Validated Speedwalks 387
Suspicious Speedwalks 305
Unvalidated Speedwalks 2370

Most Recently Updated Speedwalks

Path Length Destination Updated At
37Aardwolf Estates 200010:19 Tue Apr 29, 2014
36Yggdrasil: The World Tree12:06 Tue Jun 30, 2009
16Tree of Life10:26 Tue Jun 30, 2009
16Sanctity of Eternal Damnation10:22 Tue Jun 30, 2009
29Realm of the Zodiac10:20 Tue Jun 30, 2009
20New Thalos10:14 Tue Jun 30, 2009
81Kul Tiras10:09 Tue Jun 30, 2009
15Tree of Life5:02 Mon Sep 01, 2008
16School of Horror5:02 Mon Sep 01, 2008
13Scarred Lands5:01 Mon Sep 01, 2008
52Northstar11:00 Fri Aug 08, 2008
13Fantasy Fields6:02 Wed Jul 02, 2008
57Desert Prison6:01 Wed Jul 02, 2008
28Black Rose5:57 Wed Jul 02, 2008
21Black Rose5:57 Wed Jul 02, 2008

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How this page works: The speedwalk life cycle

There are three general states that a speedwalk can be in on this page - validated, suspicious, and unvalidated. When someone first submits a speedwalk to this page, it is marked as unvalidated - that is, it has never been looked at by an administrative user, and it is not known good. An unvalidated speedwalk will never show up to normal user of the site. Once an administrative user looks at the speedwalk, validates that it works and that it is suitable for addition (if it is non-passdoor, it opens all the doors on it's route, etc.), as well as ensuring that the speedwalk should be posted (i.e. that the speedwalk does not lead to an area that is less than 2 weeks old), they will mark it as validated. A validated speedwalk shows up normally to all who use the site.

The world of Aardwolf changes - and these changes modify speedwalks. When a user encounters a speedwalk that no longer leads where it is supposed to - or doesn't open a door in it's path (if it is non-passdoor), or has some other problem, the user can simply click on the Report Error link directly to the right of the speedwalk itself. After giving the user a chance to give a reason for the error report (this is not required, but encouraged, as it makes speedwalk-fixing much easier), the speedwalk is marked as suspicious. A suspicious speedwalk still shows up to all users of the site, much like a validated one, but is "tagged" as suspicious - so that users know that someone else has had a problem with it. The suspicious speedwalk will then be looked at by an administrative user - they can either fix it and mark it as validated, delete it if it is no longer correct (or applicable), or summarily clear the suspicious tag (i.e. if they can find no problem with it).

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