80 applicable socials found.

w00t - by Unknown
1:w00t w00t w00t w00t
2:<player> r w00t. u best be 'spectin hiz auth0ratah. w00t.
3:I wonder if <target> knows what w00t means...
4:<target> r w00t. <player> nods.
5:eheh. <player> seems to think you are w00t. wow.
7:<player> has sadly resorted to w00ting to <him/her>self.
wabes - by Unknown
1:You miss the 'v' and wabe.
2:<player> misses the 'v' and wabes.
3:You miss the 'v' and wabe at <target>.
4:<player> misses the 'v' and wabes at <target>.
5:<player> misses the 'v' and wabes at you.
6:You miss the 'v' and wabe your hand in front of your face.
7:<player> misses the 'v' and wabes <his/her> hand in front of <his/her> face.
wacko - by Unknown
1:Look at these poor souls, deprived of the truth, what a shame.
2:<player> is on a divine mission from 'God' Hoo-Ha.
3:<target> would make a great slave, wouldn't <he/she>?
4:<player> promises <target> eternal life, for some cash. Hoo-Ha.
5:Get your ass away from <player> as fast as you can.
6:00 Dec 00:00 - GOD tells you 'Man, you r sux.'
7:Infidels! Follow <player> and be enlightened!
waddle - by Unknown
1:You waddle around, imitating a penguin.
2:<player> waddles around imitating a penguin. Maybe <he/she> will squawk next!
3:You waddle at <target>, like a penguin!
4:<player> waddles at <target> like a penguin! Maybe <he/she> will squawk next!
5:<player> waddles at you like a penguin! Maybe <he/she> will squawk next!
6:You waddle at yourself like a penguin! Feeling alright?
7:<player> waddles at <him/her>self like a penguin! Wonder if <he/she> is feeling alright.
waffles - by Weavern
1:You dream of waffles with cheese on them.
2:<player> is mumbling something about waffles and cheese again.
3:<target> doesn't understand the subtle, culinary art of waffle tasting.
4:<player> is ramming a waffle with goat cheese on it down the throat of <target>!
5:You cringe in terror as <player> approaches holding a cheese covered waffle.
6:Just how bad is your waffle obsession <player>?
7:<player> has eaten too many waffles, <he/she> looks bloated.
waggle - by Unknown
1:You waggle your finger at nothing! Feeling delusional?
2:<player> waggles <his/her> finger at nothing. Is <he/she> feeling ok?
3:You waggle your finger at <target>. What did <he/she> do?
4:<player> waggles <his/her> finger at <target>, for some reason.
5:<player> waggles <his/her> finger at you! What did you do?'
6:You waggle your finger at yourself! Have you lost it?
7:<player> waggles <his/her> finger at <him/her>self! <he/she> is really gone now...
wail - by Unknown
1:You wail miserably.
2:<player> wails miserably.
3:You wail at <target>.
4:<player> wails at <target>.
5:<player> wails at you.
6:You wail at yourself.
7:<player> wails at <him/her>self.
waimea - by Unknown
1:You say, "5 million." How worldy!
2:<player> says, "5 million." <he/she> is your new overlord.
3:Your 5 million CRUSHES <target> to the ground.
4:The horror. <player> has devastated <target> with a barrage of 5 million.
5:What's that smell? <player> was not the cause.
6:5 million CONSUMES your soul! Owie.
7:<player> is now 5 million times more annoying.
wallabee - by Unknown
1:You're feeling rather marsupial today.
2:You watch <player> hop about, mumbling about being the "Wallabee King"
3:<target> really does appreciate your adoration.
4:You laugh. <player> is STILL chasing <target>.
5:<player> gives you with a long, needy Wallabee Hug!!
6:You stomp in frustration. There's no one around to Wallabee-bop!
7:<player> looks upset. Maybe <he/she> lost <his/her> Wallabee Pillow?
wannabe - by Unknown
1:You are the most annoying wannabe on the mud.
2:<player> is the most annoying wannabe on the mud.
3:You wanna be just like <target>.
4:<player> is convinced you wanna be just like <target>.
5:<player> wanna be just like you.
6:You are a wannabe of your self. What a looozer.:p
7:<player> is a wannabe of <him/her>self. What a looozer.:p
wap - by Unknown
1:You wap the ground with an imaginary magic staff.
2:<player> pretends to wap the ground with an imaginary magic staff.
3:You wap <target> with your staff. Looks like war!
4:<player> waps <target> with <his/her> staff. Looks like trouble!
5:<player> waps you with <his/her> staff. Looks like war!
