point! Just for you!
6:You are the mighty Hero \TriviaMan/.. aren't you?
7:You laugh as you see <player> running around thinking <he/she>'s the mighty Hero \TriviaMan/.
trogdor - by Unknown
1:You feel the energy of Trog Dor the Burninator flow through you!
2:<player> screeches, "... and the Trog Dor comes in the Niiiiiiiiiiiight!"
3:Assuming the form of Trog Dor the Burninator, you burn <target> the peasant.
4:After burning <target> the peasant, <player> shouts, "Trog Dor strikes again!"
5:<player> has become Trog Dor the Burninator! Why is <he/she> looking at you like that? Run, peasant, run!
6:You are a Man... well, you're a Dragon Man... or.. maybe just.. a Dragon...!
7:<player> is Trog Dor the Burninator! Feel the Majesty!
trollwuv - by Unknown
1:You have actually fallen in love with those big, green brutes?!
2:You call the funny farm to condemn <player>, <he/she> has fallen in wuv with those ugly trolls!
3:You grab <target> by the ankle, and drag them into a back room for some TrollWuv!
4:That troll, <player>, drags <target> into a back room for some TrollWuv!
5:Help! <player> grabs you by the ankle, dragging you into a back room for some TrollWuv!
6:You hide under the couch, afraid some troll might want to make wuv with you again.
7:*POOF* <player> has gone missing. who is talking about TrollWuv all of a sudden?
truelove - by Unknown
1:You start to think about the future between you and your true love.
2:<player> starts to talk to themselves about <his/her> true love.
3:<target> kisses you lovingly when you tell <him/her> <he/she> is your true love.
4:<target> kisses <player> lovingly and you can hear the words True Love.
5:<player> tells you that you are <his/her> one true love!
6:You have know one to love! HAHA, you are the only one that loves you!
7:<player> looks real sad. <he/she> must have found that no-one loves them... owch!
tshag - by Unknown
1:*Poof* You turned into ThunderHowl!
2:<player> turned into ThunderHowl, the Shag Machine!!
3:You bring <target> into ThunderHowl's Manor to SHAG.
4:Oh No! <player> is shagging <target> in ThunderHowl's Manor.
5:You scream in mortal terror as <player> brings you into ThunderHowl's Manor!!
6:You Sicko!
7:<player> starts shagging himself. Eww...
tsk - by Unknown
1:You think of Taelon and tsk quietly to yourself.
2:<player> begins to shake their head and tsk into nothingness.
3:<target> cowers as you start to TSK them.
4:<player> tsks <target>. You feel sorry for <him/her>.
5:<player> tsks at you!! What did you do wrong?
6:You shake your head and reproach yourself.
7:<player> tsks at <him/her>self. What a fruit.
tubby - by Unknown
1:You put on a foam rubber suit and chase rabbits.
2:<player> goes, 'Again! Again!' like a Tellytubby!
3:You bounce happily and say 'Eh Oh!' to <target>.
4:<player> bounces happily and says 'Eh Oh!' to <target>.
5:<player> says 'Eh Oh!' to you. <player> must die.
6:Tubby Tustard! Tubby Tustard!
7:<player> is drooling over some Tubby Custard. Run.
tuck - by Unknown
1:You grab a teddy bear and storybook, ready to tuck somebody into bed.
2:Teddy bear and storybook in hand, <player> wants to tuck somebody into bed.
3:You tuck <target> into bed with a goodnight kiss, a teddy bear, and a story.
4:<player> reads <target> a story and tucks <him/her> into bed with a kiss.
5:<player> tucks you into bed with a soft kiss, a teddy bear, and a story.
6:You snuggle into bed, making sure your teddy bear is comfy under the covers.
7:<player> snuggles into bed with <his/her> teddy bear. What a cute couple!
tumbles - by Unknown
1:You tumble playfully.
2:<player> tumbles across the floor, giggling with delight.
