16 applicable socials found.

y2k - by Unknown
1:Better stockpile food and build a bunker in the forest before Y2K hits.
2:<player> is selling Y2K update software! Better get one before your computer explodes.
3:You desperately plead with <target> to repent for their sins! The end is near!
4:<player> invites you to join <his/her> self-supporting farm in Waco, where you will be protected from the Y2K bug.
5:<player> runs around screaming "The end is near! Beware the Y2K bug! The aliens are coming!"
6:Solar generators... Check... First aid kit.. Check... Four years supply of canned food.. check.. Can-opener.. Ch- Aw crap.
7:<player> hides out in <his/her> underground bunker, muttering "Fools.. They'll see," protected from the Y2K bug.
yae - by Unknown
1:You sigh, burdened with yet another eeediot.
2:<player> sighs, burdened with yet another eeediot.
3:Looking right at <target> you realize there's yet another eeediot in the room.
4:<player> clearly believes that <target> is an Eeediot!
5:<player> glares at you, obviously not impressed with your intelligence.
6:You bonk yourself for the Eeediot you are!
7:<player> bonks <him/her>self, HARD, and curses <him/her>self for the Eeediot <he/she> is!
yatta - by Unknown
1:You rip off your clothes to reveal fig leaf covering and yell YATTA! YATTA!
2:<player> rips off <his/her> clothes to reveal a fig leaf covering and yells YATTA! YATTA!
3:You dance around <target> in your fig leaf yelling YATTA! YATTA!
4:<player> dances around <target> in <his/her> fig leaf yelling YATTA! YATTA!
5:<player> dances around you in <his/her> fig leaf yelling YATTA! YATTA!
6:Dancing around in your fig leaf, you yell YATTA! YATTA! YATTA! YATTA!
7:<player> dances around with himself in a fig leaf yelling YATTA! YATTA!
yawn - by Unknown
1:You must be tired.
2:<player> yawns.
3:You yawn at <target>. What a bore.
4:<player> yawns at <target>.
5:<player> yawns at you. How rude!
6:You yawn at yourself. You even put yourself to sleep.
7:<player> yawns at <him/her>self. Guess <he/she> must be tired.
yay - by Unknown
1:You say 'Oh yay' sarcastically, just like Ivar!
2:<player> says 'Oh yay' sarcastically, imitating Ivar at his best. (Worst?)
3:You stifle a yawn, ignoring <target>'s self-important event.
4:<player> shows <his/her> contempt for <target>, saying 'Yay' sarcastically.
5:Frankly, <player> doesn't care, <target>.
6:Really, <player>, no one cares.
7:<player> silences <him/her>self, realizing nobody cares.
yeehaw - by Unknown
1:You mount your pony(?) and shout YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!
2:<player> bounces up and down screaming *YEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!*
yelp - by Unknown
1:You yelp in terror!
2:<player> leaps into the air and yelps in terror!
3:You shriek like a schoolgirl when <target> surprises you.
4:You collapse onto the ground laughing hystericaly as <target> causes <player> to yelp in terror.
5:You smirk as your antics cause <player> to yelp in terror.
6:You yelp in a frightened voice, hoping for attention.
7:<player> is making strange noises again. Smile and nod and back slowly away...
yessir - by Unknown
1:You practice your saluting technique, praying you don't get KP.
2:<player> walks around saluting nobody in particular. Weirdo.
3:You snap off a salute to <target>. "Yessir!"
4:<player> snaps off a salute to <target>, saying, "Yessir!"
5:<player> snaps off a salute to you, saying, "Yessir!"
6:You stare into the mirror, saluting yourself over and over. "Yessir! Yessir! Yessir!"
7:<player> stares into a mirror, saluting <him/her>self over and over and mumbling to <him/her>self.
yiff - by Unknown
1:Vulpine nature clouds your senses as you bounce around the room crazily!