6:You wap your forehead with your staff, knocking the cobwebs loose.
7:<player> waps <his/her> forehead. You can hear gears rattle.
wark - by Unknown
1:You wark cheerfully. It's great to be a bird!
2:<player> warks cheerfully, clearly delighted to be a bird.
3:You wark at <target>. <target> backs away slowly.
4:<player> warks at <target>. <target> backs away slowly.
5:<player> warks at you! What a birdbrain...
6:Your eyes bulge as you scream "WARRRRRRRRK!!!" at the top of your lungs.
7:<player>'s eyes bulge as <he/she> screams "WARRRRRRRRK!!!"
warmhug - by Unknown
1:You feel extreme warmth in your heart for everyone.
2:<player> seems to be blushing at you.
3:You embrace <target> warmly, as you show them your adoration.
4:Filled with emotion, <player> hugs <target>.
5:<player> shows <his/her> affection for you with a sensual embrace.
6:You make youself know you are loved.
7:<player> seems to be wuving <him/her>self. Ewww...
warmpull - by Unknown
1:Oh, how you need someone to be close to; someone to share the warmth...
2:<player> is looking for someone to share the warmth.
3:You pull <target> close to share the warmth, placing your leg in between <his/her> legs.
4:<player> pulls <target> close, sharing <his/her> love.
5:<player> pulls you close, resting <his/her> leg in between yours...mmm this is nice.
6:The close warmth of another human being is such a wonderful, comforting warmth...
7:<player> tells you that you can't live like this forever. The need to find love and warmth is overbearing...
warrior - by Unknown
1:You flex your muscles and claim that warriors rule!
2:<player> flexes and proclaims that warriors just plain rule!
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> should have been a warrior. You think you know it all, don't you?!
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> should have been a warrior.
5:<player> points at you, stating that you should have been a warrior. Oh what does <he/she> know!
6:Well, you can't change that now.
7:<player> mutters about how <he/she> should have been a warrior instead. How annoying!
wasntme - by Unknown
1:You look around with innocent face and say: 'Listen baby - WASNTME!'.
2:<player> makes innocent face and says: 'Listen baby - WASNTME!'.
3:With innocent look you say to <target>: 'Listen baby - WASNTME!'.
4:<player> looks <target> with innocent face and says: 'Listen baby - WASNTME!'.
5:<player> looks you with innocent face and says: 'Listen baby - WASNTME!'.
6:Trying to convince yourself? Good luck...
7:<player> repeats madly to <him/her>self: 'WASNTME! WASNTME!'.
wassup - by Unknown
1:You yell out really loud, "WASSUP!!!"
2:<player> yells out to no-one in particular, "WASSUP!!!"
3:You yell at <target>, "WASSUP!!!"
4:<player> yells "WASSUP!!!" at <target>.
5:<player> sees you there and yells, "WASSUP!!!"
6:You yell out "WASSUP, <player>!!!"
7:You see <player> calling out to <him/her>self.
waterbed - by Unknown
1:They said that it would attract all that you could want!
2:<player> sits on <his/her> waterbed and pats the spot beside <him/her>.
3:You invite <target> to try out your new waterbed, thinking impure thoughts.
4:<player> and <target> are having a lot of fun with <player>'s new waterbed.
5:<player> invites you to try <his/her> brand new waterbed.
6:Sloshslosh. Sloshsloshslosh. Sloshsloshsloshslosh.
7:<player> seems to be having an awful lot of fun with <his/her> brand new waterbed.
waterboy - by Unknown
1:You sing WATER SUX IT REALLY REALLY SUX! over and over again.
2:You are astounded when <player> starts to sing WATER SUX IT REALLY REALLY SUX!
3:You stare at <target> and calmly explain that water sux and gatorade is better.
4:<player> stares at <target> and yells WATER SUX GATORADE IS BETTER!
5:<player> stares you and screams WATER SUX GATORADE IS BETTER!
6:That water is cool clean and refreshing, now that's high quality H2O.
7:<player> seems to really be enjoying <his/her> water.
wave - by Unknown
1:You wave.
2:<player> waves happily.
3:You wave goodbye to <target>.
4:<player> waves goodbye to <target>.
5:<player> waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.
6:Are you going on adventures as well??
7:<player> waves goodbye to <him/her>self.
wb - by Unknown
1:You look for somebody to welcome back.
2:<player> begins to stare at random players.
3:You tell <target> "Welcome back!"
4:<player> tells <target> "Welcome back!"
5:<player> tells you "Welcome back!"
6:You have returned.
7:<player> returns.
wcream - by Unknown
1:You whip out a can of whipped cream and shake it violently.
