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hookerjoke - by Mendaloth
1:Refusing to break new ground you go for the obvious joke.
2:OMG <player> just realized a member of Hook is called a Hooker just like a prostitute!
3:ROFL, HAHA, o-}Hookers{-o are prostitutes. Where'd <target> come up with that?
4:<player> really loves <target's> joke. So original. o-}Hookers{-o are prostitutes, HAHA!
5:<player> loves your joke about o-}Hookers{-o and wonders how you thought of it?
6:You officially retire the o-}Hookers{-o are prostitutes joke.
7:<player> has officially retired the o-}Hookers{-o are prostitutes joke.
newcheer - by Aurelia Arista
1:You call together a group of Helpers and prepare the pyramid.
2:You see <player> gather a group of Helpers and organize them into a pyramid.
3:You climb on top of a pyramid of Helpers to cheer for <target>'s graduation! Yay!
4:<player> climbs on top a pyramid of Helpers to cheer for <target>'s graduation!
5:Your heart swells with pride as you see <player> cheering for your graduation!
6:You climb to the top of a Helper-pyramid only to have it collapse.
7:<player> climbs to the top of a Helper pyramid only to have it collapse upon <him/her>.
yumyum - by Lumina
1:Yum Yum!
2:<player> is drooling over something yummy.
3:<target> has something yummy. You want <his/her> goodies! Yum Yum!
4:<player> is drooling over <target's> yummy goodies. Someone throw <him/her> a crumb!
5:<player> is greedily eyeing your yummy goodies- better eat fast!
6:You admire your yummy treats lovingly. Yum Yum!
7:<player> is gloating over <his/her> yummy goodies. Oink!
ssnoop - by Fantomex
1:Further proof is unnecessary!
2:Curiosity killed the cat, but You're still snooping <player>.
3:Lets see what's <target> is up to...
4:You yell "LEAVE <target> ALONE!!" as <he/she> is being snooped by <player> again...
5:You get all sad because <player> has snoop command and You don't!
6:"Go snoop Yourself!"
7:That's not nice: <player> just suggested You to go snoop Yourself... With a cactus?
tripleh - by Ithilion
1:You grab your trusty Equalizer.
2:<player> grabs their trusty Equalizer.
3:You give <target> a vicious Pedigree! GAME OVER!
4:<player> gives <target> a vicious Pedigree! Looks like it's GAME OVER!
5:Your world spins as your head hits hard concrete caused by <player>! GAME OVER!
6:You are the Game, because you are that damn good.
7:<player> is the Game, because <he/she> is that damn good.
canoeattack - by Rumour
1:Pointing your warcanoe in the right direction, you prepare to row really hard.
2:<player> slowly turns <his/her> warcanoe in your direction and prepares to charge at you.
3:You turn your warcanoe on <target> and prepare to row as fast as you can.
4:<player> shouts a warcry and <his/her> warcanoe rams right into <target>!
5:<player> turns <his/her> warcanoe in your direction and rams right into you.
6:Your warcanoe gets a leak and sinks.
7:<player's> warcanoe sinks and <player> cries out, 'Time to bail!'
cane - by Habit
1:Trololo dis fine day for CANING!
2:<player> warbles happy "trololo" while look for someone to CANE!
3:<target> just committed a minor infraction. Dis ur duty to CANE <him/her> lah?
4:U sry for <target> as <player> CANES <him/her> lah?
5:U sry for minor infraction lah? <player> CANES you.
6:Dis guilt no good lah? You turn yourself in for a CANING!
7:Dis guy crazy lah? <player> turns <him/her>self in for CANING!
calm - by Laren
1:You tell everyone to calm down!
2:<player> yells, "Everyone just calm down!"
3:You tell <target> to calm down.
4:<player> tells <target> to calm down.
5:<player> tells you to calm down and just breathe.
6:With great effort, you calm yourself.
7:<player> visibly struggles with <him/her>self but calms down.
bummer - by Gnistar
1:You hang your head and mutter 'Bummer' as your target mob dies.
2:Oops, too late. <player>'s target mob is dead.
3:You look at <target's> kill repeating 'Bummer'.
4:<player> mutters incoherently about <target's>'s timing.
5:<target deity> smiles as you beat <player> to the kill.
6:No use crying over spilt milk loser.
7:<player> is bummed out about something.
bumma - by Rumour
1:Bumma, that's a bit of bad luck. :(
2:Bumma! <player> is really down on <his/her> luck. :(
3:Bumma, that was a bit of bad luck there <target>!
4:Bumma, <target>! <player> thinks you are having a run of bad luck!
5:Bumma! <player> thinks you are having a run of bad luck!
6:Bumma, you are having a run of bad luck!
7:Bumma! <player> is feeling down on <his/her> luck!