2:<player> acts like the fox <he/she> is and bounces around yiffily!
3:The fox inside you makes you yiff <target> without remorse!
4:<player> succumbs to <his/her> vulpine nature and yiffs <target>!
5:<player> smilez at you foxily before yiffing you into oblivion!
6:You curl up in the corner, yiffing softly to yourself.
7:<player> curls up in a corner, yiffing softly to <him/her>self.
yodel - by Unknown
1:You think of Julie Andrews and start to yodel.
2:<player> begins to yodel: HEY!! CLERICS!! I COULD USE A HEAL!!!
3:<target> covers <his/her> ears as you begin to yodel.
4:<player> yodels to <target>.
5:<player> yodels to you...you cringe and turn away.
6:Well, it's up to you if you want to damage your hearing.
7:<player> yodels to <him/her>self. What a sado-masochist.
yoho - by Unknown
1:You greet da crew wit a hardy, "Yoho!".
2:You hear a bellowing "Yoho!", <player> must have finally rolled out the bunk.
3:Welcome aboard <target>, welcome aboard!
4:Arr! <target> is here. Join <player> in showing <him/her> how glad you're to see them!
5:<player> gives you a proud piratin' "Yoho!", to welcome you aboard.
6:Can't handle your liquor?
7:<player> falls down standing, passed out drunk.
yoink - by Unknown
1:You run around screaming YOINK!
2:<player> runs around screaming YOINK!
3:You YOINK! <target>
4:<player> sneaks up behind <target> and screams YOINK!!! Could you be next?
5:<player> sneaks up behind you and screams YOINK!!!
6:You slap yourself silly while screaming YOINK!
7:<player> slaps <him/her>self silly while screaming YOINK!
yousuck - by Unknown
1:These fools don't know who they're messing with!
2:Know what? <player> doesn't give a damn about what you all think.
3:Stupid <target> and their stupid ways.
4:<target> is a twit, or so says <player>. What do you think?
5:No one cares about your stupid ideas, or so says <player>.
6:You think you suck? Seek help.
7:Slamming <his/her> fist into a mirror, <player> yells "Loser!".
yoyo - by Unknown
1:You whip out a yoyo and begin to play with it.
2:<player> whips out a yoyo and begins to play with it.
3:You look at <target> and think, "What a yoyo!"
4:<player> looks at <target> and thinks, "What a yoyo!"
5:<player> looks at you and thinks, "What a yoyo!"
6:You wish you were a yoyo? Get a grip!
7:<player> wishes <he/she> was a yoyo. <player> is a nutbar!
yumyum - by Lumina
1:Yum Yum!
2:<player> is drooling over something yummy.
3:<target> has something yummy. You want <his/her> goodies! Yum Yum!
4:<player> is drooling over <target's> yummy goodies. Someone throw <him/her> a crumb!
5:<player> is greedily eyeing your yummy goodies- better eat fast!
6:You admire your yummy treats lovingly. Yum Yum!
7:<player> is gloating over <his/her> yummy goodies. Oink!
ywelcome - by Unknown
1:You tell everyone they're very welcome.
2:<player> tells you all you're very welcome.
3:You tell <target> that <he/she> is very welcome.
4:<player> tells <target> <he/she>'s very welcome.
5:<player> tells you that you are very welcome.
6:You tell yourself you're very welcome.
7:<player> tells <him/her>self <he/she>'s very welcome..
What the Line Numbers Mean
1: What you see when you give no argument:
ie, You slap nothing!
2: What other people see when you give no argument:
ie, <player> slaps nothing!
3: What you see when you DO give an argument:
ie, You slap Lasher!
4: What others see when you DO give an argument:
ie, Whitedragon slaps Lasher!
5: What your target sees:
ie, Whitedragon slaps you!
6: What you see when you use 'self':
ie, You slap yourself silly!
7: What others see when you use 'self':
ie, Whitedragon slaps himself silly!