2:<player> grabs a can of whipped cream and shakes it violently.
3:<target> shrieks as you cover <him/her> in whipped cream.
4:<target> shrieks as <player> covers <him/her> in whipped cream!
5:You shriek as <player> covers you in whipped cream!
6:Wouldn't that be more fun with a playmate?
7:<player> begins to cover <him/her>self in whipped cream...
weasel - by Unknown
1:No weasels here. Nope. Uh uh. No way.
2:<player> is loudly denying the presence of a weasel in <his/her> house.
3:You've been caught! Quick! Hide that weasel!
4:<player> quickly shoves a squirming bundle of fur under <his/her> mattress and says 'Nope, no weasels here.'
5:You grow suspicious as <player> shoves a squirming mass of fur under <his/her> mattress and loudly denies the existence of weasels.
6:Hey! That's against the law in 49 states!
7:<player> giggles madly to <him/her>self as <he/she> thumbs through a well-read copy of 'Care and ownership of weasels'
weaseltrap - by Unknown
1:You smile in satisfaction at the squeals as your weasel trap SNAPs!
2:<player>'s weasel trap SNAPs dully in the distance while shrill squeals die.
3:<target> admires your soft new weasel garment.
4:<player> shows off <his/her> weasel coat to <target>, bloody around the eyes.
5:You wish you had a weasel's skin coat like <player>'s.
6:You wipe the blood off a sprung weasel trap and start skinning the carcass.
7:<target> wipes blood off <his/her> weasel trap and starts skinning the carcass.
wedgie - by Unknown
1:You dig out your wedgie as others look on and laugh.
2:<player> digs out <his/her> wedgie and blushes.
3:You sneak up behind <target> and give <him/her> the Grandpappy of all Wedgies!! *RIIIIIIIP*
4:<player> sneaks up behind <target> and gives <him/her> an underwear-rippin' wedgie! (Ouch, that's gotta hurt!)
5:You feel your underwear go past the point of no return as <player> gives you a huge wedgie.
6:What kind of freak are you?
7:You laugh in hysterics as you watch <player> tuggin on <his/her> undies.
welcome - by Unknown
1:You give a warm welcome to everyone.
2:<player> gives everyone a warm welcome.
3:You give <target> a VERY warm welcome!
4:<target> really seems to like <player>'s welcome.
5:<player> gives you a REALLY warm welcome!
6:You give yourself a warm welcome. It just isn't the same.
7:<player> gives <him/her>self a warm welcome. <player> sure looks warm.
werd - by Unknown
1:U preach tha werd 2 tha homiez on tha east side.
2:<player> is 1 badazz mofo an <he/she> dont take no crap from punks like u.
3:Hey, wassup, G? Yo.
4:<player> and <target> are 2 badazzez, u betta watch it.
5:<player> greets you in the time honoured sense of saying 'Wassup, G?'
6:Ur 2 cool 4 these lusers.
7:<player> curls up in a corner, muttering to <his/her> imaginary G's.
wesside - by Unknown
1:You pull off a 540 method without bailing, then wail, 'wesside!'
2:<player> pulls off an awesome 540 Method, then turns to you, shouting, 'wesside!'
3:You ask <target> if they want to go to the Skatepark and skip school today, 'wesside!'
4:<player> turns up the Pennywise and skates off with <target> to the park, they yell 'wesside!'
5:<player> asks you if it's time to SK8? 'Wesside Ryders!'
6:You already know you are a 'Wesside Ryder!'
7:<player> is some sweet Ryder, <he/she> must be a 'Wesside Ryder!'
whackatroll - by Unknown
1:Die! *wham* Die! *wham* Wedgie! *wham* Die! *wham*
2:<player> gets the Whack-a-Troll machine. Hope <he/she> doesn't ban you...
3:Ban or wedgie... well, guess <target>'ll find out for <him/her>self...
4:<player> aims the Whack-a-Troll machine at <target>...you pity <him/her>.
5:<player> aims the Whack-a-Troll machine--AAH, WEDGIE!!!!
6:You hear Scott Kurtz breathe a sigh of relief...
7:<player> just used the Whack-a-Troll machine on himself. Hmm.
whap - by Unknown
1:You look around the room for someone to hit.
2:Uhoh, <player> seems to have gotten a manic gleam in <his/her> eye.
3:You run up behind <target> and whap <him/her> over <his/her> head.
4:You wonder why <player> slammed <target>'s head with a mallet.
5:You decide that now is a good time to take a nap as <player> slams you over the head with a mallet.