3:You tumble playfully into <target>'s lap.
4:<player> tumbles into <target>'s lap. Aww :)
5:<player> tumbles playfully into your lap. Aww, how cute!
6:You attempt to tumble into your lap! Silly :)
7:<player> tumbles around.
tummy - by Unknown
1:You rub your tummy and wish you'd bought a pie at the bakery.
2:<player> rubs <his/her> tummy and wishes <he/she>'d bought a pie at the bakery.
3:You rub your tummy and ask <him/her> for some food.
4:<player> rubs <his/her> tummy and asks <target> for some food.
5:<player> rubs <his/her> tummy and asks you for some food. Please?
6:You rub your tummy and wish you'd bought a pie at the bakery.
7:<player> rubs <his/her> tummy and wishes <he/she>'d bought a pie at the bakery.
tune - by Unknown
1:The strength of your mind bends reality around you to your will.
2:<player> smiles knowingly, as if remembering things you have forgotten.
3:You send <target> sprawling with a blast of mental energy!
4:<target> is knocked painfully to the floor by a glance from <player>!
5:<player> looks at you, and some unseen force knocks you down! Ouch!
6:You concentrate for a moment, and rise up into the air.
7:<player> concentrates for a moment, and begins levitating.
turf - by Unknown
1:You rev your engines at the corner of a rival gang's turf, looking to start a fight.
2:<player> revs <his/her> engines at the corner of a rival gang's turf, looking to start a fight.
3:Shooting up the front lawn and blowing out all of <his/her> windows with heavy machine gun fire, you initiate a new turf war with <target>'s punk gang.
4:Great, <player> just shot holes all through <target>'s house as some sort of vendetta action. There goes the neighborhood.
5:Shooting up your front lawn and blowing out all your windows with heavy machine gun fire, <player> initiates a new turf war.
6:You pop a cap into your mother's window...better run before she starts some vendetta action on yo behind.
7:<player> pops a cap into <his/her> mother's window, better get out of here quick before she blames you.
tussle - by Unknown
1:You leap into the air, shadow boxing an imaginary foe.
2:<player> is obviously confused as <he/she> tries to wrestle thin air!
3:You surprise <target>, leaping upon <him/her> and tussling <him/her> to the floor!
4:You smile as <player> playfully tussles with <target> on the floor!
5:Out of nowhere, <player> pounces upon you, tussling you to the ground.
6:You tussle with yourself, trying to feel wanted :(
7:<player> is obviously in need of attention and affection!
tweak - by Unknown
1:Tweak who?
3:You gently tweak <his/her> cheek. Isn't <he/she> so CUTE?
4:<player> tweaked <target>'s cheek... don't they look so adorable together?
5:<player> lovingly tweaks your cheek. It reminds you of Grandma... sniff...
6:You can't DO that.
twhine - by Unknown
1:Sucks to be you when you sit around then want something for nothing.
2:<player> chants "T2, fear you....T3, fear me....Tier 9, let's all whine!"
3:Go ahead, explain the dynamics of Tiering to <target>.
4:<player> explains: Lowbie gold, eq sales and pup'g at TOL has paid off for <target> instead of tiering.
5:Expecting something for nothing? <player> thinks you should tier and work for more power!
6:Perhaps you should stop living in the past and start levelling?
7:<player> was a nontier Master of the Universe...Why did Tiering have to be imp'd?
twiddle - by Unknown
1:You patiently twiddle your thumbs.
2:<player> patiently twiddles <his/her> thumbs.
3:You twiddle <his/her> ears.
4:<player> twiddles <target>'s ears.
5:<player> twiddles your ears.
6:You twiddle your ears like Dumbo.
7:<player> twiddles <his/her> own ears like Dumbo.
twiddleyoo - by Unknown
1:Twiddle me this, twiddle me that, who shall we twiddle now?
2:<player> mumbles something about thumbs.