7:You see <player> polishing a mallet while muttering to <him/her>self.
whatgrp - by Unknown
1:You think to yourself, "I should find someone to group with .... uhhhh... whatever!"
2:<player> looks around, showing an impression that now is not a good time to ask <him/her> to group.
3:You turn to <target>, "W H A T E V E R ! ! ! !"
4:<player> scowls at <target> and says that they can pup in TOL by themselves!
5:<player> says, "<target> was like, uhhhhh, and I was like.... WHATEVER"
6:W H A T E V E R ! ! ! ! !
7:<player> looks at <him/her>self and says, "DO I want a grouping partner? WHATEVER!"
whee - by Unknown
1:You go, "Whee!"
2:<player> goes, "Whee!"
3:You go "WHEE!" and dance around <target>.
4:<player> goes "WHEE!" and dances around <target>.
5:<player> goes "WHEE!" and dances around you.
6:You go, "WHEE!" and fall over trying to dance around yourself.
7:<player> goes, "WHEE!" and falls over trying to dance around <him/her>self.
whimper - by Unknown
1:You whimper sadly.
2:<player> whimpers sadly.
3:You whimper at <target>.
4:<player> whimpers at <target>.
5:<player> whimpers at you.
6:You whimper at yourself.
7:<player> whimpers at <him/her>self.
whine - by Unknown
1:You whine pathetically about the whole situation.
2:<player> whines pathetically about everything.
3:You whine to <target> because nothing's going your way.
4:<player> starts whining immaturely to <target>.
5:<player> starts whining to you. Won't <he/she> just shut up?
6:You whine to yourself because nobody else wants to listen to you.
7:<player> is so pathetic that <he/she> starts whining to <him/her>self, that crybaby.
whip - by Unknown
1:You crack your bullwhip menacingly.
2:<player> cracks a bullwhip menacingly.
3:You flick your whip across <his/her> bare back.
4:<player> flicks <his/her> whip across <target>'s bare back.
5:<player> flicks a whip across your back... the pain.. the pleasure..
6:You whip yourself into a frenzy.
7:<player> whips <him/her>self into a frenzy.
whipcream - by Unknown
1:You shake up a can of whipped cream, looking for some gorgeous thing to cover and lick.
2:<player> shakes up a can of whipped cream and looks around with a sexy grin.
3:You give <target> a bikini made out of whipped cream and begin to slowly lick at it..
4:<player> lays <target> down, gives <him/her> a whipped cream bikini, and slowly begins to lick at it..
5:<player> coats your body with a whipped cream bikini and begins to slowly lick it off.. Oooh!
6:You give yourself a whipped cream bikini and walk around hoping for someone to lick it off you.
7:<player> gives <him/her>self a whipped cream bikini and looks for someone to lick it off <him/her>. Will you?
whistle - by Unknown
1:You whistle appreciatively.
2:<player> whistles appreciatively.
3:You whistle at the sight of <him/her>.
4:<player> whistles at the sight of <target>.
5:<player> whistles at the sight of you.
6:You whistle a little tune to yourself.
7:<player> whistles a little tune to <him/her>self.
whocares - by Unknown
1:You wonder, if there is anyone who cares at all.
2:<player> wonders, if there is anyone who cares about that.
3:You wonder, if there is anyone, who cares about <target>'s problems.
4:<player> wonders, if there is anyone, who cares about <target>'s problems.
5:<player> wonders, if there is anyone, who cares about your problems.
6:You wonder, if there is anyone, who cares for your problems.
7:<player> wonders, if there is anyone, who cares for <his/her> problems.
whogojeero - by Unknown
1:You wonder for endless hours what this "gojeero" is...
2:There goes <player> wondering about "gojeero" again...
3:You ask <him/her> in a serious tone, "what is gojeero ?"
4:<player> asks <target> if they happen to know what this "gojeero" is.
5:<player> asks you in a VERY serious tone, what IS "gojeero" ?
6:AHH, you think you know what "gojeero" is, but you are wrong...
7:Has <player> really found out what "gojeero" is? -+-NO-+-
whoop - by Unknown
1:You say, 'Whoopity Doo!'
2:<player> says, 'Whoopity Doo!'
3:You tell <target>, 'Whoopity Doo!'
4:<player> tells <target>, 'Whoopity Doo!'
5:<player> tells you, 'Whoopity Doo!'
6:You sit down and mutter, 'Whoopity Doo!' over and over.
7:<player> sits down and begins to mutter, 'Whoopity Doo!' over and over.
why - by Unknown
1:You look up at the heavens and cry out, "why? why? why?"
2:<player> looks up at the heavens and cries out, "why? why? why?"
3:You ask <target>, "why? why? why?"
4:<player> asks <target>, "why? why? why?"
5:<player> asks you, "why? why? why?"
6:You look up at the heavens and ask, "why me?"
7:<player> looks up at the heavens and asks, "why me?"
wibble - by Unknown
1:You wibble threateningly.
2:<player> wibbles threateningly.
3:You wibble at <target> threateningly.
4:<player> wibbles at <target> threateningly.
5:<player> wibbles at you threateningly.
6:You tremble in fear at your own threatening wibbles!
7:<player> trembles in fear at <his/her> own threatening wibbles!
widget - by Unknown
1:You run around and steal people's Underwear of Aardwolf.
2:<player> runs around stealing people's Underwear of Aardwolf.
3:Running up to <target>, you give <him/her> a wedgie, ripping off <his/her> Underwear of Aardwolf.
4:<player> runs to <target>, and rips off <his/her> Underwear of Aardwolf.
5:<player> runs up to you, give's you the ultimate wedgie, and <he/she> steals your Underwear of Aardwolf...OUCH!
6:You ripped off your own Underwear of Aardwolf That's going to leave a mark...
7:<player> stole <his/her> own Underwear of Aardwolf! What an idiot!
wiggle - by Unknown
1:You wiggle your bottom.
2:<player> wiggles <his/her> bottom.
3:You wiggle your bottom towards <him/her>.
4:<player> wiggles <his/her> bottom towards <target>.
5:<player> wiggles <his/her> bottom towards you.
6:You wiggle about like a fish.
7:<player> wiggles about like a fish.
willow - by Unknown
1:You snap a willow switch against your hand, wince, then look around with a smile.
2:<player> snaps a willow switch against <his/her> hand, smiles, and beckons to you.
3:You cut a willow switch, hand it to <target>, and bend over.
4:<player> cuts a willow switch, hands it to <target>, and bends over.
5:<player> cuts a willow switch, hands it to you, and bends over.
6:You rub against a willow tree and purr, grateful for its generosity.
7:<player> rubs against a willow tree, purring. Hmmmmm.
wince - by Unknown
1:You wince in agony.
2:<player> winces in agony.
3:You look at <target> and wince at <his/her> remark.
4:<player> winces at <target>'s remark.
5:<player> winces at your remark.
windex - by Unknown
1:You brandish your windex.
2:<player> brandishes a bottle of Windex.
3:Look out! <player> is brandishing Windex! I hope you don't plan on streaking!
4:<player> has doused <target> with Windex to keep <him/her> from streaking!
5:<player> has doused you with windex to keep you from streaking!
6:You freak! Get some clothes on!
7:<player> calls for Windex to keep <him/her>self from streaking! Get <him/her> some quickly!
wink - by Unknown
1:Have you got something in your eye?
2:<player> winks suggestively.
3:You wink suggestively at <target>.
4:<player> winks at <target>.
5:<player> winks suggestively at you.
6:You wink at yourself ?? - what are you up to?
7:<player> winks at <him/her>self - something strange is going on...
winkle - by Unknown
1:You stumble over your own shoelaces.
2:<player> bumbles around like the fool that <he/she> is.
3:You demonstrate your idiocy to <target>!
4:<player> shows exactly just how much of an idiot <he/she> is to <target>.
5:<player> shows you just how much of an idiot <he/she> is!
6:You bore yourself with your cleverness.
7:<player> shows <him/her>self just how clever <he/she> is. <player> yawns.
wired - by Unknown
1:You KNEW you shouldn't have had that pot of coffee...
2:<player> is shaking violently. <he/she> obviously overdosed on coffee again...
3:You attempt to look at <target>, but it is too hard to focus.
4:<player> attempts to look toward <target>, but goes into caffiene-related convulsions.
5:<player> looks toward you, then starts shaking uncontrollably.
6:I-I-I-t-t-t-t-t w-w-w-o-u-l-d-d b-b-b-e s-s-s-s-s-o m-m-m-u-c-h e-a-s-s-i-e-r-r i-f-f-f t-h-e l-e-t-t-t-t-e-r-s s-s-s-t-o-p-p-e-d m-o-o-v-v-i-n-g-g!
7:<player> had WAY too much coffee this morning...
wizi - by Unknown
1:Apparently all the imms have gone, leaving you alone.
2:<player> tries to go wizi to hide from all of you, but fails.
4:<player> tells <target> that <he/she> thinks <he/she> is a disgrace and should leave immediately.
5:<player> wants you to leave right away!
6:Dream on, you'll never have the power of an IMM!