3:You patiently twiddle <his/her> thumbs.
4:<player> patiently twiddles <target>'s thumbs.
5:<player> patiently twiddles your thumbs.
6:Twiddle <player>'s thumbs? How deviously clever!
7:<player> starts twiddling <his/her> thumbs furiously.
twinkie - by Unknown
1:You think 'Oh yeah? Well you all can take this twinkie and...'
2:<player> jeers snidely at the lot of ya, ya buncha TWINKIES!
3:Man, how could <target> be SUCH a total TWINKIE??
4:<player> yells 'You total TWINKIE!!' at <target>!
5:<player> compares you unfavorably to a plastic-filled snack "cake".
6:You gag on a twinkie while wallowing in self-doubt.
7:<player> feels like a total TWINKIE.
twinkle - by Unknown
1:Your eyes twinkle with a merriness that can't be denied as you smile at what you see.
2:<player> smiles at what <he/she> sees, a twinkle in <his/her> eye makes your day seem so much brighter.
3:You smile at <target> with a merry twinkle in your eye.
4:<player> gives <target> a smile, and suddenly <he/she> seems to feel a whole lot better.
5:<player> gives you a smile...<his/her> eyes seem to twinkle and clear all your clouds away.
6:You smile inwards at yourself as you remember times go past.
7:<player>'s eyes go misty, and a faint smile graces <his/her> lips as <he/she> remembers the old days.
twinlube - by Randor
1:You take out your brand new {Twinlube}, looking for a victim.
2:Run! <player> just took out a {Twinlube}, while looking at your ass.
3:You decide to use your {Twinlube} on <target>. <he/she> doesn't seem to agree.
4:<player> seems to be after <target>, to apply <his/her> {Twinlube}! Better <him/her> than you, eh?
5:You better hold your pants. <player> has a {Twinlube} and <he/she>'s looking your way!
6:You test out your new {Twinlube} on yourself. MMMMM!
7:Obviously, <player> seems to be enjoying <his/her> new {Twinlube}.
twisted - by Unknown
2:Chewing on <his/her> arm, <player> stares at you with bloodlust in <his/her> eyes.
3:You scream wildly as you tear <target> apart.
4:Eep! <player> is whacking you with <target>'s dismembered leg.
5:Your screams of pain are drowned out only by <player>'s hysterical laughter.
6:If only you had taken your pills today.
7:With a jagged piece of glass, <player> carves happy faces into <his/her> chest.
twitch - by Unknown
1:You twitch nervously.
2:<player> twitches nervously.
3:You twitch involuntarily at <target>'s presence.
4:<target> must really be getting to <player>...
5:<player> notices you and twitches.
6:You twitch nervously.
7:<player> twitches nervously.
twuv - by Unknown
1:You Totally Wuv the WORLD!!
2:Wheeee!!! <player> Totally Wuv Evwyone hewe!!
3:You Totally Wuv <target>. Aren't yoo the cootest?
4:Awwww... <player> Cwazy about <target>, That's just total Wuvvin!
5:OMG! <player> Totally Wuv Yoo!!
6:You hug yourself to express your total Wuvviation for yoo!
7:<player> is hugging <him/her>self again, Is <he/she> Total Wuvvin?
type - by Unknown
1:You can't type for crap tonight! You give up in frustration!
2:<player> throws <his/her> hands up in disgust at <his/her> lousy typing skills!
6:Don't drink and type!
7:<player> decides not to drink and type anymore.
tyroom - by Unknown
1:You send the bad people around you to your room.
2:<player> is sending bad people to <his/her> room. Quick, try to look innocent!
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> has been bad, and send <him/her> to your room!
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> has been bad, and sends <him/her> to <his/her> room!
5:You have been bad!! Go to <player>'s room for punishment!
6:You return to your room to punish the bad people.
7:<player> goes to <his/her> room to punish the bad people sent there.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!