7:<player> imagines <him/her>self becoming an IMM. Where does <he/she> get these crazy ideas?
woc - by Unknown
1:What is [WoC] ? It means : Worshippers of Charlotte of course !
2:<player> doesn't know what [WoC] is ! What a N00B !!!
3:You tell <target> to join [WoC] telling <him/her> <he/she> could be as cool as you !
4:<player> invites <target> to join <him/her> in [WoC] ! Join them too !!!
5:<player> tells you: 'Hey <target>, wanna join [WoC] ? Come on, be cool!'
6:You are COOL!!! Really, and all that only because you worship Charlotte!
7:<player> is a proud member of [Woc]! Maybe you should them too...
wolf - by Unknown
1:You glance about the room with an obviously lupine stare.
2:<player> glances about, licking <his/her> muzzle hungrily.
3:Your gaze rests upon <target> as your eyes flash with thoughts of the Hunt.
4:<player> slowly paces a circle around <target>, watching <him/her> closely with a predatory glint in <his/her> eyes.
5:<player> turns deeply-colored lupine eyes upon you. Better stay out of <his/her> way..
6:You curl your lip back in a snarl and dare anyone to get in your way..
7:<player> crouches down upon <his/her> haunches and snarls viciously.
wombatmind - by Unknown
1:You utter the words, 'Wombat Mind'.
2:<player> utters the words, 'Wombat Mind'.
3:You utter the words, 'Wombat Mind'. <target> gains a keen understanding of .. not much at all.
4:<player> utters the words, 'Wombat Mind'. <target> gains a keen understanding of .. not much at all.
5:<player> utters the words, 'Wombat Mind'. You gain a keen understanding of .. not much at all.
womble - by Aeson
1:You womble around happily, like a fluffy, cuddly womble.
2:<player> wombles around, like a fluffy, cuddly womble.
3:You womble around <target> with a hey nonny nonny.
4:<player> wombles around <target> happily!
5:<player> wombles around you! Aww, so cuddly!
6:You try to womble around yourself... wait, how does that work?
7:<player> falls over spectacularly, trying to womble around <him/her>self.
wonder - by Unknown
1:You wonder about how things could have been.
2:<player> gets a blank stare on <his/her> face. What could <he/she> be wondering about?
3:You look at <target> and wonder what will happen.
4:<player> looks at <target> and wonders....
5:<player> looks at you quizzically.
6:You wonder about yourself and your purpose here.
7:A blank stare crosses <player>'s face. What could <he/she> be wondering about?
wonderful - by Xeno
2:Wow! <player> thinks you are wonderful!
3:You just can't get over how wonderful <target> is!
4:Awww, <player> is telling <target> how wonderful they are. How sweet :)
5:Wow! <player> thinks you are wonderful!
6:You think of how wonderful that special someone is :)
7:<player> hopes <his/her> special someone likes this anniversary gift! :)
woo - by Unknown
1:You scream, 'WooHoo!!!'
2:<player> screams, 'WooHoo!!!' at the top of <his/her> lungs.
3:You scream, 'WooHoo!!!' at <target>... Woohoo!!!
4:<player> screams, 'WooHoo!!!' at <target>... Woohoo!!!
5:<player> screams, 'WooHoo!!!' at you... Woohoo!!!
6:You scream, 'WooHoo!!!' at yourself... hmm...
7:<player> screams, 'WooHoo!!!' at <him/her>self... hmm...
woobit - by Unknown
1:You stand proud of your Woobit ability.
2:<player> is a proud member of Woobits! How you admire <him/her> so.
3:You attempt to convert <target> into a Woobit!
4:<player> is saying something to <target> and all you can hear is "bits".
5:<player> is babbling on trying to convert you into a Woobit!
6:You are already a Woobit silly!
7:Hmmm, why is <player> converting <him/her>self into Woobits?
woodchuck - by Unknown
1:How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
2:<player> asks, "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?"
3:You ask <target> about <his/her> wood chucking habits.
4:How much wood could a <target> chuck, if a <target> could chuck wood? asks <player>.
5:How much wood could a <target> chuck, if a <target> could chuck wood? asks <player>.
6:A <player> would chuck as much as <he/she> could chuck, if a <player> could chuck wood.
7:A <player> would chuck as much as <he/she> could chuck, if a <player> could chuck wood.
woohoo - by Unknown
1:You scream, "WOOHOO!" and jump high into the air!
2:<player> jumps high into the air shouting out, "WOOHOO!"
3:You shout, "WOOHOO!" at <target>'s actions.
4:<player> jumps high screaming, "WOOHOO!". You wonder what <target> did.
5:<player> screams, "WOOHOO" at what you're doing.
6:You think, "woohoo" as you look at your handiwork.
7:<player>'s face seems to go blank for a few mins.. then a smile creeps over <his/her> lips.
work - by Unknown
1:You bitch because WindJammer makes you work for things. What the hell is that?
2:Eeps! <player> thinks you all may have to work for things! Oh my!
3:You glare at <target>, placing fear in <his/her> heart. <he/she> won't get spoiled, ever!
4:Eeps! <player> tells <target> to work for <his/her> things! You cringe in terror!
5:Oh my, <player> just told you that mudding takes working by yourself! You feel faint...
6:You play like Jaenelle and get spoiled! Your Jelly Bellys will soon be gone, too!
7:<player> doesn't have to work, <he/she> just makes things appear out of thin air! :)
worry - by Unknown
1:You worry about what's going to happen.
2:A troubled look suddenly crosses <player>'s face. Wonder what's wrong?
3:You look at <target> worriedly.
4:<player> looks at <target> with a troubled gaze.
5:<player> looks at you worriedly.
6:You worry about what's going to happen.
7:A troubled look suddenly crosses <player>'s face. Wonder what's wrong?
worship - by Unknown
1:You prostrate yourself and worship the gods!
2:<player> prostrates <him/her>self and worships the gods!
3:You fall on your knees and worship <target>.
4:<player> falls on <his/her> knees and worships <target>.
5:<player> falls to the ground and worships you.
6:You worship yourself.
7:<player> worships <him/her>self.
would - by Unknown
1:You ponder.."What would Brian Boitano do?"
2:<player> wonders what would Brian Boitano do.
3:You ask <target> if <he/she> knows what Brian Boitano would do.
4:<player> runs around frantically and asks <target> if <he/she> knows what Brian Boitano would do.
5:Quick! What would Brian Boitano do?! <player> needs to know!
6:Yes! You know what Brian Boitano would do!
7:Huzzah! <player> knows what Brian Boitano would do!
wpet - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone's tummy to rub.
2:<player> is looking around for someone's tummy to rub.
3:<target> rolls over and pants wildly as you rub <his/her> tummy.
4:<target> rolls over and pants wildly as <player> rubs <his/her> tummy.
5:You roll over and pant wildly as <player> rubs your tummy.
6:Wow! You must be lonely!
7:Ack... Look out! <player> is rubbing <him/her>self !!!
wrap - by Unknown
1:Who do you want to wrap your arms around? :)
2:<player> is looking for someone to snuggle, cuddle and wrap <his/her> arms around.
3:You wrap your arms around <target>, squeezing <him/her> close to you.
4:<player> wraps <his/her> arms around <target> in a caring embrace, ready to snuggle, cuddle and hug <target> for ever.
5:<player> wraps <his/her> arms around you squeezing you gently, ready for cuddling, snuggling and hugging :)
6:Are your arms long enough?
7:<player> wraps <his/her> arms around <his/her>self, checking if <his/her> arms reach all way around to meet on the other side.
wriggle - by Unknown
1:You look around for a warm, safe place to wriggle into.
2:<player> looks around for a warm, safe place to wriggle into.
3:You sneak up beside <target> and wriggle up under <his/her> arm.
4:<player> sneaks up beside <target> and wriggles up under <his/her> arm.
5:<player> sneaks up beside you and wriggles up under your arm.
6:You are alone and frightened, unprotected from the terrors of the world.
7:<player> looks small and alone, vulnerable to the terrors of the world.
wrinkle - by Unknown
1:You wrinkle your nose and smile at the thought.
2:<player> wrinkles <his/her> nose and smiles at the thought.
3:You wrinkle your nose and smile at <target>. How silly can they be?
4:<player> wrinkles <his/her> nose and smiles at <target>. Aww.. they must be being silly again.
5:<player> wrinkles <his/her> nose cutely and smiles at you. Being silly again are we?
6:You're so silly you amaze yourself.
7:<player> wrinkles <his/her> nose and smiles at how silly <he/she> is being. Hmm...
wrist - by Unknown
1:You hold out a wrist for a slap.
2:<player> holds out a wrist for a slap.
3:You slap <his/her> wrist sharply.
4:<player> slaps <target>'s wrist sharply.
5:<player> slaps your wrist sharply.
6:You slap your own wrist.
7:<player> slaps <his/her> own wrist.
wstab - by Unknown
1:You look about the crowd for someone to gimpify.
2:<player> is flipping the missing Shadokil 'W' in <his/her> hand. Wacko.
3:You rush to <target> and try to backstab <him/her> with the Shadokil 'W'! Damn. It didn't work.
4:Run!! <player> just took 'Hukt on Phawnix' and found the missing 'W'!
5:You fall flat on your face as <player> smacks you in the back with a large 'W'.
6:You chuck the Shadokil 'W' into the air and it konks you smack on the head!
7:<player> passed out after being hit in the head by a large, flying 'W'!!
wta - by Unknown
1:You say 'Welcome to Aardwolf,' in a friendly way.
2:<player> says 'Welcome to Aardwolf,' in a friendly way.
3:You welcome <target> to Aardwolf.
4:<player> welcomes <target> to Aardwolf.
5:<player> welcomes you to Aardwolf.
6:You welcome yourself to Aardwolf.
7:<player> welcomes <him/her>self to Aardwolf.
wtf - by Unknown
1:What the FrEak are -YOU- doing??
2:<player> wonders what the freak are you!?!?!?
3:You look at <target> and wonder what the FrEaK is that?
4:<player> points at <target> and screams "WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT???"
5:<player> wonders, WHAT THE FREAK ARE YOU?????
6:What the FrEaK are you doing to yourself!?!?
7:What the FrEaK is <player> doing in the corner of the room!?
wuv - by Unknown
1:Yoo have mor dan enuf wuv to go awound!
2:<player> wuvs yoo, yoo, and even yoo!
3:I wuv yoo, <target>.
4:<player> wuv <target>. Aww, how coot.
5:<player> wuv yoo :)
6:Who will wuv yoo?
7:<player> wuvs <him/her>self, da siwwy pengwin, and yoo should too!
wuvlight - by Unknown
1:You have an Aura of Wuvving >*Light*<
2:<player> has an Aura of Wuvving >*Light*<
3:You share your Aura of Wuvving >*Light*< with <target>
4:<player> tries to share <his/her> Aura of Wuvving >*Light*< with <target>
5:<player> wants to share <his/her> Aura of Wuvving >*Light*< with you.
6:You create an Aura of Wuvving >*Light*< and wear it like a cloak!
7:<player> just made an Aura of Wuvving >*Light*< to wear!
wuvsong - by Unknown
1:You sing "wuv is in the air."
2:<player> sings "wuv is in the air"
3:You sing "wuv is in the air", glaring at <target>, are you jealous?
4:<player> sings "wuv is in the air" to <target>, <he/she> obviously needs more wuvvin.
5:<player> sings "wuv is in the air" to you, are you having an affair!?
6:You sing a hymn to celebrate your greatest wuv, yourself :)
7:<player> must either be really in love, or really lonely...
wuvu - by Xeno
1:You wuv everybody & everybody wuvs yoo! :)
2:<player> wuvs you all very, very, very much! :)
3:You can scarcely express just how much you wuv <target>! :)
4:<player> wuvs <target>, <target>, and even <target>! :)
5:<player> wuvs you, and you, and especially YOU! :)
6:You should wuv others as much as you wuv yourself! :)
7:<player> wuvs you as much as <he/she> wuvs <him/her>self! :)
wuvving - by MeLaNiE
1:You look around for some sweet wuvving.
2:<player> is looking for some sweet wuvving.
3:<player> looks at <target> and begs <him/her> for some sweet wuvving.
4:<player> looks at <target> with a begging look in <his/her> eyes.
5:<player> is offering you some sweet wuvving.
6:No sweet wuvving for you!
7:<player> wants some sweet wuvving but finds <him/her>self lacking a partner.
wwhack - by Unknown
1:You look around for someone to whack, weasel at the ready.
2:<player> looks around for someone to whack, weasel cocked and ready.
3:You whack <target> with a weasel. Twice. And then laugh mercilessly at <him/her>.
4:<player> whacks <target> twice with a weasel and laughs in <his/her> face.
5:<player> whacks you with a weasel. Twice. And then laughs at you.
6:You whack yourself repeatedly with a weasel, giggling madly.
7:<player> whacks <him/her>self repeatedly with a weasel...time to call the funny farm.
wyld - by Unknown
1:You feel your Soul reach out as you join the Chorus of the Night.
2:<player> makes a haunting call to the Chorus of the Night.
3:You lift your voice in song with <target>, calling <him/her> to The Wyld Hunt.
4:<player> and <target> implore you with burning eyes to join the Hunt.
5:You feel your Spirit quicken as <player> calls you to The Wyld Hunt.
6:You feel the Spirit of the Wolf call to you and embrace you.
7:You watch in awe as The Spirit of the Wolf embraces <player>.
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!